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Onur Canci

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Java Developer

Ankara, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
June 24, 2022

Onur is a qualified full-stack developer with 12+ years of experience, specializing in Java and JavaScript. He focuses on multithreaded, networked, and desktop and multi-layered web applications enabled by the geographic information system (GIS). Onur has built ground-control station applications for various unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including live video, telemetry, and intelligence-sharing platforms for defense projects.


Turkish Aerospace Industries
Java, C, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaFX, Hibernate, Microsoft SQL Server...
FortyNorth Security, LLC.
C#, .NET Core, LDAP, C#.NET, Active Directory Programming, .NET 2, .NET 6...
Turkish Aerospace Industries
C#, Java, JavaScript, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Jira...




Preferred Environment

JavaScript, SQL, C#, Multithreading, GIS, JavaFX, Java, React, Socket Programming, Spring Boot

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is a ground-control application that can simultaneously control multiple types of UAVs.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - PRESENT
Turkish Aerospace Industries
  • Developed live video streaming and intelligence sharing portal for TAI's UAVs. Designed the micro service architecture of the back end and created the back end of the streaming portal with Java and Spring Boot. Also, built the front end with React.
  • Built a new generation of ground-control station software that can simultaneously control multiple UAVs using Java.
  • Devised a software framework with Java and JavaFX to provide modular software components, including GIS mapping tools, TCP and UDP network communication capabilities, and code generation tools.
  • Designed the build chain and versioning architecture for in-house Java projects with Python and Maven.
  • Modified and developed the WorldWind Java GIS tool per company requirements.
  • Developed aircraft ground-control station software for Simsek (high-speed target drone) using C#.
  • Adapted ground-control station software of Simsek to the new direct communication scheme (without VSM module) by rewriting the telecommand and telemetry interfaces from scratch using C#.
  • Re-engineered Simsek's ground-control station software's GIS tools using ESRI ArcGIS, C#, and SDK.
  • Modified and maintained the first version of a live streaming portal using Java and JavaServer Faces (JSF).
  • Contributed to mission planning software that is used on ANKA UAV Family.
Technologies: Java, C, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaFX, Hibernate, Microsoft SQL Server, GIS, Web GIS, JavaFX CSS, LuciadFusion, LuciadLightspeed, ArcMap, Sockets, Jira, Socket Programming, Spring Boot, React, Subversion (SVN), NASA WorldWind, Web App Development, Software Development, DevExpress, Multithreading, SQL, Material UI, TCP/IP, UDP, Computer Networking, Agile Software Development, C++, JSON, Apache Tomcat, JSF, ECMAScript (ES6), Apache Maven, Windows, .NET, Bug Fixes, Android, User Interface (UI), Troubleshooting, GitHub, Front-end, REST APIs, Back-end Development, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), JSON Web Tokens (JWT), LDAP, Active Directory Programming, Esri, Node.js, SQL Server 2016, Geographic Information Systems, QGIS, Algorithms, Front-end Architecture, Visual Studio, Java 11, Windows Forms (WinForms), GIS

.NET Core (C#) Developer

2022 - 2023
FortyNorth Security, LLC.
  • Developed a security test tool with C# that simulates the impact of ransomware on systems.
  • Integrated C# client to a back end to report the current state of the scan.
  • Modified GitHub Actions and AWS deployment scripts.
Technologies: C#, .NET Core, LDAP, C#.NET, Active Directory Programming, .NET 2, .NET 6, Visual Studio, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GIS

Software Engineer

2012 - 2016
Turkish Aerospace Industries
  • Developed multi-layered MRP systems according to the company's manufacturing needs using Java Swing and JavaEE.
  • Created accounting software using Java Swing front-end and in-house Java back-end framework.
  • Built customer support portal for Turkish Aero Space's indigenous products like Hürkuş, Atak, and others using Apache Wicket and Java.
  • Developed web-based mobile interfaces for production tracking applications using Vaadin.
Technologies: C#, Java, JavaScript, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Jira, Agile Software Development, Software Development, JSON, Apache Tomcat, ECMAScript (ES6), Windows, SQL, Web App Development, HTML, CSS, Hibernate, IBM Db2, Bug Fixes, User Interface (UI), Troubleshooting, Front-end, Entity Framework, Back-end Development, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), SQL Server 2016, Geographic Information Systems, Algorithms, Visual Studio

