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Patricio Tillard

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Torrent, Spain
Toptal Member Since
August 28, 2019

Patricio's passion is to provide high-quality services to his customers and join them in their journey of excellence and innovation. He believes in change as the path to improving our lives and learning from our experiences. His expertise is around IT applied to various industries, primarily transportation. He has a strong attraction to team leadership, people care, IT service management, and product ownership with customer-facing interactions.

Project Highlights

Hosting 2020
Implemented NextGen solution management services at American Airlines account.
University Churn Reduction
Managed big data, machine learning, and AI project to predict the probability of students to abandon their classes.
Asset and Configuration Management Database
Led CMDB platform migration for the company and customer that allowed federation and synchronization of asset data.


Work Experience


2021 - PRESENT
Matech Studios
  • Set the vision and mission, executed based on our goals defined using OKRs methodology, and grew the company by two times in one year.
  • Delivered technology consultancy services to our clients, allowing them to reach their business goals within time and budget.
  • Launched 2 SaaS products to the market from ideation to MVP, for which we have received angel investment and are currently serving customers.

Project Manager Screener

2021 - 2022
  • Conducted 10+ interviews per week, overall high among the team.
  • Defined and created a tool for screening scoring along with the team lead.
  • Created and defined criteria for a new role available for screening.

Project Manager

2021 - 2022
  • Defined the entire product portfolio by prioritizing business and company goals.
  • Rebuilt entire software architecture for a product running obsolete blockchain technology.
  • Integrated Atlassian suite to platform to support entire service operations.

Director of Innovation and IT

2020 - 2022
  • Ensured the team lived agile values and principles and followed the processes and practices. Organized teams into chapters where each discipline has space for continuous improvement and strategic capabilities enhancement.
  • Defined innovation initiatives into programs based on end-user receiving the added value. Managed programs throughout their entire lifecycle, working closely with program managers toward a visible and clear portfolio of services and products.
  • Implemented IT enhancements across the company for security enforcement and productivity optimization.

Chief Operations Officer

2020 - 2022
  • Created and executed company strategy along with CEO, CTO, and CCO.
  • Led people management, which includes assessing staffing needs, participating in the recruiting process, managing employee relationships, conducting staff training and development, managing deadlines, and building company culture.
  • Managed financial budget, billing, and collection monitoring.
  • Participated in commercial strategy and maintained customer interaction to ensure the proper delivery of products and services.

Chief Technology Officer

2019 - 2021
  • Defined structure, processes, and policies of IT operations.
  • Administered the Jira agile project management platform and the Atlassian suite.
  • Renewed the entire IT infrastructure along different stores.

VP of Technology

2018 - 2020
  • Supervised over 15 direct reports distributed in various projects, mainly in big data, machine learning, AI solutions, and outsourcing software services.
  • Defined processes, policies, and standards to be used across technology organizations.
  • Mentored contributors on career development plans.
  • Defined architecture used for continuous integration and delivery and microservices-based development.
  • Acted as the product owner for proprietary big data, machine learning, and AI solutions.
  • Created a performance review process for technology contributors.
  • Participated in sales process to support technical discussions.
  • Defined technology stack to be used internally by each operating area.

Account Chief Architect | Project Manager

2017 - 2018
DXC Technology
  • Defined transformation roadmap for American Airlines contract renewal 6 months prior to the targeted date.
  • Designed architecture to deploy the HP/Microfocus suite of tools to build an integrated solutions platform.
  • Served as the DXC point of contact for American Airlines CIO.
  • Supervised the transformation team, from its creation and staff selection to defining the entire innovation program.
  • Owned IT operations management platform, providing internal support and product management.

Solution Architect | Project Manager

2013 - 2017
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Headed continuous improvement initiatives based on ITIL best practices.
  • Acted as the ITIL IT service management subject matter expert.
  • Managed innovation projects between American Airlines and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  • Served as the HPE representative on American Airlines/US Airways merger technology projects.
  • Oversaw IT efforts on the passenger reservation system fusion between AA and USAir.
  • Led IT efforts on flight operating system fusion between AA and USAir.

