Carlos Bandiera Paiva, Developer in Cotia - State of São Paulo, Brazil
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Carlos Bandiera Paiva

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Cotia - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
August 14, 2017

Carlos is a versatile developer with in-depth and far-ranging experience in many programming languages and platforms. He's keen to take on new challenges and learn new skills while always striving to deliver the best solution for the client.


Woven Planet Holdings
ServiceNow, ServiceNow REST API, JavaScript, Python, GitHub, Jira, Scrum
Bellwethr (via Toptal)
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Zsh, HTML, MacOS, Vim Text Editor...
Fastlane Technology Solutions (Brazil)
HTML, Subversion (SVN), MacOS, Eclipse IDE, Vim Text Editor, ServiceNow, PHP...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Linux, iOS

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was creating a framework to check and alert for bad response times of home banking and credit card approval besides other services.

Work Experience

ServiceNow Developer

2021 - PRESENT
Woven Planet Holdings
  • Created Python script to interface to load ServiceNow CMDB data from Puppet.
  • Configured ServiceNow flows to replace Jira service desk.
  • Programmed ServiceNow business rules for a wide variety of requirements.
  • Configured the Slack spoke interface for ServiceNow approvals via Slack.
Technologies: ServiceNow, ServiceNow REST API, JavaScript, Python, GitHub, Jira, Scrum

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - PRESENT
Bellwethr (via Toptal)
  • Developed Bellwethr's website using Django, Python, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Administered AWS resources (Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, and Code Pipeline).
  • Discuss implementation alternatives with members of the DEV team.
  • Reviewed code to be deployed.
  • Developed integrations with payment back ends like Stripe, Cratejoy, Bold Commerce, Chargebee, and others.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Zsh, HTML, MacOS, Vim Text Editor, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Linux, SQL, REST, GitHub, PostgreSQL, Django, Python

Developer and ServiceNow Implementation Specialist

2014 - PRESENT
Fastlane Technology Solutions (Brazil)
  • Customized the front-end and back-end code (JavaScript and HTML) for the ServiceNow platform for clients in Brazil (Wittel, Leroy Merlin, Renault/Nissan, Multiplus, and Azul Linhas Aéreas).
  • Developed an Odin/Parallels APS package (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) to automate the sales of Cisco Video Delivery Network services and Elemental Transcoding services to be used by the portal of Embratel.
  • Customized the Novell Identity Manager (IDM) workflows (JavaScript) for Cielo and Embraer.
  • Customized the Borland Starteam workflows for Bradesco (Java).
  • Supported and troubleshot the Microfocus Enterprise Server Architecture platform for Orbitall.
  • Customized and supported a Microfocus Enterprise Server and Developer installation for Banco Inter, a financial institution.
  • Used Python and Bash scripts in Linux/macOS environments to help facilitate everyday tasks.
Technologies: HTML, Subversion (SVN), MacOS, Eclipse IDE, Vim Text Editor, ServiceNow, PHP, Linux, SQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Bash, Python

Software Architect

2011 - 2014
UOL DIVEO (Brazil)
  • Created data models for PostgreSQL.
  • Developed stored procedures for PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL aggregate functions.
  • Wrote Bash scripts using assorted Unix tools (grep, AEK, Sed, sort, and more).
  • Integrated network traffic data captured from CISCO routers to provide end-users with information about their band consumption.
  • Architected and developed a billing tool and client information about backup performed by Netbackup on their servers.
  • Wrote back-end REST services in Python/Django for integration with a .NET front end.
Technologies: Subversion (SVN), Vim Text Editor, Linux, SQL, C++, PostgreSQL, Bash, REST, Django, Python

Software Architect

2004 - 2011
Resource SiteSeeing
  • Developed a portal for the configuration and visualization of live and historical data for the end-user, using Java Servlets, jQuery, and JavaScript.
  • Maintained and developed C++ agents and extensions using the Borland C++ Builder.
  • Maintained and developed the client-server configuration tool in Borland Delphi.
  • Implemented PostgreSQL data modeling and stored procedure writing.
  • Worked on SUSE Linux HA cluster configuration and administration.
  • Administered and configured Apache Tomcat.
  • Developed a monitoring extension to check for credit card authorization availability and response-time using ISO8583 messages.
  • Built a monitoring extension to check for ARU (automated response unit) availability and response time.
  • Developed a monitoring extension to check for internet site availability and response time.
  • Created a monitoring extension that allows for a Telnet/SSH connection to check for availability, response time, and to capture data from other applications and bring them into the SiteSeeing framework.
  • Developed a monitoring extension that allows for the IBM 3270 terminal emulation to check for availability, response time, and to capture data from other applications and bring them into the SiteSeeing framework.
  • Built a PL/I (mainframe) system to parse credit card approval messages (ISO8583) and forward them to internal systems and back (called the delivery van for a credit card).
Technologies: HTML, Subversion (SVN), Vim Text Editor, Apache Tomcat, Linux, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Delphi, Python, C++, Java, PL/I


