Alper Ortac, Developer in Kassel, Hesse, Germany
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Alper Ortac

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Scrum Master Developer

Kassel, Hesse, Germany
Toptal Member Since
September 21, 2018

Alper is passionate about all topics related to web development. In particular, he enjoys writing code in Python and JavaScript. Alper loves all opportunities to learn about state-of-the-art techniques, developing useful features with pleasant UX, and establishing stable build and deploy chains.


GitLab, Docker, Redux-Saga, Redux, React, JavaScript, WebSockets, Redis...
Cisco Systems
Git, Docker, Jenkins, Webpack, Gradle, D3.js, Highcharts, GraphQL, Vue, Angular...
Acama Systems
Selenium, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Django, Python, Ruby on Rails (RoR)...




Preferred Environment

Docker, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, i3, Arch Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was a cocktail assistant app with an RFID-chipped scale and a touchpad.

Work Experience

CTO and Lead Developer

2014 - PRESENT
  • Completed conceptual work for a metacommunity website that unites huge amounts of social media platforms.
  • Established a team of individual contributors that believe in the mission and work on the project in their free time.
  • Engineered a search engine that synchronizes MongoDB documents with corresponding ElasticSearch indexes on-the-fly.
  • Created a WebSocket proxy using Redis that broadcasts messages to all authorized connected subscribers.
  • Built a back-end task management service using Celery that is able to perform potentially long-running actions asynchronously.
  • Built a well-organized frontend that separates display and application logic by using Redux as storage-layer and redux-saga for reoccurring workflows like fetching data from the backend API.
  • Engineered a lightweight schema and normalizing system that allows performant exchange of data between client and server.
  • Created a powerful validation system for backend and frontend to improve UX for one of the most challenging frontend task: building great forms.
  • Established a well-working build, test, and deploy chain in Gitlab CI with heavy use of Docker containers.
Technologies: GitLab, Docker, Redux-Saga, Redux, React, JavaScript, WebSockets, Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Celery, Flask, Python

Lead Front-end Engineer

2013 - PRESENT
Cisco Systems
  • Built Asset Management SPA for business clients that want to organize their network-connected devices.
  • Supported creating a multi-tenant solution that allows system engineers to spin up new instances in the cloud.
  • Organized and conducted questionnaires and tests to get user feedback and discover pain points in the current UX.
  • Simplified overly complex workflows by reducing the UI with the essential parts to perform a certain task.
  • Helped establish a complex CI solution for a micro-service architecture.
  • Mentored and led young front-end engineers to get up to speed quickly and be confident with their daily work.
  • Worked as a part-time scrum master to maintain the team spirit and get distractions out of the way.
Technologies: Git, Docker, Jenkins, Webpack, Gradle, D3.js, Highcharts, GraphQL, Vue, Angular, JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Apache Ignite, Vert.x, Java

Founder and Lead Developer

2007 - 2014
Acama Systems
  • Planned and engineered an entire group of specialized travel booking websites.
  • Established a performant and periodically running price comparison and search tool.
  • Built CMS for a car dealer with automatic SMS notifications that informs clients of purchase updates.
  • Created XSLT transformations for complex financial and tax documents to be used for electronic Federal Gazette.
  • Built an automated tool on top of Selenium that parses and interacts with web pages for scraping and testing purposes.
  • Built a website for a driving school that allows learners to purchase video tutorials for their upcoming driving tests.
Technologies: Selenium, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Django, Python, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, MySQL, PHP

Front-end Engineer

2012 - 2013
  • Built an SPA for business clients that want to cut energy costs to the bare minimum.
  • Developed a customizable reporting tool that generates charts for certain time ranges and sends regular PDF reports via email.
  • Improved legacy code base by removing dead code and eliminating unnecessary duplications.
  • Introduced automated front-end tests and wired them up in the existing Jenkins CI.
Technologies: Highcharts, Qooxdoo, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Play, Java

Full Stack Engineer

2005 - 2009
miobambino GmbH
  • Developed an online shop for infant and children clothing.
  • Supported building a shirt designer that allows users to arrange custom text and images for printing.
  • Created an admin interface for managing purchases and payments.
Technologies: CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP

Full Stack Engineer

2005 - 2009
fotogena GmbH
  • Designed the website for clients of a photography shop.
  • Developed a calendar for in-house events.
  • Developed a subscription system for clients that want to participate in certain photography events.
  • Developed a tool to help organize completed and missing payments.
  • Introduced automatic backup solutions for database and web data.
Technologies: CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP

Abmash is a Java library that allows interacting with a browser as humans would do. It's based on the visible rendered output and includes support asynchronous requests and forms.

It allows things like searching for "red titles beneath pictures." It's currently not maintained and was part of my master thesis and a follow-up paper.

IDEA Tab session
IntelliJ IDEA plugin to save groups of tabs and switch between different sessions. It matched my daily routine how I worked with my browser and was downloaded way over a thousand times.

Recent versions of IDEA now have similar functionality and the project was abandoned since then.
2002 - 2011

Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

TU Darmstadt - Darmstadt, Germany


React, jQuery, Redux-Saga, Vue, Highcharts, Sinon.JS, RxJS, D3.js, Puppeteer, Jenkins Pipeline


Webpack, Babel, Celery, Docker Compose, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, NGINX, Zsh, Karma, i3, Apache Ignite, GitLab, uWSGI, Inkscape, Let's Encrypt, Jenkins, Apache Maven, Gradle


Redux, Flask, Django, Qooxdoo, Jest, Selenium, Cypress, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Spring Boot, Wolkenkit, Play, Vert.x, Angular


ECMAScript (ES6), HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, GraphQL, Sass, Less, Python 3, Ruby, Python, XSLT, Java, PHP


Test-driven Development (TDD), Scrum, DevOps, Kanban, Functional Programming, Agile Software Development


Linux, Docker, Arch Linux


MongoEngine, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JSON, Redis, Elasticsearch


Enzyme, ESLint, WebSockets, CSS-in-JS, User Experience (UX), Tornado, Gunicorn, Leadership Development, Scrum Master, Semantic Web

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