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Brett Pollett

Brett Pollett

Mesa, AZ, United States
Member since July 5, 2016
User experience is not just another buzz word to Brett. It fuels every aspect of his life. He can't help but dissect the world around him to find new ways in which he could put it back together to improve it. He is always looking for new ways to make things more intuitive or easy to use.
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  • Dark House Development
    PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, LAMP, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On...
  • Bigfish Creative Group
    PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, LAMP, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On...
  • Jawa
    PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Landing pages, Photoshop, LAMP...
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • jQuery, 10 years
  • User Experience (UX), 6 years
  • WordPress, 6 years
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD), 5 years
  • HTML5, 4 years
  • CSS3, 3 years
  • SCSS, 3 years
Mesa, AZ, United States
Preferred Environment
Coda, Git, SVN, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress
The most amazing...
...thing I've created was an internal project management software that featured tasks, workflows, and custom project PDF generation in PHP.
  • Owner/UX Developer
    2016 - PRESENT
    Dark House Development
    • Migrated a client's WordPress site from an old and outdated template to a new responsive template.
    • Developed weekly responsive email newsletters that are cross-platform compatible and implemented as MailChimp templates.
    • Developed a new WordPress website for a master plan community featured a custom built home search feature utilizing advanced custom fields with custom post types for home models and builders.
    • Developed a PHP form in a website running ModX that directly links the data into a CRM including the current page URL and other dynamic variables to track which version of the page was viewed.
    • Performed routine maintenance on multiple sites running WordPress, including additional pages and templates, theme modifications, feature additions, and other custom development needs.
    • Developed a user portal in WordPress allowing registered users of the site to login and download time-sensitive materials and allow admins to reach all of their users individually with user-specific assets.
    • Defined the overall user experience, layout, wireframes, and sitemaps for an enterprise-level site featuring over 75,000 pages and over 40 individual templates.
    • Developed HTML prototypes for an enterprise-level site featuring over 40 unique templates using a reusable kit that includes files based on atomic design principles.
    • Developed an HTML-based style guide broken down into individual components featuring visual examples as well as code snippets that could be previewed and duplicated easily in templates.
    • Converted static PHP landing pages into custom WordPress templates featuring easily editable fields and admin experiences using advanced custom fields.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, LAMP, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On, MailChimp, WordPress
  • Technology Director
    2012 - 2016
    Bigfish Creative Group
    • Developed over 40 websites per year using a combination of WordPress or hard-coded PHP-based websites.
    • Created wireframes and interactive prototypes for websites and web applications.
    • Created a custom project management tool in PHP that features login authentication, multiple user levels, task assignment, workflows, and a custom PDF generator.
    • Handled all client relation needs regarding development including email, phone, and in-person meetings and presentations.
    • Designed the user experience and developed the new site for the Fiesta Bowl in WordPress right before one of their biggest games ever in 2015 (
    • Developed custom user portals for multiple sites in WordPress featuring user logins, profiles, asset management, calendars, and more.
    • Developed custom marketing automation campaigns and implemented them in many different softwares including Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and Act-On.
    • Completed certification in Eloqua to become a Certified Eloqua Product Master.
    • Developed and implemented lead scoring and lead nurture strategies in multiple marketing automation platforms.
    • Developed cross-platform responsive HTML emails.
    • Developed an interactive animated timeline for Pacific Life to go with a display campaign Bigfish created using Adobe Edge Animate and custom JavaScript animation on
    • Created the user experience, sitemaps, wireframes, and HTML prototypes for one of the largest HR organizations in the US, WorldatWork, to completely overhaul their website containing over 75,000 pages.
    • Built a custom searchable real estate database in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields and a custom search query that is now being utilized on 4 of the largest master plan communities in Arizona, Verrado, Marley Park, Eastmark, and Vistancia.
    • Built a custom product listing website featuring a custom search query as well as search filter options based on product features in WordPress.
    • Developed a custom mobile-first website framework for both static websites and WordPress themes utilizing the SUSY grid and Compass SCSS mix-ins.
    • Developed a tool that connects to the Instagram API and generates a personality based on your followers, following, and total posts data.
    • Migrated multiple WordPress sites between different server environments and hosting providers.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, LAMP, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On, MailChimp, WordPress
  • Creative Director/Usability Analyst
    2007 - 2012
    • Analyzed Google PPC and landing page conversions using real-time stats to launch multivariate tests.
    • Designed and developed more than twenty landing pages a week using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
    • Worked on a custom-built PHP MVC framework to serve up multivariate tests on over 50 URLs at any given time using YML config files.
    • Used user experience and marketing analysis to refine landing pages to improve conversions.
    • Led a team of fifteen designers and developers.
    • Designed and developed a 12 screen animated video wall using HTML combined with CSS and JavaScript animations.
    Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Landing pages, Photoshop, LAMP, Google Analytics, Google PPC
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    2004 - 2007
    Anthem College Online
    • Designed online courses in Adobe Flash.
    • Wrote custom ActionScript.
    • Designed and developed an online interface to present an interactive classroom to students.
    • Led a team of 10 designers and developers.
    • Created Adobe Flash-based games, animations, and interactive elements.
    Technologies: Flash, Photoshop, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Appsumer Resources (Development)

    I built a custom plugin for an existing site that extended the functionality of their current WordPress install to add three new custom post types with custom fields and custom templates. The site was originally built using a pre-packaged theme, so modifying the theme itself was not an option. I was able to register the new post types and templates through my plugin and utilize the styles of the existing site, in addition to my own custom styles, to style the new section to match their current theme and the PSDs provided for the project.

