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Josiah Bryan

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eCommerce Developer

Austin, TX, United States
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April 28, 2020

Josiah is a dynamic and passionate engineer and communicator, and he thrives on creation and innovation. He has grown companies by more than 25% year over year and earned respect from customers and coworkers for my combined engineering knowledge and excellent communication skills. Josiah works equally well with CEOs, VPs, and senior/junior engineers because he can grasp problems quickly, is a self-starter, and is passionate about his work and problems that he can solve.


TypeScript, React, Electron, Node.js, ESLint, GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, Okta...
Kramer Electronics
Amazon Web Services (AWS), React, AMQP, Docker, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript...
JavaScript, Ember.js, DigitalOcean, DigitalOcean API, Cordova, Cordova Plugins...




Preferred Environment

Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub, Slack, MySQL, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, JavaScript, React, Node.js

The most amazing... that I've created was "Sleepy Cat Game." It was published for Android and iOS, where you play a cat that sleeps and shoots lasers to blow up levels.

Work Experience

Senior Engineering Consultant

2021 - PRESENT
  • Developed an MVP for the TSA by developing features on the front end of the pre-enrollment web app.
  • Created new UI elements using React and TypeScript in a team environment.
  • Used GitHub, Cypress, Node.js, and Jest to implement and enhance CI/CD pipelines.
Technologies: TypeScript, React, Electron, Node.js, ESLint, GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, Okta, REST APIs, Git, JSON, Leadership, Optimization, Architecture, Data

R&D Team Leader

2019 - PRESENT
Kramer Electronics
  • Created Node.js-based next-generation embedded control systems for our flagship Brain products using ES6 standards and containerized in Docker containers.
  • Wrote the Zoom Rooms control module in React and integrated into existing projects by coding custom integrations in Angular, Objective C, Java, and C++.
  • Oversaw multiple product releases, resulting in successful updates to over 10,000 users worldwide and improving market share and customer perception due to increased reliability and new features.
  • Managed an R&D engineering team of developers and QC engineers, assigned tasks, and managed priorities.
  • Developed many new features for the embedded IoT devices that improved reliability and increased market share by 15%.
  • Managed the successful knowledge-transfer and relocation of the engineering team from Detroit to Israel.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), React, AMQP, Docker, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Zoom, Teams, Node.js, Leadership, Git, JSON, Atlassian, Jira, Slack, Slack API, Stripe, Architecture, Data

Technical Lead

2017 - PRESENT
  • Created an Ember.js-based app to broadcast real-time scores from school sporting events and allow the general public to watch and receive score updates.
  • Designed a Sequelize-based back end using Feathers and Node.js to serve real-time updates over WebSocket hosted on scalable DigitialOcean droplets.
  • Oversaw the launch and upgrade process of the new Cordova-based app (containing the Ember.js UI), resulting in a 30% DAU increase.
Technologies: JavaScript, Ember.js, DigitalOcean, DigitalOcean API, Cordova, Cordova Plugins, Google Maps, Google API, Twilio, Twilio API, SMS, Mailgun, APIs, REST APIs, WebSockets, FeathersJS, Architecture, Data

Founder/Senior Software Engineer

2014 - 2019
Nutralysis Wellness, Inc.
  • Developed the app from its first line of code to a fully integrated office management and EMR app that allowed practitioners to manage inventory, predict sales, manage patient records, and predict necessary supplements based on presenting symptoms.
  • Managed customer service and pre-sales training and grew the subscription base by 20% year over year.
  • Managed multiple contractors and engineers for both software development and customer service with daily calls and bug tracking management.
  • Created multiple Node.js-based back-end microservices to manage chat, SMS, and other internal services.
Technologies: React, Ember.js, MySQL, Perl, Node.js, JavaScript, Stripe, Architecture, Data

Senior Software Engineer

2013 - 2016
Rochester University
  • Created custom POS and eCommerce solution for on-campus sales and student purchases and integrated with internal databases. This streamlined operations for the stores on campus and generated increased revenue.
  • Created an integrated application portal for potential students to apply for admittance to the university, and successfully released the application portal as a dedicated product for other universities to use across the country.
  • Engineered and designed a custom attendance management system based on magstripe cards and custom telnet terminal combined with small form-factor LCD terminals at classroom doors to quickly monitor attendance and streamline record tracking.
  • Developed an internal lead management app that served as the primary CRM for potential students which streamlined the recruitment process and grew enrolment by over 30% due to decreased time-to-contact and increased data collation.
Technologies: Linux, Perl, Node.js, JavaScript, Leadership, REST, REST APIs, Architecture, Data

IT Manager

2004 - 2013
Productive Concepts, Inc.
  • Created a custom enterprise resource management system that managed every aspect of the production floor, from inventory management to product releases.
  • Engineered a custom time clock system based on Asterisk to allow more than 500 employees across three shifts to easily track their time, and when paired with the bespoke web interface, decreased managers time investment to less than 10 minutes/week.
  • Participated in management meetings and customer project releases on a regular basis to gather requirements and design work plans to meet requirements.
Technologies: JDE, Linux, Windows Server, CSS, HTML, Perl, JavaScript, REST, REST APIs, Asterisk, Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI), CGI, Architecture, Data, Java

Zoom Rooms Control UI

Designed and coded an entire React front end for Zoom Rooms control client. Created C++ communications protocols for communication with Zoom Rooms. Modified: Angular UI to wrap Zoom Rooms controls in existing UI on the front end, iOS Objective-C code to include custom WebView to house the React Zoom Rooms module, and Android Java code to include custom WebView to house React Zoom Rooms module.

