Esmar Mesic

Esmar Mesic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Member since October 18, 2018
For 10 years, Esmar has been working for top telco companies and other corporations, launching various types of products, impacting 200 million end users. Now, he is working with startups mainly in FinTech industry, so he can bring you the best of both worlds, leading by example applying the minimalistic approach
Esmar is now available for hire
Project Highlights
  • Agile Product Management
  • Fintech
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Telecommunications
  • Trello
  • User Requirements
  • Product Manager
    2018 - PRESENT
    Ministry of Programming, Sarajevo (BiH)/Hamburg (Germany)
    • Built products that have a massive socio-economic impact, with the mission to democratize finance and enabling everyone to trade. Biggest star from product portfolio that we launched is social trader where the user can trade with a simple finger swipe, similar to Tinder app, but for stocks ( The product is growing with 3,000 new daily users and has 500k monthly funded users (trading and funding their live accounts), in general 2 million demo and live clients.
    • Launched Crypto Wallet product (, where you can perform instant exchange of cryptocurrencies, buy cryptos with credit cards and send/receive them in your wallet.
    • Launched personalized NAGA Master Card, prepaid card connected to all company services.
    • Launched MIOO ( product, new concept of bicycle service in Sweden. Mobile apps for both platforms were launched in 1 month with 2.000 subscriptions in MVP phase.
  • Product Owner
    2018 - 2018
    Cylo Media UK, London (UK)
    • Developed and launched MVP version of Allexis Travel product ( which was a massive success for the company. It was the first sellable product that we launched in seven years. Allexis Travel is white label product that can be used for travel agencies during the booking process or as add-ons where you can buy an entertainment package of music, movies, series, and episodes to watch while you're traveling.
    • Worked together with business development, UX/UI designers, solution architects, frontend developers and QA as SCRUM team member.
    • Created and defined product features, product descriptions, and presentations for internal and external customers.
    • Moderated UX/UI reviews with the SCRUM team to align on the requirements, designs, and actual needs from the development team.
    • Groomed the product backlog in JIRA for priorities on daily basis, preparing user stories for the development team’s breakdowns, with clear acceptance criteria.
  • Project Manager/Business Analyst
    2013 - 2018
    ZIRA Ltd, Sarajevo (BiH)
    • Managed to complete/implement 12 projects/products in 4 years for big telco corporations like A1 Telekom AG Austria and Saudi Telecom while the company transitioned from a project-oriented organization to a product-oriented organization.
    • Launched products from the customer management portfolio ( such as Product Catalog, CRM, Unified Order Management, CPQ (configure price quote), Product Catalog Publishing, Omnichannel Product and Product Lifecycle Management for Telco.
  • Customer Service Engineer
    2011 - 2012
    Nokia Siemens Networks, Sarajevo (BiH)/Munich (Germany)
    • Served as the customer service engineer for the core part of the telco network and enrolled in NGN projects (new generation networks) which had 4 phases. We were commissioning, installing, and integrating all NGN network elements in a live network. Part of the migration from traditional TDM switches to IP Soft Switches was migration of customer data stored inside 15 switches distributed all over the country.
    • Handled all care activities for local customers.
    • Enrolled inside presales, site surveys, and project management.
    • Migrated 2 million subscribers from TDM ports to IP network using new generation network NSN products.
  • Service Manager
    2008 - 2011
    IMEL Ltd, Sarajevo BiH
    • Built and launched time evidence and access control part of company's own ERP solution from hardware and software point of view, connecting time presence data with paychecks.
    • Headed the whole IT Service Department including a deployment of ERP solution and maintaining complete hardware (server side and clients).
    • Oversaw the sales and support for Microsoft licensed operating systems (with strong partner relationship with big Microsoft contractors in the entire country and Microsoft itself) and sales and support for Kaspersky anti-virus solutions.
    • Experienced working in the retail shop, learned about warehouse management, pricing and customer delivery within one-day time box. At that time, the company introduced ISO 9000:2008 quality management certificate, and I was ISO certified auditor.
Project History
  • CBRE/host App
    Created 50 analytics charts in one week.

    Product analytics setup for CBRE/host app, using Amplitude, Fortune 500 client who launched industry redefining solution for the workplace.

  • MIOO
    Mobile apps for both platforms were launched in 1 month with 2.000 subscriptions in MVP phase.

    Launched MIOO product, a new concept of bicycle service in Sweden.

    • Android app:
    • iOS app:

  • NAGA Wallet for Crypto Exchange
    Enabled instant exchange of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, buying cryptos with credit card, send coins and tokens via email.

    As part of enriching our product portfolio, we made the easiest way to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency portfolio on our NAGA Wallet product. Our most important customers, who fund their live account and do trading on a monthly basis (512k of them) now can instantly buy/sell cryptos.

    The release happened only after 1 month of my presence, which I'm very proud off

  • Allexis Travel
    Developed and launched MVP version of Allexis Travel product.

    Allexis Travel is a white label product that can be used for e.g. Travel Agencies during the booking process, as an add-on, where you can buy an entertainment package of music, movies, series, and episodes and watch while you're traveling.

  • CRM and Product Catalog Upgrade, BH Telecom dd. Sarajevo
    Consolidated product catalog with faster time to market and fast & easy product configuration — “The Lego Principle.”

