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Wouter Steenbergen

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Design Developer

San Ramon, CA, United States
Toptal Member Since
February 10, 2014

Wouter is a highly motivated, versatile, and skilled CTO with demonstrated software design and delivery expertise, covering large-scale cloud services, mobile apps, and on-premise software. He has the ability to identify and drive strategic programs from inception to launch and thrives in collaborative, team-oriented, and ambiguous environments. Wouter has excellent interpersonal skills and is a passionate, creative, and dedicated professional.


My Daily Bits, LLC
Architecture, Data, Markets, Product Management, Mobile, CTO, Analytics...
Software Design, Integration, Leadership, Roadmaps, Technical Hiring, Analytics...
Vascular and Interventional Physicians Partners
Web Architecture, CTO, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Management...




Preferred Environment

Agile, Analytics, CTO, Design, Product Management

The most amazing...

...mobile app I've built has been downloaded over 10 million times, consistently getting above 4.5-star reviews.

Work Experience

Founder & CTO

2012 - PRESENT
My Daily Bits, LLC
  • Designed and implemented a consumer mobile health app.
  • Delivered over 10 million downloads at a 4.5-star review average.
  • Implemented an A/B testing-based experimentation platform to improve several KPIs, including downloads, ratings, conversion to a paid subscription, and retention.
  • Managed design, development, analytics, hiring, marketing, and the business in general.
Technologies: Architecture, Data, Markets, Product Management, Mobile, CTO, Analytics, Software Design, Management, Agile Software Development, Software Development, .NET, Android, iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Native Mobile Apps, Technical Project Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Project Management, Xamarin, Mobile Development

CTO Engineer

2022 - 2023
  • Rolled out engineering and management processes to speed up application development, increase productivity, and maintain quality.
  • Hired and managed design, engineering, and data analytics functions.
  • Implemented experimentation-based software development practices that reduced the cost of user acquisition by 83%.
Technologies: Software Design, Integration, Leadership, Roadmaps, Technical Hiring, Analytics, Marketing, Mobile, Product Management, CTO, Management, Agile Software Development, Software Development, Android, iOS, Technical Project Management, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Project Management, Mobile Development

Team Leader & CTO

2020 - 2021
Vascular and Interventional Physicians Partners
  • Streamlined development processes improving engineering efficiency and requirements management.
  • Collaborated with business teams throughout the organization, including sales, scheduling, invoicing, and the medical team.
  • Trained and mentored an engineering team with product, project, design, and engineering.
Technologies: Web Architecture, CTO, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Management, Agile Software Development, Software Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Technical Project Management, Project Management


2019 - 2021
Keel Solutions LLC
  • Interviewed, hired, and managed a team of high-quality engineers. Structured design, review, and development processes.
  • Took the product from concept to detailed design and implementation. The product included both web applications and mobile applications.
  • Delivered a high-quality and user-friendly product, accompanied by a marketing website and go-to marketing strategy.
Technologies: Planning, Software, Mobile, Websites, CTO, Management, Agile Software Development, Software Development, Android, iOS, Azure, Technical Project Management, React, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Project Management, Mobile Development

Senior Product Manager

2014 - 2017
  • Managed the product roadmap and software pipeline with three technical product managers, three development managers, and 44 engineers.
  • Improved product performance by 83% by implementing development process changes and small, medium, and large application improvements.
  • Initiated and drove several strategic initiatives designed to increase market share and customer satisfaction. Coordinated with product management, engineering, marketing, support, and professional services.
  • Enabled sales and marketing, internal and professional partner services organizations, and customer documentation.
  • Managed vendor relations for OEM providers of third-party software and services.
  • Implemented AI and machine learning-based productivity features.
  • Improved development processes to increase predictability and software quality.
  • Designed and delivered a new iOS app, including industry-leading UX, performance, and application deployment and management.
Technologies: Product Design, Product Management, Technical Product Management, Agile, Mobile, Requirements, Analytics, Software Design, Management, Agile Software Development, Software Development, Android, iOS, Azure, Native Mobile Apps, Technical Project Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), HTML, Project Management, Mobile Development

Senior Program Manager

2008 - 2014
  • Revolutionized SharePoint online service management. Identified, planned, designed, and delivered enterprise-class data center monitoring, diagnostics, and manual and automated issue recovery with on-call rotation management solutions.
  • Implemented and used usage instrumentation and big data analysis, stakeholder and partner requirement management, investment prioritization, feature design, and high-level architecture.
  • Created a highly available service diagnostics console on SOA architecture, Merlin, used by 350 engineers per day. Provided real-time access to big data, 200TB per day, for service investigation, analysis, and recovery.
  • Rolled out a professional data center management software that improved service availability by 75% and reduced manual change implementation by 80% with Joblets.
  • Delivered FISMA and Chinese government-compliant service management software.
  • Enabled automated investigation and problem resolution, reducing service outages from days of SLA missed to <15 min recovery times.
Technologies: Architecture, Scrum, Technical Product Management, Performance, Data Centers, Analytics, Software Design, Management, Agile Software Development, Software Development, .NET, Azure, Technical Project Management, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Project Management

