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Timur Osadchiy

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
June 23, 2020

Timur helps global Fortune 500 corporations and startups in building scalable, reliable and optimised data-oriented solutions. AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Ph.D. in Computing Science. MSc in Cyber security. Over 12 years of full-stack development experience building scalable and thoroughly-tested solutions. Timur's experience as a CTO brings strong leadership skills and excellence to his work.


PepsiCo Global - Mktg
Python, CI/CD Pipelines, Machine Learning, Data Science, SQL...
TypeScript, Fastify, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS)...
Endeavor (via Toptal)
TypeScript, Next.js, Express.js, Segment, Stripe, Plaid...




Preferred Environment

Slack, PyCharm, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Jupyter

The most amazing...

...product I've developed is a novel recommender system in Scala. An article about it was published in a top-tier peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Work Experience

ML Ops Developer

2022 - PRESENT
PepsiCo Global - Mktg
  • Lead the delivery of an architecture that deploys and scales AI models guiding billion-dollar marketing investments.
  • Delivered CI / CD pipelines that test and deploy AI models with GitHub Actions, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.
  • Delivered a highly-performant development environment that ensures consistent results both in local experiments by data scientists and in cloud runs.
  • Increased reliability of code by introducing semi-automated code-review practices.
  • Introduced SQLAlchemy for managing database structures, and migrations, and providing better integration with code.
Technologies: Python, CI/CD Pipelines, Machine Learning, Data Science, SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Git, NumPy, Pandas, Kubernetes, GitHub API

Senior Full-stack Developer

2022 - 2022
  • Helped to produce solutions for operating vessels more efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Delivered a strongly typed REST API microservice optimized to the client’s data structures with AWS Lambda, TypeScript, and Fastify.
  • Migrated a service from one AWS account to another.
  • Delivered CI/CD pipelines with GitLab CI/CD and Terraform.
  • Took over a black-box integration with a third-party platform implemented with Python and AWS Lambda and made it safe for code updates using unit testing.
Technologies: TypeScript, Fastify, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Terraform, AWS Lambda, GitLab CI/CD, GitLab, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), OpenAPI, Swagger, Jest, APIs, Code Review, Requirements Analysis, Testing, Unit Testing, E2E Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Docker Compose, Containerization, MUI (Material UI), Postman, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Docker, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, DevOps, Architecture, Amazon RDS

Senior Full-stack Developer

2021 - 2022
Endeavor (via Toptal)
  • Delivered a microservices-based marketplace platform for connecting celebrity speakers with public event hosts built with TypeScript, Express, and Next.js.
  • Designed and delivered the business process of collecting payments and distributing funds to sellers using Stripe Connect.
  • Automated tax calculation for various geographical zones, collection, and delivery of financial reports with Stripe Tax.
  • Delivered architecture for a video hosting platform.
  • Implemented the business process of negotiating, generating, and signing contracts using Adobe Sign API.
  • Enabled complex search use cases with Elasticsearch.
  • Migrated a large web application from Create React App to Next.js to improve the performance and quality of web pages.
  • Implemented comprehensive application event tracking using Segment, providing segmentation by customers, internal test users, and machine interactions.
Technologies: TypeScript, Next.js, Express.js, Segment, Stripe, Plaid, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elasticsearch, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Cognito User Pools, Microservices, Kubernetes, Swagger, PostgreSQL, TypeORM, Code Review, GitHub, React, APIs, Requirements Analysis, GitFlow, Testing, Unit Testing, E2E Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Docker Compose, Containerization, WebSockets, MUI (Material UI), Netlify, Postman, SCSS, Sentry, User Interface (UI), Visual Studio Code (VS Code), GraphQL, Docker, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, DevOps, Architecture, Figma

Lead Developer

2020 - 2021
Agricultural Tech Startup (via Toptal)
  • Led a multi-cultural team of remote developers from Brazil and Europe in building an offline-first mobile app for an agricultural startup.
  • Performed daily code reviews and provided mentorship.
  • Conducted training for developers in building applications with TypeScript, React, and Redux.
  • Implemented semi-automated code reviews, enforcing a stronger type of safety and code quality assurance in a React Native project.
  • Organized and prioritized the development of an offline-first mobile app with React Native. The first version was released in under two months.
Technologies: TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, React Native, Redux, Code Review, Mobile App Development, GitHub, APIs, i18n, Mobile Apps, Requirements Analysis, GitFlow, Testing, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Redux-Saga, Containerization, MUI (Material UI), Postman, User Interface (UI), Full-stack Development, DevOps, Architecture, Figma

