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Marie Lotsman

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Product Manager

Sandweiler, Luxembourg
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November 28, 2019

Marie is a methodical and skilled product management leader with nine years of experience in digital technology. She is proficient in business strategy, product development, and communication. A career highlight was when she worked on a mobile platform and drove the usage from 3.1 million to 16 million in over three years. Marie has created unique products for the Virgin group and Apple and is always ready for new challenges.

Project Highlights

Growing B2B Sales and Enterprise Customer Acquisition
Pushed for B2B sales and enterprise customers and in three years—grew the revenue by 40%. Introduced new features and products which were sold specifically for medium and enterprise-level clients.
Creation of a New Product Offering During a Period of Change
I came up with a new product offering and specific features to support the vision alignment of two companies during a company merger.
Alignment Project: Department for Professional Services
Created and established the product development process within Professional Services. Grew two teams to seven squads in three years, integrated them within the international teams, and grew the customer base from three to 20+ enterprise customers.


Work Experience

CXO | Co-owner | Part-time Consultant

2015 - PRESENT
Okami Technologies
  • Worked with the following technical stack: web apps PHP, Laravel, View.js, Node.js, Apollo, GraphQL, and React.
  • Conducted competitor research for US clients in the real estate business. The results of the study were used to improve the product offering. For example, changes in the marketplace-website flow helped to gain 10% in that year's profit.
  • Created the product roadmap and defined success metrics by building a monetization model for a startup business.
  • Helped startups to make technical decisions by reviewing technologies, providing estimations on integrations with partner APIs (REST/SOAP).
  • Consulted on compliance standard HIPAA; FDA; ICD-9/ICD-10 and HL7 standards.
  • Oversaw the vision alignment, leadership, team growth, and professional development.

Data Product Manager

2020 - 2022
  • Managed cloud-based content service (Saas and B2C) for a medical products and services company.
  • Completed market research and market opportunity analysis and implemented suggested improvements which led to extreme product growth in the first year (+100%).
  • Created a collaboration between the product and portfolio products to increase the company's adoption within the existing user base.
  • Formed a collaboration across marketing and product teams to align them., by establishing a KPI process and gathering and analyzing data to find gaps and weak spots for improvement.
  • Created visualization for product data metrics (5+ products) adapted across the department.
  • Shared knowledge of the discovery process and pushed the discovery process to be implemented within the product teams of different departments.
  • Created product visibility within a large company with a large number of products. This helped establish data-oriented product decisions within the other departments, such as marketing, sales, and service.
  • Mentored technical and business stakeholders to lead their teams within the company.

Product Manager

2020 - 2020
  • Provided deep market research to support and indicate opportunities in international (beyond the US) markets.
  • Reviewed mobile UX with market/competitors analysis/reviews from the app stores and user research to provide opportunities to improve the current app.
  • Created hypothesis for US market to test, with indicated growth of 5%.
  • Provided a list of hypotheses to test in the international markets and indicated top countries which should be the first ones to test them.

Agile Project Manager

2020 - 2020
Kayani LLC
  • Worked with business stakeholders to create a pitch, validate a business idea, and define the scope for MVP.
  • Created the business idea to make it work not only for B2C but finding the right B2B approach to gain traction with the app within the pilot launch.
  • Helped the business create a launch plan for the app.
  • Managed and oversaw integrations, reviewed together with engineering integrations with hospital and private medical cabinets.

Product Manager

2020 - 2020
Client (via Toptal)
  • Led a discovery project for one of the top tech companies to uncover opportunities for a more effective digital workplace with new knowledge management and document management tool.
  • Worked with C-level stakeholders to define, prioritize, run field interviews to gather insights, and bring improvements to the business operations and workflow onsite.
  • Compared several options to obtain the solution: build, buy, or keep. Implemented a comparison run marketing analysis, performed a cost of ownership analysis, and defined the customer journey.
  • Provided options that saved $60,000 on the license and removed redundant process steps from the digital workflow.

