Hakeem Abbas, Software Developer in Union City, CA, United States
Hakeem Abbas

Software Developer in Union City, CA, United States

Member since January 17, 2016
Hakeem is a Silicon Valley-based full-stack software engineer with a decade of engineering and programming experience. He excels at working with corporations, having developed products for Facebook and Microsoft. All in all, Hakeem is a full-stack developer with expertise in React, React Native, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Android Native.
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  • Facebook
    React Native, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, C++, Android
  • Microsoft
    Android SDK, Android NDK, Automation



Union City, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Docker, Atom, Bitbucket, AWS, Heroku

The most amazing...

...project was when I shipped the casting feature for the Oculus family of devices.


  • Software Engineer

    2017 - 2020
    • Worked on Android AOSP development.
    • Defined the Oculus VR VoIP stack on Android.
    • Implemented HLS streaming on Android devices.
    • Developed the React Native app for Oculus VR.
    • Built the Facebook Android app with React Native.
    • Created a React Native app for Oculus Quest.
    • Developed a React app for Casting.
    • Constructed a Node.js back end for Oculus Casting.
    Technologies: React Native, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, C++, Android
  • Software Engineer II

    2012 - 2017
    • Implemented the front end for bug reporting and user feedback and hooked it with the back-end service.
    • Implemented accessibility for a Skype Android client in major parts of the Skype Android client.
    • Work on a ReactXP-based Skype client focusing on the chat experience, message syncing, and integration with back-end chat services.
    • Implemented a forward media message feature in ReactXP (React Native) Skype client (aka Skype for Life) and integrated with back-end service.
    • Implemented a user presence feature (a user has seen timestamp) for a new ReactXP (React-Native) Skype client (aka Skype for Life).
    • Designed and implemented a share intent feature on Android Skype for Life client.
    • Developed unit and UI testing for Android apps and handled the integration with the CI system.
    • Designed and implemented custom widgets and UI elements for a remote desktop client app on Android using Android SDK.
    • Designed and implemented a JNI C/C++ layer using Android NDK.
    • Implemented an in-app storage SQLite database and cache-store.
    • Designed and implemented the front end of an RDP client app using the MVP principal.
    • Designed and implemented telemetry for A/B testing and improving quality.
    • Designed and implemented an Azure remote app client.
    • Designed and implemented beta/alpha packaging for an Android to beta test app.
    • Wrote a cross-platform connection module in C++ for host machine discovery. This reduced connection failures on Rdp apps by 10%.
    • Set up and maintained the build infrastructure and ship pipeline for the RDP-client Android app.
    • Designed and implemented a solution of crash collection for the Android app (both C++/Java).
    • Designed and implemented a HockeyApp integration with the RDP app.
    Technologies: Android SDK, Android NDK, Automation


  • New York Mammals Survey (Development)

    I implemented a React front end and Node.js back end with the following features:
    • Sign in/sign up
    • Add records about mammals after signing up
    • Multiple user roles e.g., user and administrator
    • Data visualization on maps with filters
    • Leaderboard for data uploads
    • Bulk data uploads using CSV input and images hosted on Google Drive.
    • Line and bar graphs for displaying data and comparisons

    Technologies: React (web front end), React Native (mobile app front end), Node.js (back end), Prisma (ORM layer), GraphQL (querying data), React JS Hooks (local cache management)

  • Yelp App (Development)

    A simple Yelp client with a neat and perfect user interface with a constraints layout. It lets you search and the app makes use of maps and is location aware.

    Head down to the link to see a video demo in the README.md file on GitHub.

  • Flickr Search Client on Android (Development)

    This is an Android app that lets you search on Flickr and view the results.

  • DoorDash Android Client (Development)

    This is an Android app that talks to DoorDash (a food delivery service) public interfaces to fetch a list of restaurants. I implemented a simple cart feature and the login/logout.

  • Chat Server (Development)

    This is a Node.js-based chat server that allows messaging in a chatroom.

  • Chat Client (Development)

    This is a chat client written in Angular to interact with a Node.js-based chat server.

  • Twitter App for iOS (Development)

    This is a Twitter client with the following features:
    1. Login with OAuth 1.0.
    2. View the timeline of the user.
    3. View home and the timeline.
    4. View the user's profile.
    5. A hamburger menu with pan gestures.

    It has a neat UI with a constraints layout.

  • Flicks | Search Movies (Development)

    An infinite list of movies that's searchable and where you can view the details of the movie you select.


  • Languages

    Java, C++, JavaScript, GraphQL, Ruby
  • Frameworks

    Android SDK, React Native, Redux, Ruby on Rails 5
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, React Native for Web
  • Tools

    Android NDK, Android Studio, Prisma
  • Platforms



  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
    2008 - 2012
    National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore - Lahore, India

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