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Parth Soni

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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July 28, 2022

Parth is an experienced software engineer having more than ten years of experience building small to large-scale enterprise applications. He has worked with diverse application stacks, including Java, Spring, Groovy, Grails, Python, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and clouds like AWS, GCP, and Azure. He is also an expert with Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and other DevOps technologies. Parth is an active contributor to Stack Overflow with more than 10,000 reputations.


Emerson Electric
Java, Spring, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python
Java, Spring Boot, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), SQL Server 2017, Python...
Bank of America
Quartz, Ansible, MongoDB, Docker, Git, Technical Leadership, APIs, SDKs...




Preferred Environment

IntelliJ IDEA, Java, Docker, Spring, MacOS, Python, Vim Text Editor

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is an engine that analyzes market data and behavior and identifies the best time of the day, month, or year to advertise the product.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
Emerson Electric
  • Migrated running applications to AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda) using Kinesis and DynamoDB.
  • Configured the AWS API Gateway to communicate with different microservices.
  • Optimized and refactored the code, processing gigabytes of streaming data to filter and handle errors using Kinesis data streams, Firehose, and Lambda.
Technologies: Java, Spring, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python

Senior Software Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Designed and architected their modern cloud design that optimized the current integration implementation.
  • Migrated legacy applications to Google cloud services like cloud function, storage, pub and sub, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Run to scale the application, which improved its uptime close to 100%.
  • Refactored the existing application code to optimize the runtime performance and eliminate memory leaks.
  • Implemented distributed Redis cache to reduce database overhead and improve application throughput.
Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), SQL Server 2017, Python, Google Cloud Functions, Google Pub/Sub, Red Hat OpenShift, Git, REST, Kubernetes, APIs, JavaScript, SDKs, Web Development, Back-end, CI/CD Pipelines, Microsoft SQL Server, Microservices, Linux, Redis, Software Architecture, REST APIs, SQL, Back-end Development, Jira, Google Cloud, Technical Consulting, Architecture, JSON, Cloud Design

Lead Software Engineer III

2021 - 2022
Bank of America
  • Developed an application in Quartz and Python that retrieved real-time foreign financial market data from third-party APIs, including BGC, GFI, Tradition, and Tullett Prebon in the Financial Information eXchange protocol (FIX) server.
  • Participated in building the architecture of the real-time FX solution with fault tolerance and high availability.
  • Created a dashboard to analyze historical market volumes for different currencies through Pandas, NumPy, hvPlot, and Panel.
  • Automated the build-deployment cycle using Git, Docker, Jenkins, JFrog Artifactory, and Ansible.
  • Delegated tasks to team members and established deadlines for them to achieve milestones for the projects.
  • Attended meetings with clients, stakeholders, and upper management to discuss the project's objectives.
  • Coordinated code inspection protocols to maintain the performance quality of products and assisted the team in applying feedback from code inspection.
  • Developed automated test cases using pytest for TDD for testing the features before building a new version in Jenkins.
Technologies: Quartz, Ansible, MongoDB, Docker, Git, Technical Leadership, APIs, SDKs, IT Support, Web Development, Back-end, Multithreading, Low Latency, CI/CD Pipelines, Microservices, Linux, SSL, Enterprise Architecture, REST APIs, SQL, Back-end Development, Pytest, Jira, Technical Consulting, Architecture, JSON

Senior Associate Application Developer

2017 - 2021
  • Built an engine that analyses market data and behavior to identify the best time of the day, month, or year to advertise the product and updates the campaign, including line items in SA360, DV360, Twitter, and Facebook, to optimize client's budget.
  • Architected and built a serverless solution for top recruiters using MongoDB Stitch, Elasticsearch, and Azure API gateway.
  • Designed and developed an SEO-generating website for Radisson hotels in Oracle WebCenter sites, which downloads content from external APIs.
Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle WebCenter Sites, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Spring Data JPA, Azure Logic Apps, SQL Server 2017, Git, JPA, REST, NoSQL, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, APIs, JavaScript, CRM APIs, Apache Kafka, SDKs, Amazon CloudWatch, Web Development, Back-end, Multithreading, Data Processing, CI/CD Pipelines, Containerization, Serverless Architecture, Microsoft SQL Server, Microservices, Redis, REST APIs, PHP, SQL, Back-end Development, OAuth, Jira, Google Cloud, Architecture, JSON

Tech Lead

2015 - 2017
  • Designed, architected, and implemented the specialty pharmacy management application from scratch in Groovy and Grails.
  • Enhanced application to serve multi-tenants connecting to their database using sharding.
  • Improved the application performance by 120% using Ehcache, de-normalizing database, and using a multi-threading approach for cron jobs executing on the different databases in parallel instead of sequential.
  • Led a team of four and scheduled, allocated, and monitored work among them.
  • Held responsibility for successfully delivering the entire project and sub-project(s).
Technologies: Grails, Groovy, Spring MVC, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unix Shell Scripting, Git, REST, Technical Leadership, AWS Lambda, Thymeleaf, APIs, JavaScript, SDKs, IT Support, Web Development, Back-end, Multithreading, CI/CD Pipelines, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, Redis, REST APIs, SQL, Back-end Development, OAuth, Jira, JSON

Software Engineer

2012 - 2015
Integrated Systems Management
  • Implemented data dashboard using database programming in SQL Server with complex stored procedures, functions, and triggers.
  • Developed a hybrid solution to print patient documents and generated bills using Java applet, C# and iText, and Aspose libs.
  • Supported server deployments and resolved production customer issues in their respective environment in compliance with HIPAA.
Technologies: Java, Java Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, SQL Server 2010, JBoss AS, C#, APIs, JavaScript, Web Development, Back-end, Microsoft SQL Server, PL/SQL, Linux, REST APIs, SQL, Back-end Development, JSON

CTI Telephony Connector for Prudential

A call control widget integrated with SAP C4C that allows customer service agents to perform call operations, including placing outgoing calls, answering incoming calls, transferring, holding, and conferencing through the web interface instead of using their softphones.

