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Fahad Munawar Khan

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Developer

Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
Toptal Member Since
June 14, 2016

Fahad is a certified Salesforce developer l and ll with more than ten years of experience working on various client engagements in the web technology area. He takes pride in creating solutions that satisfy the requirements and make the best possible use of all Salesforce platform features and resources.


Force.com, Salesforce, DocuSign, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)...
Ignite Sales (via Toptal)
JavaScript, Scala, Lift, Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)...
Sky Computing Solutions/Magnet 360 (US)
Force.com, Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce...




Preferred Environment

Salesforce.com Developer Certification, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Google Analytics, Salesforce AppExchange

The most amazing...

...work I've done was on the Honeywell project. The most challenging part was avoiding the governor limits.

Work Experience


2014 - PRESENT
  • Managed communication with Salesforce clients regarding their needs and to study their existing systems.
  • Proposed solutions that took into account the platform restrictions and roadblocks.
  • Led and advised developers on how we're going to proceed and what strategy to go with.
  • Held daily stand ups with clients to collaborate and discuss progress, road blocks, and status updates.
  • Served as technical screener for new recruits.
Technologies: Force.com, Salesforce, DocuSign, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce API, Pardot, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Apex Classes, Process Builder, JSON API, Salesforce System Administration, Business Analysis, Salesforce Sales Cloud, QuickBooks Online, Integration, Communities, Algorithms, Flow, Salesforce Lightning, Apex, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Conga Composer, Back-end, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce.com Administration, Omni-channel, Salesforce Platform Events, Data Modeling, Acceptance Testing, Architecture, Financial Services, Salesforce Cloud Flow

Freelance Salesforce Developer

2016 - 2016
Ignite Sales (via Toptal)
  • Extended the Lift framework to include authentication using Salesforce.
  • Supported real-time two-way syncing of the sales process between Lift and Salesforce.
  • Implemented login using Salesforce into an existing system for walk-in customers.
  • Supported capturing the lead and opportunity from legacy product recommendation system.
  • Developed a managed package app, passed security review and published on the Salesforce AppExchange Listing.
Technologies: JavaScript, Scala, Lift, Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce REST API, Salesforce API, Salesforce Apex, Apex Classes, Process Builder, JSON API, Salesforce System Administration, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Integration, Flow, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Back-end, Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce.com Administration, Data Modeling, Acceptance Testing

Senior Salesforce Developer

2012 - 2015
Sky Computing Solutions/Magnet 360 (US)
  • Worked in collaboration with a Salesforce partner Magnet360 (US, Minneapolis).
  • Handled the custom development related work such as with Visualforce, workflow rules, single sign-on, Lightning Components, Apex, triggers, BatchJobs, and more.
  • Assisted and advised all the team member's tasks, as the senior resource on the team. Working together, we managed to create and maintain a great working environment resulting in great project deliverables.
Technologies: Force.com, Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce REST API, Salesforce Apex, Apex Classes, Process Builder, JSON API, Xero API, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Integration, Communities, Salesforce CPQ, QuickBooks API, Intuit QuickBooks, SAP, Salesforce.com Administration, Data Modeling, Acceptance Testing

.NET Developer

2011 - 2011
Trees Valley
  • Worked as a .NET developer on their ongoing project at RMI hospital Peshawar, Pakistan.
  • Worked on a cash module that presented the invoices to the customer and made stock adjustments.
  • Managed most of the Crystal Reports throughout the project.
Technologies: Visual Studio, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, .NET, Lightning Components, C#

Web Developer

2011 - 2011
  • Worked as a web developer and set up their website on Joomla CMS.
  • Developed an electronic map using Google Maps to mark branches all over the country and the staff information.
Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Joomla

American Taxi

It's an Uber-like company providing a type of transportation specific to the school rides for children.

Work Done:
• Supported DevOps related to syncing data from salesforce to central dispatch (the backbone of the system).
• Implemented tons of RESTful web services for capturing in-bound data using JSON objects.
• Engineered countless outbound services to keep Salesforce as a sync winner for all of the system.
• Supported development for syncing the orders data with school server and direct ordering.
• Processed customer responses and generate alerts accordingly.
• Managed cab and driver assignments and syncing with central dispatch.
• Supported bullying all the syncs and cop up with platform limitations in this regard.

