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Vadym Kurdohlov

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

Sofia, Bulgaria
Toptal Member Since
July 19, 2023

Vadym is an SEO expert with 9+ years of experience specializing in lead generation for B2B and B2C companies in the US, EU, and UK markets. He has expertise in software, hardware, betting, trading, law, educational, SaaS, and eCommerce sites. Skilled in technical and on-page SEO, page speed optimization (Core Web Vitals), and coding, he's developed his own SEO app and gained global experience working on different sites, which showcases his versatility and proficiency as an SEO professional.

Work Experience

SEO Consultant and Strategist

2022 - 2022
  • Created an SEO roadmap for domain and CMS migration of an international SaaS company with more than 15,000 pages. Ensured all necessary international SEO checks, steps, setups, and changes.
  • Developed a comprehensive technical SEO strategy for fixing all blockers and gaps in the new CMS and site structure. Improved the crawlability and indexability of the new website.
  • Constructed Core Web Vitals optimization and a general page speed improvement strategy.
  • Carried out on-page, content, and semantic SEO strategies for existing and new pages in different site sections, including commercial business and info pages.
  • Organized internal SEO training and created SEO SOP documentation for the company team.
  • Improved site rankings through content research and a new content strategy. Reoptimized existing content to address keyword stuffing, poor on-page SEO, and low overall content quality.
  • Trained content writers team on the right approach to content quality for SEO and the correct building of page structure and metadata.
  • Leveraged multiple SEO tools and website crawlers (e.g., Screaming Frog) to drive results.

SEO Consultant

2021 - 2022
  • Acted as an SEO consultant invited by a digital agency to help grow organic traffic of their client's global affiliate website, for whom I built a detailed, full SEO roadmap.
  • Found technical SEO issues and indexing blockers that did not allow Googlebot to properly crawl and index the content of the product and review pages on a multilingual website with around 30,000 pages.
  • Created an effective SEO roadmap on how to work with the current/existing SEO power of the site to grow site visits, conversions, and income from the site with minimum additional investment in a shorter period.
  • Built a complete technical and on-page SEO strategy with quantitative research parameters to track results. Provided the most effective solutions and workarounds in case of technical limitations.

SEO Consultant

2021 - 2021
  • Carried out SEO consulting and the initial SEO setup for a new website for a healthcare startup company.
  • Created a full SEO strategy for a new website in the healthcare software industry. Described a detailed roadmap of the technical and SEO strategy and managed the implementation.
  • Provided all necessary SEO training for the technical and development content, UX, and design teams. Presented detailed instructions for product owners and managers on each step of the SEO roadmap.
  • Ensured proper indexing and crawling of the new website, avoiding technical blockers or on-site gaps affecting the bot experience. Leveraged tools such as Screaming Frog.

Lead SEO - Technical SEO Analyst

2020 - 2021
  • Optimized the internal SEO workflow, including an SEO-friendly development flow, automated SEO QA procedures, ongoing SEO setups and request handling, and ongoing SEO delivery.
  • Resolved multiple indexing and organic ranking problems caused by technical and non-technical reasons.
  • Optimized page speed and Core Web Vitals issues for the new platform product of the company, with a detailed page performance strategy.

Technical SEO Manager

2017 - 2020
  • Improved SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and the company's iGaming single-page application platform performance.
  • Introduced new features to the platform that improved its crawlabilty and indexability, along with optimizing the Google crawl budget.
  • Fixed multiple indexing issues caused by the JavaScript technology used for content rendering on single-page application websites.
  • Remedied multiple SEO bugs on production websites that affected indexing and rankings.
  • Introduced new SEO QA procedures, ensuring smooth automated checks of the latest versions of the platform and optimizing the resources of the technical product and roll-out teams.
  • Optimized the platform for the "mobile first" algorithm with the help of the product teams, including product managers, developers, and QAs.
  • Resolved multiple local SEO issues caused by server-side geo-restriction configurations required by compliance.

SEO Manager

2017 - 2017
  • Built full SEO strategies for agency clients for new and existing websites.
  • Optimized the internal SEO workflow for the in-house team.
  • Trained client teams on concrete SEO questions related to their projects to grow the completed tasks' overall volume, quality, and effectiveness.
  • Fixed complex technical SEO issues on custom CMS systems of existing and new websites of the agency clients. I also leveraged Pipedrive as a CRM tool.

