Aleksandr Shumilov, Software Developer in Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia
Aleksandr Shumilov

Software Developer in Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

Member since September 1, 2016
Along with being a professional who continuously strives to learn more about anything related to his field of work, Alexander is a full-stack developer with several years of development experience with various technologies like JavaScript, PHP, and C++. He's currently working on his PhD in information technology and is looking for challenging opportunities in the IT markets in Europe and the Americas.
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Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code, Git, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is an app for searching for people lost in the wilderness. It computes possible missing-person locations based on multiple factors.


  • Web Developer | PhD Student

    2012 - 2019
    Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
    • Developed a spatial web-application for interdisciplinary research. The app deals with the display and processing of various spatial data sources with the help of industry standards (using Node.js, GDAL libraries, and OGC standards).
    • Built a task scheduler for the heterogeneous environment as part of my PhD work. The basic idea is that there is a number of distributed web-services that need to work together in an efficient and fail-safe way.
    • Created a way to chain distributed web services with the help of scenarios, written in the JavaScript language - writing service chains as regular scripts and invoking services with custom functions (using Google V8 and C++).
    • Built an environment of virtual machines that carry software and tools for quick building of web-services. From a user's point of view, the machines can be created with a couple of clicks (using OpenStack and VMware).
    • Participated in the development of an input-output system for spatial data in the form of relational tables. The input and output are organized by a set of widgets that allow for the easy and correct processing of the information (using Calypso CMS, Leaflet, and OpenLayers libraries).
    Technologies: OGC Protocol, Web Map Services (WMS), WCS, WFS, OGR, OpenLayers, LeafletJS, WPS, GDAL, OpenStack, VMware, Windows Server, Google V8, Node.js, JavaScript, cURL Command Line Tool, C++
  • Programmer

    2012 - 2014
    Australian Jade
    • Developed a type of trading software for Amazon and eBay services.
    • Worked in an Agile team according to extreme programming canons.
    • Built a service-oriented system that was targeted in moving trading items from one marketplace to any other along with translation and local adaptation on-the-fly.
    • Constructed an XML editor that was building its dynamic web-interface according to the provided XSD schema.
    • Developed auxiliary parts for an internal content management system.
    Technologies: XSD, XML, JavaScript, Agile, Jenkins, Continuous Integration (CI), Redmine, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), XSLT, PHP
  • Director, Lead Developer

    2012 - 2013
    Freelance Work
    • Created websites and web applications for businesses as a project manager.
    • Managed projects and successfully communicated with clients.
    • Defined and carried out development and marketing strategies for local businesses (hardware distribution and lawyer services).
    • Planned and implemented web search optimization companies for local businesses.
    • Headhunted and taught people corporate standards of work.
    Technologies: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), System Administration, Unix, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), JavaScript, PHP, Agile
  • Programmer

    2010 - 2012
    Irkutsk State University
    • Developed the web interface for administering computer classes. The developed administration tool allowed the centralized update and monitoring of computers.
    • Conducted a number of lectures for teaching the staff how to manage the document flow system.
    • Reorganized the network structure that increased the faults localization rate and power-saving characteristics of the local university network.
    • Developed several modules for the student testing web application.
    • Performed a number of hardware repairs.
    Technologies: Windows System Administration, Unix, XML, Windows Server, Windows, Debian, C++, PHP
  • System Administrator, Programmer

    2010 - 2010
    JSC Edinstvo-Telecom
    • Constructed CRM modules for linking the local PBX Asterisk systems with the marketing department to ensure a high level of service quality.
    • Developed a type of billing software for the local internet-access customer service.
    • Administered to the commutation hardware in the provider's intranet. Worked with Cisco/D-Link hardware, and had frequent interactions with iOS.
    • Managed the mail servers as a part of the mail server solution for a regional banking organization. Worked with a stack of FreeBSD servers with Exim onboard.
    • Administered to web servers as a part of some web-hosting solutions.
    • Worked with Apache 1/2 and IIS 6/7 web servers—fixing the SSH/FTP management issues.
    Technologies: Exim, Cisco, C, PHP, SugarCRM, IIS, Apache, Asterisk, Windows Server, FreeBSD, Debian



  • Languages

    JavaScript, XML, PHP, XSD, SQL, XSLT, Bash, C, C++, GraphQL
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, React Redux, jQuery, OpenLayers, LeafletJS, GDAL, Google Maps
  • Paradigms

    Test-driven Development (TDD), Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Functional Programming
  • Frameworks

    PHPUnit, Express.js
  • Tools

    Jenkins, TortoiseSVN, GitLab, VisualSVN, Subversion (SVN), Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, VMware, Asterisk, SugarCRM, Redmine, Eclipse IDE, Karma, Apache, GitHub, cURL Command Line Tool, Flow
  • Platforms

    Unix, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Visual Studio Code, Debian, Windows Server, OpenStack, FreeBSD, Symbian, Windows
  • Storage

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Other

    Google V8, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), System Administration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Windows System Administration, WPS, OGR, WFS, WCS, Web Map Services (WMS), OGC Protocol, Cisco, Exim, IIS, Message Queues


  • PhD (in Progress) Degree in Computer Science (Control Theory, Calculus, Distributed Systems, Parallel Processing, Supercomputing)
    2014 - 2017
    Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences - Irkutsk, Russia
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics
    2008 - 2014
    Irkutsk State University - Irkutsk, Russia

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