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Seva Safris

Seva Safris

Bangkok, Thailand
Member since April 23, 2014
Seva is an experienced engineer. With 18 years of development experience, he has mastered the depth of vision and the breadth of foresight of software engineering. Software is his passion, which is something he is always happy and eager to share.
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  • Unix, 18 years
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 16 years
  • Java, 16 years
  • Test-driven Development (TDD), 15 years
  • XML/XSLT, 13 years
  • Agile Software Development, 11 years
  • User Interface (UI), 10 years
  • Git, 5 years
Bangkok, Thailand
Preferred Environment
Mac OS, Linux, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Xcode, Vi, Git
The most amazing...
...project I've developed is a beat-tracking algorithm and reference implementation that can detect, track, and extrapolate beats in live audio music streams.
  • CTO
    Smartplane, Inc.
    2014 - 2015
    • Architected and developed the flagship flight-control product for the company, which will revolutionize the world’s perception of personal airplanes as a viable option for private transport.
    • Made direct technology decisions for the SmartPlane flight-control product in order to ensure real-time performance, 100% fault tolerance, and enforcement of impeccable coding practices, utilizing the means of both technological choices and engineering policy directives.
    • Provided strategic and tactical technological direction for the early-stage startup in the aerospace marketplace.
    • Advised product management efforts.
    • Contributed in a hands-on manner in order to develop solutions for the most challenging and critical modules comprising the SmartPlane flight-control application.
    Technologies: Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Big data
  • VP of Engineering
    LiveCare, Inc.
    2012 - 2014
    • Conceptualized, architected, and developed the flagship application for the pre-IPO medical practice management software company.
    • Blueprinted the product roadmap, managed project operations as well as tactical and strategic direction, and delivered the product to completion.
    • Led a team of local engineers and system operators, engaged with practices and individual practitioners for sales, interacted with clients for production support, and gathered feedback for future improvements.
    • Led a team of remote engineers in Vietnam for the development of front-end HTML and JavaScript components, providing high-level technical architecture for interoperation of all products, components, and presented functionalities.
    • Implemented all security considerations with utmost scrutiny, taking into account the legal regulation of medical software applications.
    Technologies: Java, Java EE, Adobe Flex, JavaScript, HTML5
  • VP of Engineering
    Evolphin Software
    2011 - 2012
    • Designed and implemented UI and UX, live workflow validation algorithms, and failsafe state preservation patterns for a revolutionary workflow designer application.
    • Architected and developed a Mac OS Finder plugin for the visualization of version information for files and folders backed by the Zoom versioning system.
    • Led user interface and presentation design of all Evolphin products.
    • Directed engineering efforts, taking into consideration time-to-market vs. technical debt vs. team workload in order to ensure confidence and security in developed products.
    • Managed project and bug-tracking tools, mediated code reviews, and promoted or vetoed design decisions when deemed necessary.
    Technologies: Java, J2EE, Adobe Flex, C, C++, Objective C
  • Senior Product Developer
    BlackRock/Barclays Global Investors (BGI)
    2007 - 2011
    • Conceptualized, architected, and developed applications for scientific portfolio management.
    • Led a team of senior engineers to deliver industry-leading solutions for portfolio managers.
    • Developed strategic and tactical solutions to achieve cross-functional business objectives.
    • Architected a scalable Java platform for applications intended to transition from a former Perl-based codebase.
    • Spearheaded full cycle development in the creation of key scientific investment tools used daily by portfolio managers.
    • Held educational training sessions for new innovations, tools, and applications available to scientific portfolio managers at BlackRock/BGI.
    • Directed efforts to minimize operational risk due to possible and actual failure of key components in the portfolio management application chain.
    • Developed regular failover tests to ensure rapid recovery in the event of unexpected failures.
    • Led the evaluation of interfaces with third parties (banks, securities lenders, prime brokers, and custodians) to detect high-risk points and propose failover solutions.
    Technologies: Java, Java EE, Perl, Sybase
  • Architect (Consultant)
    MRG Software
    2005 - 2007
    • Consulted on product conceptualization and PRSD formulation for consumer-facing bond trading and management application Consolers. The product was outsourced for contract-based development in 2008.
    • Consulted on product conceptualization, PRSD formulation, design, and spurred implementation efforts for a wine and food enthusiast web portal called Cooking with Us.
    • Consulted on product design and implementation of a sports enthusiasts' web portal for Wasserman Media Group.
    • Architected and developed a large-scale enterprise security management system for Exobox Technologies.
    • Designed and implemented an eCommerce website for the client-facing interface for Alphaenco.
    Technologies: ASP .NET, C#, SQL Server, Java, JavaScript
  • Lead Performance Analyst (Consultant)
    The Pacific Exchange
    2004 - 2005
    • Specialized in performance analysis and scalability, taking responsibility for the system performance of PCXPlus, a distributed options trading system for Pacific Exchange.
    • Preserved and mitigated the risk of business functionality and SEC compliance in lieu of performance enhancement efforts.
    • Curated all system and component testing of PCXPlus, ensuring compliant functionality under high-load volumes.
    • Developed strategies for aftermarket trade floor testing to simulate real-world deployments and system interaction.
    • Designed and implemented innovative testing strategies for superior insight into obscure process paths in order to detect bottlenecks and investigate hypotheses.
    Technologies: Java, Java EE, SQL Server
  • Architect
    AOL Time Warner
    2002 - 2004
    • Architected and led the Liberty Alliance Project (LAP) initiative at AOL Time Warner.
    • Spearheaded project development, managed implementation direction, and represented AOL Time Warner at interoperability events hosted by Sun Microsystems.
    • Curated product development and professional services (consulting, training, and support) with specific regard to LAP.
    • Engaged LAP draft specification committee to contend for specification changes in lieu of AOL Time Warner's functional requirements.
    • Represented AOL Time Warner at the 2003 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.
    Technologies: Java, Java EE, XML, SOAP
  • Software Engineer
    Electronic Arts
    2000 - 2002
    • Engineered web application services for online games at
    • Developed applications for online cross-game integration.
    • Performed load and performance testing of web services and products.
    • Implemented customer billing and customer service interfaces for and
    • Led product interface design for integration with third-party service providers.
    Technologies: Java, Java EE, WebLogic, Oracle
  • Cordova-plugin-statusbar-hide-on-startup (Development)