Senior Product Manager

2017 - 2020
Netpulse (eGym)
  • Primarily ensured that Netpulse was running well via holding product discovery workshops and creating product strategy roadmaps for gym owners.
  • Worked with the following technical stack: Java, MySQL, Go, React, iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Android NDK, and Kotlin.
  • Ran sprints with more than seven teams in multiple locations across the globe (US, UK, China, Germany, and Ukraine). Each unit consisted of a minimum of five people; mentored two product managers out of the five.
  • Gathered customer feedback, analyzed the market, explored possibilities to improve, tweaked the existing mobile platform, and supported innovation within Netpulse.
  • Delivered more than 15 mobile apps for boutique fitness studios and large gym chains. Grew the platform from 3 million users to 16.1 million users in over three years.
  • Wrote detailed user stories (including API specs for endpoints) and ran backlog grooming sessions, daily stand-ups, product demos, and retrospectives with the teams, working with scrum teams in 2-to-3-week sprints.
  • Helped make engineering team trade-offs, negotiated timelines with internal and external stakeholders, coordinated launches of more than 15 mobile apps with marketing teams, engineering, and support teams.
  • Presented a product roadmap to external and C-level customers: took the initiative to set successful metrics and analyzed large datasets on core product features to enhance decision-making around product roadmap.
  • Used my excellent communication skills: we retained all crucial enterprise clients during the merger, keeping their share of monthly revenue within the company, benefiting merger negotiations.
  • Supported post-launches, feedback, UAT, and pilots. Used Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Suite, Zepplin, Asana, and Basecamp.

Senior Business Analyst | Product Owner

2015 - 2017
IHS Markit via Luxoft
  • Worked with the following technical stack: .NET, MySQL, Windows Forms (desktop app) and MongoDB, Node.js, and Angular (web app).
  • Created a knowledge group and held team sessions to share business cases and successes and failures.
  • Provided business analysis services to key customers. Created backlog, ran backlog grooming sessions, and created blueprints of specification in confluence.
  • Ran agile sprints and coordinated product delivery for a 25-person team (UK, Ukraine, and US locations); wrote user stories in Jira, ran estimations and backlog grooming sessions for remote teams; created user flow and sequence diagrams and API specs.
  • Hired a business analyst to the emerging accounts department, resulting in two out of six successfully passing CBAP certification and six gaining certification with ICAgile in various themes.
  • Established a product roadmap process review with a mandatory KPI definition process.
  • Created and organized knowledge-sharing sessions within the department to support the team's professional development.
  • Organized the product team and marketing sales team sessions to share demos and feedback about various aspects of the product.
  • Reviewed the roadmap and contributed to the feature planning.
  • Coordinated user acceptance testing and gathered user feedback, which was then reviewed with the design team.

System Analyst | Product Manager

2012 - 2015
Materialize Dental now Dentsply Sirona
  • Led a systems analyst and a product manager for R&D dental software. Technical stack: desktop applications C++, C#, Prolog, and Qt.
  • Managed six projects by creating product vision, product personas, and wireframes to support user flow.
  • Wrote requirements in XWiki (aka Confluence) and use cases in TFS. Built product requirements to fit technical feasibility research.
  • Successfully managed a large team of stakeholders (from six to 12 people) while keeping everyone's interest in the product and building up the team to make a successful product launch.
  • Established a connection between the development team and the customer (business), which led to the most efficient workflow in the software as compared to previous versions.
  • Passed several audits without NC (ISO/FDA 501(k)) for multiple projects.
  • Created products compliant with the FDA 501(k) premarket notification and successfully passed several audits without NC (ISO/IEC 25000:2005 and the FDA 510(k)).

