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Jesse Wolgamott

Jesse Wolgamott

Houston, TX, United States
Member since August 10, 2017
Jesse is a software craftsman with production experience creating community and high-performance websites using JavaScript, Ruby, and Elixir, including all aspects of web-based applications and the software development lifecycle. He is very professional and communicates extremely well.
Jesse is now available for hire
  • Ruby, 10 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 10 years
  • React, 2 years
  • Express.js, 2 years
  • Redux, 2 years
Houston, TX, United States
Preferred Environment
Mac/Linux with Open Source Software, GitHub
The most amazing...
...thing I've done was to create an MVC framework with a multi-tenant architecture and a distributed job engine.
  • Master Instructor
    2014 - 2017
    The Iron Yard
    • Crafted the curriculum and best practices for React/Redux, Node (Express), and Ruby on Rails.
    • Was recognized as the most qualified and highly competent instructor across all Iron Yard instructors.
    • Developed and implemented best practices for software development.
    • Interviewed most of the instructor candidates (technical-wise).
    • Worked as a classroom lecturer—performing live coding and mentoring 100+ students in an immersive environment.
    Technologies: React, Redux, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript
  • Owner | Principle
    2009 - 2014
    Comal Productions, Inc.
    • Worked as a principle consultant and salesperson responsible for $20,000 in projects.
    • Was recognized as an expert in both Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
    • Educated and spoke in public.
    • Created,, and
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Erlang
  • US Lead Developer
    2010 - 2011
    • Acted as a Ruby on Rails consultant.
    • Created a mobile platform with the ability to function as a CMS for multiple iPhone and Android applications.
    • Wrote an iPhone analytics library capable of tracking location and usage of iPhone applications.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, JavaScript
  • Software Developer, Executive Management
    2002 - 2009
    Travis Software Corporation
    • Developed a custom MVC framework in C#.
    • Implemented distributed and fault-tolerant data-centers.
    • Implemented agile software development practices (scrum).
    • Maintained 99.9%+ uptime of a SaaS product.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, SQL, C#, JavaScript
  • Software Developer | User Interface Engineer
    2000 - 2002
    • Adapted the small-load legacy system to meet high-growth needs with minimal resources (worked as the first internal developer).
    • Designed customizable website skins to integrate client website with back-end technology.
    Technologies: ASP, SQL
  • Harvey API (Development)

    An open source project created in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which enabled people to build filterable maps for shelters, needs, and purchasing Amazon products while letting the volunteers make edits to google sheets.

    Apps that run off the Harvey API include a SMS-text robot that gave you the nearest open shelter, the Harvey-needs map, the, the Muckmap,, and more.

    The Harvey API is open source and was used in the IRMA-response with over 30 contributors to date.

  • (Development)

    The website Ruby off Rails is a free course allowing people to learn Ruby through 20+ hours of lectures and real-life software development.

    Ruby off Rails is dedicated to accelerating the mastering of Ruby and increasing developer happiness everywhere.

  • Rails Conference 2016 Presentation (Other amazing things)

    I spoke in public at the largest Rails conference in the world for ActionCable—For Not Another Chat App Please—Rails Conference 2016

  • (Development)

    A tongue-in-cheek experiment to rewrite the view layer every 6 months. First in React/Redux, and now in Elm, HipStack lets you choose a custom built, remote stack for your newest project!

  • Languages
    Ruby, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, ECMAScript (ES6), Erlang
  • Frameworks
    Redux, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Express.js, React Native, Phoenix
  • Libraries/APIs
    React, Ruby on Rails API, Redux-saga
  • Other
    Ruby on Rails Optimization
  • Tools
    Redux Thunk
  • Storage
  • Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems
    1997 - 2008
    The University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX, USA
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