EasyLegal Finance

It started as an engagement for one project, turned into a long-term working relationship, that had seen the successful implementation of many key projects, working directly with the President, as well as ongoing enhancements to further evolve the loan and product platform (including, complex reporting, custom dashboards, continuous integration, large implementations—product and app-based and so on.)

Work Done:
• Supported the conversion of custom Salesforce Classic environment over to Lightning.
• Implemented all the complex reporting using Conga.
• Automated payouts.
• Set up the approval process.
• Interactive reporting for loans, payments, and drawdowns.

Straight to Voicemail

I developed and published an app for both a Classic and Salesforce experience that helped the sales team to launch their campaign using straight to voicemail (Ringless Voicemail Drop) technology to improve the lead conversion rate.

Aircraft Trading

I designed the complex architecture to support a dynamic-related list for the Lightning experience in order to display more than allowed columns. The template was used to override existing related lists using the Lightning component. I also switched the Salesforce versions from Classic to Lightning.

Ignite Sales | Lead Lync

—A Monarch Innovation Award Winner—

I developed and published an app that documents the dynamic sales dialogs directly into Salesforce to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a transparent, compliant, and ethical manner.

It increases the accuracy of all the opportunities and assures the capturing of the entire customer's engagement conversation, recommendations, and closed leads. It allows financial institutions to recognize the full benefits of their Salesforce investment.

A single sign-on from Ignite's dynamic sales dialog into Salesforce makes an integration into your existing Salesforce infrastructure easy for all to use and understand. No training necessary.

Asytec Dispensers

I developed and updated custom reports for the billing division using the Lightning Aura framework. I also leveraged multiple views without separate record types using Lightning components.

Honeywell CPRO

—An Award-winner at Dreamforce—

While working with Magnet 360’s team, a contractor portal was developed; this helped the contractors to avoid truck rolls. They were able to fix general issues regarding thermostats remotely from their office using the developed portal. It also enabled contractors to manage their customers, employees, and their finances. Customers were able to grant or revoke access to their devices for the contractors and they would provide remote troubleshooting.

Zuora was integrated with Salesforce to manage invoices and payments.


Ecolab offers water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services that provide and protect clean water, safe food, abundant energy, and healthy environments.

I built a system that helped estimate and implement sanitation measures and manage their accounts while working with Magnet 360’s team.

Core Sash Windows

Core Sash Windows is a London-based company that specializes in doors and windows installation.

I developed a Salesforce CRM solution to possess the following functionalities:
• Rank the customer's loyalty using NPS Graphs.
• Conduct feedback surveys (using Twilio SMS) to ensure the quality of work.
• Allow the manager to see survey locations that need to be executed for a particular day using Google maps.
• A smart algorithm that would group the surveys based on the location to avoid extra fuel cost for redundant truck rolls.

US Law Chambers

I built a Salesforce application that automates a number of tasks, including:
• Handle all bail-related affairs.
• Kept track of the attorneys, their availability, and manage charges.
• Lets administrators import new arrests on a daily basis.
• Offers client payment plans using overlapped model.
• A single-payment plan in case of multiple arrests.
• An onboarding secure mechanism to get information from the clients using the public community and let admin review and approve the information.
• Email tracking information to maintain loyalty leads.


Maverick is a telecom company that provides broadband internet services in the UK.

This Salesforce application helps them achieve the following goals:
• Generate and process new leads.
• A call center to help telesales agents have easy access to a custom lead console as they speak with customers.
• A lead console which retrieves leads one-by-one honoring a specific algorithm.
• Assigning them a slot from a pool of available time slots (which is managed by the admin) after they contact a customer for a survey.
• An Android app to help field agents with customer information gathering, lead generation, and track their desired packages.
• Charge customers automatically after every billing cycle using a STRIPE payment gateway.

An attachment contains the autogenerated bill to be emailed to the customer after every billing cycle.