    The largest part of this project by far was the Industry News blog. The entire blog section is run via AJAX calls. When you go to the main Industry News page you are automatically redirected to the most recent post. Additional posts are all loaded in the sidebar using an infinite scrolling AJAX loader. When a new post is selected it is loaded via AJAX into the main body of the page but utilizing the HTML5 History API, I was able to update the URL and also provide the user with back button functionality to load the previous article. Categories and search results would also be dynamically loaded in the sidebar via AJAX.

  • (Development)

    The Fiesta Bowl needed a new website that was responsive and modern to retire their outdated website on an unfamiliar CMS. They wanted us to redesign and rebuild their website in WordPress.

    First, we implemented a UX strategy by completely reworking their current site map to make sure that the navigation for the site built a strong foundation. Then, based on that site map, we built wireframes and eventually a working HTML prototype of the new site.

    After the site was completely redesigned based on the wireframes and prototypes, we built a custom WordPress theme based on the new design. This included creating multiple custom post types and using advanced custom fields to simplify the WordPress admin experience and ensure that the client could easily manage their site after the handoff. We also did a full walkthrough of the WordPress admin interface with the client at the time of handoff.

    As a secondary addition to the site, we also built a members-only area on a subdomain, also utilizing WordPress, where the many members of the Fiesta Bowl Committee could log in and access all of the most recent documents and reports available.

  • (Development)

    Pacific Life Insurance had a campaign running around the term "Imagine Life" that was targeted at multiple age groups to show them why life insurance is important for them at their current phase in life. They needed a microsite that could serve all of those different ad groups.

    We built a custom microsite for them utilizing the creative assets and iconography from the existing ads. Our UX strategy on this project was to create a choose-your-own-adventure type of website with hints of gamification. We built a grid of icons at the top of the homepage highlighting all of the primary life milestones highlighted through the campaign that would jump users to the appropriate interior landing page catered to their current life situations.

    On each of these milestone landing pages, we also featured a custom animated interactive timeline where users can navigate through all of the different milestones. We built the entire animation in Adobe Edge Animate which allowed us to utilize JavaScript, CSS animations, and transitions while also allowing the entire thing to be responsive, which wouldn't have been possible with outdated technology like Flash.

  • (Development)

    The first version of the site was built around the idea of using a lot of long-form scrolling pages and our user testing had found that a lot of people were not scrolling all the way down or using the jump links at the top of the page, so we decided this was the primary user experience change that had to be corrected.

    We eliminated all long-form pages and instead went to a landing page approach that featured an image grid of all of the pages inside a main section of the site, but also incorporated drop-down navigation for people to be able to quickly jump between sections. We also redesigned the layout of all of the main interior pages and cleaned up the layouts of all of the other pages, including the home search results.

    When analyzing the code from a couple years ago too, we realized there was a major performance increase we could get from rewriting the home search to be a completely custom search instead of relying on WordPress to filter the results. Rewriting this search functionality and adding in proper pagination lowered page load on this section from as high as ten seconds to below three seconds on average.

    This website was built using a completely custom WordPress theme and Advanced Custom Fields.

  • (Development)

    Vistancia was unhappy with their outdated site and how limited their current CMS solution was so they came to us to redesign and develop them an all new website in WordPress.

    We started with UX strategy and cleaned up a cluttered site map. We were able to also replace a lot of the unnecessary weight of the site map by replacing an outdated link-based navigation to view all of their home models with a brand new custom search feature and redesigned builder profile pages.

    In order to rebuild the new Vistancia site, we had to create multiple custom post types and used Advanced Custom Fields to clean up the WordPress admin experience to make managing the many new features of the site simple and intuitive.

    We also implemented a graphical sub-navigation system throughout the informational pages of the site to make jumping between different features of the community engaging and easy for users to find.

  • (Development)

    The Evergreen Real Estate Development website was a complete overhaul of their existing website. Their old website used a pre-made template that was showing its age and they wanted a modern, responsive design. The website also features a large database full of all of the development projects Evergreen has worked on and the old method of searching and viewing these projects was confusing and not intuitive at all.

    We narrowed the main navigation from ten items with multiple sub-navigation items down to six items. By simplifying the navigation, we created much more direct user paths to find information on the website.

    The Our Projects section was a primary focus of the wireframe process, as it was a major functionality issue in the old website. We treated this section like filtered search results you may find on a site like Amazon and we created a list of filters that could be selected to refine and narrow the results. This was all done using a custom WordPress search query and the MetaBox plugin to create custom fields for the Projects post type.

  • Languages
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery UI, Susy, jQuery
  • Tools
    Adobe Photoshop, Coda 2, Pardot
  • Paradigms
    Responsive, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Responsive Development
  • Platforms
    WordPress Theme Design, WordPress, Marketo, MODx, WooCommerce
  • Other
    Mobile First, User Flows, Wireframing, User Experience (UX), Email Marketing, HTML Email, Transmit, CodeKit, User Interface (UI), AJAX, WordPress Multi-user, WordPress Plugins, Marketing Strategy
  • Frameworks
    WordPress Multisite, Bootstrap 3+, ZURB Foundation, Compass, AngularJS
  • Storage
    MySQLi, MySQL
  • Associate of Science degree in Graphic Design and Animation
    2003 - 2004
    High Tech Institute - Phoenix, AZ
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