Ryan Jafari, Software Developer in New York, NY, United States
Ryan Jafari

Software Developer in New York, NY, United States

Member since October 26, 2015
For over a decade, Ryan's been planning, managing, programming, and shipping on software projects. A back-end developer turned front-end developer, his passion lies in the delivery of superbly designed web/mobile experiences that help people interface with data, backed by simple, elegant, and scalable code. He's a master of UX development with various front-end frameworks and is always focused on choosing the right tool for the job.
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  • CSS, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • HTML5, 10 years
  • jQuery, 10 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 5 years
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD), 5 years
  • Bootstrap, 5 years
  • ZURB Foundation, 5 years


New York, NY, United States



Preferred Environment

MacOS, Visual Studio Code, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've done is to build a Ruby on Rails consultancy that has helped startups collectively raise over 2 million dollars in funding.


  • UI Developer

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Created mockups and wireframes of an application’s layout and user flow.
    • Engineered static designs into gorgeous, dynamic web experiences built on maintainable code.
    • Maintained SEO-friendly front-end code by adhering to best practices.
    • Reduced page load times through standard techniques: spriting, caching, compression, etc.
    • Provided the architecture, provisioning, management, and deployment of hosting environments.
    • Coded complex UI logic according to business needs.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Foundation, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Software Manager

    2015 - 2016
    Tanooki Labs
    • Ran software projects within the Scrum framework, managing product and sprint backlogs of hundreds of stories over one-week sprints.
    • Mediated between founders, designers, and developers to produce informed product roadmaps and functional and technical specs.
    • Assembled development teams of up to seven for iteration planning, daily stand up, weekly retrospective, and release planning meetings.
    • Reprioritized work, removed blockers, and aligned talent to task to facilitate the expedient shipment of features and bug fixes.
    • Mapped out a UX interaction tree for a complex JavaScript trip planner, saving it from the sideline weeks before launch.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript
  • Software Engineer

    2010 - 2015
    Ryan & Carlos
    • Wrote functional specs, product roadmaps, and user stories to lead over 20 products through agile development.
    • Shipped flagship features as a full-stack software engineer: wizards, form builders, and advanced search.
    • Engineered one client from sketches to a front-end A/B tested against a user base of 20,000 with 2,500 active daily users.
    • Achieved 100% fidelity to source designs while maintaining readable, easy-to-modify, and reusable code.
    • Coded a library of HTML and CSS-based UI components that shaved hours off of development time.
    • Developed a Ruby job to import and sync data from a legacy .NET vacation planning system to a new Rails production database.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Foundation, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Software Engineer

    2008 - 2010
    • Leveraged C#, ASP.NET, and MS SQL to offer a candy manufacturer metrics and data visualizations to track the performance of ads.
    • Employed Java, JSP, and MySQL to create a shopping cart and accompanying PDF printouts for a manufacturer of light bulbs.
    • Utilized ActionScript and Flex to allow a men's products manufacturer to easily manipulate content on their microsite.
    • Established production environments for an automobile manufacturer, removing their need to support this in-house.
    • Patched a JVM memory leak that threatened to grind live servers to a halt during a campaign's Yahoo page takeover.
    Technologies: Java, ASP.NET, Flash, Flex, LAMP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MS SQL
  • Software Engineer

    2007 - 2008
    NYU Center for Experimental Social Science
    • Designed and built a web-based experiment participant recruitment system with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Java.
    • Programmed software in Java and z-Tree for graduate student research experiments in Economics.
    • Provisioned and deployed to on-site Linux servers, monitoring uptime and server room conditions.
    • Designed and developed MySQL databases for storage and organization of research.
    Technologies: Java, Wicket, CSS, Struts, Spring, MySQL


  • Get up and Ride (Development)

    Explore New York City like a local with the city's top-rated bike tour company.

  • Central Park Conservancy (Development)

    The website for the official caretakers of Central Park.

  • eDivv (Development)

    An online marketplace for trading beauty products.

  • Buster (Development)

    The easiest way to book buses, vans, and limos.

  • Statisfy (Development)

    A tool to help freelancers automatically update their clients on their development progress via a Git integration.

  • Tripwing (Development)

    A multi-day tour search engine and itinerary builder for travel professionals.

  • College Crowd (Development)

    A college community-centered crowdsourcing platform that raised over $20,000 for its fundraisers in one week.

  • Affirmify (Development)

    A response management system for human resources (HR) professionals.

  • Quoteboard (Development)

    A social networking site for friends to share funny quotes.

  • Bootstrap for Rails Front-end Developers (Other amazing things)

    A post in a series that aims to help front-end developers to integrate their work into a Rails environment.

  • All My Links (Other amazing things)

    Links to more of my work.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, SCSS, Sass, CoffeeScript, HTML5, Haml, Less, CSS, HTML, ECMAScript (ES6), Liquid Template, C#, Java, SQL, Ruby, PHP
  • Frameworks

    ZURB Foundation 2, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 3+, Foundation CSS, Foundation for Emails, Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation, .NET, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, React
  • Tools

    Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Sublime Text, Bitbucket, Basecamp, Zapier, Slack, Jira, Trello, Git, GitHub, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch
  • Paradigms

    Rapid Prototyping, Responsive, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development, Minimum Viable Product, Scrum, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Platforms

    Linux, Heroku, Unix, MacOS, WordPress, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    JSON, Media Queries, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Foundation Emails, PSD to HTML, Web Services, Version Control, Version Control Systems, GitFlow, UX Flows, User Experience (UX), Startups, Entrepreneurship, Wireframing, Performance Optimization, Front-end, Lean Startups, Product Management, RESTful APIs, Web Developer, Performance, Digital Marketing, Team Mentoring, DNS


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2004 - 2008
    New York University - New York, NY, USA

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