Frieda Handoko, Designer in London, United Kingdom

Frieda Handoko


London, United Kingdom
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January 12, 2021

Frieda has been a professional designer since 2009 when she worked in digital and tech companies in Australia before moving to Japan and Singapore to work with startup companies. Frieda has designed B2C, B2B, and B2B2C products, including UX flows for mobile apps (Android and iOS) and responsive, mobile-first websites with pixel-perfect UI designs. In addition to hands-on design for new and known brands, Frieda is a pro at aligning stakeholders and leading teams and projects with Agile methods.

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Work Experience

2021 - 2023

Head of UX

Mindstone Learning Limited
  • Became the full-time head of UX after initially being brought in as a contractor.
  • Managed the end-to-end design and flow, including research, gathering requirements, execution, prototyping, wireframe to UI, and handover to engineers.
  • Shaped the design culture within the product team from a very engineering-focused product by introducing design product thinking while improving the relationship between the tech and product team to work together efficiently.
Technologies: UX Design, Figma, User Experience (UX), Usability Testing, UI Design, Mobile Design, Design Leadership, User Journey Maps, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2018 - 2020

Senior Product Designer

  • Redesigned a form builder in a content management system, enabling the operations team to easily make changes to forms without relying on engineers. The registration form had been manual, and it became unscalable as the company expanded quickly.
  • Refined the deposit management feature in Grab's rental product tool. The sales team needed to manage customers' deposits, including taking, refunds, and offsets, and the finance team needed to see the holistic view.
  • Facilitated workshops with eight country representatives to align with the rental business' vision in the next few quarters and on how the product team can help out with their current pain points.
  • Added new features to improve the photo editor in Grab's internal reviewing tool, allowing the reviewing team to check the legitimacy of the documents that the drivers had sent online.
  • Improved selfie checks to reduce incidents and complaints about matched drivers being incorrect because registered drivers had rented out their accounts to non-registered drivers. The registered drivers were suspended.
  • Played a key role in interviews and hiring designers to work for Grab. Mentored and trained a junior designer intern and a researcher to work on Grab's acquisition platforms.
  • Guided and cultivated junior designers to be better product designers by supervising their work processes and checking on their progress fairly regularly without micromanaging.
  • Facilitated one-on-one reviews with designers to provide feedback on their vision as a designer and their progression and receive feedback on how I could improve as a manager and mentor. I would also report on this to my line manager.
  • Organized administration and logistics for junior designers in terms of contracts, annual leaves, and overseas travel.
Technologies: Miro, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, After Effects CC, ProtoPie, InVision, Figma, Sketch, UI Design, Mobile Design, UX Design, User Journey Maps, B2C, B2B, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2016 - 2018

Lead Product Designer

  • Integrated and executed flow, UI, and UX for an English learning app for the Japanese market together with engineers and the COO of the company, who was also acting as a product owner.
  • Directed the content team (including contractors) to maintain consistency and quality of the language used across the app because the main focus of the app is to have a conversation with the AI.
  • Standardized TerraTalk's design system, pattern, and language for marketing, engineers, and content to use as a guide.
  • Facilitated QA and desk review with engineers before we shipped any updates to the iOS and Android versions.
  • Streamlined Joyz's internal engineering and product teams to work more efficiently and productively through Agile and sprints.
  • Facilitated workshops and design sprints to improve the UX of the app.
  • Mentored and trained a junior designer to work on the design guidelines for TerraTalk.
  • Fostered our more junior Japanese designers to exercise more critical thinking when working on our product and taught them how to not be afraid to ask questions. They presented their work to me before we presented it to senior stakeholders.
  • Guided our graphic designer and marketing team to design our marketing material to be more digital-friendly and inspired the whole team to create a youth branding for our product.
Technologies: Axure, Marvel, After Effects CC, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, UI Design, Mobile Design, UX Design, Figma, User Journey Maps, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2015 - 2016

