Martín Di Felice, Developer in Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
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Martín Di Felice

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
April 4, 2016

Martin considers himself a full-stack developer who's currently working on back-end development projects. For the last nine years, Martín has been working on WordPress sites including themes and plugins hosted on the WordPress VIP platform. He's looking for all sorts of projects as long as the work provides a challenge.



Preferred Environment

Vim Text Editor

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is an autoscaling platform that supports a WordPress multisite system that handles millions of requests per day.

Work Experience

WordPress Developer

2016 - PRESENT
  • Built a WordPress plugin that allowed users to sign up into the website and was compatible with IPpay.
  • Updated the reCAPTCHA code in custom MVC websites.
Technologies: WordPress

Technical Team Leader

2014 - PRESENT
Entravision Communications Corporation
  • Led the migration from regular WordPress sites to WordPress VIP compatible websites.
  • Developed a custom geolocation service in C that acts as a web server, handling requests and responding to which market a visitor belongs to. The goal of this program was to perform better so it was built in a low-level language and uses operating system threads to be as efficient as it could be.
  • Built a WordPress geolocation plugin that used information for several geolocation services (like MaxMind, Digital Element, and IP Data) and allowed to show users content based on their location.
  • Optimized the page-speed load times in order to meet Google PageSpeed Insights recommendations. That includes custom native JavaScript code, my own libraries, lazy and asynchronous loading among other features.
  • Built a web server platform with Nginx and PageSpeed module compatible with a WordPress network.
Technologies: WordPress VIP, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Web Developer

2017 - 2018
  • Maintained a Cordova application for both iOS and Android.
  • Extended a custom lead management system built in PHP and JavaScript which interacts with OCR services and other lead API interfaces.
Technologies: Cordova, JavaScript, PHP

WordPress Developer

2016 - 2017
Public Holidays
  • Modified an advanced ads plugin in order to work in a lazy load mode which increased banner viewability.
  • Built a custom AMP plugin.
  • Constructed a W3TC extension that dealt with critical CSS code.
  • Created an extension for the Google Analytics WordPress plugin that fetched information about the most visited posts by connecting to the GA API and showing it in the front-end.
  • Built a new custom ad manager plugin that was compatible with DoubleClick.
Technologies: WordPress

Web Developer

2016 - 2016
General Electric
  • Built a budget generator web application that used the HTML app cache manifest and worked online and offline.
  • Connected a web application with TCPDF and PDF.js libraries in order to generate PDF files based on budget information.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP

Web Developer

2015 - 2015
Motion Loops
  • Built a web application that could upload clips and prepare them for web deliveries using the FFmpeg library.
Technologies: FFmpeg

WordPress Developer

2009 - 2014
Entravision Communications Corporation
  • Migrated custom websites to WordPress compatible websites, building the necessary themes and plugins.
  • Built an auto-scaling platform to host multiple WordPress sites using Amazon Web Services. It uses Amazon RDS for the database engine, Amazon S3/CloudFront for media delivery, ElastiCache for caching, Amazon ELB for load balancing, and Amazon EC2 for instance creation.
  • Constructed an event-and-promotion WordPress plugin that interacted with the Google Maps API in order to show location information.
  • Developed a WordPress plugin that allowed the user to connect to WordPress with the Gigya user administration system.
  • Built a deployment tool that uses Amazon Web Services API in order to publish website changes and make them permanent.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), PHP, WordPress

Web Developer

2005 - 2009
Entravision Communications Corporation
  • Built a custom newsletter system with a web based dashboard built in PHP and a Windows service developed in C#.
  • Developed a custom user-generated content system that allowed visitors to share their videos, audio files, and images. It uses the FFmpeg library to prepare videos and audios for web delivery and the PHP GD library for preparing images, with a PHP/MySQL custom application to moderate the content.
  • Constructed a custom CMS system that managed dozens of websites with a PHP back-end system and a crawler tool that used the WGET tool in order to publish changes.
  • Migrated websites and applications from dedicated servers to the Amazon Web Services platform.
  • Built a content importation program that exported news from many press release APIs such as EFE and AP and also regular feeds.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, JavaScript, PHP

El Erazno

I built a custom WordPress responsive theme that uses lazy and asynchronous load to optimize page loading time. It also uses native custom JavaScript code, optimized images, and Memcached technology to minify the page size and the generation time.

Noticias Ya
I built a custom WordPress responsive theme with geolocation features. It is hosted on the WordPress VIP platform. It uses a custom plugin that allows the use of a custom taxonomy to create different home pages for each user depending on his or her location. This plugin is compatible with the Batcache plugin so it has the benefits of the cache system as well.

Budgetary Quotes Generator

I built a custom web application to generate PDF quotes. It works both online and offline, using HTML5 Application Cache technology. For online processing, it uses the TCPDF library and for offline processing, it uses both PDF.js and jsPDF libraries to build a custom PDF, based on an existing template all on the client side.

Geolocation Server

A program I wrote that runs in the background listening to HTTP requests to determine which US market the user belongs to. This server is built in C, a low-level language, and uses threads and memory caching to optimize the response time.

PO Extractor
This is a tool that allows one to extract language definitions from WordPress plugins and themes and then prepares them for translation. It also connects to the Google Translate API in order to generate a draft file.

Amazon Simple Email Service Plugin
A plugin that allows a WordPress site to send emails using the Amazon simple email service.

A WordPress website that uses the Gigya API in order to identify visitors and allows them to upload their media files. It connects to the Brightcove API in order to store and deliver videos, it uses its own audio handling tool (that uses FFmpeg) and the WordPress image functions in order to deal with images.

It also allows one to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp in order to retrieve media from those sources.
2000 - 2010

Engineer's Degree in Computer Engineering

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Blockchain Academy



jQuery, WordPress API, YouTube API, Google Maps API, Facebook API, FFmpeg


Apache, TCPDF, WP-CLI, PageSpeed, Vim Text Editor, Amazon CloudFront CDN, NGINX, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudWatch


PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Sass, C, Java


WooCommerce, WordPress, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), WordPress VIP, Amazon EC2, Blockchain


Responsive Web Design (RWD), DevOps


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL


Regular Expressions, htaccess, Domain DNS Setup, Computer Engineering, Cordova, Caching, Optimization

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