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Bhavin Gandhi

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Atlanta, GA, United States
Toptal Member Since
February 22, 2021

Bhavin is an accomplished technical project leader who drives cross-functional programs in B2C, B2B, AI, and ML companies. With expertise in bridging tech-business gaps, he mentors startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Bhavin empowers companies by implementing Agile frameworks, developing MVPs, establishing their PMO practices, and securing vital investor funding, turning the company's visions into reality. He guides founders to navigate through tech complexities and achieve success.

Project Highlights

Survey Junkie UK
Launched iOS, Android, and Web applications for the Survey Junkie platform in the UK market, which generated a revenue stream of $5,000,000 per year.
Electronic Table Games
Improved electronic table games (ETG) net revenue by 22% to reach $48,000,000 by developing a roadmap and leading cross-functional execution efforts.
New Product Launch
Created an additional $4,000,000 in revenue stream for the company by driving the launch of two progressive games.


Work Experience

Technical Program Leader

2021 - PRESENT
  • Established the PMO organization within DISQO and coached various teams on implementing Scrum and Kanban processes to improve the value stream of the business.
  • Collaborated with 20+ cross-functional teams to develop and implement OKRs and roadmap planning frameworks, prioritizing and executing the company's objectives.
  • Led a team of 150+ engineers, SDETs, QA testers, SREs, and external vendors across 20+ cross-functional teams to launch iOS, Android, and web apps in the UK.
  • Built program management capabilities for existing initiatives, resulting in the growth of the consumer portfolio, which brought in $50,000,000 in ARR.
  • Increased release efficiency by 12% by designing and developing a dependency management framework that helps drive cross-functional alignment and prioritize key initiatives.

Agile PMO Coach

2022 - 2023
  • Led a company-wide adoption of Agile methodologies, resulting in a 20% improvement in delivery predictability over a three-month period.
  • Facilitated and coached cross-functional teams to work together more effectively, resulting in a 16% increase in overall velocity.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 32% as measured by surveys through the implementation of Agile processes, which increased transparency and visibility.

Technology Advisor

2022 - 2022
Healthcare Company
  • Secured $2,000,000 in Series A funding for a healthcare application by assisting the founders in developing a vision, creating a roadmap, and an execution plan for the investors.
  • Established a software development team from the ground up, drove the creation of prototypes and MVPs, and prepared the necessary materials for fundraising efforts.
  • Partnered with the founders to build an engineering team of 20+ software developers from scratch.

Technical Program Director

2020 - 2021
Powerhouse Gaming
  • Created an additional $4,000,000 in revenue for the company by driving the launch of two progressive games.
  • Led an Agile transformation initiative of the R&D department by collaborating with multiple workstreams to improve development efficiency by 16%.
  • Designed and developed a strategic insight platform that accelerated revenue growth by 18% in six months.

Technical Program Director

2020 - 2020
  • Led an Agile and Scrum transformation of the software development teams, resulting in 44% fewer defects found in the field.
  • Supported $38,000,000 of the revenue stream by expanding the program management capabilities and hiring TPgMs to drive crucial initiatives.
  • Increased engineering productivity by 22% by applying Agile principles during the rapid expansion phase of the company, which was experiencing a 50% annual growth.

Senior Technical Program Manager

2019 - 2020
  • Migrated six development teams successfully from Waterfall to Scrum within six months and reduced the game development time by 18%.
  • Improved the quality of deliverables by 16% by assisting the development team in making appropriate commitments through prioritization, story selection, task sizing, and sprint planning.
  • Developed a selective submission process to reduce compliance submission costs by 12% through an automated dashboard for the executive team.
  • Increased electronic table games (ETG) net revenue by 22% to reach $48,000,000 by developing a roadmap and leading cross-functional execution efforts.
  • Reduced product deployment expenses by 28% and shortened game development time by 18% through the use of re-architecture efforts and incorporation of Agile methodologies.

Technical Program Management Director

2017 - 2019
  • Built an engineering team of 30+ software developers from scratch, which supported a revenue stream of ₹560,000,000.
  • Led and managed multiple development teams to deliver 50+ projects within three years.
  • Raised more than $300,000 for the company by regularly meeting prospective investors and presenting them with the business plan.
  • Spearheaded the effort of getting the SellGone product selected as one of the members of StartUpNV by going through their rigorous vetting process that allows only 15% of the applicants to be their members.
  • Supervised the delivery of multiple iOS and Android apps, such as SellGone, BuzzyWuzzy, and Explore the Universe, which generated 76% of the company's revenue.