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2021
Tao Leadership
  • Produced system design for scalable web applications built with the latest tech, including Django REST, Angular, TypeScript, and AWS.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed a chat-like web application in under two weeks using Python, Angular, TypeScript, and Redux. Mostly untouched, the application is still one of the key products offered by the company.
  • Tested and gradually refactored a task scheduling system.
  • Improved code quality by introducing test-driven development and a culture of conducting regular code reviews by the team.
  • Conducted interviews with candidate software engineers.
  • Collaborated with clients to identify system requirements.
  • Implemented integration with cloud platforms, specifically Microsoft Graph API.
  • Built a CI/CD pipeline using GitLab CI/CD that runs unit and end-to-end tests and deploys the project to AWS.
  • Designed and developed a visualization and analytics platform for complex network graph data with TypeScript and D3.js.
  • Built a video conference mobile application with React Native, TypeScript, Redux, and the Twilio API with Python for the REST API.
Technologies: Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, REST, HTML, System Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Twilio API, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Electron, Selenium, D3.js, Artificial Intelligence (AI), JSX, Jest, React Redux, React Native, Continuous Delivery (CD), Chart.js, RxJS, Docker, Redis, Test-driven Development (TDD), Node.js, Pandas, Git, Agile, Scrum, Security, SQL, Project Management, PostgreSQL, Responsive UI, Microsoft Graph API, Django REST Framework, Django, Redux, Bootstrap, REST APIs, Angular, Sass, TypeScript, Python, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, Python 3, JavaScript, Web App Development, Full-stack, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Front-end, RabbitMQ, React, Code Review, Mobile App Development, GitLab, APIs, Data Visualization, Redux-observable, i18n, Mobile Apps, Requirements Analysis, Jupyter Notebook, Testing, Unit Testing, E2E Testing, GitLab CI/CD, Celery, Continuous Integration (CI), Docker Compose, Redux-Saga, Mailgun, Ant Design, Antd, Data Analysis, Containerization, WebSockets, MUI (Material UI), Terraform, Postman, Twilio, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, DevOps, Architecture, Amazon RDS

Research Engineer

2019 - 2020
Open Lab, Newcastle University
  • Developed a research platform for a large-scale population dietary assessment.
  • Developed a browser image editor with in-built object recognition in JavaScript.
  • Designed a service for A/B testing and tracking user behavior in dietary assessment surveys using. After an extensive study, I analyzed the collected data and published an article in JMIR–a top-tier journal covering digital technology for healthcare.
  • Developed a novel recommender system in Scala, evaluated it, and published an article in "Expert Systems with Applications"–a top-tier peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • Gave guest lectures about designing the user experience to address human factors in technology-assisted dietary assessment.
  • Built a web application for abortion rights advocacy in Ireland, which resulted in a publication that became the best paper of the year 2018 in the CHI Conference, the premier international conference.
  • Designed and developed a web application for teachers to visualize their observations and reflections on children’s learning activities.
  • Built a personal dietary tracking app using React Native, TypeScript and Redux.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Google Maps API, Electron, Scala, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pandas, Git, SQL, Project Management, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Angular, TypeScript, Python, Python 3, JavaScript, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Jupyter, Java, Play, React, React Native, Code Review, GitLab, APIs, Data Visualization, University Teaching, i18n, Mobile Apps, Requirements Analysis, Jupyter Notebook, Testing, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Docker Compose, Redux-Saga, Ant Design, Antd, Data Analysis, Containerization, Lecturing, MUI (Material UI), GWT, Play Framework, Postman, SCSS, Docker, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, Architecture


2012 - 2016
  • Produced system design for a platform that included two web applications, a REST API server, and three mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Organized and led a software engineering team of seven bright and talented people.
  • Built a REST API server with Pyramid Framework (Python) and two web applications with jQuery and Knockout.js.
Technologies: Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, REST, HTML, System Architecture, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy, Test-driven Development (TDD), Git, Agile, Scrum, Security, SQL, Project Management, PostgreSQL, Responsive UI, Bootstrap, REST APIs, Sass, Python, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, Python 3, JavaScript, Web App Development, Full-stack, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Front-end, Knockout (Knockout.js), jQuery, Pyramid, Code Review, APIs, Mobile Apps, Requirements Analysis, Testing, Unit Testing, E2E Testing, SCSS, Full-stack Development, Architecture

Project Manager

2011 - 2015
SD Praktika
  • Managed the development of web and mobile applications for government organizations of the Russian Federation. Led development teams of up to ten people.
  • Analyzed business processes on the client side and defined technical and functional requirements.
  • Organized and performed training sessions for users and administrators.
  • Designed and presented digital solutions to stakeholders of all levels.
Technologies: Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, System Architecture, Agile, Scrum, Security, Project Management, JavaScript, Web App Development, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Knockout (Knockout.js), jQuery, Requirements Analysis

Personal Dietary Dashboard

Our research team in the Open Lab received an offer from producers of a show on BBC “Fat Fight with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall” to use Intake24 in a weight-loss campaign. However, at that time, Intake24 was mainly intended to be used as a research tool and not as a personal food tracking app. I volunteered to lead the project of adapting the system for this purpose. I produced a unique interface design that allowed users to complete a quick survey about their intake and displayed a graphical report that described the quality of their diet based on recommendations from the NHS. I used the existing tech stack selected by the Intake24’s development team. The new features of the REST API server were implemented with Scala and Play framework and the interface with Angular and TypeScript. This work resulted in several scientific publications.