Software Engineer

2011 - 2012
BİTES Defence & Aerospace Technologies
  • Built FMPS, a flight mission simulation system, using WorldWind Java.
  • Defined automated testing procedures for ongoing Mission Planner system projects.
  • Created mission planning software as part of the military enterprise information system.
Technologies: Java, GIS, LuciadLightspeed, NASA WorldWind, Subversion (SVN), Software Development, Agile Software Development, Windows, Bug Fixes, User Interface (UI), Geographic Information Systems, GIS

Software Engineer

2009 - 2011
Sisoft Health Information Systems
  • Built the Eclipse plugin for the in-house Google Web Toolkit framework using WindowBuilder.
  • Developed code generation tools and wizard plugins for Eclipse.
  • Created a new generation web framework using Google Web Toolkit. The company's new generation software family uses it to unify Java back-end and front-end development.
  • Made a reporting engine for an ongoing healthcare information system project using the iText PDF library.
  • Wrote a designer plugin for an in-house JavaScript framework using NetBeans.
  • Devised a JavaScript framework for single-page web application development of the ongoing healthcare application projects.
  • Programmed a back-end framework, including the database access layer and application server's connection pooling mechanism for handling in-house JavaScript framework REST requests.
Technologies: JavaScript, Java, CSS, HTML, iText, NetBeans, Eclipse API, IBM Rational ClearCase, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Subversion (SVN), Web App Development, Software Development, SQL, GWT, Agile Software Development, Windows, Bug Fixes, User Interface (UI), Troubleshooting, Front-end, Back-end Development, SQL Server 2016, Windows Server

Software Engineer

2008 - 2009
Mikrobeta Software
  • Worked on management and set up Debian Linux servers for clients' sites.
  • Developed MILAS library automation system using PHP and PostgreSQL.
  • Created document archive system using PHP and PostgreSQL.
Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, Debian Linux, Apache2, HTML, CSS, Linux, Windows, SQL, Software Development, Web App Development, Agile Software Development, MySQL

Generic Ground Control Station Software for Unmanned Air Vehicles

Architected and wrote the main code of a ground-control station software for a new type of Turkish drones. The project consisted of:
• Modification of WorldWind GIS per project requirements.
• Integration of GIS tool to the project.
• Multithreaded UDP communication system that can handle multiple UAVs simultaneously.
• UI components and software architecture that other developers later used.
• HMI screens to control different types of UAVs.

Live Video Streaming and Intelligence Sharing Platform for ANKA UAV Family

Developed an intelligence-sharing portal, which had three main parts:
• Live video streaming infrastructure for multiple UAVs.
• Authentication and authorization of live streams.
• GIS module to visualize the UAV's live location and payload coverage area.

Ground Control Station Software for Simsek UAV

Developed ground-control station software for Simsek (high-speed target drone).
Integrated new ArcMap SDK GIS tool to the software for performance gains.
Redesigned the communication architecture from the ground up to support a new direct communication protocol.
Integrated new payloads to the system.

Remote Display Terminal for ANKA UAV Family

Created a remote data viewer application for Windows tablet devices that lets users view live video footage and drone telemetry. The project contained:
• GIS module to display drone's live position and payload coverage area.
• On device GPS capability to display operator's position on map.
• Video player to display live video footage captured by the drone.

Video Streaming Platform for ANKA UAV Family

Developed and maintained a video streaming portal for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with the following capabilities:
• Support for micro-level authorization schemes, including live streams, archived footages, or part of the archived footage per user.
• Archive support for every live stream.
• On-the-fly live stream quality conversion support.
• Failover cluster support.