Senior Product Designer

Outware Mobile (Now ARQ)
  • Redesigned Latitude's (then GE Money) mobile app product. Latitude had online banking but to make it more secure, they wanted to translate the desktop web version into an app format.
  • Collaborated, presented, and influenced Latitude's internal team working on the mobile app project to come up with appropriate designs. The team included engineers, QA, business analysts (BAs), and product managers.
  • Integrated and built a prototype to share with the engineers and BAs as a guide that includes patterns and any motion graphics and preloaders that needed to be designed up.
  • Transformed Latitude's design system for their new app, including style sheets, patterns, tone of voice, and choice of stock images (if there are any).
  • Streamlined a responsive website for the Snap Send Solve product for Melbourne residents to report anything around their communities to their local councils.
Technologies: InVision, After Effects CC, Marvel, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, UI Design, Mobile Design, UX Design, Figma, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2015 - 2015

Senior Interactive Designer

Precedent Communications
  • Collaborated with a team at the University of Western Australia (UWA) to redesign its website ( while serving as a contract designer in Perth.
  • Designed and organized a project for UWA's Open Day website. Open Day is an event where potential students visit the university to find out more about the courses they offer. Here, users could schedule their day before they arrived at the Open Day.
  • Managed the internal team at UWA to show design progressions and secure approval from senior stakeholders.
  • Overhauled the Future Students page where potential students could get more information about the university's culture and more information about the courses they would like to take.
  • Mentored one of UWA's internal designers to work on digital products, including how to approach UX work within the university.
  • Collaborated with Perth Airport to refine the user flow and persona creation to understand its onboarding process.
Technologies: Marvel, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Sketch, UI Design, Mobile Design, UX Design, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2011 - 2015

Senior Interactive Designer

  • Designed McCain's main website by revamping their existing website. One of the goals was to include recipes to inspire customers to cook with McCain's products.
  • Collaborated with internal engineers to design an interactive tennis app for Medibank, a health insurance company in Australia. The concept was to allow users to use the app to play tennis with another player on-screen when the ad played on TV.
  • Designed a digital campaign for ANZ (one of the largest banks in Australia), which were mostly websites that provided information about its financial products.
  • Designed and collaborated with the engineers of a website for Nissan's 4W anniversary, showing users how Nissan's 4W vehicles started in Australia and evolved to the most recent models.
  • Designed a responsive website in WordPress for Coles' (one of Australia's largest supermarkets) meat products branded as Graze—locally and ethically sourced by Melbourne's farmers.
Technologies: Axure, InVision, Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator, UI Design, UX Design, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2010 - 2011

Interactive Designer & Developer

Ogilvy Australia
  • Designed a digital campaign website for BMW's future concepts and translated the interaction into a website format with assistance from 3D artists.
  • Designed digital campaign assets for BMW, Puma, Bunnings, Officeworks, and AAMI.
  • Designed a website for the cabinet-making product of Bunnings, a warehouse and DIY company in Melbourne. Users could use it as a guide to the overall size when it was all built up.
Technologies: Flash, Axure, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, UI Design, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review
2009 - 2010


Freelance Designer
  • Guided projects with different agencies, such as Sputnik, BBDO, and other smaller agencies. Clients included NAB, Dulux, Carlton, Yellow Pages, Cotton On Group, and Government offices and councils.
  • Designed electronic direct mail (EDM) and digital campaigns, including websites, flash banners, and everything related to ad campaigns.
  • Aligned digital projects with traditional creatives (art directors and copywriters) to come up with digital campaigns.
  • Designed a website for a city council in New South Wales, Australia, called Wagga Wagga, to host its physical products in a digital format.
  • Designed and developed Google Ads Campaigns, from concept to development and deployment.
Technologies: Axure, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop CC, B2C, Layout, User-centered Design (UCD), UX Review


2005 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Art & Design

RMIT University - Melbourne, Australia