Healthcare Solutions Product Manager

2011 - 2012
  • Created user stories and system requirements (data structure, ERD, and sequence diagrams) for healthcare mobile and desktop applications.
  • Presented reports on innovation inside the company to big data (statistics and financial) and healthcare verticals.
  • Pitched ideas to create proofs of concept within the big data and healthcare verticals. These pitches were successfully supported and sold to the DataArt clients as stand-alone products.
  • Consulted on compliance standards (HIPAA, FDA, ICD-9/ICD-10, and HL7 standards).
  • Clarified initial requirements and created metrics of success for business intelligence solutions.
  • Worked with the product development team to document system and user interface requirements, data requirements, and report formats.

Virgin Active Mobile App

Enabled the booking of group classes via a mobile app which led from 13% to 65% of class occupancy.

Virgin Active Group represents 233 clubs in eight countries including South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Italy, among others. The club boasts 1.2 million members with 715,000 based in South Africa (in 142 clubs)—meaning an average of 5,035 members per club.

Virgin Active South Africa is a high-end brand with a sophisticated product proposition and a very demanding business environment. You are creating a mobile app for a company at the top of its game, so you cannot do less than excellent. The mobile app for this brand aimed to fulfill their end-users' high expectations and the digital strategy of the company.

Key Focus Areas for the Client:
• Build an app with a sophisticated design that communicates a strong brand.
• Integrate it with the member management system.
• Ensure that the new mobile app was a natural extension of Virgin Active product offering to its members.

Tasks Accomplished:
• Conducted a discovery workshop for Virgin Active South Africa.
• Provided a draft of product roadmap and future release planning.
• Created design mock-ups, specifications, and user guides.
• Handled all of the communication and release.
• Managed the launch.

Launching Products with Apple: A Watch App for Gyms

Built an Apple Watch gym companion for gym-goers along with managing the collaboration via complex business groups, Netpulse, and Apple.

An Apple Watch app that is integrated with your gym's mobile app. The watch app allows users to access the gym, check-in the group classes, set fitness goals, and track leader boards in gym challenges, all of this with Siri shortcuts.

3D CAD Tool for the Ideal Dental Prosthesis

Created software that designs a dental prosthesis in 20 minutes vs 1.5 hours with a simple UX to cut down the learning curve.

The client was an American dental equipment maker and dental consumables producer that markets its products in over 120 countries. As an equipment maker, it designs and manufactures laboratory and specialty products relating to dental supplies, designs, and artificial teeth construction.
The company already implements the most modern production techniques, such as 3D printing and CAD/CAM milling. Being a front runner company, it has received a Factory of the Future award with a 40% reduction in material costs thanks to an investment in 3D printing technology.

Retail and Supply Chain Automation Tool

Created an automated warehouse system that allowed users to automate grocery packaging and delivery.

I worked for the global delivery company and led the development of an automated warehouse system with a retrieval system combined with a warehouse management system.

As a result, I built a system with a team that increased the speed of packaging the order, and reduced time spent on the actual task. The packaging was done with smart modelling which allowed us to be careful with fragile items and put them at the end of packing. I also used visual recognition to place the items in the most space-efficient and safe way.

Diagnostic Tool for Cancer Research

Led the web tool designed for doctors, which increase operational efficiency +10% and cuts the patient's time in the queue.

The client is one of the world's leading charities dedicated to researches into the causes, treatment, and prevention of cancer. It supports the work of over 3,000 scientists, doctors, and nurses across the UK and funds a lot of other scientists at UK universities.

The goal was to create an easy-to-use tool that would model the best treatment for the patient with cancer. The cancer-decision support tool was also designed to support general practitioners in assessing patients with potential cancer symptoms.

The tool doesn't replace clinical judgment but gives more information that can be used to inform patient management decisions. Those decisions tend to be underpinned by algorithms that calculate the risk of a patient having undiagnosed cancer based on various data inputs.

Scan Upload Software for Dental Labs

Developed software that boosts the operational efficiency of dental labs.

Scan Upload is a type of software that facilitates lab-based scanning and ordering products from Atlantis Abutments. The software is used to preview the attached STL scans, detect the flags, and submit an order to a web-based ordering system.

Cloud-based Platform for Vendor Risk Management

Built the first central, cloud-based platform for vendor onboarding, collection, and verification of due-diligence data.

