Lir Cowman, Project Manager in London, United Kingdom
Lir Cowman

Project Manager in London, United Kingdom

Member since April 8, 2020
As a senior leader, Lir has 25+ years of transforming companies and their digital delivery. Her unique skillset includes operations with tools, templates, and processes for companies to run efficiently; delivery of decades of project management and Agile/Lean/Waterfall/Scrum expertise; and coaching to embed transformational change and help leaders and teams achieve their full potential. She brings a pragmatic, calm, and collaborative approach to the most challenging environments and problems.
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Project Highlights

  • Led and managed the discovery phase for a new client to uncover the issues underlying their project and find several new solutions/considerations, leading them to commission the agency for the full project.
  • Rescued a large, troubled, and complex project after the entire team left weeks before the launch was due.
  • Implemented many positive changes in ten weeks at a digital consultancy. Defined the delivery processes, improved resource management, and created a balanced scorecard while managing multiple projects and pitching for a new business.


  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Delivery
  • Change Management
  • Client Services
  • Coaching
  • Operations
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management


Select Certifications


  • Delivery Consultant | Fintech App

    2021 - 2022
    Animo Services LLC
    • Defined and iterated the project process in a rapidly changing environment, where senior leads requested extensive change monthly.
    • Selected tools and optimized them for the team, with frequent changes to ensure alignment with process changes, supported by constant training and documentation.
    • Defined and supported the team with planning and provided support for product owners and business analysts, working out the structure and hierarchy in an environment of constant flux.
    • Coached senior team members to help them succeed in a challenging environment.
    • Scaled the team from less than five to more than 100 within three months, monitoring the productivity and efficiency of a globally dispersed team.
  • Consultant | Roadmap Tooling

    2021 - 2021
    • Analyzed the complex business processes of a large (1,000+) Google team within days of starting the role.
    • Identified how best to use the selected tool, Asana, to work with the process, gaining support and insight from the many stakeholders.
    • Tested, iterated, and rolled out this approach, with training, to senior Google management, within the tight 2-month deadline.
  • Project Manager

    2021 - 2021
    • Joined the GSK NEXT Innovation Oral Health team to manage and launch their first project, a real-world evidence behavioral science experiment using IoT-enabled toothbrushes.
    • Initiated and led the discovery process, with hypothesis formation workshops, research coordination and strategic direction analysis.
    • Managed a third-party partner launching a novel offering in the consumer service area.
  • Consultant | Trello

    2021 - 2021
    • Defined processes and Trello templates for a wide range of types of projects and operations, collaborating with primary stakeholders to refine and adjust.
    • Integrated Trello with a range of power-ups, e.g., TeamGantt for project management and planning; Unito to improve flows of cards between boards.
    • Created a training deck on Trello usage to take the company from beginner to expert level and enable them to continue improving as they evolved.
  • Consultant | Process Improvement

    2020 - 2021
    AIIR Consulting
    • Defined requirements for the PM toolkit; analyzed several options against the requirements; recommended Asana as the best fit for their needs; set Asana up and rolled it out.
    • Analyzed and defined the current project management process; devised and rolled out process improvements.
    • Defined roles and responsibilities for account and project management teams; devised a quantitative approach to team planning.
    • Created a wiki for internal knowledge management within the first weeks. The wiki became the primary living source of process and company knowledge.
    • Created a pricing model, enabling the team to estimate pricing and margins easily based on deliverables and costs, and created a new tool to select and manage the FL coach team.
    • Trained and coached the team through a period of disruptive change for the company.
  • Consultant | Project Management

    2020 - 2020
    Azrieli Ecommerce Ltd.
    • Delivered a light-touch project as a scrum master, keeping the agile team unblocked and joining in the scrum rituals with just a few hours per month.
    • Defined a process with the team, moved ticket management from Trello to Jira, and introduced Asana for project management and planning.
    • Led the developer and QA team recruitment; defined the job descriptions and the onboarding and offboarding processes.
    • Coached the leadership team and senior team members (CTO, POs, and technical leads) through transformational change.
  • Consultant | Process Improvement

    2020 - 2020
    Joorney LLC
    • Reviewed and documented the client's current sales and operations processes then proposed and drove process changes to improve efficiency and transparency.
    • Evaluated tooling options for project management and sales teams. Defined requirements, assessed options, and led selection for the new toolset.
    • Drove fundamental changes to the usage of Wrike for project managers (e.g., workflow automation).
    • Defined the executive team’s product improvement and new product innovation process.
    • Created and populated a company-wide wiki to improve knowledge transfer and company communications.
  • Delivery Consultant

