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Shivam Kapoor

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Salesforce Consultant and Full-stack Developer

New Delhi, Delhi, India
Toptal Member Since
August 11, 2022

Shivam is a senior full-stack developer and Salesforce consultant with around eight years of experience. He has experience in customization and configuration, both parts of Salesforce, and is an expert in all kinds of custom integration. Shivam has ten Salesforce certifications and is ready to work for you. Shivam worked on the full sales process, from lead to opportunity, order, sales, service, CPQ, Einstein Analytics, community cloud, custom API integrations, etc.


Greenworks Tools
AMPscript, Server-side JavaScript, SOAP, Client Interaction, Personalization...
USV Private
AMPscript, APIs, Marketing Cloud, Server-side JavaScript, Email, SMS...
JavaScript, Apex, Lightning Web Components (LWC), Lightning Aura, Node.js...




Preferred Environment

MuleSoft, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Tableau, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce REST API, Git

The most amazing...

...projects that I have worked on for clients as a lead developer are live on AppExchange as paid apps. There are total four of them.

Work Experience

Full stack Developer

2022 - 2024
Greenworks Tools
  • Led an AI project with Python and ML libraries, boosting data analysis efficiency by 40% and enhancing predictive accuracy, revolutionizing data-driven decisions.
  • Enrolled members into various programs, maintaining a customer's journey by triggering email reminders for different brands. Created cross-platform journeys using email, SMS, ads, and social platforms.
  • Configured all the client domains in Interaction Studio. Installed personalization SDK on the website to initiate the data collection process. Captured data on several factors, including time spent on site, actions, and purchases.
  • Wrote JavaScript tracking code on all the web pages to start the real-time listener process, including custom forms. We set up product and catalog categories dynamically from all the web pages.
  • Used version control systems, primarily Git, to track changes in the codebase, collaborate with other developers, and maintain the project's development history.
Technologies: AMPscript, Server-side JavaScript, SOAP, Client Interaction, Personalization, Email, SMS, Customer Journeys, Salesforce Apex, APEX Code, System Administration, HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot, Git, Copado, API Integration, Salesforce, Full-stack Development, Salesforce Health Cloud, HTML, Salesforce Bulk API, Salesforce Customization

Marketing Cloud Consultant | Developer

2021 - 2022
USV Private
  • Managed web campaigns, templates, and user segments for a healthcare product-selling website which helped increase the number of visitors and daily business.
  • Provided managed services for sending daily campaigns from an email and mobile studio for over 2 million monthly emails and SMS powered by exciting journeys.
  • Deployed a campaign via the marketing cloud in an integrated environment.
Technologies: AMPscript, APIs, Marketing Cloud, Server-side JavaScript, Email, SMS, Customer Journeys, Automation, Salesforce Apex, APEX Code, System Administration, HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot, Newsletters

Senior Salesforce Consultant and Developer

2016 - 2022
  • Created a Salesforce application eligibility checker. Gave instant and secure access to 780+ health payers from the Salesforce platform. Allowed to check eligibility and benefits and obtain real-time authorizations.
  • Created an app that consists of two views (internal and external). Verified information at each step. Contained more than 10 modules to support an organization in managing its workforce.
  • Created an app that provides mortgage companies a centralized view of operations across all systems. Provided real-time tools for distributed staff to stay connected with the rest of the company.
  • Created Integration between Salesforce, NetSuite, and Shopify via MuleSoft with security layer implementation.
Technologies: JavaScript, Apex, Lightning Web Components (LWC), Lightning Aura, Node.js, AMPscript, Visualforce Pages, Salesforce, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Pardot, Tableau, Einstein Analytics, Certified Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce REST API, CRM APIs, Jira, Module Integrations, Lightning Components, SOQL, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, Git, Salesforce Apex, APEX Code, System Administration, Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Bulk API, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Customization

Eligibility Checker

Eligibility Checker gives you instant secure access to 780+ health payers from your Salesforce platform, allowing you to check eligibility and benefits, obtain real-time authorizations, and check referrals.

Right now, this app is live on App Exchange. The eligibility checker is Lightning-ready with an insurance benefits card (Deductible Tab). It can be added to your account, contact, and console.

