Shakeel Mumtaz, Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Shakeel Mumtaz

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Toptal Member Since
June 12, 2014

Shakeel has over ten years of experience developing multiple software systems in the web, search engines, telecom, and big data, from conceptualization to end product. From server stacks to the client-side, he is a talented and efficient cross-platform developer. Shakeel always finds exciting ideas that can make a difference to a business and convert ideas into real products.


Dense Hair Experts
Shopify Plus, Custom Shopify Apps, API Integration
Webnet IT Corporation
JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), HTML, CSS, Shopify, Shopify API
Veritas Press, Inc
Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails 4, Ruby on Rails (RoR), MySQL, Ruby Gems...




Preferred Environment

Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is for which I used Rails to build the website, API, and mobile apps.

Work Experience

Shopify App Developer

2023 - 2024
Dense Hair Experts
  • Developed a custom app to integrate with their internal CRM.
  • Built a back end for clinics to manage their inventory.
  • Build the Shopify website from scratch with many custom theme features.
Technologies: Shopify Plus, Custom Shopify Apps, API Integration

Full-stack (RoR) Developer

2023 - 2023
Webnet IT Corporation
  • Developed a custom Shopify app to suggest complementary products during checkout, increasing average order value by 20%.
  • Created a custom Ruby on Rails application to synchronize Shopify store products with the client's dashboard in real time, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accurate product data.
  • Designed and implemented a comprehensive ad placement manager within the Shopify store, allowing for more effective and targeted advertising campaigns.
Technologies: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), HTML, CSS, Shopify, Shopify API

Software Developer

2022 - 2023
Veritas Press, Inc
  • Developed a custom calendar view with advanced filtering options, improving usability for users with different needs.
  • Designed and developed a robust reporting engine capable of generating complex reports quickly and accurately.
  • Conducted a thorough code audit, identifying and eliminating redundant or inefficient code paths. Refactored key areas of the codebase to improve maintainability and scalability.
Technologies: Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails 4, Ruby on Rails (RoR), MySQL, Ruby Gems, GitHub, Linux

Software Developer

2022 - 2022
Trillium Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
  • Integrated for detailed tracking of different types of events.
  • Added a dynamic tracking script to support future tracking attributes on the Shopify side.
  • Implemented Facebook pixel integration to support multiple pixels in a single store to achieve different goals.
Technologies: JavaScript, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Shopify, Shopify Plus, PHP, Forum Software

Full-stack Developer

2021 - 2022
  • Worked on creating a debt calculator with different rules.
  • Became a millionaire calculator with different rules.
  • Used tools such as expense trackers, rent vs. buy calculators, budget calculators, mortgage calculators, and networth calculators.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Financial Calculations, WordPress, APIs

Chrome Extension Developer

2021 - 2022
  • Worked on a feature to scrape Facebook groups' questions and answers and auto-approve requests with auto-scroll to unlimited pagination.
  • Added single-member and multiple-members auto-approval functionality.
  • Integrated using ActiveCampaign, HighLevel Workflow, GetResponse, ConvertKit, NeverBounce, Google Sheets, Facebook Audience, ClickFunnels, SendFox, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Facebook Messenger, etc.
Technologies: PHP, Chrome Extensions, Data Scraping, Facebook, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, ConvertKit, NeverBounce, ClickFunnels, SendFox, Infusionsoft, AWeber, Facebook Messenger API, Facebook Audience Network, Forum Software

Web Scraping Developer

2021 - 2022
Referazon Inc.
  • Developed different types of data scraping scripts to harvest data.
  • Wrote an Amazon product/shop scraper to obtain detailed information on attributes.
  • Built a YouTube channel scraper to obtain detailed information on attributes.
  • Wrote an Instagram Profile Scraper to get detailed information about attributes.
  • Created a Facebook Page Scraper to get detailed information about attributes.
  • Developed a search engine to get different types of reports out of the data.
Technologies: Sphinx Search Engine, ActiveAdmin, Twilio, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Amazon API, Data Scraping, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

Ruby on Rails Developer

2021 - 2021
VIA Marketing
  • Built Google Calendar API integration with VIA Marketing dashboard.
  • Wrote test cases using RSpec for covering Google Calendar and Google Drive integration.
  • Constructed a checklist component inside the VIA Marketing dashboard.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Stimulus, UI Components, Google API, Google Calendar API, Google Drive API, Google Maps, Google+ API

Technical Lead

2019 - 2020
  • Developed a property management CRM with different modules, such as leads, contacts, properties, workflows, checklists, etc.
  • Built a complex workflow engine to fulfill different types of requirements.
  • Optimized the Java end for service workers to perform better.
  • Developed a custom retail POS for their construction unit.
Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Automation, Workflow, Web Crawlers, Yii, Real Estate, POS, Point of Sale, CoreUI, OAuth 2, OAuth