Midrange IT Operations Technical Leader | Project Manager

2009 - 2013
  • Acted as the technical leader for IT operations supporting American Airlines infrastructure.
  • Monitored and supported the server infrastructure.
  • Served as the server operating system administrator with Solaris, Linux, and Windows Server.
  • Provided database first-level support with SQL and Oracle.
  • Supported network devices, specifically Cisco Layer 2 and 3 devices.
  • Coordinated event and incident management reduction actions.

Chief Technology Officer

2008 - 2009
ECOM Servicios Informáticos
  • Owned IT service management processes, from design to implementation.
  • Defined technology stack used by IT Operations, both for collaboration and incident resolution.
  • Designed solution architectures adopting cutting-edge technology.
  • Headed continuous improvement initiatives for the entire IT service lifecycle.
  • Supervised IT operations agents, selection, and performance review.

IT Operations Team Outsourcing

Led outsourcing effort from US-based IT operations team to Argentina IT operations team.

I moved the entire American Airlines account IT operations team to Cordoba, Argentina. The team was originally only present in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US. A co-worker and I were sent to a two-week knowledge transfer workshop where we spent time with different operations agents. Since the operations were 24/7, we had sessions at other times to accommodate day and night shifts.

Once we finished KT and documentation generated as an output, we were responsible for training ten new agents based in Cordoba, Argentina. We were entitled to run the operations entirely within a month.

The project timeline was reduced by one week. After three weeks of training, two teams of five members, divided into day and night shifts, supported American Airlines and managed infrastructure without causing any disruption to the operation.

By the time the outsourcing effort was completed, the new team was handling around 2,500 servers, running around 150 applications, and monitoring around three million events.

IT Operations Event and Incident Reduction

Led improvement actions in order to reduce 85% of the number of events and incidents being received by operations agents.

To achieve 85% reductions in the events and incidents generated from American Airlines-managed infrastructure, the first step was collecting information on recurring incidents. Once we had the reports, we could clean up 100% of events that were false positives, and the support team required no action. They were ignored.

The following action was configuring accurate monitoring for events triggered during maintenance windows and expected to alert and solve. Finally, we attacked errors and misleading events from customer application logs, achieving a 75% reduction in Priority 1 outages, positively impacting the accomplishment of SLAs.

For this project to achieve its outstanding goals, a lot of coordination was required between internal and external teams, such as the client's team as well as other providers. I performed as the project owner and a support team member responsible for applying configuration and technical changes to reduce three million monthly events to roughly 750,000 monthly events.

IT Operations KMS Migration

Led migration of IT operations knowledge management and configuration management systems to a new CMS platform.

As a result of the separation between American Airlines and Sabre Holdings, many tools used in daily operations were needed to be migrated to new defined platforms. In this case, the target was the knowledge management system used to understand the entire Infrastructure managed for American Airlines, which contain information of over ~300 applications and their dependency along with support contact information and steps needed to keep the airline running without flaws.

The challenging part was to clean up inaccurate data since the platform remained had no owner for several years causing a huge amount of information outdated. In order to sort this out, a lot of coordination and sessions were held with the different client application owners with the goal of updating escalation support processes and troubleshooting steps that allowed our first level of support to be capable of resolving the majority of the issues with immediate actions.

As a result, the number of applications actually still being supported and running were reduced to ~200 and the count of documents was also reduced in over 65%, reflected in Mean-Time-To-Resolution time and missed escalations reduced considerably.

Hosting 2020

Implemented NextGen solution management services at American Airlines account.

Hewlett-Packard and American Airlines contract was coming to an end by 2020. Being this was one of the top three major accounts for the company, a good deal of effort was made to ensure a renewal. For this, I was selected as the chief architect for designing and implementing a suite of integrated solutions that would allow faster IT for business. The platform consisted of several HP solutions working together to support IT operations management, service asset and configuration management, and release and portfolio management, all under a highly complex automation engine. Before this integrated solution, delivering a server to our customer could take two to three weeks. After six months of connecting all the dots, we delivered servers in less than two hours without human intervention.

