Max Marass

Max Marass

London, United Kingdom
Member since April 8, 2019
Max has more than five years of experience designing digital products for companies of all sizes. As an expert of the whole design process, he’s created web and native applications from scratch for diverse users (including children and elderly people) in a variety of industries. In his work, Max carefully balances business and user needs, turning complex processes into simple and enjoyable experiences.
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Digital Design
  • Recruitment Management Portal
    Recruitment Management Portal
  • Educational Portal for Children
    Educational Portal for Children
  • Rehabilitation App for Stroke Survivors
    Rehabilitation App for Stroke Survivors
  • Virtual Whiteboard for Remote Teaching
    Virtual Whiteboard for Remote Teaching
  • Energy App Onboarding and Enhancement
    Energy App Onboarding and Enhancement
  • Website Builder CMS
    Website Builder CMS
  • UX/UI Designer
    2018 - 2019
    • Created several separate products, from scratch, to enable the company, Matr which offers an online tuition service for children to launch the service within just 4-5 months.
    • Iterated and improved the products in the following months.
    • Designed a recruitment platform for tutors.
    • Created a platform design for children to access tutorials and perform complementary activities.
    • Crafted the design for an online classroom, shared by children and tutors.
    • Designed a sign-up and tutorial management platform for parents.
    • Designed an internal platform for customer support, quality monitoring, lesson creation, and management.
    • Revamped the company website design.
    Technologies: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Lookback, Google Analytics
  • UX/UI Designer
    2018 - 2018
    • Worked as part of the public sharing platform team, innovating the way researchers around the world discover and access academic papers.
    • Ran interviews and user tests on a weekly basis.
    • Created innovative concepts of academic paper pages to facilitate the discovery and exploration of related content.
    • Identified through research use cases and created a map to inform design ideas and validation.
    • Created prototypes for user tests, including animations.
    Technologies: Sketch, InVision, Lookback
  • Master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering
    2008 - 2011
    Delft University of Technology - Delft, the Netherlands
  • Bachelor's degree in Architecture
    2002 - 2007
    University of Trieste - Trieste, Italy
  • Design Workshops8 years
  • User Research6 years
  • User Testing6 years
  • Quality Assurance (QA)5 years
  • Design Systems5 years
  • User Journeys5 years
  • Apps5 years
  • Gamification2 years


London, United Kingdom

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