• Eligibility and insurance verification: uses the Medicare 3rd party server to get all the adequate information related to the customer

• Developed a flow application using Lightning

• Wrote several complex triggers and apex classes, batch, and schedulers

• Cleaned the organization and optimized declarative tools and apex code

• Developed test methods for all the apex triggers and classes and maintained 90% coverage

• Led UAT hand-holding and ensured the delivery of each module on time

• Provided direct support to users on production issues

Vetter App

This app consists of two views (internal and external). The Experian server is to verify that information at each step. This page has a progress bar at the top of the page, which shows the user which page he is on and which step he is on. This app contains more than ten modules to support an organization in managing its workforce.

• Conducted requirement gathering, led the team, and worked with team members.
• Created more than 40 Apex classes, triggers, Lightning Components, and custom objects to provide simplicity for the end user on the front end and a robust structure on the back end.
• Interacted with the client daily. My role allowed me to understand the functional requirements and offer technical solutions.
• Worked on sharing rules and settings, CRUD, and field-level security.
• Implemented Field Sets to avoid hard coding in Apex and Visualforce code.
• Added CRUD in all Apex classes.
• Developed unit test methods for all the Apex triggers and classes and maintained 90% code coverage.

Grind Analytics Loanforce

Grind Analytics gives your mortgage company a centralized view of your operations across all systems. Real-time tools were set up for the distributed staff to stay connected with the rest of the company and ultimately drive efficiency by utilizing analytics to instrument operations.

LoanForce CRM is a traditional mortgage CRM. Loanforce is an operations platform that drives efficiency through your entire mortgage operations.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Built a custom integration between Encompass(digital mortgage tool) and Salesforce via Middleware.

• Built a custom integration between Marketo and Salesforce.

• Worked on complex triggers, Apex classes, REST API classes, schedulers, etc.

• Developed test methods for all the Apex triggers and classes and maintained 100% coverage.

• Created a managed package to install it in the client's production.

• Provided support for the package installation process and post-installation issues

eCommerce Site

Set up a merchandiser configuration with catalogs, categories, and products per the business flow. I compiled catalog-level image management settings.

I also developed catalog-level product attribute settings and included the following:

• Category overview

• Creating a category

• Sorting categories

• Category configuration

• Copying a category

• Moving a category

• Adding a banner to a category

• Managing search redirects

• Setting up campaigns and promotions

• Setting commerce cloud admin features

• Orders, payments, shipping methods, and taxes

• Custom objects

• Custom preferences

• Development set up

• Code deployment

• System object types

• Custom object types

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Integrated commerce cloud with marketing cloud for an order management system and other transactions, e-mails, and SMS.

Created a complex journey that includes different paths as per customer actions.

Connected the sales cloud with the marketing cloud for data manipulation and made it centralized.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer

Integrated Social channels for lead capturing and social monitoring purposes.

Integrated Interaction studio for website tracking and created custom web templates.

Integrated system with Ad studio, Dataroma, and Mobile connect.

Commerce Cloud with Headless Framework
Set up merchandiser configuration, catalogs, categories, and products as per the business flow.

•Configuring catalog-level image management settings
•Configuring catalog-level product attribute settings
•Category overview
•Creating a category
•Sorting categories
•Editing category configuration
•Copying a category
•Moving a category
•Adding a banner to a category

Set up campaign and promotions: A campaign is a collection of scheduled experiences shoppers can have in your storefront. You can create three types of experiences within a campaign.

•Creating a campaign
•Creating experiences
•Creating a promotion
•Promotion rules
•Promotion visualizations
•Inclusions and exclusions
•Global exclusions

Sync data with the marketing cloud: It will include syncing customer action into the marketing cloud for sending up real-time emails and other activities.

• Calling journey
• Send transactional emails
• Send SMS
• Send transactional SMS
• Pushing data into data-extension

MuleSoft Integration

Created a syncing of customers and sales orders between Salesforce, NetSuite, and Shopify in a real-time and scheduled way.

Built different layers of Mule flow to make reusable entities.

Created listeners to push real-time data from the platform to the Mule server.

Product Process Using Salesforce CPQ with Conga Composer

I designed and mapped CPQ objects to Salesforce custom objects and was involved in advanced workflow approvals. I also developed workflow rules and defined related tasks, time-triggered tasks, email alerts, and field updates to implement business logic. I worked with sales and marketing teams to understand the business process to elicit requirements for the Salesforce customization. I performed testing and customization of objects, fields, record types, page layouts, workflow, and validation rules. I worked on invoking DocuSign using Conga Composer by creating custom links and buttons. I created Conga email templates and templates used in Conga custom and standard buttons added on list view and detail view pages to automate the process based on business logic. I created Conga users and assigned permissions sets as per the business need. I gained hands-on experience on Salesforce Lightning for customizing reports and dashboards for business use. I was tasked with source control and configuration management to handle source code and technical documentation. I also assigned invoice numbers in different formats based on the country using custom settings and Apex code and pushed it to Conga Composer for invoice generation.