1996 - 2011
  • Developed a shell script framework to support all the operations that had to be performed for the company's data warehouse—consisting of a menu-driven front-end and counting with customizable menu trees based on text files which accelerated the implementation of new extract/load procedures.
  • Migrated the Cognos Transformer from the Windows platform to the AIX platform.
  • Developed many client-server applications using Pascal in the Borland Delphi environment.
  • Worked in a team that developed a source control tool.
  • Constructed stored procedures for the Sybase databases.
  • Developed and maintained the code for the credit card industry.
Technologies: JCL, Vim Text Editor, Linux, SQL, IBM Cognos Transformer, Business Objectives, Sybase, Delphi, Bash


2003 - 2004
  • Worked on data warehousing modeling and Sybase IQ data modeling.
  • Configured and integrated Business Objects to Sybase IQ.
  • Developed the Oracle Stored procedures for data aggregation and extraction.
  • Wrote Bash scripts for data consolidation and loading.
Technologies: Vim Text Editor, Linux, SQL, Oracle, Business Objectives, Sybase


1991 - 1996
Sof Informática
  • Developed a framework in the Clipper language to automate application development in that platform.
  • Led the development team that built a car insurance system at Banco Nacional written in Natural using DB2 (mainframe).
  • Developed the online (CICS) programs for the automated suppliers' payment system (pagamento a fornecedores) for Banco Nacional.
  • Worked within a team that carried the homologation of Mastercard for Cartão Unibanco.
  • Developed the code for integrating the Visa electronic debit transactions on the mainframe side through a CICS interface with Tandem machines, consisting of ISO8583 message parsing and forwarding to the banking account system.
  • Developed and maintained code for the banking, insurance, and credit card industries.
Technologies: JCL, SQL, Clipper, IBM Db2, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), COBOL

Senior Developer

1989 - 1991
Constecca Construções
  • Developed and maintained COBOL code in the 8086 platform using the COBOL-MB compiler.
  • Wrote an Assembler 8086 language program to compact/expand files and 370 Assembler code for low-level configuration of the IBM 4381.
  • Led the team in the migration from the 8086 (Intel) platform to the 370 (IBM 4381 mainframe) platform.
  • Developed a full-featured general ledger system using IBM software tools CSP/DB2.
  • Wrote helper scripts in the VM/SP Rexx language to help developers work within the new platform (all developers were used to using PC tools).
  • Created and maintained code for the building industry.
Technologies: VM, IBM Db2, CSP, Assembler, COBOL


1988 - 1989
RHS Assessoria e Consultoria de Sistemas
  • Developed a business intelligence tool with data extraction from the Oracle database and client-server application using VB3 with customizable reports and graphs.
  • Participated in a performance troubleshooting group whose mission was to track the slow-running jobs in the mainframe environment—this involved JCL checking, COBOL program optimization, and SQL optimization as well at Unibanco.
  • Developed an access control program using Clipper for the BASF Casa Cor event.
  • Gave support for the IBM platform for mainframe users, because I had experience with both worlds.
  • Developed COBOL/CICS programs for the general ledger of Unibanco.
  • Worked as a member of the software factory for Brasilit, developing COBOL batch and CICS.
  • Developed an automated control of employee punch-in and punch-out on digital clocks.
Technologies: JCL, IBM Db2, CSP, CICS, COBOL, Clipper, Visual Basic

Senior Programmer

1986 - 1987
São Paulo Alpargatas
  • Worked on job control of the IBM System/370 using JCL.
  • Built data models for the ADABAS database.
  • Wrote COBOL batch, online programming, and ROSCOE RPF programming.
  • Developed a datacom and the ideal programming using the ADABAS database.
  • Created and maintained code for the clothing industry.
Technologies: JCL, COBOL, Datacom

Senior Programmer

1978 - 1986
Eldorado S/A
  • Developed a stock control system in COBOL using indexed-sequential data files.
  • Built a sales system in COBOL using indexed-sequential data files.
  • Developed and maintained code for the supermarket industry.
Technologies: COBOL, Work Flow Language (WFL)

React Native | Simple To-do List
A to-do list that was written for mobile devices in React Native and backed by Firebase which allows multiple users to each have his own private to-do list.

The to-do list may contain a limited number of items that can be filtered by their titles. Each item has a title, a completed status, contact information from a phone address book, possibly other information, and a picture taken directly from device´s camera or from the photo library.

It was developed for Toptal's React Native Academy
1980 - 1982

Completed Credits towards a Bachelor's Degree in Business

Universidade de São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil


ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist

ServiceNow Training & Certification


ServiceNow Presales ITSM Specialization



ServiceNow Presales CSM & FSM Specialization



ServiceNow Certified System Administrator



Toptal React Native Academy



jQuery, Stripe API, ServiceNow REST API


GitHub, Vim Text Editor, Eclipse IDE, JCL, Subversion (SVN), Apache Tomcat, Zsh, Jira


Linux, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), iOS, Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MacOS




Bash, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, Delphi, HTML, CSS, COBOL, Clipper, Assembler, CSP, Visual Basic, CICS, Work Flow Language (WFL), PHP, PL/I


REST, Scrum


Sybase, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), IBM Db2, Datacom


ServiceNow, Business Objectives, IBM Cognos Transformer, VM, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2

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