KY3P offers the first central, cloud-based platform for vendor onboarding, collection, and verification of due-diligence data and vendor-risk monitoring, covering a range of third parties, including vendors, affiliates, sub-advisors, distributors, clearinghouses, and other service providers in the financial industry. For suppliers, KY3P provides a mechanism that minimizes the burden of responding to repetitive due-diligence requests from financial institutions.

Project Features:
• Due Diligence—Create a library of accurate due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) responses based on a standardized questionnaire organized by a product.
• Audit and Compliance—Store, organize and distribute documentation for third-party external audit reports
• Distribution—Securely transmit due diligence information and documents to all clients.
• Incident Management—Notify clients of a product or service impacting events, including cybersecurity incidents.

YMCA Mobile App

Led the development of the YMCA mobile app. The mobile app became a center of customer experience.

The YMCA Greater Charlotte is a non-profit organization with a focus on health, volunteering, and donation. The YMCA mobile app has a focus on customer experience, providing guidance to the YMCA services, and how a customer can leverage and access them in the easiest way. The new mobile app allowed YMCA members not only book classes but also track their personal workouts and create a fitness schedule via the mobile app.


Created a unified entry method of national emergency contact information with NOKR database and Microsoft HealthVault.

The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) was established as a FREE tool for daily emergencies and national disasters. NOKR is your emergency contact system to help if you or your family member is missing, injured or deceased. NOKR is the central depository for Emergency Contact information in the United States plus 87 other countries. (See NOKR's network of volunteers). NOKR is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to bridging rapid emergency contact information. NOKR was established in January 2004, for daily emergency situations.

NOKR provides the public with a free proactive service to store your emergency contacts, next of kin and vital medical information that would be critical to emergency response agencies. The stored information is only accessible via a secure area that is only accessible by emergency public trust agencies that have registered with NOKR.

Mobile App for Fitness and Gyms

Grew a mobile platform from 3.1 to 16 million users while adding a $250,000+ monthly revenue to the company.

While I was working with multiple stakeholders (Gold's Gym, Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, and so on), I discovered that while large chains would buy a mobile app for their members, only 20% of gym-goers would use that.

I did user research across the gym-goers and gym managers. So, in reality, a lot of gym-goers didn't know about the mobile app (were missing the opportunity to track workouts) and club managers had no idea how to promote and launch their mobile apps.

For members, I pushed through the senior leadership to make sure that our priority was UX and workout tracking. The app didn't need many features but rather a tailored, unique experience that every gym wanted to provide to its members.

I implemented this at Netpulse along with the Apple Watch mobile app for Crunch Fitness gyms.

I also recognized that we had a huge gap where we didn't help our customers (business) to launch the product properly, so I generated a new approach for the mobile app implementation and launch. I also created guides based on the gym type (boutique, chain, etc.), marketing plans, content strategies, and worked with the customer success teams, and marketing and club managers to make the app launch successful.

MVP for Biotech: Interaction Between Enzyme and its Substrate

Built a tool that predicted the interaction between an enzyme and its substrate with optimal conditions.

A bioinformatics tool for optimal temperature, optimal pH for enzyme activity, based on enzyme sequence, or 3D structure. The information was based on existing sources (i.e., BRENDA database) and additional sources that the client provided to simulate models based on machine learning (ML).

True News Visualization

Tools have visualized news from various sources with a visual indication of how "true" is the source.

The goals were to create a website that would gather data from multiple sources around financial news and indicate the relative "weight equals truth" of each news item. This tool was able to help prioritize decisions and allocate risks for the stock market companies when gathering preliminary data about clients/potential investments.

The prioritization was built on a dashboard with "bubbles." Each bubble has a different size, color, and real-time changes when a new, similar news item comes into the source. This allowed for a simple risk indication and a drill down to news sources for end-users. Tools later were acquired by a financial organization in the US (NYC) and was rebranded under their name (NDA).

