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Michael Truog

Michael Truog

Seattle, WA, United States
Member since January 28, 2011
Michael is a top architect, engineer, developer, and entrepreneur with a proven ability to develop efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant server solutions for complex problems. He has extensive experience and skills with all levels of software and architecture.
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  • Nd FORGE
    Python, C++, Erlang, PostgreSQL, CloudI, AWS
  • Samvia
    Erlang, Objective C, PostgreSQL, AWS, DynamoDB, APNS, SNS, JSON, Msgpack, CloudI
  • Adroll
    Erlang, Python, Bash, AWS, EC2
  • Linux, 15 years
  • C++, 15 years
  • Distributed Systems, 15 years
  • Python, 12 years
  • Erlang, 9 years
  • Java, 7 years
  • Ruby, 6 years
  • JavaScript, 3 years
Seattle, WA, United States
Preferred Environment
Linux, Python, C++, Erlang, Java, Go, Git
The most amazing... I've developed is CloudI, an implementation of cloud functionality for polyglot programming written in Erlang.
  • Founder
    2012 - PRESENT
    Nd FORGE
    • Consulted on the creation of reliable distributed systems.
    • Developed and maintained cloud technology as open source R&D.
    Technologies: Python, C++, Erlang, PostgreSQL, CloudI, AWS
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2015 - 2016
    • Did all back-end server development of the Timeshake iOS app for real-time presence matchmaking with voice communication.
    • Created a matchmaking test iOS client and regression tests and managed the dev/beta operations tasks.
    • Added monitoring (Graphite, OpenTSDB, SNMP, StatsD) integration to CloudI.
    Technologies: Erlang, Objective C, PostgreSQL, AWS, DynamoDB, APNS, SNS, JSON, Msgpack, CloudI
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2015 - 2015
    • Created a global parallel deploy/rollback system for weekly production deployments.
    • Developed in Erlang, Python, and Bash with AWS/EC2 to create a dependable workflow including a new beta environment to limit risk with required development testing in production.
    Technologies: Erlang, Python, Bash, AWS, EC2
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2013 - 2014
    Ubiquiti Networks
    • Developed CloudI source code and provided CloudI integration support.
    • Created CloudI API implementations in JavaScript, Perl and PHP.
    • Added CloudI Services for Riak and OAuth v1 integration.
    • Extended HTTP cowboy integration with web socket-related features and multipart handling.
    Technologies: Erlang, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, CloudI
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2013 - 2013
    • Developed database integration and schema based on legacy system limitations.
    • Created an authentication server with database objects using BossDB (from ChicagoBoss).
    • Used PostgreSQL to create a fourth normal form schema with async presence notifications.
    Technologies: Erlang, PostgreSQL
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2011 - 2013
    • Created a reusable scalable back-end server for coordinating both surveys and sweepstakes for mobile phone users within emerging markets for
    • Developed the core database interfaces for CouchDB data and back-end service APIs.
    • Used Python threads, gunicorn, eventlet, and tornado to create reusable software that grew as required without any rewrites. Created the core business logic for the administration interface, surveys, sweepstakes, and authentication.
    • Created an automated regression/integration testing framework and load-tested with Tsung.
    Technologies: Python, CouchDB, Gunicorn, Eventlet, Tornado, Tsung
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2010 - 2011
    • Scala MMOG Server development. The server was used for the Facebook/Android game Babies Everywhere.
    • Created a quest system (known as Activities) with extensive usage of MongoDB.
    • Created the item state machine representation used for all stateful in-game items.
    Technologies: Scala, JSON, MongoDB, MySQL, Struts2, Tomcat, FTL
  • Principal IT Architect
    2009 - 2010
    • Developed an ANSI C and Erlang server to replace installations of Oracle Tuxedo.
    • Improved scalability by eliminating global state and added robust timeout/error handling.
    • Conformed all development to common Erlang/OTP development techniques.
    Technologies: ANSI C, Erlang, OTP
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2008 - 2009
    • Created an integration-testing framework for validating two separate XMPP servers to determine compatibility problems.
    • Developed Erlang XMPP server code to provide features found in a legacy XMPP server. Modifications made the transition transparent for legacy clients by ensuring protocol compatibility.
    • Certified for Erlang/OTP development by Erlang Solutions, Ltd. ( after instruction from Jan Henry Nystrom.
    Technologies: C++, Log4cxx, CPPUnit, Boost::asio, Iksemel, Erlang, OTP
  • Co-founder
    2005 - 2009
    PortfolioWatcher, LLC
    • Created an internet startup with a private investor to provide an investment tracking service using rule-based email alerts.
    • Used PHP, Perl, and MySQL to create automated portfolio management.
    • Developed a stock comparison program using Python, Qt, Qwt, Curl, and SQLite for financial technical analysis acting as a subscriber to free daily financial price quotes over HTTP.
    Technologies: PHP, Perl, MySQL, Python, Qt, Qwt, Curl, SQLite
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2007 - 2008
    Sony Pictures Imageworks
    • Developed bug fixes and features for an image and movie viewer using C++, Python, and Boost. The viewer has remote syncing capabilities as a server or client and is a subscriber to digital asset information through SOAP RPC. The viewer is used in India and Los Angeles throughout the pipeline, from animators to directors.
    • Modified the viewer to allow different resolutions and media types for remote sessions.
    • Added annotation features that improved various parts of the pipeline.
    • Added audio/video sync calibration feature that solved longstanding lip sync problems.
    • Created a reusable, cross-platform point placement tool for manually manipulating motion capture data, successfully delivered within four days of request on both Linux and Windows using Python, PIL, and Py2exe. Tool later became part of Locus, a motion capture tracker system used for the face of Dr. Manhattan in the film “Watchmen."
    • Created a testing framework for cutlist generation to ensure data integrity with regression testing.
    • Maintained various C++ libraries, adding bug fixes for 64bit compilation, media formats, and business logic.
    Technologies: C++, Python, Boost, PIL, Py2exe
  • Platform & Server Core Software Engineer
    2006 - 2007
    Perpetual Entertainment
    • Led the development of the C++ Platform middleware (PEPSDK). Coordinated many features and made protocol additions by making the necessary changes within the PEPSDK, game server/client.
    • Developed the PepPublisher, a game server process used to report game content and persistence data to the Platform for real-time updates of a player’s progress within the online game.
    • Fixed many elusive multi-threading/distributed race conditions and deadlocks within the game server and PEPSDK to improve game server stability.
    • Created a socket connection thread pool that enforced a real-time Quality of Service with limited memory consumption for efficient XMPP chat communication. Designed to be protocol agnostic.
    • Created a distributed integration-testing framework for game server and client functionality.
    • Added localization to PEPSDK API and data structures, including Regex functionality.
    Technologies: C++, Boost, XMPP, JMS
  • Software Engineer
    2002 - 2005
    Signature Research, Inc.
    • Developed a physics-based global illumination renderer and ray tracer for army test and evaluation programs. Included 3 distributed systems that were cross-platform and multi-threaded, developed with C++, Boost, MPI, pthreads and UML.
    • Increased the efficiency of RenderView, a Windows physics-based ray tracer written in Visual C++, by at least 10 times after researching, implementing, and testing a spatial partitioning algorithm.
    • Converted a legacy physics-based global illumination renderer that was written for a SGI with IRIS GL and Fortran 77 to Linux with OpenGL and C. Exceeded previous polygon limitations and was approximately 6 times faster when using hardware acceleration.
    • Improved PRIMUS, a Visual C++ Windows OpenGL 3D model viewer and conversion tool that aided in-house integration of two physics-based thermal signature prediction programs. One improvement made it 9 times faster to import MUSES thermal signature files through a more efficient algorithm that used caching and a dynamic lookup.
    Technologies: C++, Boost, MPI, UML, GDB, ElectricFence, TotalView, Purify, OpenGL, C
  • CloudI: A Cloud at the Lowest Level (Development)

