Helyson Lewis Velasco, Product Manager in Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
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Helyson Lewis Velasco

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
December 26, 2022

Helyson dedicated his career to product and business development in health IT and is passionate about making an impact on patients' quality of life. His experience includes markets such as radiology, cardiology, telemedicine, and personal health records. As an entrepreneur in executive positions, Helyson raised funds to build excellent teams and outstanding products.

Project Highlights

Agency for Financing Studies and Projects – FINEP | Micromed
Created, submitted, received approval, and managed a $1 million-worth project to develop a cardiac arrhythmia AI-based solution for ICU inpatients. The funding of $700,000 was a non-refundable grant from FINEP.
Device-as-a-service Business Model Implementation | Micromed
Created, received approval, developed, and implemented a recurrent revenue business model for Micromed's cardiology medical devices.
PACS Aurora 3.0
Managed the development and product launch of version 3 of the Aurora PACS, including several important innovations for Pixeon and the Brazilian PACS market.


Work Experience

Advisor and Investor

2022 - PRESENT
Agenda Pra Mim
  • Assembled the initial team for unpaid work. The startup is equity-based.
  • Developed the initial no-code MVP for a lead generation product.
  • Created the initial business plan for the startup.
  • Invested initial capital and intellectual property to start the business.

Advisor and Investor (Co-founder)

2022 - PRESENT
Wavelight (Docline)
  • Developed a strategic product plan for photoplethysmography (PPG) cloud processing services.
  • Received a $500,000 non-refundable grant from the Agency for Financing of Studies and Projects (FINEP) for artificial intelligence research and development.
  • Raised $70,000 from a corporate venture for this project.

Director of Innovation | CIO | CTO

2021 - 2022
  • Designed and implemented a $1 million cardiology innovation project that received up to 80% funding from the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology's FINEP non-refundable grant.
  • Coordinated with the CERTI Research Institute as a technology contractor on developing new artificial intelligence applications in cardiology.
  • Developed a new economic model to set goals and sales objectives for 30 commercial representatives distributed throughout Brazil.
  • Created a new product strategic planning for the next five years.

Head of Telemedicine

2019 - 2021
  • Achieved 40% per year in recurrent revenue of Brazil's leading SaaS platform for telecardiology, with 300 recurrent customers and over 3,000 points of care all over Brazil, performing around two million studies per year.
  • Developed projects with top health groups such as UnitedHealth Group, InCor, Albert Einstein, Dasa, Fleury, and Pardini.
  • Created a new recurrent business model for a cardiology device business named Device as a Service (DaaS).

Project Manager

2018 - 2019
  • Implemented the rollout process for white-label banking apps for new clients, including iOS and Android publications.
  • Developed the white-label banking card process for new clients.
  • Developed business projects in consultive sales for white-label banking platforms for clients in healthcare and other industries.

CEO and Founder

2015 - 2018
  • Developed and launched a HIPAA-compliant and DICOM-integrated personal health record (PHR) platform deployed in three languages.
  • Acquired 20,000 registered users mostly in Brazil, and delivered health records, such as radiology studies and blood test results, to more than one million people.
  • Raised $ 700,000 from accelerators, angel investors, and crowd equity in four investment rounds.
  • Sold the company's intellectual property (IP) to a Brazilian venture builder.

Sales and Marketing Manager in Brazil

2013 - 2013
  • Implemented software sales processes in a new office in Brazil.
  • Implemented Salesforce, including customizing and training new salespeople for the new operation in Brazil.
  • Created digital marketing campaigns for hydrology, groundwater, coast, and marine simulation software.

Business Manager

2011 - 2013
  • Created a product marketing department and implemented its organizational structure.
  • Led Pixeon as Brazil's first picture archiving and communication system (PACS) company to implement the transition from software license sales to the SaaS model, delivering 50% of the revenue as recurrent by the second quarter of 2012.
  • Delivered 100% revenue growth in the first half of 2012 before the Medical Systems merger.
  • Managed a 12-people sales team in Brazil and a partner company in Argentina with a five-people team.
  • Made the first international expansion of the company to Argentina.