Video Streaming with Les Mills On Demand

Conducted research that showed 85% of all gym-goers worked out at home and pitched and scoped the video streaming.

Netpulse has partnered with premium at-home fitness provider LES MILLS On Demand (LMOD).

I scoped and supported the implementation of a new feature into the mobile app platform. The feature provided the possibility for clubs now have the ability to provide the world’s best online workouts to their members through their own branded apps.

• Clubs can now offer LMOD classes as part of their membership tiers or as an as an add-on service, opening up new streams of revenue.
• Members can easily sign up and access their classes seamlessly within their club's app.
• Clubs can integrate membership details within their membership management systems.

Future Knowledge Management Tool

Conducted research to build the best KM tool for one of the FAANG companies,cuting the cost of development in half.

I researched available knowledge management tools. I also provided an overview of the best solutions in the market and how they could be adjusted to a client's existing complicated workflow.

During our research phase, I created a cost of ownership for each tool, including building the tool using open sources, gathering the best-known tools, and defining features that could exceed market expectations. I also provided the implementation plan with a high-level scope.

Growing B2B Sales and Enterprise Customer Acquisition

Pushed for B2B sales and enterprise customers and in three years—grew the revenue by 40%. Introduced new features and products which were sold specifically for medium and enterprise-level clients.

I led a department of professionals services within the mobile platform company. The department initially was a small team that existed for customers who wanted something more than a standard product. I saw an opportunity to explore the market in medium, enterprise-level companies, and listen, observe their needs.

As a result, I've built a strategy which had specific product offering (i.e., discovery phases, specific features adjustment, customization of sales features in the mobile app) for medium and enterprise-level companies. In three years, I grew a professional services team in its own department, which focused specifically on custom development of mobile apps. The department started contributed to the company revenue (before being a cost center) and making a decent size revenue from total mobile platform revenue (40%).

Creation of a New Product Offering During a Period of Change

I came up with a new product offering and specific features to support the vision alignment of two companies during a company merger.

Netpulse and eGym were merging. Netpulse is a mobile app and white-label platform, whereas eGym is a smart fitness equipment company. eGym had little knowledge of the digital product offerings, and Netpulse didn't know how to integrate eGym's equipment into the mobile app offering. To combine the two and avoid having two product offerings without synergy, I innovated the following feature: quick workout tracking with eGym equipment, member, and trainer mobile apps. The feature idea was initially tested with a few clients and proposed to C-level customers.

I also did the UX research and created a P&L to justify the feature development. The feature had great success within the company and with end-users. Currently, this is a crucial feature of the eGym digital suit offering.

Alignment Project: Department for Professional Services

Created and established the product development process within Professional Services. Grew two teams to seven squads in three years, integrated them within the international teams, and grew the customer base from three to 20+ enterprise customers.

I joined Netpulse (eGym now) when there were no professional services for custom development. A small team of four people worked on minor customizations for two clients. After joining the team, I worked with the CEO and AM/Sales team to grow enterprise sales. Concurrently, I worked with the operations manager to establish product development processes within a newly formed department.

I also managed capacity and priorities, including choosing which projects to run first and which to postpone. This included overseeing risk, determining if it was a "raw" feature or a demanding customer. I also communicated those issues and handled the risks. The most crucial factors were establishing an excellent quality and growing the team to deliver successful results.

In summary, I changed their mindset from "just writing the code" to caring about the end-user final product. Our results and client satisfaction rate grew tremendously after the first year, and we expanded our customer base significantly within the next two years. Many of our customers came with a referral. Due to the high capacity, I asked management to grow the team, find the right argument, and present the correct numbers to justify the need. I'm proud of my team's results.

Online Booking Experience for Virgin Active – South Africa's Largest Fitness Chain

Developed a mobile app and converted the booking of classes to become 60% online vs. offline, cutting operational expenses and queues on site.

Virgin Active South Africa is the largest fitness chain among the Virgin Active group and brings 40% revenue to the whole group. I helped them rebuild and create a new booking experience for their members.