    CloudI is an open-source private cloud computing framework for efficient, scalable, and stable soft-real-time event processing.

  • Modernizing Legacy Software: MUD Programming Using Erlang and CloudI (Publication)
    The need to adapt legacy code and systems to meet modern day performance and processing demands is widespread. This post provides a case study of the use of Erlang and CloudI to adapt legacy code, consisting of a decades-old collection of multi-user game software written in C, to the 21st century.
  • CloudI: Bringing Erlang's Fault-Tolerance to Polyglot Development (Publication)
    Clouds must be efficient to provide useful fault-tolerance and scalability, but they also must be easy to use. CloudI (pronounced "cloud-e" /klaʊdi/) is an open source cloud computing platform that is most closely related to the Platform as a Service (PaaS) clouds. CloudI differs in a few key ways, most importantly: software developers are not forced to use specific frameworks, slow hardware virtualization, or a particular operating system. By allowing cloud deployment to occur without virtualization, CloudI leaves development process and runtime performance unimpeded, while quality of service can be controlled with clear accountability.
  • Languages
    Python, Java, Ruby, SQL, C++, C, Erlang, JavaScript, Bash, OCaml, Go, Haskell, Scala, PHP, Perl
  • Platforms
  • Other
    Distributed Systems
  • Storage
    DynamoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    1998 - 2002
    Michigan Technological University - Houghton, MI
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