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Victor Tyutyunov

Victor Tyutyunov

Kiev, Ukraine
Member since February 2, 2014
Victor is a successful lead engineer with extensive experience in the development of high-loaded distributed systems, data processing, and data analysis.
Victor is now available for hire
    Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySQL, Google Cloud
    MS SQL, PostgreSQL, GreenPlum, OLAP services, C#, Java, Python, SQL
    Node.js, RabbitMQ, VoltDB, Python, C/C++, Objective-C, PostgreSQL
  • Back-end Development, 10 years
  • Scalable Application, 5 years
  • MySQL, 5 years
  • Distributed Programming, 5 years
  • Node.js, 2 years
  • JavaScript, 2 years
  • AMQP, 2 years
  • Redis, 1 year
Kiev, Ukraine
Preferred Environment
Mac OS, Git, Sublime, Intellij IDEA
The most amazing...
...thing I've created is a high loaded ERP/WMS system for a trade enterprise.
  • CEO
    2014 - PRESENT
    • Developed a Global Distributed System for bus tickets.
    • Designed the system architecture.
    • Defined the project's goals and roadmap.
    • Developed a ticket availability search API.
    • Developed a system technology layer.
    Technologies: Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySQL, Google Cloud
  • CEO
    2012 - 2014
    • Led an IT software development company.
    • Built an analytical and reporting platform for trading enterprise.
    • Developed an architecture and business logic layer for Enterprise Resource Planning System and Warehouse Management System.
    • Handled server-side T-SQL stored procedures and triggers programming.
    • Achieved a 2x performance improvement for a high loaded OLTP MS SQL database (35 companies on a single server).
    Technologies: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, GreenPlum, OLAP services, C#, Java, Python, SQL
  • CTO
    2011 - 2014
    • System architecure design.
    • Project management.
    • Research in areas of connecting multiple airfare search API.
    • Developed a multi-engine air tickets search with REST API for an online travel agency.
    • Database design and data clearance.
    Technologies: Node.js, RabbitMQ, VoltDB, Python, C/C++, Objective-C, PostgreSQL
  • CIO
    2004 - 2012
    • Led the architecture and system design of an ERP/EMS system for a trade enterprise.
    • Developed business logic for purchasing financing and logistics processes with T-SQL stored procedures.
    • Designed a desktop application for an ERP system with document processing, reporting, and OLTP analytical functionality.
    • Created Excel-based analytical tools for OLTP/OLAP data processing.
    • Hired, trained, and structured software and infrastructure engineers.
    Technologies: .NET, C#, Visual Studio, T-SQL, MS SQL Server
  • Consultant, Independent Contractor
    2003 - 2009
    • Developed numerous libraries for processing media data in various formats: SWF (Adobe), WMV, MOV, WAV, and others with usage of open format documentation and vendor specific libraries.
    • Created applications for capturing videos and stills from different video sources.
    • Created desktop tools for media files browsing, displaying, editing, and publishing as a standalone part for web-based solutions.
    • Developed media capturing and publishing tools for Windows-based mobile phones.
    • Managed specification and requirements design.
    Technologies: C/C++, wxWidgets, Visual Studio, Microsoft SDKs, WM5/WM6
  • Software Engineer
    2001 - 2003
    Mel Mikroelektronik GmbH
    • Implemented an automatic quality control solution for one of the Daimler-Chrysler's robotic lines (production of automatic transmissions) by reconstructing and analyzing the welding surface.
    • Explored a quality control solution for the Siemens robotic line used in production of electrical connectors for the automotive industry.
    • Developed a set of algorithms and libraries for different applied areas utilizing non-contact laser profile sensors.
    • Developed a streaming video content processing solution.
    • Designed and implemented a set of video content processing algorithms.
    Technologies: C++, MFC, Visual Studio, STL, DDK
  • Languages
    C++, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Erlang
  • Libraries/APIs
    Node.js, AMQP, jQuery
  • Paradigms
    Distributed Programming, Scalable Application
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, VoltDB, Redis, MySQL
  • Other
    Back-end Development
  • Frameworks
    Bootstrap 3,
  • Platforms
    Linux, Mac OS
  • Tools
    IntelliJ IDEA, Sublime Text 3
  • Master's degree in Applied Mathematics
    1988 - 1994
    Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University - Kiev, Ukraine
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