Marianna Petrovich, Software Developer in Auburn, CA, United States
Marianna Petrovich

Software Developer in Auburn, CA, United States

Member since April 17, 2018
For over the past two decades, Marianna has been working as a database developer and a full-stack .NET developer—primarily focusing on databases. Database development is her strongest suit (tuning, programming, ETL processes, and more). She's worked with well-known corporations such as CBS, Lifetime Television, and Universal Studios. Marianna is looking for projects that deal with new reporting tools and different types of databases.
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Auburn, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Oracle, SQL

The most amazing... I’ve done is the current project I’m working on lifesaving nursing LMS software used by 43% of the nurses in the US.


  • Data Architect

    2010 - PRESENT
    • Worked for Elsevier which is held by Reed Elsevier and is the fourth largest data provider in the world and is a sister company to LexisNexis.
    • Worked in different departments on life-saving software used by 43% of the nurses in the US—concentrating on data modeling, performance tuning, and database development.
    • Built the database products are hosted in the AWS cloud environment (we are the second largest AWS client on the East Coast).
    • Managed and designed those environments.
    • Optimized the performances and tuned the servers, upgrades, and updates of the different database products.
    • Configured the settings adjustments and monitoring.
    • Developed both the database and front-end code while being a member of mindful Agile team.
    • Worked with bleeding-edge technologies, such as Amazon DynamoDB, Lambda, Bootstrap, .NET, Git, Octopus Deployment, Jenkins, and more.
    Technologies: .NET, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database Administrator (Part-time)

    2013 - 2017
    CBS Radio
    • Maintained the database infrastructure—performing code reviews (.NET, PHP, Perl, and more) releases, reports, new databases designs, and bug fixes.
    Technologies: MariaDB, Redshift, MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server Database Administrator | Programmer | .NET Developer (Telecommute)

    2006 - 2011
    CBS Televistion Stations Digital Media Group
    • Led the creation of the architecture and data model for a new content management platform that was designed to be multi-tenant. The initial launch consisted of supporting 39 local websites and delivering over 150 million monthly page views.
    • Collaborated with the application development and engineering staff to support new features and functionalities.
    • Managed the data modeling and implementation, the data conversion from a legacy system, the development and implementation of the stored procedures, report writing, and database tuning.
    • Created KPI dashboards which allowed the research teams to analyze various attributes of member profiles linking user activity, newsletter distributions, and user-generated content activity.
    • Focused on the OOP in C# and ASP.NET development—building out the core platform and additional content modules.
    • Worked on ETL jobs in order to integrate the third-party content by leveraging SQL Server integration services.
    • Built a feed system and a highly scalable distributed feed processing system utilizing SQL Server Service Broker.
    • Maintained the database and constantly evaluated potential performance issues—collaborated with the development team on performance tuning and various caching strategies to ensure optimal database and application performance.
    • Built the SQL Server DMVs.
    • Implemented Nagios/Cacti reporting and internal queries to deliver weekly reports identifying high CPU, I/O, or memory intensive SQL.
    Technologies: .NET, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Programmer | Database Administrator (Telecommute)

    2004 - 2010
    Lifetime Television
    • Designed data models, created schemas, wrote stored procedures, maintained data, wrote reports, and fine-tuned the SQL for numerous web projects as the database administrator.
    • Converted parts of tables from MyISAM to InnoDB engine in order to avoid locking contention.
    • Helped migrate a legacy Perl-based content management system to Drupal 5/6.
    • Developed Drupal core modules, modified character sets, and modified the SQL to utilize indexes due to poor performance.
    • Contributed to several front-end and admin modules as a .NET developer (affiliates and public affair websites); utilizing Oracle 10g RAC, Microsoft Enterprise Library, ASP.NET/C#, and various third-party controls such as ComponentArt, Telerik, Dundas, and Swiff Chart.
    • Wrote numerous XML/RSS feeds to import data to third-party CMS systems.
    • Developed KPI dashboards for senior management to review registration system information.
    • Connected a third-party newsletter delivery system from LSoft to allow business users to analyze the impact of various marketing campaigns.
    Technologies: MySQL, Oracle
  • Programmer | Analyst