    Cordova/PhoneGap Plugin to hide the status bar on startup of the application by adding a declaration to the Info.plist file to set the status bar as hidden by default.

  • Angular-interpolate (Development)

    A light-weight interpolator that replaces delimited keys in a string with values from a properties map. This module was created as a simple alternative for Angular's $interpolate provider. A common use of this tool is for a template interpolation use-case that does not require $parse, $interpolate, or $compile.

  • Jax-rs-auth-seed (Development)

    Why keep reinventing the wheel? The authentication patten has been done over and over again. Get a jump start on implementing your business logic immediately instead of wasting time in making your own.

    This is the back-end component of the angular-auth-seed project. Together, they provide a fully functional platform for authenticated applications based on AngularJS and Java's JAX-RS v2.0 specification. It is a server implementation of the Basic authentication methodology for RESTful applications, written in Java and 100% JAX-RS-compliant. It can be run in servers that implement the JAX-RS 2.0 specification, including Jersey, JBoss RESTEasy, and Restlet. Though any JAX-RS server vendor can be used, I recommend the XRS server, which is a CohesionFirst™ alternative to the JAX-RS 2.0 spec. The XRS server is designed to be ultra lightweight and is configured to run in the Jetty servlet container.

    This is a complete solution, a bug-free and instant "plug-and-play" base to get you started fast and easy. Preconfigured to install the Angular framework, development prerequisites, and testing tools for instant web deployment gratification, this solution can be used to quickly bootstrap your Angular project and dev environment.

  • Angular-auth-seed (Development)

    Why do we keep reinventing the wheel? The authentication patten has been done and done again 1,000,000 times. Instead of spending the first two weeks of development on the authentication requirement, get a jump-start on your business logic immediately.

    Created with the highest standard of development in mind, this project uses best practices and patterns to empower the developer to write code that is clear, cohesive, and easily testable.

    The angular-auth-seed project is a complete solution, intended to be bug-free and an instant "plug-and-play" base to get you started quickly and easily. Preconfigured to install the Angular framework, development prerequisites, and testing tools for instant web deployment gratification, this solution can be used to quickly bootstrap your Angular project and dev environment.

  • Object-prototype-filter (Development)

    A set of supplementary prototype additions to the Object class that provide filtration functions analogous to that of Array.prototype.filter().

