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Gilad Haimov

Gilad Haimov

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Member since March 11, 2015
Gilad is an expert Android developer. He has served as technological adviser to leading Israeli mobile technology companies. He brings over 19 years of experience in developing mobile, server-side, and communication systems, and has spoken as a guest lecturer at Tel-Aviv University on mobile networking.
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  • Java, 14 years
  • Android, 7 years
  • Amazon API, 5 years
  • Google API, 5 years
  • Google Maps, 5 years
  • NDK, 4 years
  • Google Cloud, 4 years
  • Bluetooth, 3 years
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Preferred Environment
Android low level to application level
The most amazing...
...thing I've created is a cellular surveillance system which does, in terms of throughput & stability, things that I did not believe could be done on Android.
  • CEO/Lead Developer
    Mobile Edge Ltd. A Software House for Mobile Systems
    2008 - PRESENT
    • Develop an online location-based bidding system for iOS and Android.
    • Develop one of the first Android CB (Cellular Broadcast) emergency systems.
    • Senior technological advisor and lecturer for John-Bryce China, including giving master classes at Intel(c) Shanghai and Beijing branches on advanced Android technologies, low-level Android, and Android development design patterns.
    • Guest lecturer at the TAU engineering faculty on mobile networking technologies.
    • Create on-screen static assets displaying cell broadcasts.
    • Develop an 'active' Android lock screen allowing quick access to key system functionalities.
    • Architect, lead the development team for, and write the core components of a highly complex surveillance system supporting multiple endpoints, local, and remote communication.
    • Create very-high throughput systems using Message queue technologies: XMPP and RabbitMQ.
    • Create location-aware services and work with device sensors (GPS, compass, accelerators).
    • Implement a binary-level communication protocol with local hardware (implementation from scratch ). Protocol is over IP and supports error handling and recovery on failure.
    • Work in an intensive multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment.
    • Lead the team in Agile methodologies: SCRUM, Kunagi.
    • Develop an Android bridge app for a leading GPS manufacturer.
    • Develop a smart media streamer for Android devices.
    • Develop a media-enabled Live Wallpaper.
    Technologies: Mobile, Android, Android kernel-level,, GoLang, Java, Node.js, C/C++, cell broadcasting, Hidden-API activation, AppWidgetHost, HTTP Client/Server, Media Streaming, Sticky Services, Reflection-based Gateway Service
  • VP R&D/Lead Developer
    Epsillion Media Technologies
    2007 - 2008
    • VP R&D in a mobile startup developing technologies for managing and retrieving media stored on a Google Android phone.
    • Designed system architecture – Top level design.
    • Led a team of 7 top engineers from the initial stage to successful completion of mission.
    • Implemented intensive usage of Agile methodologies to accelerate the development process.
    • Developed several of the core components of the system, e.g., SMS interceptor, graphical textures, and cache and clean.
    Technologies: Android, Scrum, database, Java, multithreading, OpenGL, communication protocols, object-oriented design patterns
  • Senior Server-side Developer - C++ and Java/J2EE
    BMC Software - Security Business Unit
    2000 - 2007
    • Senior software developer in C++ and Java/J2EE environments.
    • Developed BMC's next-generation identity management platform.
    • Designed, architected, and developed critical-path components of the system, including run-time rule engine and asynchronous request broker.
    • Developed LDAP-based interrogation system.
    Technologies: Java, J2EE, RDBMS, Oracle, JBoss, IOC frameworks, Spring, Hibernate, Bytecode Injection, WebLogic, WebSphere, LDAP, C++, Visual, ACE library, server-side, Scrum
  • Software Developer - C Language
    Valor (later branded Frontline PCB Solutions)
    1995 - 1999
    • Developed the world's leading PCB CAM solution, including contour and surface-related algorithms.
    Technologies: X Windows, Rasterization algorithms, design patterns, contour processing
  • Android DDMS: A Guide to the Ultimate Android Console (Publication)
    There is no way around application diagnostics. No matter how good your code is, you will need to be able to monitor and study system behavior. This is where Android's DDMS shines. In this article, Senior Android Engineer Gilad Haimov explains how veteran Android developers leverage the potential of DDMS to improve app stability and performance, test new features, diagnose, and debug their code.
  • An Overly Thorough Guide To Underused Android Libraries (Publication)
    Any experienced developer will tell you that their best code isn’t code they wrote. It’s code they took from someone else's work. Many of the problems we encounter have already been solved—and the remedies packaged into libraries available to anyone. Why reinvent the wheel when free wheels are everywhere? In this guide, Senior Android Engineer Gilad Haimov will take you on a quick tour of some the most powerful Android libraries out there. Robust as a hammer, faster than a drill, and more precise than any scalpel; no Android developer should leave home without these must-have tools.
  • Languages
    Java, C++, SQL, Go, C
  • Libraries/APIs
    Google Maps, HTTP API, NDK, Android API, Google API, Google Gson, Parse SDK, Amazon API, OpenGL, Android OpenGL, Butterknife, Node.js
  • Tools
    Android NDK, Android Studio, RabbitMQ, Gradle
  • Platforms
    Android, Parse, AWS EC2, Google TV, Java EE
  • Storage
    Google Cloud, SQLite, RDBMS, JSON, MySQL, Databases
  • Misc
    Multithreading, Bluetooth, XMPP
  • Frameworks
    Boost C++, Boost, AndroidAnnotations, Hibernate, Apache Hadoop, Hadoop
  • Paradigms
    Design Patterns, Rule-based Programming, Scrum
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Computer Science
    Tel Aviv University - Tel Aviv
    1988 - 1991
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