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Richard Terrell

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Software Developer

Orlando, FL, United States
Toptal Member Since
August 26, 2021

Rick is an entrepreneurial leader with a background in gaming and immersive technologies. Rick has experience leading and developing defense simulations, video games, and theme park attractions in larger corporate environments and is always interested in new industries. Over the last several years, Rick's also worked in startups as a leader and primary technologist—covering code, architecture, design, and maintenance.


Lightbulb Labs
C#, Unity, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Game AI, Networking...
Virtually Invincible
C#, Unity, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Networking, PhysX, Game AI...
C++, C#, Ruby on Rails (RoR), JRuby, Geospatial Data, System Integration...




Preferred Environment

C++, C#, Unity, Windows, Linux, Console Games, Oculus

The most amazing...

...networking framework I've created was used for an online mobile virtual reality game and to control motorized vehicles at a world-class theme park attraction.

Work Experience


2017 - PRESENT
Lightbulb Labs
  • Created a framework that manages multiple vehicles operating in a low-latency and low-bandwidth environment. This system also controls user interaction with physical vehicles.
  • Released, with a partner, Find the Mustache (an ARKit product) to Apple's App Store which was featured in AR Games We Love; also developed the spatial systems for AR, user interactions, environmental systems, and more.
  • Partnered with Merge Labs to develop an AR game, Cube Conquest, for Merge Cube which included creating character behaviors, the level creation system, and many fundamental systems for the game. Vuforia was the AR tech used.
Technologies: C#, Unity, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Game AI, Networking, PhysX, System Integration, Game Physics, Gameplay Development, C, C++


2015 - PRESENT
Virtually Invincible
  • Developed an esports, online networked, mobile VR game called Disc League (this was a launch title for Oculus Social). This game has networked physics, dedicated authoritative servers on AWS, client-side prediction, and full-body avatars.
  • Managed several artists (local and remote) for all stages of art production from previsualization to final production. The artists included a few character modelers and several environment artists.
  • Oversaw the business contacts at Oculus and HTC for the release, promotion, and integration with latest hardware, including new controllers and new headsets. The platforms included Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, and Vive Focus (China).
Technologies: C#, Unity, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Networking, PhysX, Game AI, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Character Animation, Game Physics, Gameplay Development

Lead Software Engineer | Systems Engineer | Technical Assessor

2009 - 2015
  • Led a remote US team to create an intelligence training website which included establishing the architecture, managing development, and mentoring C++ engineers to learn a new language and web framework (Ruby on Rails).
  • Managed a team in the development of a 3D geospatial data editor desktop application which included overseeing the architecture, coding and mentoring of the team. The app was built from scratch in .NET with OpenGL.
  • Guided engineers' technical growth and graded technical abilities for annual assessments for all engineers at the Orlando office.
  • Worked in cross-functional teams to create pipelines that processed model data to address problems with sensor displays in image generators.
  • Spearheaded and worked on several other efforts involving the integration of heterogenous systems into flight simulations, vehicle maintenance, and sensor simulations.
Technologies: C++, C#, Ruby on Rails (RoR), JRuby, Geospatial Data, System Integration, Networking

Software Engineer

2005 - 2009
Electronic Arts
  • Worked in a central technology team and provided gameplay, animation, and graphics capabilities and created custom character animation capabilities, facial animation systems, and other gameplay systems.
  • Developed—within cross-functional teams of engineers, managers, producers, animators, modelers, and other game teams—games for several platforms including PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and PC.
  • Pushed the boundaries of the in-house game engine to perform arcade-like gameplay and dramatic animations to satisfy the creative intent of a new product.
Technologies: C++, 3D Character Animation, Game Physics, Gameplay Development, Game AI

Software Engineer

2004 - 2005
Sensory Sweep
  • Built Maya plugins for scripters to create levels. The plugin included a custom scripting language, meta elements, tags and timelines for scripted actions, and interactivity for an unreleased game on the Nintendo DS.
  • Wrote the poker logic and money handling systems for World Championship Poker for the Nintendo DS.
  • Created the artificial intelligence for a tactical game on the Nintendo GBA. The game AI included A* pathfinding and decision logic for all non-player characters.
Technologies: C, C++, Nintendo DS, GameBoy Advance, Game AI, Gameplay Development

Disc League

An esports, online, mobile VR game with dedicated authoritative servers on AWS, client-side prediction, and networked physics. I performed all of the development and marketing including coordination with several companies to port Disc League to many other platforms (some ports were fully funded). The art was created by local and remote artists.

Disc League was a best seller in the Oculus Store and a launch title for Oculus Social (less than a dozen apps were chosen for this launch). Disc League was also featured in a Samsung Gear VR commercial.

Find the Mustache

An augmented reality (AR) game built on ARKit. This game features a game world in AR that can be placed anywhere in the real world.

I created the environmental reactions, game characters with AI/pathfinding, spatial systems for placement in the real world and orientation of characters around the cube planet, and most gameplay systems.

Find the Mustache was featured in the AR Games We Love in the iOS App Store.

Oculus Maximus
A gladiator combat experience built specifically for VR. The game features realistic physical combat (no buttons for actions), realistic 3D graphics and full immersion using the Oculus DK1 and Razer Hydra controllers for hand input.

I created the physics system with another engineer, developed the AI and built the pipeline for the game's art assets.

Fun fact, an animated GIF of someone playing Oculus Maximus became the #1 post on the Reddit homepage for several minutes. Also, the YouTube star, PewDiePie, played Oculus Maximus, which drove huge amounts of traffic to our site.

This title created business contacts in Oculus and several other VR companies in the early days of VR.

Unfortunately, we could not keep the game alive because it was built using Unreal 3 (it became outdated), the Razer Hydra controllers were discontinued, and no company created new hand controllers for the public for several years.
2010 - 2012

Master's Degree in Business Administration

University of Florida - Gainesville, FL, United States

1999 - 2003

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT, United States


Unreal Development Kit (UDK)


Unity, PhysX, Ruby on Rails (RoR), ARKit


C++, C#, C, JRuby, UnrealScript


Oculus, Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nintendo DS


Console Games, Virtual Reality (VR), Gameplay Development, Networking, Augmented Reality (AR), System Integration, 3D Character Animation, Game Physics, Game AI, Business Development, Finance, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Geospatial Data, GameBoy Advance, Mobile VR, 3D Graphics, 3D Math, Custom Scripting

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