Technical Manager/Software Architect

2012 - 2019
  • Led the engineering team and mentoring resources, helping them with day-to-day problems; helped grow traffic to over 300,000 unique views per month.
  • Implemented SEO best practices, including on-page, microformats, and authorship markups; managed SEM and optimized cost per click for maximum mileage.
  • Collaborated with the designer to implement design frameworks like Bootstrap 3.0; used testing and data scraping tools such as RSpec, Selenium, Puppeteer, and Scrapy, among others.
  • Made the website fully responsive for different devices using HTML5 and Bootstrap.
  • Provided different kinds of statistics to improve the product and developed an algorithm to suggest inspiring profiles smartly; worked on group chat and 1-1 chat features and audio and video calling, embedded chat, and booth setup manager.
  • Cleaned around 60 million user resumes data using Pandas; integrated our internal CRM API for getting sales data; consolidated CRM and Netsuite data for; integrated Dropbox API; implemented a chat feature using Socket.IO.
  • Developed a moderation panel for CSR to manually clean keywords.
  • Used different clustering techniques, including hierarchical clustering, k-means, or string-based distance, using SciPy; made use of different kinds of graphs for the visualization of data.
  • Integrated Stripe, PayPal, and similar payment methods for the ResumeLance project.
Technologies: Laravel, Dart, Yii 2, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, ActiveAdmin, Scrapy, Data Scraping, Puppeteer, Python, Flutter, Selenium, Nokogiri, Stripe API, Stripe, Web Crawlers, Architecture, Google Maps, Yii, Scraping, WooCommerce, SEO Tools, Web Development

Front-end Developer

2013 - 2015
  • Sliced the PSD to responsive HTML5.
  • Used Bootstrap as a design framework.
  • Developed back-end features in Ruby on Rails.
  • Used the Backbone.js framework.
Technologies: HTML5, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Engineering Mentor | Senior Software Engineer

2011 - 2012
  • Led a Simobo engineering team and mentored junior developers.
  • Managed various groups of four or more people, including support persons.
  • Worked on a Global IM Connect service that connects users to various instant messengers through their mobile via SMS.
  • Contributed to the development of an SMS chat service (group chat).
  • Implemented a Facebook chat feature and worked on a Facebook application.
  • Built an email SMS inbox service that allows users to check their emails through SMS.
  • Optimized server load to improve overall performance and utilization of resources.
  • Advanced a Sphinx search engine to increase performance of searching on an admin portal.
  • Improved back-end daemons for reducing server workload.
Technologies: Open Source, Java, Openfire, XMPP, Monit, MySQL, Starling, Kannel, Database Replication, Asterisk, Memcached, Sphinx Search Engine, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Architecture

Senior Software Engineer

2008 - 2012
Confiz Limited
  • Acted as a core developer for Pak eVentures. Migrated from classic ASP to Ruby on Rails.
  • Migrated existing data from Microsoft SQL to MySQL. Redesigned the complete structure of the product, including database schema.
  • Implemented Sphinx for used car and bike refined searches; implemented daemons to enhance server performance.
  • Integrated caching, including Memcached and fragment caching, for improved user experience.
  • Integrated VBulletin forums for a better community experience and developed plugins and themes.
  • Implemented LDAP for SSO. Integrated Monit, Munin, and NewRelic for server performance monitoring.
Technologies: MySQL, Message Queues, Starling, Sphinx Search Engine, LDAP, Memcached, PHP, vBulletin, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Web Crawlers, ASP.NET, Scraping, Google+ API, WooCommerce, SEO Tools

Software Engineer

2010 - 2011
Confiz Limited
  • Optimized database schema and slow queries and implemented a reports feature.
  • Implemented the complete flow for registration of golden numbers. Worked on a reports scheduler.
  • Served as a supporting developer for this project to minimize the development timeframe.
Technologies: Oracle, ASP.NET MVC 3, C#

Contractor, Freelancer

2010 - 2010
  • Developed a chat plugin for VBulletin.
Technologies: PHP, vBulletin
I provided statistics for product improvement, cleansed data using Pandas, employed clustering techniques with SciPy, visualized data with graphs, and developed a moderation panel for CSR to clean up keywords manually.
As a core developer for Pak, I migrated the site from Classic ASP to RoR, redesigned the complete product structure, and much more.

Open-source contributions:

Led the engineering team, helped grow traffic to over 300,000 unique views per month, implemented SEO best practices, managed and optimized cost per click, and collaborated with the designer to implement design frameworks and make the website fully responsive.
vFairs is a leading virtual events software that helps organizations host events such as virtual job fairs, career fairs, and online trade shows by using a virtual environment, chat tools, and embedded webinars.