    2019 - 2020
    • Optimized operations for YLD. Developed a company dashboard with objectives, metrics, and targets and agreed upon and disseminated it with the leadership team. Further improved internal communications. Proposed changes to the sales CRM.
    • Delivered MVP for B2B SaaS in the finance sector. Led an embedded YLD and client development team to deliver a successful MVP over ten weeks as the agile coach, leading to further work.
    • Led the discovery workshop for a new publishing client. The rapid analysis uncovered several approaches to accelerate development. The client engaged YLD to support them for the remainder of the project.
    • Coached C-suite team members to clarify and enact change.
    • Led the new business team in complex, documentation-intensive responses, including creative concepts, work schedules, and budget planning for a one-year delivery, and ensured compliance with legal and procurement requirements when delivering the RFP.
  • Project Director

    2019 - 2019
    • Configured and adjusted the tooling throughout the project: Jira for the development teams, Abstract and Zeplin with InVision, and Sketch for the design and UX teams.
    • Led the remote development team in Poland as a scrum master using classic Agile Scrum for the development work while working concurrently with the creative team in London using Kanban to create a design system.
    • Provided Agile coaching and project management for a SaaS location services client based in Germany; delivered the Drupal upgrade in less than the two months allocated.
  • Delivery Consultant

    2018 - 2019
    YLD Consultancy
    • Defined the delivery process; created all the necessary documentation, lifecycle, playbook, templates, roles and responsibilities, checklists, and supporting sales assets.
    • Identified issues and optimized operations; introduced a company-wide wiki and new resource management tools. Developed a balanced scorecard at the request of the CEO.
    • Acted as a delivery lead for an existing large corporate SaaS client, completed MVP, and agreed on a six-month team extension. Also delivered a new business with a gambling company, heading the intensive two-week discovery and project initiation.
  • Delivery Director

    2013 - 2018
    • Defined and improved processes, tools, and practices to enable quality delivery across the multimillion portfolio of 50+ projects across all disciplines. Led and line-managed operations team to support the 100-strong wider team.
    • Coached and led the project management team. Managed risk and monitored the health of budget, scope, and timelines across up to 50 concurrent projects for the main client, Google. Hands-on project management as needed.
    • Identified opportunities and managed relationships with senior stakeholders at Potato's main client, Google, growing the account by 200%. Acted as the first point of contact and escalation.
    • Mentored and coached teams. Served as a line manager for senior team members in UXD/development and a line manager for the whole project management team. Achieved team growth from 30 to 100+ with a low staff turnover of <5%.
    • Defined and improved processes and reporting for areas like resource utilization, project budget and schedule analysis, sales and revenue forecast, pipeline management, and team planning.
  • Project Director

    2012 - 2013
    MRM McCann
    • Delivered almost £1 million of work over several months as the contract project manager.
    • Launched the first-ever Vauxhall mobile site, built on AEM CMS.
    • Led a complex data integration project, co-coordinating many third parties and senior client stakeholders.
    • Reskinned and rebranded the existing Vauxhall site of several hundred pages within a fixed deadline of three weeks.
  • Head of Digital

    2011 - 2012
    J. Walter Thompson
    • Reduced project overages by 85% by improving the project management processes and estimation.
    • Grew the digital account portfolio by 30%, working directly with senior clients, such as Unilever and Duplo.
    • Defined digital processes and trained the wider non-digital, non-agile agency to work with digital, agile teams. Created templates and tools to improve delivery: source control, estimation templates, and many other elements.
    • Recruited new staff (20% growth). Improved efficiency by 10% by training non-digital staff to do digital work.
  • Freelance Project Manager

    2010 - 2011
    Various Agencies
    • Delivered a complex Umbraco CMS and data migration project, £500,000 to £1 million range, for a Wunderman Automotive client, Jaguar Land Rover.
    • Managed a complex Flash financial modeling project, from £500,000 to £1 million range, for MRM McCann for a financial services client.
    • Delivered Sitecore CMS and a large eCommerce build; from £500,000 to £1 million range, for TulloMarshallWarren's charity client, Marie Curie Cancer Care.
    • Managed Flash and Unity online game activation toolkits, from £100 to £500,000 range, for OgilvyAction's telecommunications client, Vodafone.
  • Operations Director