SEO Manager

2014 - 2016
Pay Per Call
  • Launched 27 new lead generation projects on the US market.
  • Optimized and ranked a network of POS solutions websites and affiliates, including lead generation projects. Grew organic search traffic in the USA, especially in the target state of Colorado.
  • Built, optimized, and ranked 12 other company SEO lead generation projects for local USA and European markets.
  • Constructed and trained an in-house SEO team to scale the results on new projects.
  • Optimized the workflow and procedures of the in-house SEO team.
  • Analyzed new niches and trends for new SEO leads generation opportunities.

SaaS Project—Machine Learning, Data, Tech Trainings, and Certification

Created a full SEO roadmap, organized internal SEO training, created SEO SOP documentation for the company team, improved site rankings via re-optimizing the existing content, and developed a new content strategy.

The site is an international machine learning, data, tech training, and certification SaaS project. Due to business changes and new needs, the company required me to:
• Restructure particular website sections in an SEO-friendly way to improve the rankings and overall SEO potential.
• Drive more organic traffic to new services offered by the company globally.
• Optimize existing content of the restructured site section.
• Enhance existing services, certifications, and training pages from the SEO
point of view to drive more organic traffic from Google Search.
• Identify existing technical and onsite problems that don't allow this
website section to drive maximum organic traffic from Google Search.
• Improve Google Search rankings of existing essential pages based on the
priorities defined by the business owners.
• Ongoing technical SEO analysis and support.
• Create effective content strategies for missing website semantics.
• Analyze new semantic clusters of keywords, creation of landing pages for
them, optimize them, and drive new unique, relevant traffic from Google.

Application Integrations, Mainframes, Legacy Systems, and Databases SaaS Company

Fixed multiple technical SEO issues, with the help of the developers' team, caused by the non-SEO-friendly CMS system. Optimized site hierarchy, built a proper SEO content strategy, and increased rankings of the old and new target SEO landing pages.

The client's goals in the SEO campaign were to grow overall organic traffic from Google Search, expand the organic traffic to the main/target solutions pages, compare the website with the main competitors, suggest SEO and overall site improvements, fix technical SEO issues if any, and build effective SEO content strategies for:
• Existing business categories
• Topical informational site sections
• New topics requested by the business development team
• Missed topical clusters relevant to the business
• Competitor outranking based on the content gap analysis
• New opportunities and content ideas based on GSC data and search trends
• Improve the on-page optimization of the existing site pages
• Suggest site structure optimization
• Develop a strong backlink profile with an optimized budget
• Verify tech SEO fixes
• Monitor site performance and report on SEO progress

• Full technical SEO analysis
• Major technical SEO issues picked by the SEO crawler
• Site crawlability issues/blockers
• Indexing Issues detected by GSC and the SEO crawler
• Google index analysis
• Page speed analysis
• On-site URL/content duplication
• Optimization of the website architecture
• Content quality check

SaaS Project—Connection and Integration of Apps and Services, CRM Systems

Created a complete SEO strategy, handled technical improvements, on-page and content optimization, and increased organic traffic compared to its pre-migration level.

• Managed the implementation of all steps with in-house and external resources.
• Led a successful SEO migration.
• Headed the implementation of an effective SEO content strategy.

• Create a site migration redirection strategy, including URL mapping, URL/content pruning, removal of duplicates, and ensuring no redirect loops and redirect chains.
• Certain sections on the old website needed to remain available for a certain period due to business reasons, so we used content canonicalization to properly pass the SEO power to all language versions of the new site and avoid any keyword cannibalization and competition between the old and the new site before migration could be implemented.
• Ensure proper local-distributed crawling and indexing via the correct server set up to allow all site pages for the Googlebot with geo-redirection of certain local solutions and content sections.
• Optimize old/new sitemaps.
• Ensure correct re-indexing of the old domain and correct traffic distribution from old URLs to the new ones.
• Ensure the correct SEO use of the old brand name and its organic traffic for the new website.
• Analyze the current organic traffic of the websites.
• Boost organic traffic by 2.7 times.

Advanced Google Tag Manager



Google Analytics and GTM Masterclass



Advanced Organic Acquisition



Google Tag Manager



Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Local SEO, Off-page SEO, Keyword Research, Google SEO, SEO Tools, SEO Content, A/B Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Funnel Optimization, Google Tag Manager

Platforms & Tools

Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, CRM Systems


Google Search Console, JavaScript


Semrush, Keyword Analysis, SEO Reporting, Web Crawlers, Page Speed Optimization, Core Web Vitals, Jira, Single-page Applications (SPA), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Planning, Consulting, Strategic Planning, Technical SEO, International SEO, eCommerce SEO, User Journeys, User Engagement, Research, Node.js, JSON, SEO Product Management, Web UX, GTmetrix, Project Management, Pipedrive, Sitemaps, Content Research, SEO Consultant, Yahoo Ads, AI-based Content SEO

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