With these results, the contract renewal was signed six months prior to the end date, for which I was awarded the Tech Honors Fellow prize.

AA/USAir PSS Merger

Coordinated all Hewlett-Packard teams involved in the passenger reservation system merger of both airlines.

In 2013, American Airlines and US Airways received approval for an airline merger. This meant a lot of work ahead, especially in technology, since both airlines operated under their systems. The first rock to face was unifying the passenger reservation system, which would officially make a single new airline arise. Hewlett-Packard was a strategic partner for both airlines, primarily for Americans, since most of the infrastructure is hosted and managed by HP.

I was selected as a representative for all midrange teams worldwide to make this system merge possible. This involved over 300 employees supporting more than 5000 systems.

This exercise has never been successfully performed in the history of airline mergers. The coordination of this effort took over a year, but it was, for the first time in history, perfectly achieved with no impact on the entire airline operations. American Airlines CIO Maya Liebman thanks our team for making this happen, which, without whom, it wouldn't be possible to accomplish.

AA/USAir FOS Merger

Coordinated all Hewlett-Packard teams involved in the flight operating system merger of both airlines.

In the journey of consolidating American Airlines and US Airways as one new airline after the merger, another challenge was to be faced. With the passenger system merger accomplished, all eyes were watching the outcome of this exercise. For all aircraft to be handled under the same system, Hewlett-Packard was one of the partners to perform due to the number of systems under its management. I was assigned to coordinate all HP teams involved in the impacted systems. After six months of planning, both systems were consolidated on a single FOS. This milestone meant that now both airlines had become one forever.

The coordination under my control had multiple assignments like meetings, change management for system integrations, and collaboration across teams from different providers distributed around the globe.

University Churn Reduction

Managed big data, machine learning, and AI project to predict the probability of students to abandon their classes.

One of the biggest challenges faced today by universities worldwide is keeping students throughout their education lifecycle up to achieving degrees.

To understand student behavior and provide the business with strategies to mitigate the chances of students abandoning their studies, a huge amount of data from various sources was collected, cleaned, and prepared.

Once the data was prepared, it was processed using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques that allowed to not only predict a probability of churn for each student but also understand the ranking of variables that were considered by these students on their decision, such as the number of exams approved in the past six months or other demographic data like age, gender and more.

After a three-month proof of concept project, the university successfully retained 60% more students than the previous year despite big economic changes suffered in Argentina.

Road Assistance Logistics System

Managed project for building a complete system to support users with technical issues throughout the service lifecycle.

The customers are specialized in providing services to users like roadside assistance, home services such as plumbing and locksmith, nautical assistance, and more. To provide high-quality support to their users, the customer was willing to build a service management platform that enables affected users to submit service requests. Then, those services need to allocate a provider who will take care of the assistance and manage billing and invoicing.

The first module was to build a solution that allows agents to receive the requests following a standardized process. The solution provides workflow configuration to adapt to business rules, reducing the agent onboarding to two hours instead of months.

The second module consists of service logistics with a back-end intelligent automated assignment system that makes decisions on which is the best provider to fulfill the service, taking into account several variables in order to find the most efficient while optimizing time and costs.

Finally, the third module automates most of the billing and invoicing processes, reducing conflicts between providers and the company. The platform was built using C#, .Net, and AngularJS connected to Oracle databases.

Healthcare Voucher Integration

Managed outsourced software services to a healthcare company providing electronic health records platform in the US.

The team is formed by two back-end software engineers, one front-end software engineer, and two software engineers in the test. Altogether, the resources work in a team with the customer on projects related to integrating the EHR platform with various electronic voucher providers, allowing patients to benefit from different offers when purchasing their medication.

The back-end is built using C#, and the UI is built using EmberJS. All code is tested using automation frameworks.

Fintech Up and Cross-selling

Managed project for product recommendation applied to Canada-based bank in order to increase lift on conversion rates.

One of the major banks in North America hired our big data, machine learning, and AI services to develop a solution that allows them to identify the best product to recommend to a customer using personalized speech and through the best channel available.