Designed, architected, and developed the application from scratch per discussion with the end client, Prudential. Designed event-driven architecture through WebSockets as per the application's need. Enabled high availability through failover to available secondary servers using service registry, API gateway, and ActiveMQ.


Cloud agnostic event-driven rule engine. A microservices application for GSK that processes illness data from all over the world and combines it with configurable rules that auto activates multiple ad campaigns in specific locations at the best time of the day, month, and year.

I optimized services by adding an external Redis cache service to save the computing units and configured services to run on Docker and Kubernetes cloud environments.

Set up Jenkins for CI/CD and the media campaigns on advertising platforms like Google SA360, DV360, DV360 YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TTD. Monitored alerts and daily cloud logs in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Identified and processed different data sources to gather and rank campaign-specific keywords using Python scraper and respective APIs.

Digital Asset Manager (DAM) for American Express

DAM is a digital asset manager that stores digital assets, including card arts, privacy policies, and the terms and conditions of AEXP's partners. DAM also manages the versions of assets having historical data.

Designed a solution that could be easily integrated into their existing environment. Consolidated with AWS cloud, created APIs to store and retrieve the digital assets, and integrated AEXP's single sign-on for authentication.

TopRecuiter for Competentia

TopRecruiter is a recruitment website helping recruiters to find the right candidate. A serverless platform from back-end services using MongoDB cloud, Elasticsearch, and Azure Logic Apps.

I worked on designing the MongoDB database model and developed stitch webhooks to expose data in the required format.

Enabled security of MongoDB stitch third-party services using an API-key provider and built search API from a configured Elasticsearch index.

Set up the local development environment using MongoDB Stitch Command Line Interface (stitch-cli) and configured Jenkins for automatic application deployment and provisioning to different environments.

RadissonBlu for Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels have different brands, such as RadissonBlu, ParkInn, and RadissonCollection. These sites were driving traffic from multiple content pages hosted in Oracle WebCenter Sites.

I designed the Asset APIs and architectural reusable CSElements in Oracle WebCenter Sites and Fatwire.
Developed a new Flex Assets to cache the response of the external requests.

I also developed RESTful web services using JAX-RS and consumed RESTful services that parse XML to Java objects to implement content as a service from a third-party content provider.

Integrated Facebook and Twitter accounts using the Engagor API and designed and improved the caching strategy to remove the cache dependencies for minimum cache flush while publishing.

Ketu for KloudScript

Ketu is a product that helps pharmacies to provide specialty services and manage workflow. It allows patients to avail different programs to support the cost of their specialty medication.

I was involved in SDLC requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, and testing applications developed using Agile Scrum methodology.

Worked on multitenant applications by integrating the shard grails plugin to switch across multiple database connections. Optimized scheduled cron jobs by enabling multithreading to increase performance and decrease completion time.

I also developed and maintained Unix shell scripts for data-driven automatic processing and used Gradle for building WAR files deployed in application servers for dependency management of code.

Resolved bugs and defects in the application by coordinating with project team members to assure a positive outcome.

A Java-based desktop application that is a point of sale (POS) and distribution system that combines the latest features and technology for simple and easy sales transaction processing, inventory control, customer management, and purchasing control.

• Implemented the automated build through Git, Jenkins, and Install4j
• Enhanced the application's features as per received feedback from customers
• Integrated FBI - NICS APIs to submit electronic NICS for firearm dealers
2008 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

Gujarat Technological University - Ahmedabad, India


REST APIs, Quartz, Azure API Management, Java Servlets, Socket.IO


IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Jira, Amazon CloudWatch, Apache Tomcat, Pytest, Ansible, Vim Text Editor, Azure Logic Apps, ActiveMQ, Jenkins, Splunk


Spring, Spring Boot, Grails, Hibernate, JPA, Thymeleaf, Spring MVC, OAuth 2, Flask, Swing, Angular


Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, C#, Groovy, Java 8, PHP


Serverless Architecture, Microservices, REST, Event-driven Architecture


Docker, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Linux, Red Hat OpenShift


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), PL/SQL, Redis, Google Cloud, JSON, NoSQL, SQL Server 2017, Spring Data JPA, Databases, SQL Server 2010, JBoss AS, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch


Technical Leadership, APIs, CRM APIs, SDKs, IT Support, Web Development, Back-end, Multithreading, Low Latency, Data Processing, CI/CD Pipelines, Containerization, Software Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Back-end Development, OAuth, Software Implementation, Technical Consulting, Architecture, Google Cloud Functions, Google Pub/Sub, Oracle WebCenter Sites, Data Structures, Algorithms, Unix Shell Scripting, RESTful Microservices, FatWire, SSL, Cloud Design

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