R&D Manager

2009 - 2011
  • Reconfigured a 25-people PACS R&D team to achieve better performance and improve the quality of delivered products.
  • Delivered world-class products such as a 3D thin client server-side MIP/MPR renderer for a CT scan Fluent, a lung cancer computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) Lumine, a high-performance DICOM viewer/workstation Arya, and the PACS Aurora 3.
  • Approved two non-refundable projects by Brazilian government innovation agencies, CNPq and FINEP, with an amount of $800,000 non-refundable investment in R&D.

Project Manager

2008 - 2009
  • Managed a new division focused on game solutions for cooperative objectives such as operations, safety training, and immersive shopping. Our clients included oil and gas companies, textile industries, and government.
  • Participated in strategic and marketing planning of the division.
  • Implemented Agile methodology and project management processes in the new business division, such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology.

Resident Company Board Member

2006 - 2008
CELTA Incubator (Fundação CERTI)
  • Helped manage the relationship of over 40 startups with the incubator board.
  • Founded the incubator Java study users' group called GEA with monthly meetings and annual tech project contests between teams.
  • Was a voting member for the approval of new companies to join the incubator based on business plan analysis and entrepreneurs' profiles.

CEO and Founder

1999 - 2008
  • Prepared Genesis pre-incubator startup project admission requirements at the computer science department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and business plan approval for economic grant incentives.
  • Prepared admission requirements for the CELTA incubator, the number one incubator in Latin America at the time, and business plan approval.
  • Received a grant from Brazil's National Council for Scientific and Technological Development to fund the company's new enterprise project management (EPM) software product for two years.
  • Acquired and operated a Windows software suite for real estate sales and rental management, which became the market leader in Brazil in three years.
  • Developed and launched the Odyssea, an enterprise project management system and on-premise Jakarta EE local web server-based project management suite for product development and enterprise project portfolio management.

Agency for Financing Studies and Projects – FINEP | Micromed

Created, submitted, received approval, and managed a $1 million-worth project to develop a cardiac arrhythmia AI-based solution for ICU inpatients. The funding of $700,000 was a non-refundable grant from FINEP.

This Smartcor project was designed to be the technology architecture foundation for a new generation of Micromed's software and hardware products. The project included cooperation with the CERTI foundation on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Device-as-a-service Business Model Implementation | Micromed

Created, received approval, developed, and implemented a recurrent revenue business model for Micromed's cardiology medical devices.

In order to fulfill Micromed's objective to create recurrent revenue in the medical device business, a new business format where ownership, technical support, maintenance, and extended warranty were all packed into one recurrent service contract was developed. This allowed clients to base their cardiology service expansion plans on operating expenses instead of capital expenditures.

Telecardiology SaaS Business Unit Structuring | Micromed

Structured a business unit for Thundera, a telecardiology SaaS platform, including team assembling development and implementation of a new go-to-market strategy.

The Thundera telecardiology SaaS platform was formerly part of the medical device sales operation and was usually given freely as part of the bargain in device sales.

The SaaS business unit structuring was the first effort to move the company towards a recurrent revenue model. This project included creating and training a new team to implement a new go-to-market strategy for this product.

Mexico Salesforce Implementation and Customization | Fhadi

Implemented a Salesforce platform at Fhadi remotely in cooperation with a local consultant to serve as a managing tool for the relationship with foundation beneficiaries and sponsoring companies.

Fhadi needed a software solution to integrate several offices over the Mexican territory that assisted disabled people depending on wheelchairs or needing one.

Its services are mainly focused on capacitating disabled workers for a new career and helping to relocate them to vacancies from affiliated companies. Therefore, for this project, we created objects and modules in Salesforce to act as an education management system. It was designed to coordinate everything from user web signup to attendance control and grades in training courses. The scope also included external websites using Apex coding.

Crowd Equity Funding | Healfies

Raised $200,000 in convertible notes through Broota, a crowd equity platform as Healfies' third investment round.

I developed a TDC contract template similar to a convertible note but adapted for local regulation, a pitch deck, video support, and a roadshow for this round. Also, I raised $200,000 from more than one hundred individual investors and managed communications with them for the next three years.

Patient Delivery Portal | Healfies

Created, developed, managed, launched, and executed a go-to-market strategy for delivering a patient diagnostic web portal for lab tests and medical imaging with a simple DICOM viewer embedded.

The Healfies delivery portal was a product that aimed to acquire users for the central Healfies platform. It integrated with the main platform and the client's PACS/RIS/HIS systems.