Lead Software Developer

2005 - 2008
  • Managed the development of a front-office internet application in an MS CMS and SharePoint 2003 portal system environment.
  • Refined intake and development on a procedural level, including project initiation, planning, and controlling.
  • Reviewed and approved business requirements, specifications, and technical designs.
  • Collaborated with business managers and engineers to build consensus around architectural solutions.
  • Implemented a customer-facing front-end system for a major insurance company.
  • Oversaw a team SharePoint implementation for a multinational company.
  • Led the project to create a cross-departmental knowledge management system for a global investment bank.
Technologies: SQL, C#, Data, Software Design, Agile Software Development, Software Development, .NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Project Management

Senior Software Developer

2002 - 2005
Xeed Marketing
  • Performed extensive coding in Microsoft .NET, using C# and ASP.NET, in a web-based environment. Designed and reviewed high-level architecture and the design of solution components.
  • Communicated with businesses to identify high-level and detailed requirements.
  • Directed the onsite and offshore developers team through all project lifecycle phases.
  • Led projects from concept through completion. Liaised with project managers, business stakeholders, QA, and other team members.
  • Designed and implemented marketing collateral management and a template-based advertising publishing portal for Mitsubishi, Nissan, MG Rover, Citroen, and the Profile Tire Center.
Technologies: SQL, C#, Data, Content Management Systems (CMS), Software Design, Software Development, .NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Software Developer

2000 - 2002
Adis Retail
  • Implemented complex technical website and desktop software.
  • Prototyped and developed a visual data analytics tool.
  • Created a website for an asset management product.
  • Designed a middle-tier framework for flexible architecture, usable on servers worldwide.
  • Produced several retail data analysis tools, a Unix-to-Windows software conversion tool, and an asset management website.
Technologies: VB.NET, SQL, Software Design, Software Development, .NET, JavaScript, CSS

Masters of Scale Mobile app

The Masters of Scale podcast is downloaded 20 million times per month and comes with a companion app that delivers the content in a course structure. The first version of the app was released in 2021. When I joined the project, the product was essentially a prototype with unappealing acquisition, retention, and conversion statistics.

As a de-facto CTO for the organization, I implemented a program of improvements to the UX and engineering practices and designed and delivered analytics processes and capabilities that helped the company significantly improve on all these measures. The project was primarily a mobile project, but I also managed some of their website projects and deliverables.

Food Diary Mobile App

In 2012, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, revealed Harvard Medical school research showing that a food diary alone is enough to positively influence your health. Microsoft had a program for employees to develop mobile apps for their operating system, and so started Food Diary.

After five years and five million downloads, I feel I have helped people live better, healthier lives while creating a sustainable business at the same time.

Refinery Inspection App

The Refinery Inspection application is used for factory and oil rig inspections. It was initially developed for iOS, so I worked with the company to port the application to Xamarin Forms for use on multiple platforms. We also delivered several extensions and additional modules. Quality, stability, and ease of use were the priorities.

Xamarin Forms for Medical Devices

Implemented a production-quality version of a medical imaging application in Xamarin Forms for UWP, Android, and iOS.

The team working at this Toptal customer developed a proof of concept based on a website developed internally. When management approved the production quality implementation, they contracted with me to get it done. Part of the project involved getting the team up to speed on contemporary software design principles. The project was organized with scrum and with daily standups.

Order Form App

This greenfield development project involved creating an order form application for Windows desktops, laptops, iPads, and Android tablets. Some of the most interesting aspects include the following:

• A custom control for moving items into groups
• Automatic sync conflict resolution for users with multiple devices
• An XLS to configuration converter with an upload website with extensive validation
• Real-time and permissive business rule validation in the UI.


C#, Python, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, VB.NET


Spring, .NET, Core ML


Node.js, Azure Cognitive Services, React, TensorFlow


Microsoft Excel


Agile Software Development, Mobile Development, Waterfall Development, Web Architecture, Agile, Scrum, Management


Mobile, Xamarin, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, iOS, Android, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Software Development, CTO, Architecture, Data, Product Management, Technical Project Management, Native Mobile Apps, Markets, Content Management Systems (CMS), Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Planning, Software, Websites, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Product Design, Technical Product Management, Requirements, Performance, Software Design, Integration, Leadership, Roadmaps, Technical Hiring, Design, Digital Imaging, Medical Imaging, Medical Devices, GPT, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Chatbots

Industry Expertise

Project Management, Marketing


Data Centers

1997 - 2000

Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Information Technology

VU University Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands