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David Fish

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Castle Pines, CO, United States
Toptal Member Since
March 7, 2019

David has successfully managed many software projects, optimizing business processes and enhancing value. His expertise is in technology consulting, app integration, mobile, and UX. He has a proven track record of steering all phases of the SDLC to successfully translate business objectives into comprehensive mobile, desktop, and web technical solutions. He also has nearly a decade of experience leading Agile projects and teams.

Project Highlights

Anthem Sydney Health App
Served as the technical project manager and Scrum Master for a mobile and web development team creating iOS, Android, and web portal features for Anthem's Sydney Health app and portal.
IBM Mobile App Factory
Led the IBM Mobile App Factory project as part of the CEMEX digital transformation project.
Carent Mobile Application
Technical lead, developer, and architect of a mobile application with an AWS Cloud backend.


Work Experience

Solutions Architect and Full-stack Developer

2022 - PRESENT
EX3 Labs, LLC
  • Worked as an architect and full-stack developer for the Carent mobile app, an application that helps families manage their parents' health and financial welfare.
  • Set up and configured the AWS environment to host the application's data and services. Set up AWS Amplify, including DynamoDB, Lambda, AppSync, EventBridge, SNS, Cognito, S3, AppSync (GraphQL), and CloudWatch.
  • Developed stateless functions used by the mobile application, which allows users to upload and download documents and create appointments, to-do items, and contacts. Implemented app push notification functionality.
  • Designed and implemented the application DevOps environment to build and deploy the mobile application to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Implemented build processes through Expo.
  • Implemented application back-end monitoring, reliability, and scalability features via the AWS Cloud.
  • Facilitated Agile ceremonies such as sprint planning, backlog grooming, sprint retros, and daily standups in conjunction with the client's project manager.
  • Provided technical guidance and researched software technologies to be used in developing and deploying the application.
  • Implemented security features to protect user information in a multi-tenant database environment.

Technical Lead

2021 - 2022
EX3 Labs, LLC
  • Joined the team as a technical project manager for mobile and web applications. Took on additional technical architecture and development responsibilities for mobile and cloud solutions.
  • Implemented DevOps processes on the Google Cloud platform utilizing Docker container technology. Automated build processes and implemented development, test, and production environments. Created Cloud Functions to interface with external APIs.
  • Architected and developed solutions on AWS using technologies such as Amplify, Lambda, AppSync, S3, IAM, and DynamoDB. Established DevOps procedures for deploying and maintaining development, test, and production environments.
  • Created numerous AWS Lambda functions in Node.js to handle back-end business logic and data access. These functions interfaced with a DynamoDB database and S3 storage buckets to store user data securely.
  • Implemented authorization (sign up and sign in capability) using AWS Cognito. Provisioned and configured the Cognito service to secure the mobile application using multi-factor authentication with SMS. Defined necessary IAM roles and permissions.
  • Enabled mobile application push notifications using AWS Lambda and the Expo push notification service. Developed business logic to send scheduled push notifications to users based on business requirements.
  • Worked with project managers to successfully implement Scrum on the client's projects. Implemented Jira best practices (user story development) and helped improve Scrum ceremonies such as daily standup, sprint planning, sprint retros, and demos.
  • Implemented effective mobile application build processes using Ionic and Expo EAS. Configured iOS and Android app store settings for deploying mobile apps. Created necessary application certificates and provisioning profiles for three different apps.
  • Added source code control best practices using Bitbucket and GitHub. Created Bitbucket pipelines to mirror source code repositories between Bitbucket and GitHub for disaster recovery. Implemented effective branch and merge strategies.
  • Provisioned and configured AWS EventBridge to call AWS Lambda functions on a predetermined schedule.