I developed a website using Site.com to provide a better view and full integration with their existing SFDC CRM.

Complex Flows

I developed a complex flow trigger using Salesforce flows that contained more than 500 elements.

XML 2 SFDC Schema

I developed an Apex app to import more than 300 objects using an XML file generated by a legacy system. I used a Metadata API to accomplish that task of handling such a large amount of objects within a minute.

3D Lever

I designed an animated lever using a SOFA framework as part of the Telesurgical Health Care Project at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad, Pakistan.

Voice-guided Robot

I developed and programmed a robot arm to work with both a VR robot as well as being able to be voice-commanded using C++ at the Smart Lab, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad, Pakistan.


This project involved an Android remote wheelchair automation. It is a hardware automated prototype that was designed for the handicapped to enable them to operate a traditional wheelchair using their mobile phone over Bluetooth connectivity at Smart Lab, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad, Pakistan.

Home Automation

I designed and developed a system for automating electrical appliances using mobile devices connected via WiFi with Arduino Uno.


It is a Silicon Valley-based startup. I am honored to be a part of the team while working on the engagement spanning the following responsibilities:

Work Done:
• Helped build and maintain a high-performance, fault-tolerant Salesforce app published on the AppExchange
• Ensured the reliability and performance of the app.
• Integrated the app with the back-end system using the Lightning interface and REST API.
• Implemented CI using Git as a distributed version control system.
• Published a newer version of the app 2.0 which includes but not limited to syncing the campaigns with the back-end engineered system.
• Performed code reviews for the team and enhanced the quality of code to be acceptable by the AppExchange team.

AIESEC Germany

I was working on a back-end ecosystem to submit the local leads, contacts, and opportunities to the AIESEC international system.

I designed a two-way system to support data streams coming to and from AIESEC's international management portal.

I encountered system and governor limits while pushing data from the trigger for individual syncs, Batch jobs for bulk, and the mix of both. Also, I invented a sync system with a combination of Future, Queueables, and Batch jobs using Apex to foolproof.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

A Salesforce automated solution to sync extra custom data points with Pardot to achieve targeted marketing based on the customer's purchase history.

The main challenge was since Pardot doesn't capture purchase history from Salesforce, it needed to be custom implemented.
2008 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

National University of Sciences and Technology - Islamabad, Pakistan


Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II



Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I



Salesforce Platform App Builder


NOVEMBER 2012 - MARCH 2019

Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer



Salesforce REST API, Salesforce API, Salesforce SOAP API, JSON API, jQuery, Salesforce Bulk API, Xero API, QuickBooks API, Metadata API, Google Geocoding API, Twilio API, Stripe API


Lightning Design System, Visualforce Pages, Salesforce Dataloader, Salesforce DX, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Conga Composer, Conga Batch, Process Builder, Zapier, Flow, Jira, Git, Pardot, Conga Sign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Google Analytics, Visual Studio, Xora, Field Service Lightning


Lightning Components, Visualforce, AJAX.OOP, OAuth 2, .NET, Lift


APEX Code, Apex, SOQL, JavaScript, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Scala, HTML5, HTML, C#


Unit Testing, Automation, Acceptance Testing, Agile Software Development, REST


Salesforce, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce 1, Joomla, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


JSON, Databases, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Oracle 11g, MySQLi, MySQL


Salesforce Lightning, Ajax, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Open Source, Salesforce.com Developer Certification, Web Services, Force.com, DocuSign, API Integration, CRM APIs, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce Reports, Salesforce Community, Salesforce Cloud Flow, Salesforce Programming, Salesforce Customization, Salesforce.com Data Loader, Apex Classes, Salesforce System Administration, Integration, Communities, Algorithms, APIs, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Aura, SLDS, Data Migration, Certified Salesforce Administrator, CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end, Consulting, Salesforce Reporting & Dashboards, CSV, Salesforce.com Administration, Omni-channel, Salesforce Platform Events, Data Modeling, Architecture, Financial Services, Business Analysis, Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce Service Cloud, QuickBooks Online, Intuit QuickBooks, SOAP, Field Service, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, SAP

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