Salesforce CPQ Customizations
I worked with native Salesforce quote-to-cash (QTC) functionalities such as opportunities, product configurations, product rules, price rules, quotes, orders and contracts, and lead-to-cash business processes. I also reviewed and analyzed the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems and developed strategies for improving the application under test. I worked on Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ pricing using list, cost/markup, percent total, block, price rules, calculator plugins, filter rules, system, and user discounts.

Caasco Salesforce CPQ with Conga Composer
The project included standard objects like accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, products, price books, and cases. I created workflow rules to automate tasks, email alerts, field updates, and time-dependent actions. In addition, I created approval processes, email templates, and letterheads in HTML and Visualforce. I maintained, created, and managed user accounts, profiles, and security. Furthermore, I set up the role hierarchy and made sharing rules to limit data visibility. I implemented advanced fields like picklists, custom formula fields, field dependencies, validation rules, sharing rules, and approval processes for automated alerts, field updates, and email generation according to application requirements. I performed a Steel Brick CPQ-related configuration for the product setup, approval matrices, approval rules, process builders, and flows. I assigned invoice numbers in different formats based on the country using custom settings and Apex code and pushed it to Conga Composer for invoice generation. I worked with Conga Composer to generate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for various purposes: client documentation for product guidelines to presentation and data representation in front of future clients.

University CRM Enhancement and Automation

In this project, I played a pivotal role as a Salesforce developer, focusing on leveraging Salesforce education cloud and Copado to revolutionize the university's CRM system. Tasked with automating administrative processes and enhancing student engagement, my contributions spanned from initial requirements gathering to deployment and training.

I customized a Salesforce education cloud to cater to unique educational needs, integrating admissions, course management, and alumni engagement modules.

Implementing Git for version control, I spearheaded the development of a CI/CD pipeline using Copado, automating the deployment process and significantly reducing deployment times and manual errors. My efforts in automating testing for Apex classes and Lightning components ensured high-quality releases, fostering a culture of excellence. Through detailed documentation and hands-on training sessions, I empowered the university staff to maximize the CRM's potential, leading to improved operational efficiency and a 30% reduction in manual workloads.

This project enhanced my expertise in Salesforce and Copado and underscored the importance of automation and streamlined processes in educational administration.

Advanced Salesforce Release Management with Git & Copado

I did the following for this project:

• Led the advanced Salesforce release management with Git and Copado for a project for a global nonprofit.
• Designed an advanced Git workflow for Salesforce development, improving team collaboration and code quality.
• Configured Copado for automated CI/CD, ensuring seamless deployments across multiple Salesforce environments.
• Implemented automated testing frameworks using Selenium for UI testing and Apex for back-end logic verification.
• Integrated automated tests within the CI/CD pipeline to reduce post-deployment issues significantly.
• Achieved a 50% reduction in deployment time and a 70% decrease in deployment errors through process optimization.
• Conducted workshops and created documentation on Git and Copado best practices, enhancing the development team's skills.
• Demonstrated expertise in Salesforce CI/CD, advanced Git strategies, and automation to drive operational efficiency.
2012 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Maharshi Dayanand University - Rohtak, India


Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II


Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant


Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist


Salesforce Certified Tableau and Einstein Analytics Discovery


Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist


Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant


Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist


Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder


Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I


Salesforce Certified Administrator


Salesforce REST API, Salesforce API, React, Salesforce Bulk API, Node.js


Postman, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Tableau, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), Visualforce Pages, Jira, Git, Flow, Jenkins


Lightning Components, Selenium, Visualforce, Salesforce Visualforce


JavaScript, Apex, AMPscript, SOQL, APEX Code, HTML


REST, Automation, DevOps


MuleSoft, Salesforce, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, HubSpot, Copado, Salesforce Health Cloud


Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Service Cloud, Administration, Developer Certification, Marketing Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Lightning Web Components (LWC), Lightning Aura, Software Development, Salesforce Lightning, Server-side JavaScript, Email, SMS, SOAP, APIs, Certified Salesforce Administrator, CRM APIs, Module Integrations, Customer Journeys, Client Interaction, Personalization, Reports, Salesforce System Administration, Migration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce Apex, System Administration, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Integration, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Full-stack Development, Newsletters, Intuit QuickBooks, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Customization, API Integration

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