    2007 - 2010
    iris Worldwide
    • Optimized process, tools, and templates for the digital team of up to 80, covering project management, resource management, utilization analysis, new business and business development, estimation, sales pipeline planning, and revenue forecasting.
    • Completed hands-on delivery for some of the more complex projects for clients such as Lucozade and Sony.
    • Headed the project management team and drove quality throughout the project management process on all projects.
    • Grew the company from 20 to 80 over two years in the new digital arm of a wider integrated agency.
  • Senior Project Manager

    2003 - 2007
    MRM McCann
    • Delivered a wider range of projects as the senior project manager for this large online marketing agency. Clients included HP, MSN, UPS, and RBS Group. Budgets up to £500,000 per annum. Projects ranged from games, widgets, OLM, eCRM, and site builds.
    • Deputized as head of project management. Defined and improved project management processes, recruited and trained staff, and created documents, tools, and templates for the wider project management team to use.
    • Initiated and delivered internal operations improvements in areas such as resource management.

Project History

  • Discovery Phase Uncovering New Solutions
    Led and managed the discovery phase for a new client to uncover the issues underlying their project and find several new solutions/considerations, leading them to commission the agency for the full project.

    The agency had begun working with a publishing client who was worried that a significant internal project would not hit its deadlines. The purpose of the discovery phase was to assess the project and problems in more detail to plan how the agency would best assist the client.

    The issues outlined by the client were relatively simple. They wanted additional help to reduce the risk. After 12 interviews with assorted project team members, I realized that part of the problem was a difference in understanding the requirements. The development team believed it had to build a complex, future-proof platform, yet what was driving the imminent deadline was a much smaller problem. Specific areas needed to move off an existing platform to complete a contract. Neither the development nor the management team was aware of this requirement difference.

    The client was delighted by this analysis and recommendations and commissioned the agency to do extensive further work.

  • Charity Site Challenge
    Rescued a large, troubled, and complex project after the entire team left weeks before the launch was due.

    The project was a large, complex, new site development for a leading charity, enabling them to receive donations of money online for the first time. Their financial projections relied on this eCommerce enablement happening on time. However, the existing development team had left the company abruptly, with no handover notes or materials other than a set of thousands of stories in Mingle.

    What I did:

    • Quickly onboarded a team of five new developers.
    • Managed the client's expectations around the launch date and risks ahead.
    • Reset budget expectations with senior stakeholders and the agency board of directors.
    • Ran a gap analysis to identify the full scope, what had been completed, and what was left to be done, and replanned the remaining work, obtaining approval from all on this redefined project scope and timings.
    • Launched within ten weeks with a pleased client and team.

  • Quick Operations and Delivery Improvements
    Implemented many positive changes in ten weeks at a digital consultancy. Defined the delivery processes, improved resource management, and created a balanced scorecard while managing multiple projects and pitching for a new business.

    This was a brief contract. I made many improvements in how the company worked in just over two months. Given that they hired me again a year later, I could see that the changes were still being used.

    I helped the existing delivery team define their offering and collaborated to develop improvements. I created all the necessary documentation, such as the playbook, templates, roles and responsibilities, checklists, and supporting sales assets. I proactively identified issues and optimized operations. Within the first week, I set up a wiki and began porting information from various sources. I also identified that resource management could be far more efficient with new tooling and began the rollout of this within the first two weeks. I developed a balanced scorecard at the request of the CEO, working closely with the senior management team to get their agreement on the metrics. While doing this, I also did hands-on project management. I was the delivery lead for an existing large corporate SaaS client and led the delivery of a new business with a gambling company, heading the intensive two-week discovery.


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching
    2021 - 2022
    University of Chester - United Kingdom
  • Master of Business Administration Degree in Technology Management
    2006 - 2010
    Open University - United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Arts (First Class) Degree in English Literature, Psychology
    1992 - 1996
    University College Cork - Cork, Ireland


  • Associate Certified Coach
    International Coaching Federation
  • Professional Agile Leadership (PAL 1)
    MAY 2020 - PRESENT
  • Stay Lean with Kanban
    MARCH 2020 - PRESENT
  • Scaled Professional Scrum
  • Professional Scrum Master
    MAY 2019 - PRESENT
  • MBA (Technology Management)
    JUNE 2010 - PRESENT
    Open University
  • Project Management (M865)
    Open University
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
    Office of Government Commerce
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    JULY 2005 - JULY 2009
    Project Management Institute (PMI)

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