We provided the best product to be offered to an existing bank customer with high accuracy. The sale process also benefited from a personalized script that would take into account the recommended product and the customer's profile to emphasize the benefits that would attract that particular person.

Besides that, we reduced marketing operational costs by identifying the appropriate channel to reach the lead, whether it was direct mail, email, or contact center, as well as the time and content of those communications.

Asset and Configuration Management Database

Led CMDB platform migration for the company and customer that allowed federation and synchronization of asset data.

As part of the digital transformation roadmap proposed to our customer, one big rock needed to tackle was the CMDB migration to allow asset and configuration management process to enable business process modeling, which allowed the customer to understand their infrastructure and dependencies among different services that run the operations, in this case, an airline. A complete migration from a legacy custom system was performed for this transformation.

The destination platform was UCMDB, an HP configuration management system solution. I designed both architectures, one in the client's network and another in our internal infrastructure. Both CMDBs were federated and synchronized when the assets or service models changed. This solution was then integrated with ServiceNow CMDB, a cloud-based platform for SACM. This transformation also allowed the integration with various IT Operations management tools, which provided real-time monitoring of assets and configuration items, giving a 360 view of the complete operation health status.
We worked with an infrastructure of 6000+ servers and 400+ applications, meaning five million configuration items. All of them were onboarded with agent-based and agentless techniques.

BIM for FM Unity 3D Viewer

Launched 3D viewer focusing on BIM for facilities management where millions of assets can be explored in an easy and friendly way.

As chief operations officer, I was responsible for keeping the company's overall financial and operational processes running and coached the technology team Agile to deliver consistent increments that added value to the users.
2016 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree (Ongoing) in Information Systems Engineering

Instituto Universitario Aeronautico - Córdoba, Argentina

2005 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering

Universidad Nacional de Cordoba - Córdoba, Argentina

2004 - 2005

Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications

Instituto Universitario Aeronautico - Córdoba, Argentina


Professional Scrum Master Level I (PSM I)


ITIL Planning, Protection and Optimization



ITIL Release, Control and Validation



ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements



ITIL Operational Support and Analysis



ITIL v3 Foundation



Office 365, Jira, G Suite, Google Sheets, Confluence, Trello, Rally, Cisco Packet Tracer, VMware, VMware vSphere, Asana, Wireshark, Atlassian Suite, Slack


SharePoint, Taiga, Windows Server, HP-UX, Azure, Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Agile Project Management, Agile Leadership, Requirements Analysis, TOGAF, Six Sigma, Design Thinking

Industry Expertise

Transportation & Shipping, Aircraft & Airlines, Aviation, Logistics, Healthcare, Telecommunications


IT Project Management, Microsoft Azure, Cloud, OneDrive, Technical Project Management, Migration, Microsoft 365, IT Service Management (ITSM), Linux Servers, IT Projects, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB), Operating Systems, Education, ITIL, ServiceNow, HP Service Manager, HP Infrastructure Management Services, Scrum Master, Data Center Automation, Freelancing, Jira Administration, Stakeholder Management, Project Management, Documentation, Process Improvement Project Management, Process Optimization, Coaching, Workflow, Jira Administrator, Process Documentation, Sprint Planning, Startups, Creativity, Project Tracking, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Lean Startups, Product Management, Technical Requirements, Process Mapping, Process Improvement, Configuration Management, Ticketing, User Workflows, Business Process Optimization, Business Process Modeling, Business Process Automation, PMO, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Transfer, Cloud Migration, Fintech, VMware ESXi, Database Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Product Owner, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Six Sigma, Agile Coaching, Airtable, SOP Development, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Excel Macros, Innovation, Operations, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Mainframe Systems, Project Management Professional (PMP), Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Java, UCMDB, Telecom Equipment & Solutions, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Software Design, Engineering, Unity3D, IT Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Resume Screening, Interviewing, Google Workspace, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Strategy, Execution, People Management, Knowledge Management, Document Management Systems (DMS), Team Leadership

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