Basil Gorin, Full-stack Developer in Kiev, Ukraine
Basil Gorin

Full-stack Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Member since March 6, 2020
Basil is an enthusiastic, experienced solution architect, tech designer, and software engineer with a strong background in Java, web, and blockchain tech stacks. Since 2005, he has been successfully applying technology to create digital solutions in the US, Israel, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Germany, and Estonia. Basil has been building bridges between stakeholders and tech teams from the beginning of his professional career; he loves it and succeeds.
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  • Paxnet
    RESTful Development, RESTful APIs, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, C++, C, Java...
  • CML Consulting
    Facebook Messenger API, Telegram Messenger API, Ethereum, Solidity, Web 3.0...
  • Starpoint Solutions
    REST APIs, Oracle Database, PL/SQL, Apache Tomcat, JSF, Spring, Hibernate...



Kiev, Ukraine



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Slack, Git, Trello, Jira, Ubuntu, MacOS, Unix

The most amazing...

...project I've co-developed is a distributed storage solution featuring advanced security, reliability, and speed.


  • Solutions Architect

    2019 - 2020
    • Designed a highly scalable blockchain platform featuring distributed transactions, simple non-Turing complete smart contracts, decentralized storage, and messaging.
    • Designed a secure messenger, tightly integrated with the blockchain platform, a blockchain-based payment system, and a decentralized identity solution (DID).
    • Created and prototyped a decentralized identity (DID) solution, and designed a blockchain-based payment platform.
    • Designed and prototyped a decentralized messenger platform featuring a dark mode of operation (Post Snowden Web).
    • Made a significant contribution to better communication, mutual understanding between stakeholders, product and project managers, developers, and QAs.
    • Significantly helped the CTO in research, communication, and influenced the decisions. Was, de facto, the CTO's right hand.
    • Applied Amazon ECS and Docker to deploy and run application builds in AWS.
    Technologies: RESTful Development, RESTful APIs, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, C++, C, Java, ECMAScript (ES6), TypeScript, Node.js, OCaml, UML
  • Solutions Architect

    2017 - 2019
    CML Consulting
    • Successfully mentored teams of two to five people on several different projects for customers worldwide.
    • Participated in and significantly improved the talent interviewing process, making it better and more effective.
    • Prototyped and created PoC solutions for several project ideas related to blockchain, chatbots, mobile, and many others.
    • Played a key role in several negotiations with potential clients which resulted in long-term contracts, profitability for CML, and successful achievements for the clients.
    • Supervised blockchain-related and back-end-related (Java) directions in the team.
    • Applied Amazon Lambda and Amazon Alexa Skills Kit to develop custom skills for Amazon Alexa integration with a music chatbot.
    Technologies: Facebook Messenger API, Telegram Messenger API, Ethereum, Solidity, Web 3.0, Java EE, Java
  • Senior Java Developer

    2014 - 2017
    Starpoint Solutions
    • Improved, optimized, and fixed bugs in existing modules of the powerful feature-rich eCommerce platform.
    • Created and maintained a payment page builder, including backend (Java stack) and frontend (Ember, JavaScript, HTML, CSS).
    • Implemented the onboarding flow for new merchants, including backend (Java stack) and frontend (single page app in native HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
    • Actively helped other team mates with their tasks, mentored them.
    • Significantly improved the onboarding process for new customers of the platform, their UX experience, leading to a multifold increase in sales.
    Technologies: REST APIs, Oracle Database, PL/SQL, Apache Tomcat, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Jakarta EE, Java
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2011 - 2014
    • Implemented the Reed-Solomon-based information dispersal algorithm (IDA) in Go, Java, JavaScript, and C#.
    • Participated in the design and implementation of the project from scratch in Java.
    • Redesigned, prototyped, and reimplemented the project from scratch in Go.
    Technologies: UML, JavaScript, C#, ANSI C, Go, Java Native Access (JNA), JNI, Java
  • Java Developer

    2008 - 2011
    Starpoint Solutions
    • Significantly improved the platform performance and user experience by developing new features and improving existing ones.
    • Worked on-site with the client to gather requirements, and estimated development efforts.
    • Participated in resource management, development, and delivery and provided production support.
    Technologies: Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, WebLogic, CSS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, Spring MVC, Apache Struts, JSP, Jakarta EE, Java
  • Junior Java Developer