Agile Project Manager

2019 - 2022
  • Led a team creating features for Anthem's mobile application Sydney and web portal. Helped the team define and refine user stories and deliver features that improved the usability of the mobile application and web portal by Anthem's members.
  • Facilitated program increment (PI) planning sessions on a SAFe project. Identified business objectives and coordinated PI iterations during the planning sessions. Created the project backlog and helped the team prioritize its work.
  • Coordinated product releases and helped troubleshoot release issues. Worked with developers and testers to ensure adequate support coverage during and after the release process.
  • Facilitated Scrum and SAFe ceremonies such as daily standup meetings, sprint planning, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives. Represented the Scrum team at the release train Scrum-of-Scrum meetings.
  • Coached the team members on Agile and Scrum best practices. Assisted them with story point estimating techniques. Helped remove impediments to progress. Coached the team on the proper use of Jira and Confluence for project tracking and reporting.
  • Created Confluence pages to capture project information and team-best practices, like coding standards and more.
  • Assisted the product owner with user story development and refinement. Acted as backup product owner when he was not available.
  • Managed the creation and implementation of the development and testing environment for the team. Technologies used included Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS EKS.
  • Helped to interview and hire developers and testers for the project. Skillsets included Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS), React Native, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.
  • Created and delivered weekly status reports to Anthem leadership through reports and meetings. Raised risks and issues and tracked progress on the team's deliverables.

Senior Portfolio Delivery Manager

2019 - 2019
Charter Communications
  • Oversaw the product delivery and release management for the Spectrum Mobile Account native mobile apps and the Spectrum Mobile web portal.
  • Coordinated and implemented the dependency management between the front-end development teams, web services development team, QA, ProdOps, and PortalOps.
  • Tracked and resolved identified risks, issues, and dependencies that could impact the successful development and delivery of new software releases.
  • Developed and maintained project schedules and management reports using SmartSheets, Jira, and Microsoft Project.
  • Coordinated and facilitated the Scrum of Scrums ceremonies for the various Scrum teams working on the Spectrum Mobile products.

Agile Manager and Coach

2018 - 2019
Freelance Work (Independent Contracts)
  • Managed and provided Agile coaching to on-site and off-shore software development teams.
  • Conducted daily Scrum stand-up meetings with the development team.
  • Led client ideation and user experience workshops for customers implementing digital transformation projects.
  • Conducted Agile and Scrum overview training for business organizations new to Scrum application development.
  • Provided training on how to write proper user stories, Scrum roles, how the Scrum sprint process works, and how to successfully conduct Scrum ceremonies (stand-up meetings, sprint planning meetings, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives).
  • Conducted UX design sprints on an iOS GIS application for a North American railroad.
  • Created technical design documents from functional design documents for an SAP enterprise asset management implementation project.

Managing Consultant

2015 - 2018
  • Managed a team of over 70 on-site and offshore staff, including iOS and Android developers, UI/UX designers, testers, business analysts, DevOps resources, support engineers, and solution architects for a Scrum Agile project.
  • Managed six Scrum teams and provided coaching and mentoring to ensure understanding and adherence to Agile principles.
  • Oversaw the mobile app development team as part of a large enterprise digital transformation project utilizing the scaled Agile framework (SAFe) to manage 30 Scrum teams building mobile and web apps and cloud-based microservices.
  • Served as the first point of contact with clients to review performance, proactively mitigate issues and setbacks, and plan future development projects.
  • Served as the Scrum Master for a distributed web development team creating software to help businesses comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.
  • Led design-thinking workshops for customers as part of the Apple-IBM alliance program.

Agile Consultant

2014 - 2015
Freelance Work (Independent Contracts)
  • Provided Agile coaching and leadership to the team responsible for installing, configuring, and deploying the SAP mobile platform for the CHS United SAP implementation project.
  • Developed an end-to-end mobile enterprise strategy and landscape for a United SAP implementation at Central Harvest States Cooperative, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) as a subcontractor to CapGemini.
  • Performed an SAP Fiori installation and configuration on a new SAP implementation project.

Development Expert and Team Leader

2012 - 2014
  • Acted as the Scrum Master for the SAP mobile platform administration tool rewrite project.
  • Led a distributed team of six web developers and testers.
  • Conducted daily standup meetings, sprint planning meetings, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives.
  • Designed, developed, and supported mobile web applications for the SAP mobile platform, including iOS and Android native and HTML5 mobile web applications using jQuery, SAPUI5, and PhoneGap.
  • Conducted SAP internal training classes on using the SAPUI5 JavaScript framework (underlying SAP Fiori technology) as a SAPUI5 instructor.
  • Developed and delivered code examples, tutorials, white papers, and hands-on training courses for building and deploying native and hybrid mobile web applications to the SAP mobile platform.

