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Heather Mandel

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Scottsdale, AZ, United States
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April 13, 2022

Heather is a copywriter, communications strategist, and brand storyteller with 25 years of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, global industry leaders, and successful small businesses. She loves developing world-class communications strategies and assets that support high-value lead generation and sales and create excellent customer experiences. Her clients include TransUnion, Epicor, Lytx, Wells Fargo, Sony Pictures, Disney, Mellon Bank, Toshiba, Zapier, and News Corp.


Work Experience

Copywriter | Content Writer | UX Writer

2022 - 2023
Berkeley Life (Contractor)
  • Wrote a variety of B2B and B2C marketing and educational pieces for Berkeley Life, a leading provider and pioneer of nitric oxide (NO) supplementation products and educational materials for US healthcare practitioners and their patients.
  • Wrote website copy, emails, bifold brochures, blogs, health-practitioner byline articles, and educational whitepapers to raise awareness of nitric oxide's powerful role in the human body and Berkeley Life supplements that support healthy NO levels.
  • Researched medical and health publications as needed to produce well-sourced, best-informed, and high-quality content.
  • Applied UX writing, copywriting, and storytelling best practices and principles to make the material engaging and easy to understand and inspire users to take the next step.
  • Provided UX design recommendations to improve the layout and design of educational whitepapers.
Technologies: Copywriting, Content Writing, Web Content, White Papers, Content Marketing, User Experience (UX), UX Writing, Blogs, Brochures, Marketing Communications (MarCom), B2C, B2B, Email, Articles, Research, Healthcare, UX Design

Copywriter | UX Writer | Project Manager | Marketer

2021 - 2022
TransUnion (Contractor)
  • Revised and rewrote dozens of B2B marketing, sales, and educational collateral pieces to align with a major rebrand project's updated brand messaging and architecture.
  • Collaborated with product marketing managers and executives to assess, strategize, and execute updates to key marketing and sales collateral, including asset sheets, product sheets, pitch decks, positioning/selling guides, and a technical user guide.
  • Assisted the project lead in determining the most effective approach for these updates and refined the process for completing them to maximize efficiencies and stay within budget.
  • Worked within the UX-designed product sheet, asset sheet, and pitch deck templates. Wrote and adjusted content to ensure optimal UX and guided pitch deck designers in creating new slide content as needed.
Technologies: Branding, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe, Writing & Editing, Content, Communication Strategy, Brand Positioning, Content Writing, Pitch Decks, UX Design, UX Writing, Storytelling, Value Proposition, Growth Strategy, Presentation Design, Creative Design, Marketing Design, Creative Direction, Digital Design, Digital Creative Direction, Project Management, Marketing Strategy, Tone of Voice, Finance, B2B, Communication, Customer Experience, Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Creation, User Experience (UX)

Brand Identity Consultant | Content Marketing Strategist | Copywriter | UX Writer

2020 - 2020
Well Works (Contractor)
  • Developed the new brand messaging, positioning, voice, and writing style for Well Works, a functional medicine practice with a target audience of professional women.
  • Created a content strategy rooted in customer-centric marketing best practices to better serve the Well Works customer on their buyer's journey.
  • Wrote a variety of short-form content, including emails and social media posts, to deliver on the content strategy and provided go-forward templates and direction for use in future communications.
  • Produced a significant lift in engagement and conversions over prior email campaigns and social media posts.
Technologies: Brand Identity, Brand Design, Storytelling, Copywriting, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Communication Strategy, Writing & Editing, Content, Brand Development, Strategy, Content Writing, Brand Positioning, Digital Brand Identity, Design Thinking, Branding, Value Proposition, Growth Strategy, Creative Design, Marketing Design, Digital Design, Digital Creative Direction, Project Management, Tone of Voice, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Sales, Communication, Startups, Customer Experience, Social Media, Content Marketing, Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Creation, UX Writing