    1999 - 2004
    Universal Studios
    • Developed a program acquisition and scheduling system on a .NET framework (VB.NET, Windows Forms controls, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, remoting with SQL Server 2000 on a back-end).
    • Built an inventory module that stores all the company assets used across different channels (movie titles, promos, tapes, images, etc). The scheduling module provides a user-friendly intelligent interface to schedule those assets.
    • Successfully designed, implemented, tested, and deployed a scheduling system for dual-monitor systems.
    • Contributed to the full lifecycle development of a cost-tracking system (budgeting system), using VB 5.0 (later converted to 6.0), Oracle, and Crystal Reports.
    • Managed all the minutiae (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) for the data-loading jobs—building a reporting engine and over 35 complex reports using Crystal Reports 7.0, written stored procedures, the front-end used RDO data technology to connect to Oracle database and ran on HP Unix box.
    • Successfully managed in providing technical support and training to over 40 systems' users.
    • Performed database administration duties, weekly, and monthly UNIX jobs (data loading, data maintenance and data migration to other apps).
    • Handled all of the database administration (Oracle 8.0.5 on the NT platform) and report creation of the CJDS Paradigm implementation (VB 6.0).
    • Modified and converted a Research DataMart application written in Access 95 and Oracle, using Excel objects for Access 2000. The application was used to store and manipulate Nielsen TV ratings.
    • Was involved in multiple intranet projects: an application security module, a human resource job postings engine, converted old ASPs to JSPs.
    • Created a Program Grid web application written on JSP which pulled data from Paradox, converted it over to Oracle. and displayed it in a browser to end-users inside and outside of the company.
    • Implemented the database administration (Oracle 8.0.5 on NT platform) and development of an affiliate extranet site for USA Cable; it already came with 1,200 users (5,000 in nearest future). It widely used JSPs and JavaScript.
    • Created, developed, and maintained database modeling.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, Oracle
  • Programmer | Analyst

    1997 - 1999
    Zhora Systems Inc.
    • Developed, deployed, and supported, as a member of a team, a sales-vs-stocks reporting system for the planning and replenishment department of a brokerage firm.
    • Created a canned query interface which allowed running the sales analysis reports. (VB 5.0 and Crystal Reports 6.0 were utilized on the front-end. Oracle tables, stored procedures, functions, and triggers were used on the back-end.).
    • Developed program specifications, has been involved in creating of the GUI design, testing, installation, and user training.
    • Translated business specifications into the program design.
    • Created quarterly, monthly, and weekly reports.
    • Worked closely with database administrator (DBA) on the design, coding, and testing of Oracle Server stored procedures and database designs.
    • Wrote technical documentation including test plans, project specs, and bug tracking reports.
    Technologies: Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, Oracle
  • Programmer | Systems Integrator

    1994 - 1997
    Weekly Newspaper “Kurier”
    • Designed and built a company's advertiser database (MS Access 2.0/95) containing about 200,000 records—enabled the company to grow substantially. Prior to this, the company was operating on paper. Analyzed the specifications of advertiser's information stored, reviewed with the company business requirements for the database and created new database incorporation all the specifications: faster sales response time, relevant data capture, search queries, etc.
    • Developed an advertisers’ requests storage and confirmation system using VB 5.0. The system allows storage of advertisement requests, assigns the order number to the request, and gives a user an ability to print custom confirmations and reports.
    • Created relational data tables, designed forms, and various reports for management needs using Crystal Reports 6.0 and Access.
    • Supervised the technology projects and worked with vendors.
    • Provided technical support and troubleshooting and installed hardware and software.
    Technologies: Microsoft Access, Visual Basic
  • Programmer | Teacher

    1990 - 1994
    St. Petersburg Computer Center
    • Taught computer science and math to the computer center’s students.
    • Developed online tutorials for other subjects (English, geography, history, and others), using Pascal and C.
    Technologies: BASIC, C, Pascal


  • Continued Education Data Warehouse

    PROJECT: Elsevier's data store for an LMS system that is used by 43% of US nurses; where every client is stored in an individual SQL Server database.

    I worked as the sole architect and as one of the developers of the DW effort to combine 2,100 databases into a single warehouse store for the easy production of CE reports and certification. I also built a nice UI that contained numerous reports. This was a crucial aspect for the CE team otherwise they'd have to run it manually for every single client.

    RESULT: It has saved and continues to save the company many hours and manual work on a daily basis.

  • CBS Television Stations CMS system

    PROJECT: This system was built as a multi-tenant platform that supports 39 websites across the United States and delivers over 150 mln monthly page views.

    I performed all of the back-end work (design, development, reporting, and tuning) as part of a very small team and was completed in an amazingly short period of time. Unfortunately, our system was live for only three short years, when the new management came on board and replaced everything with boring WordPress sites.

  • CBS Radio

    CBS Radio came to me out of the blue when they suddenly lost their database administrator (DBA) who had been manually generating ANDO reports essential to their business and royalty payments to artists; these absolutely had to be done, but nobody left at the company knew how to do them.

    I was brought on board, and in a week's time, I was able to put an SSRS process in place that ran all the necessary reports and submitted them to a third party automatically at the beginning of the month.


  • Languages

    Java, SQL, T-SQL, Transact-SQL, Python, Ruby, Pascal, C, BASIC, C#, C#.NET, Visual Basic, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Ionic, Spring, .NET, .NET Core, Bootstrap, Angular
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, jQuery
  • Paradigms

    Data Science, DevOps, Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    WordPress, Oracle, Oracle Database
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS, SQL Server DBA, MongoDB, Redshift, MariaDB, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), PL/SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL Developer
  • Other

    QA Testing, Algorithm Developer, Mobile App Developer, SSRS Reports, Data Analysis, Software Development, Full-stack, Front-end Development, Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, SSIS Custom Components
  • Tools

    Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Tableau, SSRS


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    1996 - 1998
    Brooklyn College - Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    1990 - 1993
    Saint Petersburg University of Economic and Finance - St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Python

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