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Martín Di Felice

Martín Di Felice

Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Member since January 17, 2016
Martin considers himself a full-stack developer who's currently working on back-end development projects. For the last five years, Martín has been working on WordPress sites including themes and plugins hosted on the WordPress VIP platform. He's looking for all sorts of projects as long as the work provides a challenge.
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  • PHP, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • CSS, 8 years
  • HTML5, 5 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), 5 years
  • WordPress, 5 years
Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Preferred Environment
The most amazing...
...thing I've built is an auto-scaling platform that supports a WordPress multisite system that handles thousands of hundreds of requests per day.
  • Tech Team Leader
    2005 - PRESENT
    Entravision Communications Corporation
    • Built an auto-scaling platform to host multiple WordPress sites using Amazon Web Services. It uses Amazon RDS for the database engine, Amazon S3/CloudFront for media delivery, ElastiCache for caching, Amazon ELB for load balancing, and Amazon EC2 for instance creation.
    • Built WordPress custom themes and plugins compatible with WordPress VIP. These websites are meant to be news websites with an expected high amount of traffic and a very frequent rate of updates. The plugins include a wide variety of functionalities including promotions, events, breaking news, polls, and banners.
    • Developed a custom geolocation service in C that acts as a web server, handling requests and responding to which market a visitor belongs to. The goal of this program was to perform better so it was built in a low-level language and uses operating system threads to be as efficient as it could be.
    • Optimized page-speed load time in order to meet Google PageSpeed Insights recommendations. That includes custom native JavaScript code, my own libraries, lazy and asynchronous loading among other features.
    • Built a custom user-generated content system that allowed visitors to share their videos. It uses the FFmpeg library to prepare videos for web delivery, and a PHP/MySQL custom application to moderate the content.
    Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Amazon Web Services
  • Desktop Developer
    2004 - 2005
    Datafix SRL
    • Improved and extended a custom ERP system built in C that uses the Ideafix framework.
    • Adapted this desktop system to work on web browsers using a custom API that is consumed by a Java applet.
    Technologies: C, Java, Ideafix
  • El Erazno (Development)

    Built a custom WordPress responsive theme that uses lazy and asynchronous load to optimize page loading time.

    It also uses native custom JavaScript code, optimized images, and memcached technology to minify the page size and the generation time.

  • Noticias Entravision (Development)

    Built a custom WordPress responsive theme with geolocation features.

    Hosted at the WordPress VIP platform. It uses a custom plugin that allows the use of a custom taxonomy to create different home pages for each user depending on his or her location.

    This plugin is compatible with the Batcache plugin so it has the benefits of the cache system as well.

  • Budgetary Quotes Generator (Development)

    Built a custom web application to generate PDF quotes.

    It works both online and offline, using HTML5 Application Cache technology.

    For online processing, it uses the TCPDF library and for offline processing it uses both PDF.js and jsPDF libraries to build a custom PDF, based on an existing template all on the client side.

  • The Advanced Guide to Optimizing WordPress Performance (Publication)
    WordPress, one of the most popular publishing platforms, has stood the test of time and now powers a significant portion of the web. Sadly, its reputation is plagued by claims of poor performance and complexity with scaling. However, the root causes of such performance issues are often bad code and poorly implemented plugins and themes. In this post, Toptal Software Engineer Martín Di Felice shares tips and tricks for WordPress developers who want to build better plugins and themes and destroy the notion that WordPress is a slow platform.
  • Languages
    HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, C
  • Platforms
    WordPress, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux
  • Libraries/APIs
  • Tools
  • Storage
  • Frameworks
  • Paradigms
  • Other
  • Engineer's degree in Computer Engineering
    2000 - 2010
    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Buenos Aires, Argentina
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