A new mobile app was one of the keys to success, and the member cabinet was a smooth booking of classes in the mobile app and web. Initially, we wanted users to occupy time— usually not that popular—to increase the average class capacity.

The booking system is an internal system written by the Virgin Active team. It supports custom rules: class cost, class availability based on your type of membership, class availability based on amount no-shows, calculation of free class spots in classes, and so on. There was no API for those rules, so while working on the mobile app scope, I defined the API and what endpoints to support certain features. I prioritized the rules we incorporated first, and gradually we added all of them to the mobile and web interface.

As a result, we saw a 15% growth in AVG class capacity with online booking in the first year. Currently, over 65% of classes are booked online. This allows tweaking the operational expenses used previously to manage class bookings on site.

MVP for Health Services On Demand

From an initial idea, created an MVP with a business model and clear scope, which gained interest in investors to develop a prototype and test the mobile app.

A product for healthcare professionals and patients to provide and get healthcare services on demand. Imagine if you could get help as easy as calling an uber? The idea of the app is to allow patients to ask either for a home visitor or a video call with a healthcare professional to get service on demand.

Patients need to go through a self-assessment quiz to be prompted to a specialist and then specify the time and place where they would like to receive the service (either at home, video call, or at the hospital). Doctors can register on the platform and provide prescriptions, doctor's notes, and follow-up appointments via mobile app. Hospitals can capitalize on adding their staff to the app and increasing the capacity of their services but also provide safe services during COVID-19. The cost and P&L statements included the API integration with key partners (a few hospitals) to address the integrated booking experience. Native integration with google calendar was provided to support small practices. Currently, the mobile app is in the prototype stage.

Location Feature for Gyms

Created a feature to find a gym location for a mobile app platform, reducing cost (Google API usage + cost) by 30% and improving the UX, adding 12%+ to all platform engagement with a feature, creating a new product/add-on for high-paying customers.

The location feature allowed us to find the closest gym for the mobile app user. The user could search by gym name, address, and obtain the location on the map.

However, there were several issues with the feature:
• The business (gym) provided location coordinates, and our service matched it to the Google API. Sometimes this created the wrong location in the mobile app.
• The location back-end service was not optimized: the service didn't use caching to optimize the location being up to date, resulting in multiple calls. When the cashing was applied, it significantly reduced the number of calls to the Google API. But another problem arose: storing that information.
• Features, such as location, booking, online shop, used the location service.

The location feature provided little value but required a lot of support: integrating the Google API with the client's 3rd API service to pull their data on the map. I've created a prototype that I validated with the team and customers. The new feature reduced the number of API calls to Google service, automated data gathering about the business, and prioritized the data based on end-user preferences.

E-store for Professional Yachting and Sailing

Led a project to create a cost-effective solution for the MVP.

A yachting company decided to try and produce professional yachting/sailing clothes. To test the idea, I decided to create an e-store to see whether the demand would cover the initial cost of the production. The production has already worked for three years, the website offers products to multiple countries in Europe, most of the sales going through the website now. The website is supported by a small IT team, one developer, SEO, and myself. Some of the imagery is currently under review (not finally published).

Travel Agency Website

Created an engaging experience for a travel agency specializing in sailing trips with 40% of sales coming through the website.

The website offers reviews of trips and destinations for people who love yachting. The website is built on WordPress, which has certain limitations. However, adding personal stories increased conversion tremendously and doubled the number of users coming back to buy another trip.

The website is supported by a small IT team, one developer, SEO, and myself. Some of the imagery is currently under review (not finally published). After this project, business owners wanted to validate the other idea and build another tool for their business.

Real-estate Market Place

Scoped and created success metrics to support market growth and redesign the previous website.

I ran a discovery project for a real estate business. The business owner wanted to create a marketplace for land. I scoped out the project and provided a product roadmap, personas, and key metrics to track the business.

After the initial version of the website was done and successfully launched, the client wanted to build a mobile app that would provide similar functionality to end-users (real-estate agents and buyers).

