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David Draper

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Unity Developer

Atlanta, GA, United States
Toptal Member Since
August 2, 2022

David is a software and video game developer who specializes in Unity development. He has worked on various projects, including game development, web development, augmented reality, and virtual reality. David developed shaders and post-process effects using ShaderLab, Cg, and HLSL. He is passionate about graphics and shader development.


MetaHertz Labs
Unity, ShaderLab, Shaders, C#, Objective-C, HLSL, Xcode, Visual Studio...
Web Scraping, Data Organization, Data Analysis, Python, R, Visual Studio, HTML...
Unity, ShaderLab, HLSL, Cg, Shaders, Visual Studio, Unity3D




Preferred Environment

Unity, ShaderLab, Unity Scripting API, Cg, HLSL, C#, Unity3D

The most amazing...

...thing I've done is develop and publish One Drop Bot, a 3D puzzle platformer. I wrote the code and created the graphics and sound for every element in the game.

Work Experience

Software Developer

2021 - 2022
MetaHertz Labs
  • Developed a sub-application of the Dream Stream AR iOS and desktop application that sends data from Apple's AR collaborative session to a desktop computer.
  • Converted Unity unlit shaders to HDRP custom passes and created a framework for them to be accessed by the user.
  • Created a VR version of Dream Stream to run on the Oculus Quest 2 and receive camera data from the iOS app.
  • Debugged Keijiro's Avfi written in Objective-C and added audio support to it.
  • Wrote compute shaders to create and modify meshes using iOS LiDAR and camera data.
Technologies: Unity, ShaderLab, Shaders, C#, Objective-C, HLSL, Xcode, Visual Studio, Unity Scripting API, Unity3D

Software Engineer

2020 - 2020
  • Created graphs to display data using Matplotlib coded in Python.
  • Wrote programs to organize data in CSVs using Vanilla Python, Python Pandas, and C++.
  • Wrote a Python program to perform web scraping on websites containing data pertaining to COVID-19.
  • Developed an application in Unity to create custom line graphs based on points dropped by the user.
  • Developed a website, bayesianmachinelearning.org, using HTML and CSS.
  • Created the page for COVID-19 scenarios to display graphs from data generated using machine learning.
  • Created graphs using the Plotly JavaScript graphing library.
Technologies: Web Scraping, Data Organization, Data Analysis, Python, R, Visual Studio, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Plotly.js, Anaconda, Pandas, C#, Unity Scripting API, Matplotlib, C++, Unity3D, Unity

Freelance Shader Developer

2020 - 2020
  • Developed a Unity Standard Shader that forces flat shading for low poly objects and environments.
  • Optimized and cleaned up the code in a water shader using Unity ShaderLab HLSL.
  • Developed a vertex displacement-driven volumetric cloud shader in Unity ShaderLab HLSL.
Technologies: Unity, ShaderLab, HLSL, Cg, Shaders, Visual Studio, Unity3D

Freelance Software Developer

2020 - 2020
Sonic Sync
  • Combined Rcam2, an open-source set of applications, into a single application. The original Rcam2 uses an iOS application as a controller for the desktop application that displays the visuals. The combined version runs on a single iOS device.
  • Wrote and optimized C# code in Unity for the Sonic Sync AR iOS application.
  • Wrote and modified ShaderLab shaders to be used on the Sonic Sync AR iOS application.
Technologies: Unity, ShaderLab, C#, HLSL, Cg, Visual Studio, Shaders, Unity3D

Freelance Shader Developer

2020 - 2020
Fallen Tree Games
  • Developed a ShaderLab Cg shader for interior lighting so that lighting from dark outside environments wouldn't bleed into the lit interiors.
  • Developed a deferred cel shader that uses the built-in Unity Standard lighting as a base.
  • Developed a customizable outline post-process effect.
Technologies: Unity, ShaderLab, Cg, Visual Studio, Shaders, HLSL, Unity3D

Independent Game Developer

2018 - 2019
  • Designed and developed One Drop Bot in Unity and published it on Steam, Itch.io, Kartridge, and Game Jolt. It's a 3D puzzle platformer.
  • Designed, developed, and published Modern Arcana on the Google Play Store. It's a 2D bird's-eye view sandbox game.
  • Designed, developed, and published the unofficial fan game Game Grumps VS: The Game as free-to-play online. It's a recreation of many aspects of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Designed and developed Circle Pong in Unreal Engine 4 and published it online. It's a Pong variant that takes place in a circular court with 1–4 players.
  • Documented development progress on Twitter and my blog.
Technologies: Unity, C#, Visual Studio, Blogging, ShaderLab, Cg, HLSL, Unity Scripting API, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, Shaders, Unity3D

One Drop Bot

A 3D puzzle platformer available on Steam, Itch.io, Kartridge, and Game Jolt. I developed the game in Unity. Every room contains a new puzzle I designed and implemented. I wrote the code for character movement, 3D camera movement, and shaders. I also created the graphics and sound.

Robert's Run

A forward-running mobile game where you run down a tube avoiding robots, fighting robot bosses, and collecting golden cubes. I wrote the game code and shaders and created the graphics and sound. I published the game on Android and iOS. Currently, the game is only available on the Google Play Store.

Modern Arcana Alpha

A working prototype of a 2D bird's-eye view sandbox RPG. I wrote the code for turn-based combat, a random world generator, custom movement AI for enemies, and all shaders. I created the graphics and sound. I published the game on the Google Play Store.

Game Grumps VS: The Game (Fan Made)

A recreation of a large part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a 2018 crossover fighting game. I created tools in Unity that I used to attach hitbox animations to each move, much like how collision works in the Smash Bros fighting games. I wrote the code and shaders, and I also created the graphics. The game is a tribute to the Game Grumps and contains many references to the show.

Spiral Pattern Generator

A graphical application that generates a random spiral effect by combining the rotating parent transforms of an object Node.js tree. I created this project to practice C++ and build my own game engine. The game engine is still a work in progress, but this project is done.

Circle Pong

A Pong variant with a circular court for 1–4 players. I created it to familiarize myself with Unreal Engine 4 and the C++ Unreal Engine 4 Scripting API. I implemented the gameplay using C++ and created a custom CRT and pixelation shader.

Digital Media Arcade

An arcade machine that can be used to play games made by students. Few students in the engineering department of West Career and Technical Academy and I made this as our final project. I was in charge of creating the software and building the computer hardware. I created a 3D interface with C++ and DirectX. It ran on Windows and launched on startup, giving the illusion of a custom operating system and a real arcade experience.
2020 - 2021

Coursework in Computer Science

Kennesaw State University - Kennesaw, GA, USA

2012 - 2015

High School Diploma in Digital Media

West Career and Technical Academy - Las Vegas, NV, USA


Graphic Design Certification

West Career and Technical Academy


Video Production Certification

West Career and Technical Academy


Animation Certification

West Career and Technical Academy


Plotly.js, Pandas, SFML, DirectX, Matplotlib


Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, MonoDevelop, FL Studio


Unity, Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4


ShaderLab, HLSL, Cg, C++, Java, C#, Objective-C, Python, R, HTML, CSS, JavaScript




Unity Scripting API, Shaders, Video Production, 3D Animation, Programming, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video Editing, Web Scraping, Data Organization, Data Analysis, Blogging, LMMS

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