César Pedro Zea Gomez, Developer in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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César Pedro Zea Gomez

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack SQL Developer

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Toptal Member Since
November 16, 2020

César's clients recognize him as a senior SQL Server expert, and they hire him repeatedly for projects and consulting services related to optimization, development, migration, BI systems, and more. In addition to 25 years as an SQL Server developer, he has developed full-stack applications for 35 years, including 11 years with Sencha Ext JS and 10 years with Java. César has done work for many large enterprises, public administrations, municipalities, and ports.


ETL Development, JSON, ETL, SSH, Data Engineering, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL...
Jaune Sistemas SL
ETL Development, ETL, JSON, SSH, Data Engineering, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL...
Intecsa Internacional (ACS Group)
Data Engineering, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Full-stack...




Preferred Environment

Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, Full-stack, Software Analysis, JavaScript, Ext JS, Java, Microsoft SQL Server

The most amazing...

...system I've developed performs energy telecontrol for all public lighting and fountains in Madrid, controlling 300,000+ lighting points and more in real time.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2009 - PRESENT
  • Designed and implemented (for nVent HOFFMAN) a SQL Server and AWS-DMS integration controller and supervisor for a BI DW. It automates all tasks, using AWS-DMS with full automation of BCP and synchro processes and a complete Ext JS front end.
  • Designed and implemented (for nVent HOFFMAN) a system for the supervision and control of SQL Server ETL processes with time-step evolution analysis, error control, and reporting.
  • Implemented most of the remote control system for public lighting and ornamental fountains for the Madrid City Council—a very complex solution that controls 300,000+ lighting points, pumps, and other devices.
  • Created a BI portal for the analysis and verification of the compliance indicators for the Madrid remote control lightning and ornamental fountains service.
  • Designed and built Iberdrola's system for the sale of shares to employees and a platform to manage flexible compensation for top managers. This global energy leader is no. 303 in the Fortune Global 500, with €36.4 billion in annual revenue (2019).
  • Migrated and optimized database servers in the non-stop production environment for ALK-Abello (a pharma company), converting from the old SQL Server version to the new version, with 100% empirical testing of all data and the T-SQL business layer.
  • Migrated, optimized, and consolidated database servers in the non-stop production environment for Telepizza, converting the old version that had 12 synchronized SQL Servers to two new SQL Servers, with 100% empirical testing.
  • Built several Sencha Ext JS applications for Everis SA and CLH SA, with SAP through REST services in the integrated development system of CLH.
  • Developed extensions and modifications for Maxxium España's BI system and data warehouse to support internal business transformation projects.
Technologies: ETL Development, JSON, ETL, SSH, Data Engineering, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IntelliJ IDEA, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, Full-stack, Software Analysis, JavaScript, Amazon API Gateway, Node.js, Ext JS, Java, ETL Implementation & Design

CTO and Software Developer

1999 - 2009
Jaune Sistemas SL
  • Founded this software development company from where I oversaw and developed 100+ software projects with 10 other developers for multinational companies and some small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Built and led development teams for 10 years while also working as a developer and serving customers directly, both from a commercial and technical point of view.
  • Implemented a CRM product that was a complete success for 10+ clients. The only problem was its excessive success in relation to the constraints on my capacity to expand the business to ensure its continuity.
  • Served as the CIO of Georg Fischer Spain for 5+ years in an outsourced arrangement. Developed internal and B2B management systems, including CRM, links with EDI, Scala, ERP, control and monitoring of ISO 9000 standards, and workflow processes.
  • Adopted the code from Geofactory's GIS mapping system (La Netro), whose developers had left the company. Performed reverse engineering to help Geofactory restart its map production line. This system was eventually sold to Nokia.
  • Created the portal for Cotos de Pesca (fishing preserves), which became the leader in the fishing sector in Spain and was finally sold to Editorial América Ibérica.
  • Implemented the database system and the front-end operating system of the real-time license plate reading surveillance system to control La Moraleja, the most exclusive large urbanization in Madrid.
  • Designed and implemented 20+ significant software projects related to engineering for various public administration bodies in Spain. I did this in collaboration with SICE, a systems integration technology company.
  • Implemented dynamic data presentation and animation functionalities for a web UX with JavaScript.
Technologies: ETL Development, ETL, JSON, SSH, Data Engineering, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Full-stack, Software Analysis, JavaScript, Ext JS, Java, .NET, JavaScript 6, ETL Implementation & Design

Project Manager and Software Developer

1994 - 1998
Intecsa Internacional (ACS Group)
  • Conceptualized, redrafted, and presented 6+ successful urban services control system contracts for Barcelona City Council.
  • Led the development of a dam exploitation management system for the Spanish Ministry.
  • Converted the diisopropyl ether (DIPE) system from VAX/VMS and DMRS to Unix/DOS and Oracle for Telefonica de España.
  • Led conceptualization, drafting, writing, and budgeting for 15+ IT bids to public state tenders.
  • Developed a street cleaning control system that integrates remote terminals and other resources to control subcontractors and cleaning processes.
  • Built a control system for the collection of solid urban waste, covering collection services and the assignment of weights taken on the scale.
Technologies: Data Engineering, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Full-stack, Software Analysis

