Steve De Long, Product Manager in San Diego, CA, United States
Steve De Long

Product Manager in San Diego, CA, United States

Member since May 28, 2019
For over 15 years, Steve has successfully launched mission-critical software and data products in the real estate space before launching a startup of his own. Applying insights gained from his extensive customer-facing experience in sales and customer support, he synthesizes elegant product solutions while always keeping the needs of the business in mind. Steve is driven and entrepreneurial with an upbeat and inspiring leadership style.
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Project Highlights



  • Founder/Product Manager

    2013 - PRESENT
    • Researched the market for food-related products and services designed to leverage the American public's growing interest in new flavors and how to use them in every day cooking.
    • Built eCommerce websites to test various product offerings using cutting edge (at the time) CMSs like Goodsie and Strikingly. Created and tested various MVP product offerings like DIY Vanilla Extract kits on marketing platforms like Opensky.
    • Evaluated and implemented payment platforms like trycelery, which was primarily designed as a pre-order platform for post-Kickstarter projects that have now been acquired by Indiegogo, and Stripe, before they were famous.
    • Built a blog and created several ebooks to use as lead magnets. Evaluated viral contest platforms as potential list building tools. Also acquired the related domains and as many social media handles as possible.
    • Successfully registered a wordmark trademark in multiple classes.
    • Created and hosted meetups for home cooks, food entrepreneurs, and cottage food producers where entrepreneurs like Sara Stroud, co-founder of Carnitas Snack Shack, spoke.
    • Designed and wireframed a custom website based on the engaging and high converting website of an artisan coffee roaster that was later acquired by Blue Bottle Coffee.
    • Developed a three-year business plan spreadsheet with recurring revenue and costs including mapping out specific hires based on the public hiring pattern - including job descriptions - of a venture-backed company in a similar space.
  • CEO

    2011 - PRESENT
    RealtyKick, Inc.
    • Researched the market and competition for template-driven websites for real estate agents including evaluating MLS IDX platforms, SEO packages, and CRMs. Based on my research realized current solutions did not address the primary reason consumers visit a real estate agent's website which is actually validation.
    • Designed a novel solution and created a clickable mockup to solve the problem of getting to know, like and trust someone on internet time.
    • Earned meetings with several investors through the clever use of social media, including one with a well known Los Angeles-based venture capitalist. That 30-minute meeting lasted one hour.
    • Acquired significant knowledge around Lean Startup principles during this startup journey and also around digital marketing. Spent considerable time learning to build sales funnels particularly using FB as a paid traffic source.
    • Generated over 2,000 leads at approximately $15 each for a venture-backed B2B Enterprise IT SaaS startup using Facebook ads and landing pages I created.
    • Did extensive competitor research including deep feature analysis for a stealth real estate prop-tech startup to identify market gaps and potential MVPs.
    • Created all application input and output wireframes that integrated the founders' novel solutions with industry-standard features.
    • Contacted government data providers regarding data sources, data elements, costs, and update cycles.
    • Designed database update logic flows to integrated data from both government and private sources.
    • Participated in meetings and negotiations with private data providers including evaluating the offerings to determine the best combination of price and features.
    • Provided business coaching to founders.
    • Resolved a lead attribution problem for a venture backed startup involving Facebook and Google Adwords generated leads, Google Analytics, and Pardot by diagnosing, recommending and implementing correct Google Tag Manager installation allowing client to properly track best performing campaigns.
    • Designed and implemented a PPC marketing campaign report using Swydo allowing client to compare campaign performance across Linkedin, Google Adwords, and Facebook and make data driven decisions regarding scaling the best performing campaigns.
  • Business Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, QA and Scrum Team Member

    2012 - 2013
    Contractor - Data and Application Migration
    • Assisted in the successful migration of a massive legacy mainframe real estate application and multiple associated big data databases to a distributed SOA/SQL server client/web-based architecture. The project was run following Agile Methodology principles using Scrum Meetings and Rally Software.
    • Collaborated with the team to identify, understand, and explain critical legacy features. Prevented key functionality that customers relied on from being lost during the initial port which would have led to customer rejection, delays, and significant additional and unnecessary expenses.
    • Drafted many feature test documents for use in manual testing by on-shore and offshore teams and by the test automation teams for script development.
    • Analyzed and resolved a post-migration problem that would have resulted in 5 million transaction records being re-processed incorrectly.
    • Trained offshore QA teams on how to correctly test key features involving syncing separate datasets on demand to produce output.
  • Director, Special Projects

    1995 - 2010
    Data Trace Information Services
    • Created the data trace starter service and managed data acquisition operations working closely with the regional sales managers to acquired, scrub, index and load the service with over 3.5 million starter records (title insurance policies).
    • Conceived and developed a new record type that allowed Data Trace to acquire multiple, critical large customers resulting in excess of $1 million of additional annual revenue. As product manager worked with product development to implement the new record and operations to oversee keying of ten years worth of additional real estate data in seven Southern California counties.
    • Managed the introduction of the first API allowing customers to directly access the databases and build automated searching tools using business rules engines, including developing pricing and contracts.
    • In response to customer demand created Property Plus, a less costly, limited feature version of a previously retired application. I added critical new features that allowed it to fill a gap in our product mix and quickly grow to monthly billings in excess of $100,000.
    • Instrumental in closing $30 million in new and renewal business for a real estate SaaS service with a lifetime value of those contracts exceeding $150 million.
    • Held P&L responsibility for a revenue and customer support budget. Grew annual revenue from $5 million to over $7.5 million in additional revenue over a 5 year period.

Project History

  • Stealth Real Estate Startup
    Led the product design of a real estate application intended to help investors identify untapped opportunities.

    Served as a product manager and strategic advisor for a stealth prop-tech real estate startup. In addition to a deep analysis of the competitive market place, I created a complete set of wireframes for the application including helping to develop the UI for the founders' unique and non-obvious solutions to property search problems that mapped to proprietary data sets. I also worked on the data acquisition side including interfacing with commercial and government data providers as well as performing provider contract reviews. The data acquisition tasks included mapping the data to the UI/wireframes and developing guidelines for the development team to use when applying updates. Finally, I served as a strategic adviser regarding pricing, sales, fundraising, and business development opportunities using my extensive experience in real estate data/property tech, SAAS sales, account management, customer support, digital marketing, and lean startup principles.

  • FB Dynamic Ads for Real Estate
    In conjunction with a technical co-founder created a functional prototype and demoed it to potential customers.

    Facebook expanded its dynamic ads product offering from eCommerce to include real estate, travel, and cars. Working with a technical co-founder, we examined potential opportunities for the real estate version, built a functional prototype as an MVP with the absolute minimum feature set, and demoed it to various potential customers. DARE, as Facebook refers to it, requires integration with real estate websites - particularly catalog management and sophisticated FB pixel implementations - and we quickly determined that a successful product would require us to build a full real estate website offering and terminated the project.


  • Bachelor of Art degree in Fine Art
    1978 - 1982
    San Diego State University - San Diego, California

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