    CRM and Product Catalog Upgrade of 10-year-old legacy software. We did it for a local telco, BH Telecom dd. Sarajevo The project was consisted of four phases, installing new Product Catalog with data migration, providing new UI and powerful product creation engine underneath. Other three remaining phases were upgrading of existing service inside fixed, mobile, and triple-play services. Finally, we have introduced the Partner model (selling partner products) and new ticketing system. It was also technological upgrade from Oracle technologies like ADF to Angular 2, moving from Oracle SQL DB to Postgres SQL, introducing DevOps and microservice architecture inside telco for the first time. With much more simplified new UI, daily operations were way easier

  • Wholesale CRM and Customer Order Management, STC (Saudi Telecom Company)
    Replacing Oracle Siebel with ZIRA Wholesale CRM for STC (Saudi Telekom Company), making Saudi business agile.

    In only 4 months, from signing the contract till Go-Live, we managed to replace Oracle Siebel CRM system, no.1 used CRM, with our product for wholesale telco business. That was part of digital agile transformation where we enable wholesale personal to make a quote and order in just 5 minutes, a process which previously took 2 days.

  • Data Migration, Telekom Slovenije dd. Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Successfully consolidated BSS/OSS systems across the enterprise.

    Until a few years ago, Telekom Slovenije dd. were three separate legal entities (mobile, fixed, internet provider) with dedicated applications in use for each. When they merged, they decided to rely only on single product catalog, order entry, and billing solution. What we did was big BSS consolidation program (CRM, rating, billing, resource and inventory management, check service feasibility), getting things in order and make life easier for our customers

  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Data Migration, Telekom Slovenije dd, Data Conversion Expert
    Product organization inside product catalog for fixed, mobile and internet services.

    PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Data Migration was done and managed on complex bundled products offering and product specifications from offering which are not telco, like selling electricity, insurance, salt, washing machines, etc. We ended up remodeling 20,000 products.

  • Launching MVNO Operator, Shatel Mobile, Tehran/Iran
    Managed to put baseline for new products and services for prepaid customers. They have acquired 500,000 users in six months.

    Shatel Mobile as a mobile telecom service provider is a part of Shatel Group. They provide mobile and portable data services, portable telephony and OTT services, based on its MVNO license. We were there for the first time in Tehran, helping them with their Greenfield project (like telco start-up) and setting up prepaid services with our partner I-New (

  • Omnichannel Solution for Self-care Channels
    Accomplished to provide 1.5 million users successfully could request more than 20 services via SMS, USSD, and web portal.

    Enabling customers full self-care channels potential by introducing omnichannel middleware layer, enabling them seamless experience in their service requests. We manage to integrate with SMS center, USSD gateway, and web page as channels, one of the products which I really like and use it almost every day. Also, it was nominated for "Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Customer Centricity Award" by

  • Prepaid Billing Replacement, A1 Telekom (Vienna, Austria)
    Successfully migrated 6 million subscribers, and saved $15 million.

    Replacement of prepaid (online) charging and introducing new mobile prepaid tariffs. In order to approve service availability, two thousand test cases were successfully executed at the user acceptance testing phase.

  • MVNO In-a-box Postpaid Solution, I-New AG, Austria
    We enable our partner I-New ( who sells MVNO in-a-box with postpaid billing solution.

    Mobile virtual network operators usually have prepaid billing only. The extra value was added to their product by developing postpaid billing module inside MVNO product box.

  • MVNO m:tel Austria - Postpaid Billing Solution
    After we successfully added postpaid billing module to I-New solution, the first customer appears in m:tel.

    m:tel as MVNO in Austria, was 2nd largest telco in Bosnia, so what they did was a smart move of introducing new postpaid tariffs for foreign citizens from Balkans area, offering free minutes and text messages from Austria to the home country.

  • Upgrade CRM, Oracle SOA Middleware Layer and Postpaid Billing With New Offers From VPN Market Area and Cloud Base Services
    New business customers join BH Telecom network for comfortable VPN tariffs.

    Expanding the business customer base, local telco operator introduced new tariffs for business customers, versatile VPN packages, which they called Comfort Package. Till then, only TopTeam packages were on market but with limited options (e.g. prepaid couldn't be the member of this closed group). In the end, besides free calls and texting inside the group, we have added a shared pool of data packages as well.

  • Oracle Technological Upgrade (DB, ADF, SOA) From 10g to 11g, BH Telecom
    Up to date with the newest technology at that time.

    Oracle technological upgrade consisted of DB, ADF-like front end part and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), integration layer from 10g to 11g. DB was migrated first, alongside with SOA components and at the end front end components.

  • Prepaid Billing Replacement, Si.mobil Slovenia
    1 million subscribers successfully migrated.

    Replacement of prepaid (online) charging and introducing new mobile prepaid tariffs. In order to approve service availability, two thousand test cases were successfully executed at the User Acceptance Testing phase. The project was an entry point for the new project for the owner of Si.mobil (now A1 Slovenia), A1 Telekom in Austria.

  • NGN (New Generation Network) Project
    2 million subscribers successfully migrated, costs saved up to $10 million.

    Migration of 15 Siemens TDM (Time-division multiplexing) switches (EWSD) to IP (soft switches or IP switches).

  • Tax Evidence Inside Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Sold more than 100,000 fiscal printers which were able to evident taxes immediately after sales have been completed.

    Every taxpayer was obliged to join the fiscal process inside the country in order to register taxes. It was done for gas stations, pharmacies, major retail corporations inside the country and it affected almost every type of business. There, I have learned a lot about finances.

  • Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Communication
    2004 - 2009
    University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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