I worked on group chat, 1-1 chat, audio and video calls, embedded chat, and booth setup manager features.
DoctorUna is a hassle-free service that helps find doctors by location, specialty, insurance, or name, and book your appointment easily online with no charge required.

Designed and developed the architecture of the application and integrated payment gateways.
Simplicant's modern approach to applicant tracking and digital candidate management helps you hire more efficiently. You can find top talent from multiple sources, organize, and manage interviews and make faster and better decisions.

Led Simobo's engineering team to build a global IM service, an SMS chat service, Facebook and email integrations, and more.

Shopify Developer
• Worked as a Shopify developer to customize some widgets on their home page.
• Customized Shopify theme.
• Added custom widget using JavaScript.
• Did performance tuning.
• Worked on sales optimization.
• SEO Audit and Report.

Shopify Developer
• Setup Shopify Store
• Theme development and customization
• Developed a custom app for SafeArrival and Aramex Shipment integration
• Checkout page customization
• Developed a dashboard where all orders and other actions could be managed and this was developed using PHP Laravel
• SEO optimization
• Sales funnel setup
• Facebook ads

Shopify Store Developer

Sandal Souq specializes in providing high-quality sandals in Dubai and beyond. Handmade using only high-quality leather, our Spanish sandals for ladies, kids, and men, are the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Project included:
• Store setup
• Theme installation
• Apps installation
• Customization according to the requirement
• Performance tuning
• SEO audit

Shopify Developer

• Worked on SEO optimization, including on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and Schema setup.
• Set up Facebook ads with creatives and AdSet.
• Website speed optimization.
• Customization in theme.
• Sales related apps setup.

Souqmobi — Data Scraping Expert

Souqmobi is an online price comparison portal for mobile phones where hundreds of mobile phone prices update rapidly. Developed a data scraping engine for Souqmobi to grab real-time prices from over 200 online stores.

Shopify Plus Developer
• Applied integration with for detailed tracking of different types of events.
• Added a dynamic tracking script to support future tracking attributes on the Shopify side.
• Implemented Facebook pixel integration to support multiple pixels in a single store to achieve different goals.
2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science

The University of Punjab - Lahore, Pakistan


Beginning Game Programming with C#

University of Colorado | via Coursera

MAY 2013 - NOVEMBER 2014

Advanced Computer Security

Stanford Online


Sidekiq, Google API, Facebook API, Puppeteer, Stripe API, Google Calendar API, Liquid, WebRTC, Node.js, Google+ API, Nokogiri, Google Maps, Twitter API, Mechanize, jQuery, Google APIs, Beautiful Soup, Amazon API, Amazon Merchant API, Stripe, Starling, Backbone.js, Google AdWords, Shopify API, Google Drive API, Facebook Messenger API


RSpec, Figma, Google Analytics, Asterisk, Monit, Eclipse IDE, Adobe Photoshop, Xcode, GitHub, Redmine, Subversion (SVN), Sublime Text, Git, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Shopify Plus, Facebook Pixel, Infusionsoft, AWeber, Facebook Audience Network, Forum Software


Yii 2, Ruby on Rails (RoR), AngularJS, Selenium, OAuth 2, Ruby on Rails 4, .NET, Scrapy, ASP.NET MVC 3, Bootstrap, Laravel, Flutter, PhoneGap, ASP.NET, Yii, Classic ASP, Stimulus


PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby, VB.NET, CSS, HTML, Visual Basic, Liquid Template, HTML5, Java, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), C#, XML, Python, Visual Basic 6 (VB6), Dart


REST, Automation, Cross-platform, Model View Controller (MVC), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Test-driven Development (TDD), Agile Software Development, Asynchronous Programming, Unit Testing, Event-driven Programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC)


Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Drupal, vBulletin, Oracle, Twilio, NetBeans, Windows, Android, iOS, WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, ConvertKit, ClickFunnels


MariaDB, JSON, Memcached, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Databases, Microsoft SQL Server, Sphinx Search Engine, Database Replication, SQLite


APIs, Leadership, Scraping, Merb, Software Development, Web Scraping, Data Scraping, Scripting, Excel 365, Web Crawlers, Point of Sale, CoreUI, OAuth, Web Development, Ruby Gems, Shopify Design, API Integration, User Interface (UI), Real Estate, Chrome Extensions, Architecture, SEO Tools, Airtable, POS, Custom Shopify Apps, LDAP, Message Queues, Kannel, XMPP, Openfire, Open Source, ActiveAdmin, SOAP, Unix Shell Scripting, Network Programming, PSD to Shopify, Shopify Theme, eCommerce, Store Setup, SEO Audits, Site Speed Optimization, Shopify Customizations, Shopify Payments, Facebook Ads, Computer Security, Game Programming, Computer Science, Software, Development, UI Components, Forum Development, Workflow, Financial Calculations, Instagram, Facebook, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, NeverBounce, SendFox

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