  • Lib4j-dbcp (Development)

    Lib4j-dbcp allows a developer to configure a connection pool with a standardized XML Schema, which is used by a consumer class to initiate the connection pool. Lib4j-dbcp uses the JAXB framework to significantly reduce the boilerplate code, thus providing a lean API with support for the all possible connection pool configuration variations.

    Lib4j-dbcp is based on an XML schema used to specify the formal of XML documents accepted by the configuration consumer. The XML schema is designed to use the full power of XML validation to allow a developer to qiuckly determine errors in his draft. Once a dbcp.xml passes the validation checks, it is almost guaranteed to properly initialize the connection pool configured by the file.

  • Lib4j-cli (Development)

    Lib4j-cli allows a developer the full range of variation of the command line arguments pattern, and removes the unnecessary boilerplate code present in other solutions. Lib4j-cli uses the JAXB framework to create a lib4j-cli specification based on a XSD specification, which can be used to create a custom set of CLI options and arguments for any application.

    Lib4j-cli is based on an XML schema that is used to specify the format of XML documents that describe the command line options and arguments accepted by an application. The XML schema is designed to use the full power of XML validation to allow a developer to quickly determine errors in his draft. Once a cli.xml passes the validation checks, it thereafter provides a clear and simple API to access the options and arguments in the code.

  • Relational Database Binding (Development)

    a Java framework for binding to RDBMS data models. Based on the CohesionFirst™ approach, the RDB framework provides a strongly-typed and cohesive approach to connect the DB tier to the business tier.

    jSQL is an extension to DDLx, offering a lightweight object relational mapping (ORM) solution that runs on the JDBC v4.1 API. The jSQL framework provides strongly-typed semantics for the SQL language as well as a cohesive binding to user data models. jSQL uses a SQL schema defined in a DDLx file to create a one-to-one, object-model-to-data-model API that is vendor agnostic.

    In addition to generating Java classes that bind to a DDL, the jSQL framework offers an API for strongly-typed DML semantics. These APIs come in the form of method invocations that resemble a non-cohesive, string-based SQL alternative.

    Strongly-typed DML semantics are powerful because they extend the power of the Java compiler to realize errors in edit-time or compile-time. Alternatively, if non-cohesive, string-based SQL is used, errors are only presented in runtime upon execution by the application to the database. In addition to binding Java classes to the DDL, jSQL provides a strongly typed approach for the construction of SQL DML.

  • SML Schema Binding (Development)

    XSB is a Java framework for binding to an XML schema. Based on the CohesionFirst™ approach, the XSB framework provides a complete solution for cohesive integration of Java applications to XML documents via the XML schema. The framework provides a XSB Java source code generator and a XSB runtime to parse and marshal XML documents to and from Java objects. The XSB framework is a complete implementation and covers the entirety of the XSD 1.1 specification.

    XSB supports all directives of the XSD specification, and generates bindings with highest degree of cohesion possible with the Java language.

  • JAX REST Server (Development)

    XRS is an implementation of the JAX-RS v2.0 specification that runs in a servlet container. This project was inspired with the goal to create a better, simpler, easier to use, reliable, and debugable JAX-RS implementation using the CohesionFirst™ approach.

    XRS was built to implement the JAX-RS v2.0 specification while keeping the internal complexity as low as feasible. Static state is used in but one use-case, so it is never a challenge to debug a request or a response.

    Existing solutions such as Jersey, JBoss RESTEasy, Restlet, Apache CXF, Apache Wink, and others are challenging to work with, because they are buggy, difficult to debug, and are not pure to the JAX-RS specification. Many people experience unnecessary pains using existing JAX-RS implementations. Debugging of JAX-RS servers is especially difficult because of the high internal complexities of the implementations.

    A common pattern that is used in JAX-RS implementations is dynamic method invocation. Dynamic method invocation is powerful, but it comes at a cost: debugability. Dynamic method invocation results in stack-traces that lack information of the specific execution path that led to the exception....

  • JSONx (Development)

    JSONx is a lightweight framework based on an XSD JSONx schema that allows one to create a schema for JSON classes. To its disadvantage, JavaScript is compiler-less and a highly non-cohesive language that results in errors being realized in runtime. As there does not exist a formalized schema specification for JSON, developers often make repeated mistakes when designing JSON messages, encoding JSON objects, and decoding JSON strings. jJB presents a schema model that can be used to bring errors to edit-time and compile-time, greatly reducing the risk of the same errors to appear in run-time.