Users and requesting physicians were allowed to access study results, reports, and DICOM images, including 3D scans such as MRI and CT. Optionally, users could create a Healfies account, send records to their own account, and share them with health professionals or family members.

Brazil Salesforce Implementation | Konica Minolta

Implemented Salesforce at Konica Minolta, a Brazilian healthcare device operations, as a consultant collaborating with the internal sales team.

The project scope included training a seven people sales team as regular users and two key members in advanced Salesforce features and customization. I also consulted on implementing customizations and sales processes.

Scientific Salesforce Implementation | GE and Carestream

Implemented and customized the Salesforce platform for Brazil's main GE and Carestream dealer.

The implementation of Salesforce to both GE and Carestream sales operations of the scientific dealer included PACS, radiology devices, and radiology film operations. The project scope also included training and customizations.

Rennove Eneagrama SugarCRM Implementation


Consulted, customized, and defined CRM processes for Marcio Schultz's Eneagrama Institute, focusing on executive human relationship training.

The aim of this consulting project was to deliver a budget-fitting solution to a corporate executive training company to manage sales and customer support. The project scope included sales process design, customization, and implementation.

Medical Systems – Pixeon Merger | Salesforce Implementation (2013)

Homogenized sales and marketing processes between the original PACS sales team of 12 and the Medical Systems RIS sales team of six people. Migrated all data from MS Dynamics CRM used by Medical Systems before the merger.

After the Pixeon and Medical Systems merger in the second half of 2012, it was decided to adopt Salesforce to the whole sales team, bringing the former RIS sales team to a unified platform. The project scope included data migration, team training, and process implementation.

Pixeon Argentina | International Expansion

Established and managed the first Pixeon international operation sales channel through a partner company in Argentina and supported the channel to achieve the first ten PACS customers in the country.

Pixeon established its first international channel with NETMED S.A., a specialized healthcare dealer in Buenos Aires.

As a business manager, I participated in negotiations with commercial management. Also, I gave personal sales support on-site for dealing with strategic clients to settle the initial customer base in the country.

Salesforce Implementation | Pixeon

Acquired and implemented a Salesforce suite and customizations for the whole PACS sales operation of Pixeon in 2011.

I implemented a new sales process for 12 key account salesmen across Brazil and one sales representative in Argentina, bringing the first CRM experience to Pixeon. The software implementation included sales, marketing, and customer care departments.

Product Marketing Department Implementation | Pixeon

Hired, trained, and defined processes to create a product marketing department at Pixeon.

To address strategic business needs, I proposed to the top management to create a new area to handle the product lifecycle management and the peripherical product processes, such as competition monitoring, pricing, and product ownership. For this reason, the company funded specific training for internal talents from Brazil and the USA and hired additional team members as needed.

PACS Aurora 3.0


Managed the development and product launch of version 3 of the Aurora PACS, including several important innovations for Pixeon and the Brazilian PACS market.

Aurora 3 is still the current PACS product on Pixeon Portfolio (despite the commercial name change) and has been awarded by KLAS and other appraisers as the number one PACS in Latin America.

Aurora 3 innovations included:
• The Arya DICOM viewer
• The MedReport graphic medical reporting editor
• The Lumens Lung CAD
• The Fluent server-based advanced 3D rendering
• A mobile DICOM viewer

X Station FINEP Project | Pixeon

Submitted and received approval for a $600,000 grant from FINEP for the company's new generation of DICOM visualization products.

The X station project was the foundation of the Aurora 3 PACS launched in 2011, becoming the most awarded PACS product in Latin America. This project included advanced and server-based 3D rendering for maximum intensity projection (MIP) and multiplanar reformation (MPR) data processing methods for CT and MRI images, later named Fluent.

CNPq Metaflux Project | Pixeon

Created, submitted, received approval, and executed a $200,000 project for the RHAE program to fund the development of server-side technology for the next generation of Pixeon's PACS products.

Metalfux developed the basis of the new web-based technology for DICOM imaging on the server side. It was a university private sector cooperation funded by the CNPq through the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development's (CNPq) RHAE program.

Thanks to the cooperation with Uberlandia Federal University (UFU) and Barretos Cancer Hospital, we developed web technologies for DICOM image management, including a patient web portal later launched under the ClickVita denomination.