Software Analyst and Developer

1993 - 1994
Intecsa Internacional (ACS Group)
  • Developed a software system for road layout for the Spanish Ministry of Transport.
  • Built a multimedia system for organizing and presenting civil works. It was used by Dragados for several years to present its biggest offers. I built this in MicroStation MDL (C and C++) as my final graduate-level university project.
  • Created a verification system for linear works regulations for the Spanish Ministry of Transport.
  • Built a system to monitor and manage public construction works.
Technologies: Data Engineering, Software Analysis, Microsoft SQL Server

Analyst and Software Developer

1992 - 1993
Software Ibérica 92
  • Designed and implemented the restructuring of the management system and the conversion to a multicompany and local area network for Industrias Protecno SA.
  • Defined and executed the complete management system and application for CECOM SA.
  • Designed and implemented the warehouse control, billing, and accounting software and the software application for a POS terminal for Franquicias de la Moda SA.
  • Defined and delivered a multi-warehouse, multi-type manufacturing control system for Interisa Electronica SA.
  • Designed and implemented a complete management software system and POS terminal.
Technologies: Software Analysis

Software Developer

1992 - 1993
Software Ibérica 92
  • Developed a multi-warehouse management system with various breakdown levels and multi-select self-reporting in a geo-split environment with automatic margin adjustments, priority selection, and group creation.
  • Built a reporting system to track sales against a budget plan, along with subsequent analysis charts.
  • Developed a budget-based economic reporting system, including break levels down to vendors and multi-select reporting.
Technologies: Software Analysis

Remote Control System for Public Lighting and Ornamental Fountains for Madrid City Council

Solution: Java, Ext JS, and SQL Server Enterprise system software that controls multi-system gateways using a SOAP proprietary protocol and direct pooling, controlling through six specifics gateways of each remote control lighting manufacturer. The SQL Server Enterprise database is a 2TB database with tables that have a billion records in partitioned tables.

• 3,000+ remote PLCs are near real-time telecontrolled.
• 126,000+ source lightings are telecontrolled.
• 4 million+ events and measures are performed each year.
• Near real-time supervision and telecontrol are provided.

Additional accomplishments: I also designed and implemented an analytics BI portal for analysis and verification of the compliance indicators for the Madrid remote control lightning and ornamental fountains service. As the only developer on this very large and complex project for more than seven years, I delivered all the implementations, maintenance, and evolutions on a part-time basis.

SQL Server Integrator Controller and Supervisor

Solution: Copy and keep your live, remote data up-to-date on your server using different SQL Server technologies. I implemented the entire project for Eldon (now nVent HOFFMAN).

SQL Server technologies:
• Ultra-speed data transfers using BCP parallel processes and multi-disks caches.
Three synchronization technologies:
• Amazon AWS-DMS Service is automatically controlled via Amazon API Gateway.
• Partial ultra-speed full update.
• Checksum of each record calculated in each server, transferring only the changes.

Technical details:
• All data processes were programmed in T-SQL.
• Java back end supports the front end and links with Amazon AWS-DMS using the Amazon API Gateway.
• Node.js utilities control quick actions of Amazon AWS-DMS, using the Amazon API Gateway for some purposes not implemented inside the Java back end.
• Ext JS front end.

SQL Server Git Schema and T-SQL Version Control

Solution: A simple and clean solution on SQL Servers without the need to install items that you don't trust. It's perfectly valid for the development or integration of SQL Servers or even, on some occasions, for the control of production servers that are not totally isolated from the developers.

Automatic Git logging of SQL Server T-SQL source code and schema changes happen at the server-side without any action from developers. Al schema changes and all T-SQL source code changes are registered into Git. It is inside the SQL Server where the change is detected and logged, not in the clients. You'll forget that it's installed until the moment you need it.

Key features:
• The changes are detected and recorded by the SQL Server itself.
• All changes are logged without the intervention of developers.
• It's easily adaptable so that the changes made by certain user accounts are not recorded, thus avoiding recording the changes made in the schemas by the BI processes, data warehouse, etc.

Telepizza Database Server Migrations, Optimization, and Consolidation in the Production Environment

Background: The highest load of web stress in Spain, with several million sales per hour, is shortly before each football game. A multilayer infrastructure, front end, and 12 synchronized SQL Servers had been implemented with much of the business layer in hundreds of T-SQL procedures. I carried out the entire project.

Goals: Safe migration, consolidation, and performance improvements in a non-stop production environment. This involved upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to the last SQL Server version, ensuring complete empirical testing and documentation from an engineering perspective.

• 100% verification of the migrated T-SQL code with sufficient unit tests to verify code coverage.
• 100% code coverage, a record of tests performed, and verification of results.
• 100% verification of views and migrated data.
• Increased performance with the same stress and load in production.
• Hot migration performed in production systems.

• 100% compliance with the project requirements.
• Zero incidents in the hot migration of the systems in production.
• Reduced 12 servers to two servers.
• Completed the project within the budget and other terms with no incident.
• Received congratulatory feedback from the client.
1989 - 1994

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Polytechnic University of Madrid - Madrid, Spain




DataGrip, Sencha UI, Sencha Cmd, IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, Git, pfSense, Postman, SoapUI


Sencha Touch, Ext JS, .NET


Microsoft SQL Server, Service Broker, JSON, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), MySQL, PostgreSQL


SQL, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Java, JavaScript, JavaScript 6


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker


ETL, ETL Implementation & Design, Business Intelligence (BI), Continuous Integration (CI)


Full-stack, Data Engineering, SSH, Data Management, Performance Tuning, Software Analysis, Data Warehousing, VMware ESXi, ETL Development, Data Mining, Data Warehouse Design, Amazon API Gateway, SOAP, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

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