Senior Technical Program Manager

2014 - 2017
  • Reduced $20,000,000 in yearly operating costs by collaborating with 20+ workstreams across departments to transition the company from its outdated AVP platform to the more efficient and cost-effective Ascent platform.
  • Increased development productivity by 22% streamlining business operations through the implementation of new technologies and automation.
  • Led the efforts to implement Agile development methodologies, resulting in a 50% increase in the number of features delivered per sprint.
  • Increased sanity and regression testing efficiency by 47% through a continuous integration framework.
  • Decreased the total number of errors found in the field by 12%.
  • Improved process efficiency and customer service by replacing the haphazard email-based system with a sophisticated Jira and quality center (QC) based field issue tracking system.

Technical Program Manager

2011 - 2014
DoubleDown Interactive
  • Managed the merger of Double Down and IGT by working closely with 20+ cross-functional teams to effectively integrate systems, processes, and cultures, resulting in a 20% improvement in productivity.
  • Launched over 32 game titles in the social gaming space within just two years of the merger due to improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Unified and centralized existing tools' inventory and reduced the support costs of these tools by 30%.
  • Designed and developed a system automation framework that reduced manual labor costs by $120,000 annually.
  • Increased overall employee satisfaction from 64% to a record high of 87% percent.

Technical Project Manager

2008 - 2011
  • Established a software development office in China, which provided access to a skilled technical workforce and cost savings of $12,000,000.
  • Completed the sbX 3.2 - Advantage 9.2 integration project within the given timeframe and budget and concurrently expanded the development team.
  • Increased the development team's productivity by 28% through mentoring, effective communication, and streamlined processes.
  • Developed an automation tool for the production line, leading to an annual cost savings of $1,200,000 in labor on the manufacturing line.

IT Consultant

2002 - 2005
Gandhi Brothers
  • Generated an additional revenue of ₹200,000 by implementing new marketing strategies and securing new projects by utilizing technology-based solutions such as online marketing.
  • Decreased the company's account management expenses by 40% through the implementation of various software solutions.
  • Provided training to factory workers and non-technical staff on the company's proprietary software, resulting in a 30% increase in efficiency.

Survey Junkie UK

Launched iOS, Android, and Web applications for the Survey Junkie platform in the UK market, which generated a revenue stream of $5,000,000 per year.

Led a team of 150+ engineers, SDETs, QA testers, SREs, and external vendors across 20+ cross-functional teams to launch iOS, Android, and Web applications in the UK. Worked with product directors and C-level executives to gain alignment on the program's objectives and developed an additional revenue stream of $5,000,000 per year.

Electronic Table Games

Improved electronic table games (ETG) net revenue by 22% to reach $48,000,000 by developing a roadmap and leading cross-functional execution efforts.

Led more than 50 developers, graphic designers, software testers, project managers, and hardware engineers to launch three top-performing gaming products in the market. Owned and drove end-to-end delivery of these large-scale, cross-regional, and cross-functional initiatives to deliver high-quality gaming products.

New Product Launch

Created an additional $4,000,000 in revenue stream for the company by driving the launch of two progressive games.

Led a team of 40+ developers, QA engineers, project managers, engineering managers, and support engineers to develop and launch two progressive games in the US market. Managed all technical aspects of the product delivery, from establishing a strategic vision to leading 15+ cross-functional workstreams to launch the product.

Parallel Download Tool

Reduced the company's operational costs by $1,200,000 through the development of process automation tools.

Led and managed a team of 20+ engineers, business analysts, project managers, and QA testers to deliver a production line tool that completely transformed how 250+ production associates work every day.

Building a Development Team from Scratch

Built an engineering team of 30+ software developers from scratch, which supported a revenue stream of ₹560,000,000.

