Jakisa Tomic, Full-stack Developer in Berlin, Germany
Jakisa Tomic

Full-stack Developer in Berlin, Germany

Member since October 2, 2019
Jakisa has over 15 years of experience developing various types of apps for a range of operating systems. Most of his technical expertise is in C++ development, but he’s also comfortable working with JavaScript, C#, and Java. As for environments, he knows the ins and outs of working with the Windows API, embedded programming, and distributed systems and has a working knowledge of Linux/Unix systems, macOS, and mobile platforms (Android and iOS).
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  • C++, 15 years
  • Concurrent Programming, 14 years
  • Full-stack, 14 years
  • HTML, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • C#, 8 years
  • Embedded Systems, 8 years
  • Linux, 4 years


Berlin, Germany



Preferred Environment

Windows, Linux, macOS, Visual Studio, Xcode, Git

The most amazing...

...component I've worked on is the multi-language support for a GPS turn-by-turn navigation system.


  • Software Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Developed a PowerPoint plugin for chart representation, using C++.
    Technologies: C++
  • Software Engineer II

    2017 - 2018
    • Created Windows Mixed Reality scene hierarchy visualizations in various data formats, using C++.
    • Refactored an existing C++ class hierarchy for the infrastructural components in Windows Mixed Reality.
    • Worked on the component that transforms a design-time scene to a runtime scene (baking) using C++.
    • Developed partial baking: the concept that allows only changed scene parts to be transformed into the runtime.
    • Wrote a lightweight XML creator in C++.
    Technologies: C++, Windows Mixed Reality
  • Software Developer

    2016 - 2017
    Arista Networks
    • Participated in the creation of diagnostics components of network switches, using C++.
    • Wrote unit tests for network switches using Python.
    • Worked as a member of the DevOps team and monitored and maintained a continuous integration system.
    • Found and fixed various bugs in existing unit tests.
    • Enabled the Linux environment to use a visual code editor instead of traditional Vi/Emacs editors.
    Technologies: C++, Python
  • Senior Software Developer | Project Manager | Co-owner

    2011 - 2016
    Vorbion d.o.o.
    • Created the server-side part of the monitoring software for electronics production, using C#.
    • Built an internet-of-things server in C#.
    • Wrote the specifications for a multi-purpose monitoring device.
    • Adapted Raspberry Pi to be used as a bridge between server and Bluetooth LE devices (used C++).
    • Developed a C++ back end for Nginx for the purpose of faster REST-full processing.
    • Created my own object-based scripting language in C++ as a portable language for front-end mobile development.
    • Wrote various smaller applications for third parties.
    Technologies: C#, C++, JavaScript
  • Senior Software Developer

    2004 - 2010
    Mireo d.d.
    • Created the component that gave the correct directions for a turn-by-turn navigation system, using C++.
    • Built the component which matches GPS data with the road network, using C++.
    • Created a localization system for both spoken and written turn-by-turn navigation directions in C++ and an own scripting language.
    • Constructed a portable controls library, using C++.
    • Developed a server-client system that enables remote calling of C# methods from the client-side Javascript.
    • Implemented the correct grammar structure of spoken turn-by-turn directions in more than 30 spoken languages.
    • Implemented a driver for GPS tracking device in Java.
    • Developed the front-end part of four different turn-by-turn navigation software products.
    • Wrote various utilities to speed-up development in the company.
    • Led a four-member team for a year that developed a web-based fleet management system.
    Technologies: C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Windows API


  • Mireo via GPS (Development)

    This is a type of navigation software, written in C++. The navigation sentences were assembled in a scripting language that I developed. I also created a matcher (the part that matches GPS location with road grid), advisor (the part that decides which advice will be given on each crossing), portable control library, and various other parts.

  • Mireo Fleet (Development)

    Mireo Fleet is a type of fleet management software, written in C++ and C#. We also developed a later web-based version in JavaScript. I wrote drivers for particular tracking devices in C++, parts of dedicated client software in C#, and also led a team of junior web developers for the JavaScript part.

  • Mireo GElin (Development)

    I created a showcase traffic map of Croatia, similar to Google Maps. I developed it in JavaScript and C# along with implementing my own API for remote function calling. I also developed both the server side and web application.

  • Universal Data Monitoring (Development)

    I built a full internet-of-things solution for Vorbion. I developed the server-side in C#, the device software in C++ and Python, and the client application in C#. I also developed the server and device software.

  • Donkey Programming language (Development)

    This is a programming language that I developed in my spare time. It is a general-purpose object-oriented scripting language but its usage has been limited so far.

  • Latency Analyzer (LANZ) (Development)

    Arista LANZ is a type of software that analyzes latency in network switches. I worked on the protocol port on the newly developed hardware version. It was written in C++ and Python.

  • Windows Mixed Reality (Development)

    I worked on the virtual reality engine infrastructure team in Microsoft Dublin's office. I mostly focused on baking (conversion from the design-time scene to the runtime scene). It was entirely developed in C++.


  • Languages

    C++, C++17, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, C#, Java, Python 2, Python 3, SQL, PHP, Objective-C
  • Paradigms

    Concurrent Programming, REST, Functional Programming
  • Platforms

    Windows, Linux, MacOS, Windows CE, Android, iOS
  • Other

    Parsers, Back-end Development, Full-stack, Embedded Software Engineer, Front-end Development, Embedded Systems
  • Frameworks

    AngularJS, Knockout.js
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Tools

    Logic Pro X
  • Storage

    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite


  • Master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
    2000 - 2006
    University in Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
  • Technician's diploma in Electroengineering
    1995 - 2000
    Ivan Mestrovic High School - Drnis, Croatia

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