Brand Identity and Marketing Communications Consultant | Copywriter | UX Writer

2019 - 2019
May & Company (Independent Consultant)
  • Assisted in re-creating the brand identity, voice, and writing style for May & Company, a global leader in organizational development consulting and leadership education, serving clients such as UN agencies, Accenture, and American Express.
  • Created a go-to marketing and sales copy deck describing solutions, customer benefits, delivery process, unique selling points, and values used in online and offline channels, including the website, emails, brochures, pitch decks, and RFPs.
  • Created a Hero's Journey-inspired brand story and detailed style guide, defining the updated brand personality, voice, and writing style.
Technologies: Brand Identity, Copywriting, Storytelling, Web Content, Brand Design, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Writing & Editing, Content, SEO Content, Communication Strategy, Brand Development, Brand Positioning, Content Writing, Strategy, Content Creation, Design Thinking, Digital Brand Identity, Branding, Growth Strategy, Value Proposition, Creative Design, Marketing Design, Project Management, Digital Creative Direction, Marketing Strategy, Tone of Voice, B2B, Communication, Sales, Customer Experience, Marketing, Content Strategy, Websites, UX Writing

Content Writer | UX Writer

2018 - 2019
Zapier (Contractor)
  • Invited to write a long-form guest blog for Zapier, a popular platform that enables end users to integrate their web applications and automate workflows.
  • Wrote an in-depth video conferencing software "showdown" piece, comparing two popular online meeting apps: Zoom and GoToMeeting.
  • Conducted a deep-dive analysis of each app and organized findings into a nearly 3,000-word write-up to help users evaluate the apps' main features to make the right choice.
  • Wrote the content in Markdown to meet style requirements and help ensure an optimal UX. Took selected screenshots inside the apps and placed the images throughout the blog to guide users in exploring comparable features and benefits.
Technologies: Blogs, Writing & Editing, Content, SEO Content, Content Writing, Content Creation, UX Design, UX Writing, Creative Design, Digital Design, Digital Publishing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Blog Posting, Communication, Startups, Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, User Experience (UX)

Marketing Communications Consultant | Copywriter | UX Writer | Publicist

2013 - 2017
Lytx (Independent Consultant)
  • Provided instrumental services in helping Lytx, a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, driver safety, and productivity solutions, generate a 35% year-on-year revenue growth and a 400% customer base increase in 4.5 years.
  • Collaborated with marketing and business development directors to develop and execute content marketing and communications strategies. Assisted in defining and building the company's messaging and brand voice.
  • Interviewed clients and wrote 40+ client success stories, case studies, and white papers.
  • Wrote email campaigns, landing page content, sell sheets, brochures, newsletters, event promotions, digital and print ads, and sales scripts. Worked within the UX-designed product sheet, email, and landing page templates to ensure optimal UX.
  • Rewrote the US website with 60+ pages and localized the UK version. Worked in the site's CMS and collaborated with web designers and project leads to write, edit, and present all content to ensure an optimal UX and CX.
  • Delivered press releases, media pitches, and feature articles. Pitched industry journalists and placed stories.
Technologies: Marketing Communications (MarCom), Copywriting, Writing & Editing, Brand Identity, Case Studies, Business Development, White Papers, Publicity, Email, Newsletters, Interviewing, Content, Web Content, SEO Content, Brand Design, Communication Strategy, Media Relations, Brand Positioning, Strategy, Content Writing, Content Creation, Client Success, Storytelling, Digital Brand Identity, Design Thinking, UX Design, UX Writing, Branding, Growth Strategy, Value Proposition, Public Relations (PR), Creative Design, Marketing Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), Digital Publishing, Digital Design, Digital Creative Direction, Project Management, Marketing Strategy, Tone of Voice, Digital Marketing Strategy, Communication, B2B, Sales, Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Social Media, Marketing, Content Strategy, Websites, Articles, User Experience (UX)