Support and Control Software for ANKA UAV Family

Contributed to the system management, data management, and test engineering software of ANKA UAV Ground Control Station (GCS) using C# and DevExpress.
Developed mission-critical payload control software for ANKA UAV.
Integrated ArcMap GIS framework to the payload control software.

Eclipse IDE Plugin Development

Developed an Eclipse IDE plugin to provide code generation and UI designer support for the company's GWT UI library.

The project consists of the following parts:

• Wizard screens to generate generic CRUD UI front end/back end codes.
• Enhancements to opensource WindowBuilder plugin to support indigenous GWT UI components.

Web Development Framework With GWT

Developed a library with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to build a single-page application (SPA).

The project unifies back-end and front-end development on Java using GWT. It contains the following parts:

• UI components written with GWT.
• Back-end tools to provide client-server data exchange.
• JDBC connection pool manager that is adopted from the previous project.

NetBeans Plugin Development for Custom JavaScript Library

Developed NetBeans plugins and published them to the local plugin repository to enhance IDE capabilities to support the indigenous JavaScript framework.

The project contains the following components:

• UI designer that has the capability to generate JavaScript code according to the designer UI.
• JavaScript parser to read existing JavaScript files to show on the designer UI.
• UI to connect to web back end over REST API to add/remove or use internationalization i18n strings used on the final SPA web application.
• UI to connect to web back end over REST API to add/remove/list error and info messages used by the final SPA web application.

JavaScript Framework for Building Single Page Application (SPA)

Devised a JavaScript framework to build single-page applications before the invention of modern JavaScript tools like React, Angular, etc. The framework is developed to build a web-based health care application for the company using JavaScript to give developers a tool easily create a SPA application. The framework is also designed to provide UI components to developers, such as layout support, buttons, spinners, selects, etc. and has some data components to communicate with the server over HTTP requests which are invisible to developers (framework provides transparent data exchange over HTTP capabilities, developers only specify the data endpoint to the data component to get and manipulate the entities).

Java Back-end for Custom JavaScript Single Page Application Framework

Developed a Java back-end framework to support developing back end for the company's indigenous JavaScript framework.

Back end consists of the following components:

• JDBC pooling mechanism that runs on Tomcat to manage database connections (supports listing zombie queries that consume open connection limit).
• Provides HTTP endpoints to deliver data access to JavaScript clients over Java Servlet API.
• Provides huge file upload and download endpoints.
• Supplies token-based authentication mechanisms to provide security.
• Provides LDAP and Database based authorization schemes.
2012 - 2015

Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

Middle East Technical University - Ankara, Turkey

2004 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Gazi University - Ankara, Turkey


iText, React, Sockets, Windows Forms (WinForms), Eclipse API, Entity Framework, REST APIs, ArcGIS, JDBC, Java Servlets, jQuery, Node.js


GIS, Web GIS, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, ArcMap, IBM Rational ClearCase, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Jira, Subversion (SVN), GitHub, Git, Visual Studio, C#.NET WinForms, Servlet, Esri


Spring Boot, Material UI, .NET, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Hibernate, GWT, JSF, Bootstrap, Spring, .NET 2, ASP.NET, .NET Core


Java, C#, HTML, ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, SQL, CSS, C#.NET, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Java 11, Bash Script, C, C++, PHP, Python


Socket Programming, Agile Software Development, REST, Object-oriented Design (OOD)


Linux, Windows, JavaFX, Debian Linux, NetBeans, Apache2, Android, Eclipse, Windows Server, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


JSON, IBM Db2, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server 2016, Databases


Multithreading, DevExpress, Software Development, JavaFX CSS, LuciadLightspeed, NASA WorldWind, TCP/IP, UDP, Computer Networking, Bug Fixes, Troubleshooting, Front-end, APIs, Architecture, Web App Development, LuciadFusion, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), User Interface (UI), Back-end Development, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Web Development, API Integration, Full-stack, LDAP, Active Directory Programming, Geographic Information Systems, Algorithms, .NET 6, Front-end Architecture, GIS, User Experience (UX), User Authentication, Authorization, HTTP, Data Transfers, ESP32, QGIS, Windows Services

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