Product Manager

2002 - 2010
  • Managed the global product, sales, and marketing for SAP PowerBuilder Enterprise, an industry-leading application development tool for creating desktop, web, and mobile applications.
  • Worked as a technology evangelist for Sybase-packaged software products.
  • Developed tutorials and led product seminars and road shows to educate customers about product features.

Principal Systems Consultant

2000 - 2002
  • Developed and delivered desktop- and web-based applications using PowerBuilder, Java, HTML, and JavaScript for Sybase professional services.
  • Consulted on the enterprise application server's performance and tuning.
  • Oversaw business development for the consulting services arm of the company.

Anthem Sydney Health App

Served as the technical project manager and Scrum Master for a mobile and web development team creating iOS, Android, and web portal features for Anthem's Sydney Health app and portal.

ROLE: Technical Project Manager
• Served as a technical project manager for a team of nine mobile and web developers and QA engineers on a SAFE project.
• Established AWS development and testing environments using AWS EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, and Elastic Beanstalk.
• Coached the team in implementing Scrum best practices.
• Helped to remove impediments.
• Facilitated Scrum ceremonies.

Our goal was to continuously improve our development and delivery practice to deliver exceptional value to the client.

IBM Mobile App Factory


Led the IBM Mobile App Factory project as part of the CEMEX digital transformation project.

ROLE: Mobile App Factory Delivery Manager
• Led a team of over 70 people on an Agile project designing and developing commercial iOS and Android applications for a major construction materials company in North America.
• Served as PMO point of contact for six Agile Scrum teams developing mobile applications reporting directly to the customer CIO.
• Managed onsite and offshore resources, including UX designers, solutions architects, business analysts, iOS and Android developers, and QA testers.
• Spearheaded the DevOps team implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery tools such as Jenkins, SonarQube, and Git.
• Led the team implementing Jira and Confluence for project management reporting and issue resolution.
• Conducted Agile best practices training for the customer on product-owner responsibilities, how to write user stories, and how to successfully conduct Scrum ceremonies.
• Ran design-thinking workshops to derive product backlogs for custom mobile apps.
• Facilitated UX-design workshops as part of the Apple-IBM alliance for iOS mobile applications.

Spectrum Mobile | End-to-end Software Releases for Mobile apps and Web Portal

Managed the release and delivery of Spectrum's mobile account native iOS and Android applications and web portal.

ROLE: Senior Portfolio Delivery Manager
• Responsible for coordinating end-to-end software releases for the mobile apps and the web portal that enable customers to manage their Spectrum mobile phone accounts.
• Coordinated with native mobile and web development teams to ensure feature parity between the mobile apps and web portal.
• Coordinated with the front-end development teams, web services development teams, QA, ProdOps, and PortalOps teams to ensure smooth and on-time product releases to the market.
• Worked with the product owner to identify features to be included in each release and develop a release roadmap for product stakeholders.
• Worked with stakeholders to report and identify ways to mitigate release delays due to dependencies and technical issues that arise during release cycles.
• Provided regular status reports to management and developed and maintained product information dashboards to help management monitor program health.

Railway Asset-tracking Mobile App

Acted as the Agile project manager and technical lead on a GIS-enabled iOS app.

ROLE: Project Manager
• Provided project-management oversight and technical expertise to an offshore team developing a GIS-enabled iPhone app for the Canadian Pacific railroad. This app allows technicians to identify what railroad assets are within a certain radius and get information about those assets.
• Served as the onsite point of contact for the software vendor developing the application. Met with business and IT stakeholders to develop and verify requirements.
• Developed the UI design using SAP Build to mock up the application interface and incorporate customer feedback.
• Created user stories and coordinated with the business stakeholders to define acceptance criteria.
• Provided design materials and user stories to the offshore Scrum development team, creating the application.
• Conducted daily Scrum stand-up meetings with the Scrum team.
• Led sprint planning meetings.
• Held sprint review meetings with the customer stakeholders.