2016 - 2016
University of Michigan (Independent Consultant)
  • Provided marketing communications services for the University of Michigan, a top-ranked public university known for its tradition of excellence in research, learning, and teaching.
  • Wrote in-depth graduate program brochures promoting the master's and doctoral programs offered by the University of Michigan-Flint's prestigious School of Education and Human Services.
  • Promoted the following: Early Childhood Education MA, MA Educational Technology, MA Literacy Education Degree, Master of Arts with Secondary Certification (MAC), MS in Health Education Degree, MA in Mathematics, and Doctor of Education Degree.
Technologies: Content, Storytelling, Writing & Editing, Content Creation, Growth Strategy, Value Proposition, Copywriting, Branding, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Project Management, Tone of Voice, Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience, Marketing

Copywriter | Content Writer | UX Writer

2013 - 2016
Epicor Software (Contractor)
  • Wrote content for marketing and sales funnels, supporting Epicor, a global leader in industry-specific enterprise software solutions, serving 20,000 customers in 150 countries.
  • Delivered global email content marketing campaigns, sales emails, website content, landing page content, online banner ads, and customer event promotions, including brochures and emails, for North American markets.
  • Created blogs, customer newsletters, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and website and SEO landing page content for EMEA markets.
Technologies: Marketing Communications (MarCom), Copywriting, Email, Web Content, Content Creation, Writing & Editing, Content, SEO Content, Communication Strategy, Content Writing, Brand Positioning, Storytelling, Value Proposition, Growth Strategy, Marketing Design, Creative Design, Direct Response, Branding, Project Management, Digital Publishing, Digital Design, Marketing Strategy, Tone of Voice, Blogs, B2B, Communication, Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Social Media, Marketing, Content Strategy, Websites, Blogging, User Experience (UX), UX Writing

Copywriter | Content Writer

2013 - 2013
PIH Health (Contractor)
  • Created corporate and customer communications for a nonprofit, regional healthcare network with three hospitals, numerous outpatient medical offices, a multi-specialty medical (physician) group, home healthcare services, hospice care, and more.
  • Produced content for the patient-facing newsletter Ask the Expert and physician spotlight columns, along with other health-related articles.
  • Wrote biographies for newly hired doctors, physicians, and physician assistants.
Technologies: Copywriting, B2C, B2C Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Newsletters, Biographies, Marketing, Content Creation, Articles

Publicist | Copywriter | Content Writer

2013 - 2013
Goodwill of Orange County (Contractor)
  • Provided public relations, marketing communications, and corporate communications services to Goodwill of Orange County, a nonprofit organization that helps people facing barriers find and keep jobs, which provides a purpose, pride, and dignity.
  • Wrote press releases and media alerts, announcing a new program, store launches, and special events. Served as a media contact.
  • Authored content for the quarterly newsletter, including the CEO's message, Goodwill employee success stories, and stories about recent news and events.
  • Wrote full-page advertorials styled as feature articles for Orange County Business Journal. Pieces shared inspiring success stories from Goodwill programs that place people with disabilities and others facing barriers in jobs with local businesses.
Technologies: Public Relations (PR), Media Relations, Copywriting, Content, Paid Advertising, Content Creation, Writing & Editing, Value Proposition, Growth Strategy, Newsletters, Case Studies, Design Thinking, Publicity, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Journalism, Communication Strategy, Press Releases, Content Writing, Content Strategy, Marketing, Articles


2011 - 2012
MEDL Mobile (Independent Consultant)
  • Provided public relations services to MEDL Mobile Inc., an American mobile application developer and marketing firm that designs, develops, and markets mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, and Android.
  • Wrote press releases publicizing a wide range of mobile apps and business development activities, including the acquisition of a mobile technology company. Interviewed app creators and developers, described apps, and crafted executive quotes.
  • Publicized apps such as the Encyclopedia Britannica U.S. Presidents app, Taco Bell's app offering games and customized menu recommendations, a NASCAR lesson pack for a kids' drawing app, and Tether, the interactive whiteboard app.
Technologies: Publicity, Press Releases, Public Relations (PR), Writing & Editing, Growth Strategy, Value Proposition