    JSONx uses a json.jsonx file that conforms to the JSONx Schema to generate Java beans to bind the JSON classes to Java. The generated classes are strongly typed and offer the full benefits of a cohesive interface to JSON objects in Java. The generated classes can be used to parse and marshal JSON messages, confident that all messages conform to the definition in the JSONx....

  • Seva is a mentor in the Toptal Global Mentor’s Program. This program is a partnership between Toptal and General Assembly to provide high quality mentorship for students from minority and low income backgrounds who are looking to begin their careers as professional software engineers. Seva shows commitment to diversity in tech by mentoring a General Assembly student every week for a year, covering everything from coding tips and tricks to advice on making it in the industry.
  • Languages
    SQL, AppleScript, ActionScript 3, ActionScript 2, Sh, HTML, MXML, XML/XSLT, SQL-99, Java, AS3, ActionScript, Bash, XML, JavaScript, Stored Procedure, Embedded C, UML, HTML5, CSS3, Objective-C, C, C++, PL/pgSQL, C#, CSS, Scala, Lisp, PHP
  • Frameworks
    Adobe Flex, JUnit, Swiz, Ionic, JSP, PhoneGap, AWS EMR, Cordova, Core Data, AngularJS, Bootstrap, iPhone SDK, ASP.NET MVC, AWS HA, Mono, React Native, Spring JDBC, Spring, Spring MVC, Ionic 2, Spring Security, .NET
  • Libraries/APIs
    Java Servlets, Java RMI, JAXB, JDBC, SAX, PayPal API, Amazon FPS, Amazon API, jQuery, Twilio API, Facebook API, JNDI, Core Audio, Java Security, Facebook SDK, Stripe, Node.js, Facebook iOS SDK, Stripe API, MailChimp API, jsSHA
  • Tools
    AutoCAD, Balsamiq Mockups, JIRA, Maven, Hudson, Vim Text Editor, Subversion (SVN), ClearCase, Servlet, Shell, Amazon VPC, Jetty, Jenkins, Eclipse IDE, Sendmail, SonarQube, AWS ECS, AWS SQS, AWS SES, AWS SDK, Slack, Adobe AIR, HipChat, Git, Xcode, Microsoft Word, GitHub, Cinema 4D, Adobe Audition, Microsoft Visio, Chrome Developer Tools, BitBucket, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, AWS Push Notification Service (AWS SNS), AWS IAM, AWS EBS, cURL Command Line Tool, FishEye, Microsoft Project, MailChimp
  • Paradigms
    REST, Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Scrum, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Model driven development, Design Patterns, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Pair programming, Responsive Development, Waterfall Development, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Procedural programming, Layer programming, Scalable Application, Unit Testing, Test Automation, Concurrent Programming, Modular Development, Incremental development, Responsive Web Design (RWD), UX Design, Functional Programming, Rapid Prototyping, Parallel & Distributed Computing, UI Design, HIPAA Compliance, iOS UI Design, Real-time systems, Load Testing
  • Platforms
    Unix, Red Hat Linux, Java EE, Linux, JBoss, JSE, WordPress, Kernel Programming, Xamarin, Mac OS, Mac, JVM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Embedded Linux, AWS EC2, iOS, Oracle, Amazon, Android
  • Storage
    Apache Derby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JavaDB, AWS RDS, JSON, Cassandra, AWS SWF, RDS, AWS S3, Google Cloud, MySQL DBA, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle SQL, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, BigTable, NoSQL, HBase
  • Misc
    System Architecture, Multithreading, Digital Signal Processing, Multi-language Development, Unix Shell Scripting, SSL, PhoneGap Plugins, SOAP, Maven XML, SSH, Servlets, Integration, Technical Project Management, Project Management, Webhook, Gitolite, WordPress Plugins, Audio mastering, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Prototyping, AJAX, Web App Development, Embedded Systems, Audio Editing, GNU, Responsive Web Design (RWD), PCI Compliance, Kerberos, Stripe Payments
  • Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and Material Science & Engineering
    UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA
    2004 - 2006
  • Incomplete degree in Software Engineering
    Notre Dame de Namur University - Belmont, CA
    2001 - 2002
  • Incomplete degree in Computer Science
    University of Minnesota Institute of Technology - Minneapolis, MN
    1999 - 2000
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