GDPR Compliance Project


Served as the Scrum Master for a distributed web development team.

ROLE: Scrum Master
• Acted as the Scrum Master for an offshore development team creating web-based tools for customers needing to comply with GDPR guidelines.
• Managed a team of six developers, one architect, and two QA engineers.
• Worked with the product owner to groom the product backlog and identify user stories to be worked on in each sprint.
• Managed the Jira repository to track user stories and issues.
• Provided roll-up reporting to the project's chief architect and created Jira dashboards to monitor project progress (sprint burndown charts, defect tracking, and more).
• Conducted daily Scrum stand-up meetings with the Scrum team to track progress and identify blockers.
• Led sprint-planning meetings.
• Facilitated sprint-review meetings at the end of each sprint.
• Conducted sprint retrospectives after each sprint and worked with the Scrum team to identify ways to improve the quality of the software delivered as well as increase the team's velocity.

My CHI. My Future Mobile Application


Developed mobile application deployment process using Ionic App Flow and iOS and Android App Store tools. This app allows youth in Chicago to learn about recreational and educational activities available to them within the city.

Created a DevOps deployment process to push mobile application updates through testing services, such as Apple TestFlight and Google Testing, to production and release to the respective app stores. Implemented app build processes.

Carent Mobile Application


Technical lead, developer, and architect of a mobile application with an AWS Cloud backend.

I identified appropriate cloud technologies for a mobile application that helps users manage family members' legal, health, and financial affairs. I chose and implemented cloud services for file and data storage, business logic implementation, and security. I oversaw the mobile application build and deployment process.

Black Wealth Data Center Website


Implemented DevOps best practices in a Firebase and Google Cloud Platform Environment.

I implemented DevOps procedures for deploying the Black Wealth Data Center (BWDC) website in development, test, and production environments. I developed a Docker container deployment strategy to automate the build and deploy process.
2020 - 2020

Cloud Developer Nanodegree in Cloud Development

Udacity - Online

2017 - 2019

Certificate in Agile Project Management

American Project Management Academy - Online

1981 - 1985

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA, USA

MAY 2024 - MAY 2027

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services


AWS Certified Practitioner

Amazon Web Services





Jira, Confluence, TestFlight, Amazon Cognito, Atlassian Suite, Xcode, Slack, SonarQube, Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, AWS IAM, AWS SDK, iTunes Connect, Docker Compose, Mailchimp, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Apple Push Notifications, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation, Auth0, AWS CLI, Android Studio, Jenkins, Microsoft Visio, Bamboo, Expo.io, Google Analytics

Industry Expertise

Software, Transportation & Shipping, Building Materials


Microservices, Scrum, Agile, Release Trains, Agile Project Management, Kanban, Waterfall Delivery, Waterfall Development


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, iOS, Docker, Android, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Firebase


Communication, Remote Work, Digital Project Management, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Backlog Management, Backlog Grooming, Scrum Master, Technical Project Management, Web UI, Web, Cloud, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Agile Sprints, Agile Coaching, REST APIs, APIs, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Release Management, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Agile Program Management, Project Management, Reporting, Mobile Applications, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, AWS Cloud Computing Services, Client-side, Consulting, Web & Mobile Applications, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), JSON, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Cross-departmental Collaboration, Stakeholder Management, AWS Cloud Architecture, Amazon EventBridge, GraphQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Discovery Workshops, Offshore Team Management, Enterprise, Microsoft 365, Swift, JavaScript, Databases, Agile Transformation, Mobile Web, Node.js, Waterfall Methodology, Project Planning, Technical Hiring, User Stories, Estimations, Ionic, App Store, Google Cloud Functions, Push Notifications, Startups, Product Management, Full-stack, AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, TypeScript, React Native, Design, Java, Kubernetes, React, iOS API, Google Play Store, Amazon Pinpoint, Education, Serverless Architecture, AWS CloudTrail

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