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Alvaro Franz

Verified Expert  in Engineering

WordPress Developer

Seville, Spain
Toptal Member Since
August 20, 2021

Alvaro is a full-stack web developer specializing in WordPress with 10+ years of experience. He started his web development journey at a very young age and has kept learning the ins and outs of the web and everything revolving around development. Alvaro is exceptionally passionate and stays up to date with current practices in the field. He spends most of his time working with WordPress, which he considers the most beautiful open-source technology ever.


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React, WordPress, PHP, Illustrator CC...
Three Ventures
JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Tailwind CSS, NPM, Docker, Vagrant...
Right Venerable Means, LLC
WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Content Management




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), WordPress, Laragon, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is a WordPress-based wellness platform for the Spanish fitness influencer Ginna Pedrós.

Work Experience

Freelance WordPress Developer

2016 - PRESENT
  • Developed custom WordPress plugins for several clients to satisfy special requirements that could not be solved with already available options.
  • Maintained the created solutions to make sure they kept working with WordPress updates.
  • Helped the clients find the best solution for their problems, always starting with the most simple solution to keep the cost as low as possible without compromising the project requirements.
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React, WordPress, PHP, Illustrator CC, Development, Docker, WooCommerce, WordPress Plugins, Migration, Elementor

Full-stack Developer

2021 - 2023
Three Ventures
  • Developed new components for the corporate site based on designs provided via Figma.
  • Added custom functionality to multiple WordPress websites via plugins and theme modifications.
  • Worked on page-speed optimization by applying modern standards and best practices.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Tailwind CSS, NPM, Docker, Vagrant, NGINX, WordPress Design, Development, WordPress Plugins, Content Management, WordPress Themes

WordPress Expert

2022 - 2022
Right Venerable Means, LLC
  • Developed a custom theme and plugins for a personal brand.
  • Helped the client manage the website by creating modules that can be modified without assistance.
  • Optimized the website for a fast and clean user experience.
Technologies: WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Content Management

Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2020
everis Spain, S.L.U
  • Contributed to the development of the front end for Iberia Airlines.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs for several internal tools for Orange Spain.
  • Worked on a team in charge of launching a new product for Iberia Airlines, starting from the product design to the final implementation and release.
  • Followed Agile methodology on a daily basis to stay productive and coordinated with the team.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Angular, React, Development, WordPress Themes

Full-stack Developer

2014 - 2016
  • Created optimized landing pages for email marketing campaigns, with eye-catching design and fast performance to increase conversion rates.
  • Set up an email server on CentOS and ensured that DKIM and SPF were configured correctly to guarantee good email delivery.
  • Implemented SendGrid API in a custom plugin to manage and keep track of massive email campaigns.
  • Coordinated a team of three front-end developers who were in charge of creating the HTML/CSS layouts that had to be converted into optimized WordPress themes.
Technologies: PHP, Linux, SendGrid, WordPress, HTML, CSS, CentOS, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), SPF, Development, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes

Open-source WordPress Plugin to Extend Front-end User Functionality
As the most vital point of WordPress is that it is open source, I wanted to contribute in a meaningful way. I released a custom plugin that allows handling user login, registration, and dashboard functionalities on the front end, adding as little bloat as possible. I actively maintain this plugin by adding functionalities and improving its code quality regularly.

Created a Website for Rhonda V. Magee
Rhonda V. Magee is a teacher of mindfulness-based stress reduction interventions for lawyers, law students, and for minimizing social-identity-based bias. I created a new brand image and a website for her, using WordPress as a base and a custom theme with custom plugins for all features, to make sure the codebase is clean and specific to her needs, as well as easy to maintain.

Created a Fitness-Platform for Ginna Pedrós
I have developed a comprehensive Fitness Platform tailored to the specific needs of a Spanish fitness instructor. This innovative solution empowers instructors to seamlessly manage their clientele, efficiently craft personalized nutrition and fitness plans, and streamline all client interactions, resulting in an enhanced fitness coaching experience.


PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Visual Studio Code (VS Code), WordPress, WooCommerce, Linux, CentOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker


Ajax, WordPress Design, WordPress Plugins, Content Management, WordPress Themes, Elementor, Migration, Laragon, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Design, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Product Development, Development


Angular, SPF, Tailwind CSS


React, MathJax


Illustrator CC, SendGrid, LaTeX, Git, NPM, Vagrant, NGINX

2016 - 2021

Ph.D. Degree in Engineering

Universidad de Sevilla - Seville, Spain