Assistant Vice President | Senior Communications Manager

2007 - 2010
Wells Fargo Dealer Services
  • Developed and managed internal and external communications programs for Wells Fargo's auto finance and dealer services subsidiary with 3,700 team members in 56 locations. Managed three team members. Received the Top Performer—Sales and Service award.
  • Served as the communications officer and a senior leadership team member. The senior leadership team drove the division to record-breaking, double-digit profit growth quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year during the global financial crisis.
  • Created strategic, interactive communication campaigns to ensure the success of business-critical, merger-integration activities, corporate initiatives, system conversions, customer outreach, and employee engagement.
  • Spearheaded the redesign of the internal communications infrastructure. Developed an innovative content strategy that significantly increased intranet traffic, employee eMagazine readership, and engagement in corporate initiatives.
  • Wrote and oversaw the production of external communications, including customer letters, direct mail, ads, event materials, and press materials.
  • Wrote and oversaw the production of internal sales campaigns, the monthly employee eMagazine, and corporate communications.
Technologies: Marketing Communications (MarCom), Digital Publishing, Internal Communications, Copywriting, Writing & Editing, Supervisor, Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Ads, Publicity, Strategic Planning, Editorial Process, Project Management, Content, Communication Strategy, Public Relations (PR), Storytelling, Growth Strategy, Value Proposition, Creative Design, Marketing Design, Vendor Selection, Digital Publication, Training, Branding, Digital Creative Direction, Digital Design, Tone of Voice, Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience, B2B, Marketing, Content Creation

Sales Scriptwriter | Executive Speechwriter | Video Scriptwriter

1998 - 2008
Sony Pictures Entertainment (Contractor)
  • Wrote the keynote address for the EVP of a global promotions/film product placement at the Licensing Asia tradeshow in Japan to communicate licensing and promotional strategies for James Bond, Spider-Man, and other film properties.
  • Scripted a global B2B sales presentation delivered in 70 countries to secure licensees and promotional partners for Terminator 3, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Bad Boys II, S.W.A.T., and other film properties.
  • Scripted live B2B sales events in Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris, Sydney, São Paulo, Mexico City, and Los Angeles to secure licensees and promotional partners for film properties Spider-Man, Men in Black II, and Stuart Little 2.
Technologies: Speechwriting, Video Scripts, Pitch Decks, Writing & Editing, Content, Storytelling, Value Proposition, Growth Strategy, Presentation Design, Branding, B2B, Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Copywriting

B2C Direct Response Infomercial Scriptwriter

2007 - 2007
Sōna Medspa (Contractor)
  • Scripted a short B2C infomercial about Sōna Medspa's industry-leading, affordable skin rejuvenation services in Orange County, California's renowned South Coast Metro area.
  • Wrote all the audio narration and provided creative and visual direction for the producers and camera crew.
  • Developed a brand voice and tone for the piece in alignment with Sōna’s enterprise brand to appeal to and build trust with the target audience—people ages 35-60.
Technologies: Video Scripts, Brand Positioning, Visual Storytelling, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Creative Direction, Writing & Editing, Content, Content Creation, Creative Design, Marketing Design, Direct Response, Branding, Marketing, Copywriting

Interim Marketing Communications Manager | Copywriter and Storyteller

2004 - 2005
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union (Formerly Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union)
  • Managed the marketing campaign to open the fifth-largest US credit union’s first full-service branch in Los Angeles County; helped generate 250+ new memberships within 50 days.
  • Wrote and oversaw the design, production, and distribution of member marketing materials, website content, in-branch merchandising, and employee communications.
  • Wrote general press releases and Hero in Education member spotlight stories, celebrating outstanding educator members.
Technologies: Marketing Communications (MarCom), Copywriting, Storytelling, Writing & Editing, Content, Communication Strategy, Newsletters, Content Writing, Content Creation, Project Management, In-store Graphics, Value Proposition, Growth Strategy, Public Relations (PR), Creative Design, Publication, Marketing Design, Branding, Creative Direction, Tone of Voice, Marketing Strategy, Marketing, Content Strategy