    2006 - 2008
    Vimas Technologies
    • Participated in the development of a Java-based e-learning platform "TUNEin™ TO READING" that included client-side development with Swing and JNI.
    • Developed automated tests using the TestAnywhere platform.
    • Created the installation package of the platform using InstallAnywhere.
    • Applied Java Swing, AWT and Graphics2D to render text and musical data (stave with musical notes, etc.).
    Technologies: InstallAnywhere, Automated Testing, JNI, AWT, Swing, Java
  • Trainee Software Engineer (J2EE)

    2005 - 2006
    Physicon Ltd
    • Learned the basics of J2EE and related technologies here, which helped me a lot through all my future career.
    • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira, and learned how to use it.
    • Applied Java Applets technology to successfully improve the web UI of the distance learning platform.
    • Applied Java AWT and Graphics2D to render nice visuals (drawings).
    Technologies: XSLT, XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JUnit, DOM, SAX, Applets, AWT, Java


  • CryptoMiner World: ERC721-based Decentralized Game by Sophophilia Studios

    Designed and implemented the game from the ground up. Resolved the technical issues that existed in the field of ERC721-based decentralized games at that time. Created several design patterns for Ethereum-based smart contracts.

    Helped to significantly optimize the development costs by cutting off unnecessary technical complexity, leaving only feature-rich items, and maintaining the highest quality of implementation.

    My responsibilities in CryptoMiner World included:
    * Technical design, prototyping
    * Smart contracts design, prototyping, and implementation
    * Web3 integration (during the initial phase of the project)
    * Code review

  • Deedlock

    Deedlock is a real estate platform leveraging an immutability feature of blockchains.

    I was in charge of modeling a property as an ERC721 token with its transition from seller to buyer with off-chain participation of a notary and Courtney clerk. ERC721 token implementation allowed to perform the entire operation with four signatures in a single transaction.

  •, a unique city building game, ERC721 token-based decentralized game.

    I participated in the technical design of the blockchain portion, smart contract design and implementation, and web3 integration (Java), REST API (Java, Spring).


  • Languages

    Java, JavaScript, Solidity, XML, HTML, CSS, SQL, ECMAScript (ES6), UML, Go, TypeScript, C, Kotlin, Swift, Assembly, ANSI C, C++, C#, Pascal, OCaml, YAML, XSLT, XPath, T-SQL
  • Frameworks

    JSP, Truffle, Spring, Spring Boot, JUnit, Flutter, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Swing, Spring JDBC, JSF, ASP, Apache Struts, Mockito, Netty, JNI, JPA, Windows PowerShell, Spring Microservice
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, Web3.js, REST APIs, JAX-RS, JDBC, Node.js, Telegram Messenger API, AWT, SAX, Java Native Access (JNA), JMS, Google Maps Geocoding API, Azure Cognitive Services, Telegram Bot API, Facebook Messenger API, ODBC, Liquibase
  • Tools

    IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Ganache, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Subversion (SVN), Git, Mercurial, Trello, Jira, Slack, InstallAnywhere, IBM Watson, Flyway, Visual Studio, Xcode, Interactive Disassembler (IDA), Hopper Disassembler, Sublime Text, Toad, CVS, bzr, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Confluence
  • Paradigms

    RESTful Development, Concurrent Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Imperative Programming, Pair Programming, API Architecture, Procedural Programming, Automated Testing, Agile Software Development, Waterfall Development, REST, Microservices, Microservices Architecture
  • Platforms

    Blockchain, J2SE, Jakarta EE, Ethereum, Windows, MS-DOS, MacOS, Blockchain Platforms, Unix, Ubuntu, Java EE, AWS Lambda, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Database, Linux, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Amazon EC2
  • Storage

    JSON, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, H2, PL/SQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), RDBMS, Oracle RDBMS
  • Other

    APIs, RESTful APIs, Smart Contracts, ERC20, ERC721, Prototyping, Architecture, Decentralized Applications, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), Distributed Ledger Technology, Solution Architecture, Technical Design, Proof of Concept (POC), ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-221, ERC-1155, ERC827, Cryptocurrency, Web Services, Full-stack, Distributed Systems, Technical Architecture, System Architecture, Cryptography, Public-key Cryptography, Cryptocurrency APIs, Cryptocurrency Payments, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Amazon Echo, Web 3.0, Applets, DOM, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Digital Signatures, RMI, Ajax, Ant, Microsoft Azure, WebLogic, Unix Shell Scripting, Chatbots, Enterprise Architecture, AWS, RESTful Microservices, Cryptographic Protocols, Applied Cryptography, Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Exchanges


  • Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics
    2002 - 2008
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT) - Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Cryptography I by DAN BONEH – Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction
    JUNE 2013 - PRESENT
    Stanford University

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