Successfully spearheaded the establishment and growth of a dedicated engineering team consisting of over 30 highly skilled software developers. Additionally, I took the initiative to establish robust product development and project management practices within the company. By standardizing our Agile processes, we achieved greater predictability in project delivery, ensuring successful outcomes for our clients. Through these efforts, we were able to drive a substantial revenue stream of ₹560,000,000.

Monolith Deprecation

Led the effective phaseout of the PHP monolith application and smooth transition of over 700,000 monthly active users (MAUs) to a microservice-based architecture without any impact on continuous revenue generation.

I spearheaded a large-scale program aimed at transitioning our platform from a PHP monolith application to a microservice-based architecture. Leading a diverse team of over 150 software developers, product leaders, design leads, QA testers, SREs, data scientists, and external vendors spread across 20+ cross-functional teams, we successfully migrated our 700,000+ monthly active users (MAUs) without any impact on revenue. This transformation facilitated the rapid launch of new experiments, significantly reducing the time from inception to implementation. Additionally, the new infrastructure played a crucial role in enhancing email engagement and overall productivity, leading to a substantial increase in revenue per member. Our focus on efficiency and data-driven decision-making resulted in a remarkable 12% improvement in the overall productivity of our members within just a year of the migration.

Healthcare App for Primary Care Providers (PCP)

Helped the founder secure $2 million in Series A funding for the healthcare application by assisting him in establishing a software development team from the ground up and driving the creation of prototypes and MVPs.

I played a pivotal role in assisting the founder of a healthcare tech company focused on simplifying the patient experience at primary care physicians. Throughout this venture, I provided extensive support to the founder, aiding in scoping the project, estimating costs for prototype and MVP development, facilitating connections with the development team, and overseeing the development of the MVP. Additionally, I took charge of building a software development team from scratch, leading the creation of prototypes and MVPs, and compiling necessary materials to support fundraising efforts. My involvement culminated in successfully securing $2 million in Series A funding for the healthcare application, as I collaborated with the founders in crafting a compelling pitch deck and effectively presenting the concept to venture capitalists (VCs).

Integration of Casino Management Systems

Enhanced casino floor management capabilities by successfully integrating sbX and Advantage systems, ensuring uninterrupted service for 300,000+ slot machines, and achieving a 22% improvement in overall process efficiency.

Spearheaded the integration of two complex casino floor management systems: sbX and Advantage, which revolutionized the casino floor management experience. This project enabled dynamic game content updates and remote diagnostics for 300,000+ slot machines, ensuring uninterrupted service. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with 15+ cross-functional teams, the project achieved a notable 20% increase in system reliability. The comprehensive transition to the upgraded system further yielded a 22% improvement in process efficiency, resulting in significant annual savings of $2,500,000. Moreover, the project's success was underscored by a 40% reduction in average resolution time for technical issues, solidifying the company's reputation for reliable service and operational excellence.

Merger and Acquisition Of Double Down into IGT

Spearheaded the successful merger of Double Down with IGT, launching 40+ gaming titles to 5.2 MAUs, resulting in a 12% engagement boost and a 13% revenue surge.

I orchestrated the merger and acquisition of Double Down (an online gambling company) into the IGT portfolio, collaborating with over 50 cross-functional leaders to devise a comprehensive transition plan, assess the technological landscape, and seamlessly integrate their operational processes. This program led to the successful launch of 40+ popular land-based gaming titles on the social casino platform, significantly expanding the user base to 5.2 monthly active users (MAUs) and driving a remarkable 12% increase in user engagement. The heightened popularity of these new games on the social platform translated into a substantial 13% surge in the company's overall revenue. Within just one year of introducing these game titles to the online platform, the Double Down app achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the top-paid downloaded app on iPad, solidifying its position as a leader in the online gaming space.

Company-wide Agile Transformation

Transformed the company's business model through Agile adoption, achieving a 20% improvement in delivery predictability, a 16% increase in overall velocity, and a 32% boost in customer satisfaction.