Speechwriter | Video and Live Event Scriptwriter | Writer

2003 - 2005
The Walt Disney Studios (Contractor)
  • Wrote a white paper describing the problem of global film piracy and Disney’s anti-piracy strategies.
  • Created annual executive presentation outlines, explaining marketing and financial goals for the international home entertainment division.
  • Wrote video and live event scripts, highlighting the global sales team's success and progress toward goals.
Technologies: Executive Presentations, Video Scripts, White Papers, Writing & Editing, Content, Presentation Design, Marketing, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Content Creation, Copywriting

Publicist | Writer

1999 - 2005
Easter Seals Southern California (Contractor)
  • Generated hundreds of print, TV, and radio placements through media relations strategies to increase public awareness of the nonprofit’s 25 locations and 60+ service programs for people with disabilities.
  • Wrote all press releases and media pitches for news, events, and announcements; interviewed Easter Seals clients and families to develop media pitches and feature articles.
  • Pitched stories to county and city newspapers, TV networks, and radio outlets throughout Southern California; wrote radio PSAs.
  • Wrote and edited several editions of the employee newsletter.
Technologies: Publicity, Media Relations, Writing & Editing, Content, Strategy, Public Relations (PR), Storytelling, Growth Strategy, Value Proposition, Copywriting, Content Creation

Sales Presentation Scriptwriter | Pitch Deck Writer

2003 - 2004
Toshiba (Contractor)
  • Wrote technical sales presentations describing the functionality of Toshiba's e-STUDIO KS-1000 hardware and software solution for office file sharing.
  • Defined the critical phases of document management (organization, collaboration, and distribution), described the problems inherent in each phase, and detailed the e-STUDIO KS-1000 solutions.
  • Used storytelling to present scenarios demonstrating how various types of businesses used the product to manage their documents more efficiently.
Technologies: Pitch Decks, Writing & Editing, Presentations, Content, Technical Writing, Presentation Design, Creative Design, Marketing Design, Branding, B2B, Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Copywriting

Copywriter | Executive Byline Writer

2000 - 2003
BNY Mellon (Formerly Mellon Bank) (Contractor)
  • Wrote the Western US CEO/chairperson’s messages to private wealth management customers for a quarterly direct marketing newsletter.
  • Authored newsletter articles highlighting Mellon's solutions, success stories, and economic updates.
  • Wrote executive bios and press releases announcing new hires, promotions, and more.
Technologies: Copywriting, Newsletters, Press Releases, Writing & Editing, Content, Communication Strategy, Public Relations (PR), Value Proposition, Storytelling, Branding, Creative Design, Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Creation

Director of Corporate Communications | Publicist | Copywriter

1994 - 1999
Fox Family Worldwide, Inc.| Saban Entertainment
  • Produced global B2B communications, press kits, and media pitches promoting the domestic and international film and television properties, including several TV shows based on Marvel Comics.
  • Proved integral to the marketing communications and publicity efforts supporting the billion-dollar Power Rangers global franchise.
  • Assisted in a rebranding project following the merger with News Corp; oversaw redesigning customer communications to align with the new Fox brand.
  • Wrote executive presentations for the chief officers of News Corp and Saban Entertainment.
  • Developed and produced ongoing customer communications and content marketing vehicles, including multiple customer newsletters.
Technologies: Marketing Communications (MarCom), Publicity, Executive Presentations, Copywriting, Storytelling, Writing & Editing, Content, Communication Strategy, Strategy, Public Relations (PR), Investor Presentations, Creative Design, Vendor Selection, Marketing Design, Branding, Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Marketing, Content Creation
1999 - 1999

Postgraduate Studies in English Literature

University of Oxford - Oxford, England, UK

1990 - 1994

Bachelor's Degree in English

Pepperdine University - Malibu, California, USA

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