SaaS Recurrent Revenue Business Model Implementation | Pixeon

Proposed, designed, and implemented a SaaS business model for radiology PACS software.

At the time, Pixeon relied on software sales (a one-time fee plus a small and optional recurrent support fee), and this model made the company's cash flow unstable.

This project introduced the concept of software renting. I first presented a study of processes, legal and taxing considerations, contract templates, and economic models for the top management.

Following this, I developed a transition business plan, including product changes and go to market approach, regarding management concerns about the short-term impact on revenue during the transition.

As the final result, Pixeon got the competition unprepared and took the Brazilian PACS market by assault between 2010 and 2012, growing an average of 80% year after year, being the only solution with operating expenditure capital investment on the market.

Aurora 2 New Software Integration Architecture | Pixeon

Reduced the number of released versions of the Aurora 2 PACS from dozens to four per year, reducing costs dramatically and improving customer satisfaction related to churn.

This project changed the Aurora 2 PACS system architecture, which was formerly needed to release new software versions and go through the entire quality assurance process dozens of times a year, every time a new client needed to integrate the PACS with other health IT systems.

The process usually injects bugs propagated to all user bases, causing customer satisfaction issues and churn.

The integration protocol with RIS/HIS/LIS systems was unified in a proprietary, well-documented, tested protocol. A new independent software module was created to implement connectors using initially Mirth (later Pentaho Kettle/ETL), where customers could quickly implement their integration connectors.

To avoid integration interference into the product code, two engineers were split from the central R&D team, forming a new integration team in charge of maintaining the new module, which was not part of the main PACS system anymore.

IN TIME | Productivity Time-tracking Software

Created, coded, conducted graphic design, and launched the IN TIME software for tracking the time of personal computer users in multiple tasks.

IN TIME is a Windows 95/98 software capable of watching all systems processes and Windows from a resident running program at the system tray.

The program could identify when the user changes the working focus to suggest changing the logged/billed hours for another project or cost center based on icons and visual communication with the user.

It is a stand-alone program developed with Clarion programming language (4GL). This was a personal project at SENSYS that became a product.

CNPq Grant Approval | SENSYS

Created, submitted, received approval, and executed RHAE, a strategic activities human resources program, for the Odyssea product development.

RHAE is a program approved by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, known as CNPq, to finance hiring university talent to work in technological development in the private sector and reward the best projects with scholarship grants.

Odyssea Enterprise Project Management System

Managed the development, operations, and sales of an enterprise project management (EPM) system capable of handling a company's whole project portfolio.

Odyssea EPM was a Jakarta EE Swing software for portfolio and project management. The system could handle resources, finances, schedules, Gantt charts, products, software maintenance, and quality assurance management.

This project was privately and publicly funded, with grants from CNPq and FINEP. It later became a company named SENSYS and was admitted to the CELTA incubator, a business unit of the CERTI foundation and UFSC.

Axia Human Resources Capital Value Score | Kolibri

Developed a score model to measure the absolute and relative humans resource capital score of an organization.

Axia is a model for companies to track the evolution of their human capital through the recurrent evaluation of the human capital score and the relativization of each person's score to their position at the company.

PACS Systems and Workflow Improvement (Non-profit, Volunteer) | North East Medical Services

Worked as a volunteer to help improve the imaging workflow based on the INFINITT PACS (Korea-made system)

During my stay in San Francisco, CA, I worked as a volunteer at the North Beach facilities of NEMS, helping to improve their medical records processes related to medical imaging and solve specific challenges related to the PACS system.
2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

Unisul - Santa Catarina, Brazil


Trello, SugarCRM, Jira, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), G Suite, Flow, HubSpot, GitHub, Figma, Confluence


Agile, Software Testing, Agile Product Management, Agile Project Management, Scrum, B2C, Agile Software Development, Requirements Analysis, Data Product Management, HIPAA Compliance, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Design Thinking, Data Science

Industry Expertise

Healthcare, Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Consumer Products, Venture Capital, Marketplaces, Medical Imaging, Automotive


