Jurko Gospodnetić, Python Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Jurko Gospodnetić

Python Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since November 25, 2014
Jurko has fifteen years of professional experience with technologies ranging from ASM and C++ over Smalltalk to Python and JavaScript. He focuses on Windows, but has also worked with Unix, smart cards, and even two-ton machinery. He loves developing alone or in a team, testing, learning, and teaching. He stands behind his work and believes that if a project is worth doing, it is worth doing it right.
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  • PKE Systems
    Boost.Build, JavaScript, PHP, AWK, Sed, Java, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, ESQL...
  • Zagreb Stock Exchange
    Unix, Windows, XSLT, XML, HTML, TCP/IP, HTTP, CORBA, COM, VBScript...
  • Ve-mil
    HTML, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel VBA, Delphi, Borland C



Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

C++, Python, Git, Notepad++, Windows

The most amazing...

...system I've built was a PKI smartcard system with cardlet, CSP and PKCS#11 middleware and related card management services, among other things.


  • Technical Director and Software Engineer

    2004 - PRESENT
    PKE Systems
    • Led the development department.
    • Designed and implemented a PKI smart card system with complex program layers and developed software for personalization systems.
    • Interacted with open source projects used within the company.
    • Maintained and implemented a development system used by an external client for their twenty-plus person in-house application development team, including n-tier server architecture and load-balancing connections.
    • Facilitated the setup, development, and tracking of a SOAP web service server implementation connected to a proprietary back-end system that allows it to interact with external software.
    • Coordinated with over twenty external software development companies in the creation of the web service, with the complete project going live in under two months and running continuously and successfully for over two years with over 600k queries and 9k users daily.
    • Helped develop an internal in-house build system, supporting distributed builds using the Microsoft C++ compiler.
    • Administrated internal department infrastructure and automated development tasks such as backup, build, and testing.
    • Tracked developer education and progress.
    • Conducted customer support, education, and consultation.
    • Helped develop an Android PKI application together with related middleware required to make Windows machines use the smartphone as a cryptography source.
    Technologies: Boost.Build, JavaScript, PHP, AWK, Sed, Java, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, ESQL, wxWidgets, Boost, OpenSSL, Web Services, IBM Informix, Excel VBA, HTML, HTTP, Java Card, Python, C++
  • Software Developer

    2003 - 2004
    Zagreb Stock Exchange
    • Developed and maintained the in-house trading system implemented in Smalltalk, providing both a real-time connection to brokers trading on the system and a live feed of all the trading system activities on the Internet.
    • Developed trading system modules presenting current trading information on different external display hardware used at different conferences and presentations.
    • Upgraded the stock exchange's post trading day data analysis and reporting system, implemented mostly using Excel/VBA automation and different COM interfaces for distributing the different trade data in different formats to different interested parties.
    • Provided customer support for all brokers trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.
    • Conducted system administration, both in-house and at different conferences organized by the company.
    Technologies: Unix, Windows, XSLT, XML, HTML, TCP/IP, HTTP, CORBA, COM, VBScript, JavaScript, Excel VBA, Smalltalk
  • Software Developer

    2000 - 2003
    • Maintained an existing ERP system that the company did not have the source for and which thus required a lot hacking to find out what makes it tick and manipulate it into working the way we wanted it to.
    • Developed a replacement ERP using Borland C++ Builder.
    • Wrote automated Excel documents for different sales tracking and reporting.
    • Built COM and Borland VCL library components.
    • Maintained a website running on IIS and implemented it using ASP.
    • Implemented an auction system for the company website.
    • Actualized small in-house applications like the company's cash-register application or an application used to collect customer feedback.
    Technologies: HTML, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel VBA, Delphi, Borland C


  • suds Python library

    The only active successor for suds, A SOAP web service client library for Python. As this is generally a stable project, most of what I contributed is unit tests for existing functionality (the original project was seriously lacking in this area) and fixing or integrating the occasional bug or patch report.


  • Languages

    C, Python, C++, JavaScript, Batch, SQL, Excel VBA, VBScript, HTML, XML, XSLT, ESQL, Sed, PHP, Delphi, AWK, Java, C#, Smalltalk
  • Frameworks

    JPL, AngularJS, Boost
  • Tools

    Suds, Java Card, Pytest, Boost.Build, Notepad++, Borland C, Wireshark, Git
  • Platforms

    Windows, Unix
  • Libraries/APIs

    Windows API, OpenSSL, wxWidgets, Bottle.py
  • Paradigms

    Clean Code, Test-driven Development (TDD), XP
  • Other

    Multithreading, TCP/IP, COM, CORBA, HTTP, Web Services, IIS
  • Storage

    SQLite, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server


  • Master of Science Degree in Computer Science
    1996 - 2002
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics - Zagreb, Croatia
  • Master of Science Degree in Theoretical Mathematics
    1996 - 2002
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics - Zagreb, Croatia

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