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Jeremy Basolo

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Web Development Developer

Marseille, France
Toptal Member Since
September 30, 2020

Jeremy is a full-stack web developer, but before anything else, a problem solver. Creating websites for over a decade, he works with open-source technologies, primarily LAMP/LEMP. His education was back-end oriented, but he took on the full stack through his work experience, learning about front-end development and Linux server administration. His interests include music, cinema, and photography, which motivаted him to help theaters, galleries, and museums go digital by building their websites.


Agence e+p
PrestaShop, WordPress, Vagrant, Node.js, Sass, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript...
TRADER Corporation
Google Tag Manager, Facebook Marketing API, Node.js, JavaScript
Grunt, Gulp, Node.js, PHP-FPM, Apache2, NGINX, Ubuntu Server, Vagrant, Slim...




Preferred Environment

LEMP, LAMP, MacOS, Linux, Windows 10

The most amazing... and hosting environment I've set up is for the high-traffic, multi-territory site for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Work Experience

Full-stack Developer

2019 - PRESENT
Agence e+p
  • Developed a Vagrant box and custom shell scripts to provide a common dev environment for the team.
  • Created a custom WordPress installation using Gutenberg blocks, Twig, Composer, and other useful tools.
  • Defined and implemented a versioning strategy on Git with custom deployments on the server using Git hooks.
Technologies: PrestaShop, WordPress, Vagrant, Node.js, Sass, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP

JavaScript Developer

2018 - 2018
TRADER Corporation
  • Developed a single-page app with Facebook Marketing API to help the marketing executive team create Facebook ads more efficiently.
  • Developed a Google Chrome extension, significantly reducing the number of clicks and text field inputs for repetitive tasks assigned to the marketing executive team.
  • Maintained a complex Google Tag Manager tracking setup.
  • Built a single-page React application to help process a large CSV file used by the whole team.
Technologies: Google Tag Manager, Facebook Marketing API, Node.js, JavaScript

Lead Developer

2011 - 2018
  • Built a WordPress site template using the latest coding standards, including dependency management, Twig, and front-end compilation tools.
  • Managed a large hosting infrastructure with more than 80 websites, including Linux servers, load balancers, and CDNs.
  • Created a user-generated content application on Laravel, allowing marketers to create and manage social media campaigns to drive interest in our clients' websites.
Technologies: Grunt, Gulp, Node.js, PHP-FPM, Apache2, NGINX, Ubuntu Server, Vagrant, Slim, Symfony, Laravel, Sass, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript


2007 - 2011
  • Developed a crawler allowing the company to monitor changes on the website for SEO purposes.
  • Managed an offshore team of developers to implement onsite optimizations on various websites in the context of SEO campaigns.
  • Built and maintained Facebook apps and games for marketing campaigns.
Technologies: CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Website
Websites and hosting

The biggest challenge on this project was the high traffic, especially during ticket sales. I built the back end that now serves three different sites. The countdowns were one of the hardest things to deal with, especially in the UK and USA. When a countdown goes off, an Ajax request has to be performed to replace a booking link. When thousands of users are waiting on the same page, a tremendous strain is put on the server as the processing has to be done for many concurrent users.

The hosting is a fairly complex architecture of multiple servers, load balancers, and CDN, provided by two different cloud hosting companies: Rackspace and Amazon AWS. Each website runs on its own infrastructure of servers located in the relevant region.

Email automation

Ticket holders receive emails before and after the show, and I built this feature using Mailchimp automated emails. The data is synchronized between the ticket agents and Mailchimp via PHP scripts running as cron jobs on a server using the Mailchimp API.

Website for a Luthier
A simple WordPress website for a luthier. The CMS allows clients to manage their own pages and current projects flexibly. I have designed and built this website from scratch, while also managing its hosting.

Application for Industrial Monitoring For MOTA

MOTA is a factory near Marseille that wanted to monitor the activity of various tanks on three different screens.

The information about the tanks had to be stored in a MySQL database, and the app had to run on a Linux environment, powered by PHP. For obvious security reasons, I was not allowed to access their network. I delivered a virtual machine running on Ubuntu 18.04. It contained everything with sample data in the database. The client received it with clear instructions on how to use it and set it up.

The app itself runs on Slim, and the front end is heavily relying on CSS Flexbox.

WordPress Website for Netsystem
A multilingual WordPress website for a French IT company. The theme was built from scratch using Bootstrap, Sass, and webpack. The CMS is built to optimize clients' digital experience and allow them to change every detail.

WordPress Installation for Neuroservice
Multilingual and multisite WordPress installation. CSS variables allow the client to control every site's colors with an options page in the admin mode, while still having CSS code generated and minified from Sass files.

Website for Mildreds
Mildreds is a well-known vegetarian and vegan restaurant in London. I build a WordPress website with a shop section for them. Ordering a voucher triggers a call on a separate PHP application generating gift cards, enabling the employees to identify customers and their vouchers' value.

Reforestum is a Spanish startup that helps people offset their carbon emissions by contributing to reforestation projects around the world.

My contribution was mainly split into two tasks:
- GDPR compliance on the main WordPress website. I implemented a cookie manager and made sure all the services using cookies on the site were properly dealt with and triggered only if the user accepts them.
- Adding distance calculation to their WooCommerce plugin. I implemented a calculation of the distance between the buyer and the shop to add a carbon estimation to the delivery.

WordPress Plugin for Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy

Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy needed a form on their website to automate the process of buying emblem use authorization for custom state license plates.

I created a WordPress plugin interfacing with PayPal for payment collection and Google reCaptcha for spam protection. The plugin adds a shortcode, which displays the form. Payment is collected via the PayPal Smart Buttons with back-end verifications using the PayPal official SDK.

PDF files are automatically generated with a unique ID and sent to the user and site administrator.

The process is now fully automated, and the client saves time and energy.
2006 - 2007

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Saint Charles University - Marseille, France

2004 - 2006

Two-year Degree in Computer Science

Lycée Marie Curie - Marseille, France

2003 - 2004

Baccalauréat in Science

Lycée Saint-Charles Camas - Marseille, France


Node.js, Facebook Marketing API, Flexbox, PayPal API


Vagrant, Terminal, Adobe Photoshop, NGINX, PHP-FPM, Gulp, Grunt, PrestaShop, Adobe Experience Design (XD)


Bootstrap, Laravel, Symfony, Slim, Twig


PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Sass, HTML5


LAMP, LEMP, WordPress, Linux, WooCommerce, MacOS, Apache2, Rackspace Cloud, Ubuntu, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


MySQL, PostgreSQL


Web Development, WordPress Multisite, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Windows 10, Ubuntu Server, Google Tag Manager, Shell Scripting, Chrome Extensions, GDPR, PayPal

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