I facilitated a comprehensive transition to Agile methodologies, addressing internal challenges with client management and project cost management. This strategic shift resulted in a notable 20% enhancement in delivery predictability over six months, streamlining project timelines and resource allocation. By fostering cross-functional collaboration and coaching teams to work more efficiently, we achieved a significant 16% increase in overall project velocity, enhancing the company's overall productivity and output. Furthermore, the implementation of Agile processes led to a commendable 32% increase in customer satisfaction, as indicated by surveys, attributable to improved transparency and enhanced visibility into project progress and deliverables.
2009 - 2011

Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

University of Nevada - Reno, Nevada, USA

2005 - 2007

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Northeastern University - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

2001 - 2005

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

Mumbai University - Mumbai, India


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certified Agilest

Scaled Agile


Green Belt

International Game Technology


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Jira, Slack, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, TFS, Microsoft Project, Confluence, SQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Excel 365, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Salesforce, HP Quality Center (QC), VMware, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), Microsoft Access, Asana, Tableau, Adobe, GitHub, GitLab CI/CD, GitLab, Optimizely, Figma, Office 2016, Azure Machine Learning

Industry Expertise

Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Architecture, Casinos & Gaming, Renewable Energy, Cannabis


Agile, Management, Testing, Agile Project Management, Agile Leadership, Requirements Analysis, Scrum, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), Six Sigma, Database Design, Kanban, Microservices, Microservices Architecture, Team Development, UX Design, DevOps, Data Science, Change Management, Agile Product Management, Agile Delivery


SharePoint, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Google Meet, IT Project Management, Technical Program Management, Agile Coaching, Project Management, Scrum Master, Scrum Coaching, Negotiation, Planning, Quality Assurance (QA), Risk Management, IT Program Management, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Proof of Concept (POC), Leadership, Change Leadership, Project Scoping, Project Delivery, Project Analysis, Outlook, IT Consulting, Mentorship & Coaching, Process Design, Team Building, Resource Management, New Products, Product Owner, Cross-functional Team Leadership, PI Planning, Complex Program Management, Agile Transformation, Process Transformation, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Agile Program Management, Technical Project Management, Automation, Project Planning, Process Improvement Project Management, Process Improvement, Detail-oriented, Process Optimization, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Project Estimation, APIs, Business to Business (B2B), Cross-functional Collaboration, Cloud Platforms, Analytics, Product Management, Team Leadership, Startups, Project Timelines, Reporting, Databases, API Applications, Consumer-facing Product Design, Business to Consumer (B2C), Project Reporting, Enterprise SaaS, Large-scale Projects, Client Delivery Management, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Stakeholder Management, Web Project Management, Sprint Planning, Dashboards, Web Applications, Consulting, Estimation & Planning, Project Tracking, Scope of Work, COE, Mobile Apps, SaaS, Technical Product Management, Release Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Mobile Applications, Workshops, Business Analysis, Hybrid Project Management, User Stories, Product Ownership, Backlog Management, Operations, User Onboarding, Software Architecture, Information Systems, Startup Funding, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Roadmaps, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Investor Presentations, Product Roadmaps, Remote Team Leadership, Jira Administration, Strategic Planning & Execution, Value Creation, Revenue Strategy, Software as a Service (SaaS), Portfolio Management, Enterprise Product Portfolios, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Budgeting, Prototyping, Discovery Workshops, Discovery, Invoicing, Design, Finance, eCommerce, Hardware, RFPs, Notion, Software Development, Microsoft Teams, C#.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Unity, Research, Java, Embedded Software, Production, Hardware Integration, Lean Six Sigma, MySQL, IT Projects, NUnit, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP, Python, Perl, Quality Control (QC), Outsourcing, China, HTML, IT Contracts, Agile DevOps, Hiring Process Development, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Agile Product Delivery, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Business Plan Consulting, Pitch Decks, Angel/Seed Funding, Web, Strategy, Datadog, Redshift, User Experience (UX), HTML5, Healthcare IT, Healthcare EDI, Healthcare Sales, Startup Consulting, Seed Fundraising, Program Management, IT Outsourcing, Product Development, New Product Development, Thought Leadership, Value Stream Mapping, Beta Testing, C++, Client Success, Operational Efficiency Improvement, Data Analysis, A/B Testing, Growth, PMO Development, Project Management Office (PMO), Distributed Team Management, Technical Hiring, IT Strategy, Teamwork, Workflow, Partner Management, Fintech, Transition Management, Data-driven Decision-making, Coaching, Clarity PPM, Request for Proposal (RFP), .NET, REST APIs, Unity3D, Large Language Models (LLMs)

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