Toptal® Machine Learning Consulting Services

Machine Learning solves complex problems and generates new insights through data. Toptal ML specialists can help your company unlock insights to make your data actionable.
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Toptal Machine Learning Services

General Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) allows computers to “learn” through data without explicit programming and has practical applications across industries. ML engineers can support ongoing work or help your company explore ways to improve operations through data.

Neural Networks

Neural networks are computer systems of interconnected nodes inspired by the human brain. ML developers can help your team create neural networks and use deep learning techniques to improve performance.

AI Design

AI design improves efficiency in Machine Learning development while helping the experience feel more human. AI designers can help your team create better models and improve the explainability of results.

Natural Language Processing

NLP lets computers effectively process large amounts of natural human language. Whether through voice or text, NLP specialists can help your company better use language data, from processing to sentiment analysis.

Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) use mechanisms inspired by biological evolution, such as reproduction and selection. ML engineers can help your team use EA, especially for search and optimization problems.

Predictive Analytics

ML techniques are excellent for using historical data to create prediction models. Developers can work with your team to improve forecasting, customer classification, and many other predictive activities.

How Toptal® Works

Talk to One of Our Industry Experts
A Toptal Director of Engineering will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.
Work with Hand-Selected Talent
Within days, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. Average time to match is under 24 hours.
The Right Fit, Guaranteed
Work with your new team member for a trial period (pay only if satisfied), ensuring they’re the right fit before starting the engagement.

... allows corporations to quickly assemble teams that have the right skills for specific projects.
Managers describe the primary benefits of agile talent as increasing flexibility, speed, and innovation.
Tech companies simply cannot find the quality employees they want to hire. The solution: Toptal.
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Why Organizations Choose Toptal®
Toptal gave us access to the best designers out there, saving us a lot of time and allowing us to build the best possible product.
Thierry Jakicevic
General Manager, Digital Solutions
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Toptal’s talent is really excellent. They are able to work through large business problems and code incredibly efficiently.
Emily Lemon
Senior Director
Cleveland Cavaliers
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The kind of people we looked for were hard to find. Toptal helped us achieve our goals by bringing high quality resources to bear on very short notice.
Elmar Platzer
Digital Transformation Leader
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