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Jonathan Ross

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Engineer and Developer

Bangkok, Thailand
Toptal Member Since
January 12, 2024

Jonathan is a software engineer with 10 years of international experience working on games and apps shipped to numerous platforms. He's proficient with the Unity and Unreal game engines and skilled at rapid gameplay prototyping, tool development, network, audio, UI, AI programming, and build maintenance. Jonathan thrives in environments that foster growth and development among individuals and the team.


Unreal Engine, C++, Amazon GameLift, Sentry, Plastic SCM, Windows...
Unity, C#, Steamworks, Yarn, Git, Visual Studio, iOS, Audio Engineering...
Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
Unity, C#, Networking, PlayStation, Audio Engineering, Windows, Visual Studio...




Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is an indie adventure game, Sumire, with an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam.

Work Experience

Metaverse Engineer

2022 - 2024
  • Developed multiplayer features for a metaverse app using Unreal Engine with Blueprints and C++ and utilized the Gameplay Ability System.
  • Integrated Amazon GameLift services to support users creating and joining game sessions by a world code.
  • Managed UnrealBuildTools and the set up of Steamworks to help bring the app into early access on Steam.
  • Provided build support and maintenance for both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Implemented an audio importer for users to place 3D sound objects in their worlds.
Technologies: Unreal Engine, C++, Amazon GameLift, Sentry, Plastic SCM, Windows, JetBrains Rider, Networking, Audio Engineering, Game Tools Development, 3D Games, Game Development, Game Production, JSON, Architecture, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Unreal Engine 5, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blueprint

Lead Engineer

2018 - 2022
  • Created core features and systems for the 3D narrative adventure game Sumire using Unity Engine. Guided the development process from a prototype to the successful launch on multiple platforms, including Steam, Nintendo Switch, and the iOS App Store.
  • Oversaw an asset pipeline to include hand-illustrated Spine animations for characters and environments in a unique curved-world setting.
  • Developed localization tools for syncing live game files with the latest translations and level design tools for artists to edit world tiles.
  • Wrote a custom adaptive music system for blending music between multiple layers, tracks, and intros based on dynamic game events.
Technologies: Unity, C#, Steamworks, Yarn, Git, Visual Studio, iOS, Audio Engineering, Windows, Game Design, Android SDK, Game Tools Development, 3D Games, Game Development, Game Production, JSON, Architecture, User Interface (UI), Unity3D, User Experience (UX)


2013 - 2016
Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
  • Implemented networked gameplay in Unity and C# for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) title Drawn to Death.
  • Transformed a game prototype by transitioning from Unity Audio to Sony's Scream audio engine. Implemented seamless sound effects, voiceovers, and music integration through script-based approaches.
  • Architected game flow state machines for character abilities and front-end menu UI, ensuring a structured and efficient architecture.
  • Incorporated Sony libraries to integrate the PS4 trophy system seamlessly into the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
Technologies: Unity, C#, Networking, PlayStation, Audio Engineering, Windows, Visual Studio, Git, Game Design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Games, Game Development, JSON, Architecture, User Interface (UI), Unity3D, User Experience (UX)

Senior Software Engineer

2011 - 2013
Motorola Mobility
  • Facilitated the transition of the startup company Human Engines through its acquisition by Motorola.
  • Engineered the MotoCast 2.0 video player, photo gallery, and music player for Android, employing Java. Implemented a user interface featuring both stock and custom-built animated elements to enhance the overall visual experience.
  • Implemented status feed and location-based event notifications in Java using the MapQuest API to determine users' travel time to a calendar event for Social Touch.
Technologies: Android SDK, Java, OpenGL, App UI, Windows, Visual Studio, Python, Git, Architecture, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX)


2010 - 2011
Virtual Prophecy Entertainment
  • Helped expedite and optimize the asset pipeline for the iPad port of Mishap: The Accidental Haunting by implementing Python scripts for PaintShop Pro, including a texture packing script.
  • Created mini-game prototypes and implemented game-play features for Mishap 2: An Intentional Haunting using Torque Game Engine and TorqueScript.
  • Extended UI system on the C++ side of the Torque Game Engine, enhancing its capabilities and functionalities.
Technologies: Torque 3D, Python, Game Tools Development, Game Design, Windows, Visual Studio, iOS, Game Development, Architecture, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX)

A narrative adventure game built using the Unity game engine. I worked as the lead engineer and developed the core features and systems for the game, coordinated the asset pipeline with designers and artists, and built tools for world-building and localization. The game was released on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Nintendo Switch and holds an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam.

Drawn to Death
I was a founding engineer in a PS4 multiplayer arena brawler developed in Unity. I developed prototype networked gameplay for character abilities and weapons with competitive accuracy, audio design, and implementation using Sony's Scream engine and user interfaces in Unity UI.

MEs Studio
A metaverse experience built in Unreal Engine, MEs is both a spatial computer for collecting ideas and a social platform for sharing and brainstorming. I was an engineer on the project and worked on deploying build systems for Windows and Mac, integrating AWS GameLift services to work with Unreal Engine's Online Subsystem and Common game plugins, and developing game features for players to place content to build their online worlds collaboratively.
2008 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Game Development

Full Sail University - Winter Park, Florida, United States


Japanese Language Proficiency - N4 Level

Japan Educational Exchanges and Services




Git, JetBrains Rider, Blender, Visual Studio, Sentry


Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Blueprint, Unity, Yarn, Android SDK


C#, C++, Java, Python




Windows, iOS, PlayStation, Torque 3D, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Steamworks, 3D Games, Game Development, Game Design, Game Production, Architecture, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Graphics, Networking, Amazon GameLift, Plastic SCM, Audio Engineering, App UI, Game Tools Development, Acoustical Engineering, Multiplayer, Unreal Engine 5, Languages

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