Watchdog for IoT Device

Designed and coded the Watchdog module for our IoT devices that run Ubuntu on-prem for customers. The Watchdog monitors the primary process, contains heuristics to solve common customer-related problems, and notifies the Cloud via AMQP messages when triggered.

Coffee Shop Online Ordering via Table QR Codes

Worked with a local coffee cafe in Tel Aviv, Israel, to provide an online experience accessed via QR codes printed and distributed at each table in the coffee shop. The QR code allowed customers to access a portal that allowed for no-contact ordering, wait-stuff communication, and other interactions which would typically have required high-contact in-person interactions. This project had a component as well that interfaced with the existing tech stack in the cafe which included existing custom-build iPads where we ran a custom-designed iOS app to display push notifications from the new online ordering system we provided.

Israeli NGO Online Shopping Experience

Created an online shopping experience for an Israeli NGO to enable people who would normally visit their clothing donation centers in-person to have a beautiful and curated shopping experience online. This allows the NGO to continue providing for their local population's needs in the current pandemic. The NGO project also has an online component for donors to make either clothing or cash donations online.

WalkSafe - Personal Safety
A React-based personal safety app that allows a user to set a timer in the app for when they might be potentially in danger, such as walking home alone at night. The timer is tracked in the cloud, along with the active GPS coordinates of the user. If the user fails to stop the timer before it expires, an SOS is sent to the user's preselected emergency contacts with their GPS location. If the user stops the timer, no SOS is sent. While the timer is active, the user's live GPS feed is monitored by a neural network on the server to predict if the user has started running. If the user starts running before the timer expires, the SOS is sent immediately.

Sleepy Cat Game
A colorfully animated and delightful visual game based on the Pixi.js graphics engine provides the user with a diversionary experience playing with a cat that enjoys sleeping and can fire lasers and throw grenades wreak havoc on levels. Physics are simulated in real-time using the Matter.js engine, and users compete on a shared global scoreboard to earn the most points. Points earned can be redeemed to unlock additional levels or other in-game assets to cause destruction on levels further. Integrated Stripe Payments API allows users to purchase items directly or unlock levels without having to earn points.

CoTime - Time Management

A React-based time-management app that reminds the user to log the things they've spent time on during the day with push reminders, and provides rich visual feedback on how well they have met their goals. Uses a simple Node.js back-end with integrated predictive analytics to aid in reminders.


JavaScript 6, HTML5, Sass, Perl, SQL, JavaScript, JavaScript 5, CSS, CSS3, SCSS, Objective-C, HTML, TypeScript, Java


MUI (Material UI), PixiJS, Ember.js, Electron, FeathersJS


Node.js, React, Google Geocoding API, Stripe, Twilio API, Facebook API, Ember Data, Reactstrap, Google Maps, Google Maps API, AMQP, DigitalOcean API, Google API, Slack API, REST APIs, Three.js


RESTful Development, Web Architecture, Back-end Architecture, Mobile Web Design, REST, Database Design, UI Design, UI Design Standards & Best Practices, Mobile UI Design, Web UI Design, eCommerce Web Design, Microservices Architecture, Spatial Databases


MySQL, Databases, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Auto-scaling Cloud Infrastructure, JSON


Code Architecture, APIs, Multithreading, RESTful Microservices, Front-end, Front-end Design, Front-end Development, Back-end, Back-end Development, Web Development, Mobile Back-end, Material Design, Google Material Design, Mobile Apps, Mobile Web, Web & Mobile Applications, REST API Clients, Voice UI Design, Architecture, Responsive Web Apps, Data, eCommerce APIs, eCommerce UI, eCommerce, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Predictive Analytics, Stripe Payments, Bots, Scaling, Game Back-end, Pattern Matching, Pattern Analysis, GPS, Mobile GPS, Mobile Ads, CSS3 Animation, Hacking, Hackathons, JDE, ESLint, Okta, Cordova, SMS, WebSockets, Teams, Leadership, Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI), CGI, Optimization, Business Management


Slack, JavaScript Testing, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira, Zoom, AWS CodeCommit, Cordova Plugins, Asterisk, Git, Atlassian, Zapier


Netlify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Linux, Windows Server, DigitalOcean, Twilio, Mailgun

2002 - 2006

Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

Indiana Wesleyan University - Marion, IN, United States