Robin Jayaswal, Gatsby Developer in San Francisco, United States
Robin Jayaswal

Gatsby Developer in San Francisco, United States

Member since April 19, 2020
Robin graduated top 2% of his class from Dartmouth College and went straight from school to Y Combinator in San Francisco with his startup. He has since raised over a million dollars in VC funding, and his startup's clients include global banks, public companies, and political organizations. At his startup, he manages an engineering team and has built from the ground up a production tech stack that supports tens of thousands of daily users and millions of survey responses a month.
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  • College Pulse
    Surge Proxy Server, Netlify, Jamstack, GraphQL, React Native, React...
  • Smartcar
    AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, SQL, Java, Python, Node.js, Polymer
  • Palantir Technologies
    React, Java, Go, TypeScript, JavaScript



San Francisco, United States



Preferred Environment

ITerm, Slack, Vim Text Editor, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is the tech stack for the company I founded—back end, web clients, and mobile apps. The iOS app was ranked in top 100 lists on the App Store.


  • Co-founder and CTO

    2016 - 2021
    College Pulse
    • Hired and managed a team of engineers. Responsible for sprint planning, work delegation, and all other aspects of management.
    • Developed a consumer web and mobile app for surveying college students—reached 15,000 daily users and 1+ million monthly survey submits. Built the mobile app in React Native for iOS and Android. Reached the top 100 in the App Store social category.
    • Scaled MongoDB database to handle complex aggregations on collections with tens of millions of items. Ensured efficient indexing and composition of queries to keep increasingly heavy operations at subsecond speed.
    • Attended Y Combinator as a founder and was directly involved in raising a seed round from top VC funds in San Francisco.
    Technologies: Surge Proxy Server, Netlify, Jamstack, GraphQL, React Native, React, Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript
  • Software Engineering Intern

    2017 - 2017
    • Built developer SDKs for Node.js, Python, and Java. These SDKs allowed apps to seamlessly interact with the APIs of different car manufacturers.
    • Developed numerous sample applications on top of these SDKs for testing. These included simple web apps and used AWS Lambda functions to turn IoT hardware into a car key.
    • Contributed to various work on several web apps (Node.js+Express back end, Polymer front end). Overhauled authentication system to implement two-factor auth and social sign in. Built out a user roles and permissions system.
    • Worked with a PostgreSQL database, wrote several migrations that made significant structural changes to database for new features.
    • Wrote extensive unit tests using the Mocha framework for all changes.
    Technologies: AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, SQL, Java, Python, Node.js, Polymer
  • Software Engineering Intern

    2017 - 2017
    Palantir Technologies
    • Owned the design and development of a data dashboard for senior-level employees of a US government agency.
    • Migrated parts of the back end to Golang, resulting in significant speed improvements when operating on large scale data.
    • Integrated several internal tools in a novel way, working directly with the individual product teams owning each product at the company to support my team's use case.
    Technologies: React, Java, Go, TypeScript, JavaScript


  • College Pulse Mobile App

    A React Native-based mobile app for iOS and Android. As CTO, I was the lead developer on both the back end and mobile app. Students sign up to take surveys and discuss results with their community, and the app makes heavy use of d3.js for data visualizations.

  • CosmicJS CMS Command Line Tool

    A command-line interface for the CosmicJS platform. It allows users to create, read, update, and delete objects in their content management system from the command line. I was the developer on this tool from concept to release and worked closely with the company's leadership to add features and define the specs.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, CSS, Sass, Python, SQL, GraphQL, TypeScript, Java, Go
  • Frameworks

    Redux, Express.js, React Native
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, Polymer
  • Tools

    Mongoose, Vim Text Editor, Slack, ITerm
  • Paradigms

    REST API Architecture, Jamstack
  • Storage

    MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Full-stack, Web Development, Gatsby, Command-line Interface (CLI), Web Scraping, Surge Proxy Server, Front-end
  • Platforms

    MacOS, AWS Lambda, Netlify


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2014 - 2018
    Dartmouth College - Hanover, NH

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