Recommender System Based on Pairwise Association Rules

During my work on Intake24, a large-scale population dietary assessment system, I aimed to address one of the critical issues; people forgetting what they eat. I developed an associated food recommender system to remind respondents of omitted foods. The algorithm, in contrast with collaborative and content-based filtering approaches, is independent of personal user profiles and does not require an extensive history of users’ preferences or a multitude of item descriptors. Instead, the algorithm uses transactions performed by respondents from a given population to build a collective model of preferences. The quality of recommendations produced by the algorithm has even outperformed that produced by trained nutritionists. In this work, my toolset mainly consisted of Python, Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. The final version of the algorithm was implemented and deployed with the primary programming language of the platform being Scala. This work resulted in a scientific publication in a top tier journal of expert systems with applications.

Platform for Rapid Culture Change at Workplaces

In Tao Leadership, I worked with a team on a digital platform to analyze and improve workplace culture. I’m especially proud of my contribution to the system and the interface design of the platform. My work involved continuous collaboration with clients and stakeholders on identifying functional requirements. The interface consists of an administrator and a survey interface. The administrator interface allows clients to manage their programs and see various graphical reports. The survey interface is used by employees in the client’s organization to answer questions about relationships with their colleagues and their managers. To implement both interfaces, I picked TypeScript, Angular, Redux, and Redux-Observable. The front-end web applications talks to the REST API server built with Python, Django, Django REST. The web-server communicates to a worker server for running asynchronous tasks using Celery and RabbitMQ. PostgreSQL is used for persistent data storage. Redis caches and serves commonly reused data. The entire platform is hosted on AWS and connected to Amazon SageMaker for performing heavy data analysis tasks.

Video Conference Mobile App

One of our projects in Tao Leadership involved building a mobile social app for Android and iOS. One of the key features of this app was a live video chat. I was delighted to get the opportunity to work on this feature. We used TypeScript, React Native, and Redux for app development. I implemented video communication using the Twillio programmable video API.

Personal Dietary Tracker

My last and very personal research project in the Open Lab was developing a personal dietary tracking mobile application (similar to ‎MyFitnessPal). In this project, I used TypeScript, React Native, Redux and NativeBase. The mobile app was connected to the REST API built with Scala that provided validated nutrition and health data. I really enjoyed working on this project since it has expanded my front-end development experience to mobile apps.


TypeScript, JavaScript, Python 3, HTML, CSS, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, Python, SQL, Scala, Java, SCSS, GraphQL, Go


Angular, Redux, Django, Bootstrap, Django REST Framework, AngularJS, React Native, Jest, Ant Design, Pyramid, Electron, Selenium, MUI (Material UI), GWT, Play Framework, Next.js, Play, Knockout (Knockout.js), Express.js, Swagger, NestJS, Fastify


React, React Redux, REST APIs, Pandas, Redux-Saga, RxJS, Node.js, Chart.js, Antd, jQuery, SQLAlchemy, D3.js, Google Maps API, Twilio API, Stripe, OpenAPI, NumPy, GitHub API


REST, Scrum, Testing, Agile, Requirements Analysis, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Unit Testing, E2E Testing, Test-driven Development (TDD), Data Science, Microservices, DevOps


Microsoft Graph API, System Architecture, Front-end, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Full-stack, Web App Development, Full-stack Development, Technical Leadership, Redux-observable, University Teaching, i18n, Responsive UI, Data Visualization, APIs, Code Review, GitFlow, Mobile Apps, Security, Team Leadership, Mobile App Development, CI/CD Pipelines, Architecture, Amazon RDS, Data Analysis, Lecturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Containerization, WebSockets, Machine Learning, Segment, Amazon Cognito User Pools, TypeORM


GitLab CI/CD, Celery, Git, Docker Compose, JSX, Sentry, Terraform, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Postman, Slack, RabbitMQ, Jupyter, Plaid, Amazon Cognito, GitHub, GitLab, Figma


Docker, Jupyter Notebook, Mailgun, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netlify, Twilio, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Kubernetes, AWS Lambda


Redis, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MongoDB, Elasticsearch

Industry Expertise

Project Management

2015 - 2020

Ph.D. in Software Engineering

Newcastle University - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2010 - 2011

Master's Degree in Computer Security and Resilience

Newcastle University - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2005 - 2010

Master's Degree in Information Security

Kazan State Technical University - Kazan, Russia


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services


Machine Learning

Stanford Online