Bianca Ioana Ilca, Developer in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania
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Bianca Ioana Ilca

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania
Toptal Member Since
July 23, 2021

Bianca is a driven, full-stack developer who builds apps that are easy to use and scale. With five years of experience and three successful internships with Google, she's an avid learner who doesn't step back from a challenge. Bianca has deep knowledge in the education and marketing sectors, having developed features for a React app enabling interactive learning experiences, co-founded a company, and built pipelines for Google that analyze shopping trends to help advertisers improve their ROI.


JavaScript, Perl, PostgreSQL, Chai, Mocha, Bootstrap, Front-end Development...
C++, Unit Testing, Software Architecture, CI/CD Pipelines
C++, Software Architecture, Refactoring, Unit Testing, CI/CD Pipelines




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Terminal, Slack, Discord, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...project I co-developed is a web application for learning to code called WellCode, which gained national recognition and over 50,000 users.

Work Experience

Co-founder and Web Developer

2017 - 2019
  • Developed features for the web platform, which includes lessons, quizzes, and coding challenges that are automatically evaluated.
  • Performed code reviews for the rest of the team and distributed tasks.
  • Managed the transition from another cloud hosting provider to AWS to improve reliability.
  • Mentored users in learning to code by replying to help requests on the platform daily.
Technologies: JavaScript, Perl, PostgreSQL, Chai, Mocha, Bootstrap, Front-end Development, APIs, Front-end, Full-stack, i18n, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, Mojo.js

Software Engineering Intern

2018 - 2018
  • Developed a module in Google’s speech pipeline to send personalized voice tips to users of YouTube Voice Search.
  • Collaborated with several teams to integrate information saved in the user profile into the prompts users see when opening the search feature.
  • Assisted in creating write-ups of the project scope and proposed new functionality.
Technologies: C++, Unit Testing, Software Architecture, CI/CD Pipelines

Software Engineering Intern

2016 - 2016
  • Took part in a larger project of rewriting the modules that populate the ad request fields in the ad serving pipeline.
  • Updated existing unit tests and added new ones to improve coverage.
  • Used a bug reporting tool to manage outstanding work and track progress.
Technologies: C++, Software Architecture, Refactoring, Unit Testing, CI/CD Pipelines

STEP Software Engineer

2015 - 2015
  • Developed a pipeline that processes and analyzes shopping trends to help advertisers improve their ROI.
  • Built a Flume C++ pipeline to extract and process data from Bigtables.
  • Analyzed data using an anomaly detection and forecasting tool in R to detect spikes due to events across the year.
Technologies: C++, Python 3, R, Google Bigtable, Data Analysis, CI/CD Pipelines

Blog Migration Project for Global Technology Advisory Firm

Led the migration of a WordPress blog to Next.js and Contentful CMS for a global technology advisory firm. As the technical lead, I collaborated with DevOps to establish the AWS infrastructure for the revamped blog, communicated with stakeholders, and implemented the required functionality together with another developer on the team.

My key responsibilities included:
• Creating a script that uses regular expressions to detect patterns within thousands of WordPress blog posts, subsequently identifying relevant components
• Coordinating with the design team to formulate a cohesive design for each component, ensuring alignment with product objectives
• Developing a schema for components within the organization's headless CMS
• Creating an automated script that accepted as input a JSON file with blog data and parsed it into components, saving them in the CMS
• Integrating data from the CMS through the GraphQL API to render content within the Next.js application
• Optimizing the app for a better page speed performance

Rose Accessibility Platform

Developed an MVP for a marketplace website to connect service providers doing accessibility home improvement projects with homeowners/tenants needing these services.

I was in charge of the entire development process, from making architectural decisions to implementation. The client provided the UI designs in Figma, and I implemented them in React while using Node.js and Express framework for the REST API that it communicated with. The data was stored in the MongoDB-cloud-hosted database, and we used AWS S3 for storing user-uploaded images and video files.

A platform that helps teachers build learning experiences that engage students online, allowing them to easily track progress and offer help in real time.

Agavi is developed as a project of Science Voices, a non-profit that aims to bring quality education tools to overlooked communities. As a board member or Science Voices and co-lead of the project, I am in charge of outlining and distributing tasks to the rest of the team using Trello and work with my team to build the student interface in React. I also performed some of the customer interviews in order to understand the needs of university teachers and prioritize features based on that.

On the technical side, I wrote the modules that connect to the Drupal API, retrieve the experiences created by the teachers, and display them to students. I then deployed the app to Heroku to be tested by real teachers and students.

Better Speech Coach
A virtual space for a public speaking community. Our customers sign up on the website and get access to a third-party learning management system where they work on tasks, get instructor feedback and can sign up for online public speaking practice sessions led by an instructor.

As a co-founder, I created the website in WordPress and set up Stripe and WooCommerce to process online payments from training and coaching customers. Other responsibilities I took on include social media marketing, customer research and customer interviews, business management and team management.

The next steps for the project are building a training platform for public speaking practice that enhances the customer's experience by combining all the functionality we currently outsource into a single product.

Face Swap on Video Footage

A desktop app that transforms the face of the user into a target face chosen from the library. It can be used on live footage coming from a video camera. I worked on this project in 2017, when Snapchat filters were becoming popular. I implemented a computer vision algorithm in C++ to track important facial landmarks, following a research paper. The user-facing application is built in Python and works by computing a Delaunay triangulation on the landmarks in both the user's face and the avatar and then morphing the avatar into the shape of the user's face through an affine transformation.


JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, C++, SQL, Java, Python 3, R, Perl, GraphQL, Python


React, Node.js, Chai


Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Algorithms, Web Technologies, Front-end Development, APIs, Front-end, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Multithreading, Software Architecture, Data Analysis, Styled-components, Atomic Design, Computer Vision, Team Management, Architecture, Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), i18n, CI/CD Pipelines, Mojo.js


Next.js, Bootstrap, Bootstrap 3+, Express.js, Tailwind CSS


Terminal, Mocha, Docker Compose, Amazon EKS, Create React App


Unit Testing, Functional Programming, Refactoring


Linux, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, WordPress, Docker, Kubernetes, Contentful


PostgreSQL, Google Bigtable, MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)

2014 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Babes Bolyai University - Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Neural Networks and Deep Learning | via Coursera

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