Mobile App to Provide Patients Guidance

Implemented the app that was successfully launched on more than 150 points of services within the country, with 70% successfully getting through the course.

I researched, prioritized, and implemented the improvements to the mobile app, which aimed to provide training for CPR procedures. The app was created with the partnership of one of the NGOs to decrease the death rate within the European country.

Product and Project Manager

Delivered an application that automates internal processes by streamlining budget creation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, and ultimately saving time and reducing the potential for manual errors in budgeting.

I led the project from the discovery and scoping phases through to delivery. My responsibilities included gathering requirements, mapping internal processes, and validating these processes with internal stakeholders.

I also managed team sprints and customer demos, assisting the team in troubleshooting and making strategic trade-offs without compromising product quality.
2021 - 2023

Executive MBA in Executive MBA

Quantic Business School - Washington, District of Columbia, USA

2011 - 2013

Master's Degree in Public Health and Healthcare Management

Maastricht University and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - Maastricht, Netherlands and Kiev, Ukraine

2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Biology

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - Kiev, Ukraine

2005 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

Karazin National University - Kharkiv, Ukraine


Product Management

Google Career Certificates | via Coursera


Business Value Analysis






Social Media Marketing

Bazilik Media School


Data Science

John Hopkins University via Coursera


Asana, Figma, Atlassian, Atlassian Suite, Slack, Sketch, Jira, Axure RP Pro, Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, R, Adobe, Trello, Basecamp, Confluence

Industry Expertise

Consumer Products, Healthcare, Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Medical Imaging, Medical Diagnostics, Psychology & Mental Health, Biotechnology, Biomedical Products, Logistics, Insurance, Insurance Technology (Insurtech), Health Insurance, Health, Financial Services, Marketplaces


Requirements Analysis, Agile, Agile Product Management, Agile Software Development, Scrum, Mobile App Design, Kanban, Iterative Development, B2C, Key Performance Metrics, Data Product Management, Data Science, Agile Project Management, App Store Optimization (ASO), HIPAA Compliance, B2B2C, Marketplace Platforms, User Testing, Quantitative Research, Sustainable Business Management, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), Behavior-driven Development (BDD)


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Zendesk, Amazon Alexa


Estimations, Cost Estimation, Proof of Concept (POC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Project Estimation, Documentation, SaaS, Wireframing, Feature Roadmaps, Enterprise SaaS, Presales, Product Ownership, Business Models, Business Modeling, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Innovation, Management Consulting, Product Vision, Technical Documentation, Technical Reports, Writing & Editing, Change Leadership, Software Development, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Authentication, User Stories, Scope Management, Requirements, Requirements & Specifications, Sprint Planning, Mobile Apps, Mobile Design, Mobile UX, UX Flows, Product Launch, Software Requirements Specifications (SRS), Business Analysis, Product Management, Product Design, Agile Sprints, Release Management, Project Management, Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Product Research, Product Owner, UX Research, Digital, Public Health, Digital Health, Software as a Service (SaaS), Digital Product Management, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Backlog Grooming, Backlog Management, UserVoice, User Research, Feedback Review, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Dashboard Development, User Interviews, iOS, Android, Mobile, App UX, User Experience (UX), Customer Insights, MVP Design, Research, Use Cases, Conceptualization, Ideation, Software, Collaboration, Negotiation, Feature Analysis, Project Timelines, Use Case Analysis, Cost Analysis, User Journeys, Feature Prioritization, Market Research & Analysis, Data-driven Dashboards, Operational Efficiency Improvement, Digital Transformation, Tech Sales, Vendor Selection, Process Flows, Product Positioning, Minimum Marketable Product (MMP), Market Strategy and Research Product Manager, Market Research, Fitness, User Requirements, Specs, Cross-functional Collaboration, Complex Problem Solving, Stakeholder Management, Product Frameworks, Remote Team Leadership, Project Reporting, Data Reporting, Presentations, Team Leadership, Project Planning, Scope, Process Optimization, 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