Java EE, Pentaho


Health IT, Digital Health, Telemedicine, Startups, Sales Funnel, Picture Archiving & Communication Systems (PACS), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Sales Management, Excel 365, Marketing, Product Marketing, Medical Product Manager, Medical Software, Medical Applications, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Roadmaps, Product Management, Feature Analysis, B2B, APIs, CTO, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Product Roadmaps, Product Strategy, Business to Business (B2B), Product Customization, Sales, Healthcare IT, Feature Planning, Human Resources (HR), Algorithms, Stakeholder Management, Business Analysis, Websites, Product Enhancement, Documentation, Technical Requirements, Product Design, Scope Management, Project Timelines, Feasibility Studies, Scope, Process Optimization, Cost Estimation, Specs, Director of Product, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Feature Backlog Prioritization, Revenue Strategy, Pricing, Product Strategy Consultant, Go-to-market Plans, Business Development, Go-to-market Strategy, Business Administration, Sales Strategy, Consulting, New Product Development, Sprint Planning, Applications, Lean Startups, Technical Product Management, Conceptualization, Ideation, Prototyping, Product Planning, Product Engineering, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), Project Estimation, Planning, Data Modeling, Web UX, Web UI, Early-stage Startups, Funnel Analysis, Recruiting, User Stories, Backlog Management, Strategic Planning, New Business Development, Product Conceptualization, Pitch Decks, Product Owner, Digital Solutions, Product Positioning, Business Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Functional Specifications, Product Development, Product Ownership, Project Planning, Project Reporting, Web & Mobile Applications, Web Project Management, Lean, Feature Roadmaps, QA Leadership, Quality Assurance (QA), Web App Development, Digital Project Management, Market Fit, Market Sizing, Consumer-facing Product Design, Estimations, Budgeting, Team Leadership, Product Leadership, API Integration, Progress Reporting, Salesforce.com Administration, Salesforce System Administration, CRM Configuration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Medical Equipment, Platform Design, Technical Project Management, SaaS Product Marketing, Technology Trends, Workshops, Small Business, Risk Management, Resource Management, Data Migration, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), DICOM, Medical Devices, Fundraising, Salesforce, R&D, Software as a Service (SaaS), Project Management, Tech Sales, Databases, Business Planning, Google Apps, Freshdesk, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), SPIN Selling, Innovation Strategy, Innovation, Team Management, Clarion, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Plans, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Team Mentoring, Software Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Market Research & Analysis, SaaS, Data Visualization, Wix, QA Testing, Web Applications, Multi-sided Marketplaces, Pricing Models, Pricing Strategy, User Needs, Markets, B2B Lead Generation, Revenue Modeling, B2B Product Management, International Growth, Monetization Models, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Audience Targeting, Data-driven Decision-making, Analytical Thinking, Iteration Management, User Flows, Digital Product Management, Mobile, Product Coach, Social Networks, Cross-functional Collaboration, Vendor Selection, Process Automation, Mobile Apps, Product Growth, Mockups, Business Intelligence (BI), User Experience (UX), Wireframing, Market Research, Strategy, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Coaching, Analytics, Marketing Programs, UX Wireframes, Data Analytics, Dashboards, UX Design, UI Design, User Interface (UI), Apps, Staffing, Agile Leadership, Feature Prioritization, Two-sided Marketplaces, Business Cases, Financial Modeling, Head of Product, Mobile App Development, Social Media, Mobile/Web Project Management, Consumer Insights, Research, Event Planning, Marketing Strategy, Data Analysis, Product Launch, User Journeys, Web App Design, Community Growth, Copywriting, Writing & Editing, Translation, Scheduling, Mobile Applications, Business to Consumer (B2C), User Research, Professional Development, Operations Improvement, HubSpot CRM, User Onboarding, Healthcare Services, Discovery, ChatGPT, Microsoft SQL Server, Technical Writing, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Data Management, Conversational AI, Customer Experience, Journey Mapping, Natural Language Processing (NLP), CRM APIs, Enterprise, Contact Centers, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), HL7, Startup Funding, International Expansion, JavaScript, SQL, Business, Programming, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Java, Real Estate Management, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Software, Patient Services, SaaS Product Management, Hardware Development, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Salesforce Apex, Video Editing, Integration, Time Management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Business Models, AWS Cloud Architecture, MVP Design, Machine Learning, Full-stack Development, Discovery Workshops, iOS, Miro, Mentorship & Coaching, Lean Experiments, Large Language Models (LLMs)

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