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A collection of video reviews and testimonials from Toptal developers.

Video Reviews

Luís, Anna, and Vadim are real members of the Toptal network. We produced these videos so you could hear directly from them about their experiences with Toptal.
Luís Martinho
JavaScript Developer
Anna Bellini
Java Developer
Vadim Dagman
iOS Developer


We asked our developers to provide us with testimony about their experience with Toptal.

With Toptal I learned that freelancing did not have to be an emotional and financial roller-coaster, as a lot of people had warned me. I saw how you could have a steady flow of interesting work with thoughtful clients without needing to be constantly switching hats from salesperson, to accountant, to debt collector, to whatever it is you actually do. I was able to spend my time doing what I did best, not spreading myself thin across support activities.

Internet and Toptal gave me the opportunity to get more out of my efforts as a software developer. Working with people from all over the world is both rewarding and inspiring. This is a unique moment in history to start working remotely.


Joining Toptal was the best choice I made as a software developer. Being a skilled developer doesn’t help much if you don’t find a company that really needs one, no matter wherever he is. Few companies, if any at all, are willing to screen developers worldwide and trust them to add them to their team. Toptal joins top companies to top developers around the world, screening both parts and taking the risks, which after their excellent screening process are few. Toptal is another proof of the importance of good ideas for both people and companies.

Working for Toptal has been a career booster. After a year and some months of being part of the Toptal community, I feel that I can take any project in any language or technology. Toptal gives you the tools to face any challenge, technical or not.

After many years of working for big companies, I found myself needing something that allows me to get my hands on cool and challenging projects. Since I started working through Toptal I have more time to focus on my personal growth and make decisions on what direction to move next. I am also able to focus just on my work - no bureaucracy and paperwork anymore. It just works.

My overall experience at Toptal as a developer has been excellent. I joined after a rigorous screening process to find myself among elite developers in my own city. I had high expectations and Toptal exceeded most of them. The things I value the most are the projects, for there are always great projects to choose from. The application process for a project is simple, and the payment flow is smooth. All these factors help me save time which I use towards billable hours.

Working for Toptal I could see that I don’t need to drive 25km every day to go to work; I just need wake up and start my work. Also, Toptal is a perfect environment that promotes working in multicultural teams.

I joined Toptal in July 2012 as a freelance developer looking to find new remote projects to work on. It was quite difficult to pass the qualification process, but finally I found really good employment. I could concentrate on my work and didn’t have to deal with anything else, like billing, project price negotiations, etc. All I have to do is write perfect code - the thing I actually really love. After one of my projects finished and I waited for a new one, I was presented with the opportunity to work as a developer, a recruiter and a community leader for Toptal. I like the way Toptal is growing and improving every day, so join the global community that is Toptal!

I’ve been with the Toptal network for more than two years now, I can safely say that it’s one of my greatest decisions. It is always difficult for a consultant to find an excellent company such as Toptal, for there is always a new challenging project and always new people to meet from across the globe. Now I am able to work from anywhere and on what I like the most, and best yet, still have time for my family.

Working with Toptal during the last year has made my telecommute dream come true! I am able to work alongside and for exceptional people across the United States. I now am able to spend more time with my family and work on a various amount of projects, full-time or part-time. Toptal has given me the flexibility I need for my family. Toptal Recruiters are phenomenal when it comes to finding the right project for you, compared to freelancing locally or using Elance. I feel like I am in the office when working with my clients. Using Toptal is great for any developer, easy communication, great platform, vast amount of work/projects and resources. I know I plan on working with Toptal for the long run.

Having worked as a SW developer for the last 10+ years I can safely say that my last year working through Toptal was by far the most enjoyable. With Toptal doing great work filtering out any questionable projects and also managing any financial expectations and obligations between me and the clients, I have been left free to focus on what I do best - working on interesting projects (of my choosing) without having to be concerned with “the business side of things”.

Over the last year I was able to:

  • work on a number of projects I'm proud to have worked on
  • connect and cooperate with a number of quality developers locally and world-wide
  • apply exciting new technologies in real-world applications
  • set my own workload and work hours
  • love every minute of it! :-)

To any developer who feels hard work isn’t hard if you’re doing what you love, I can wholeheartedly recommend checking out Toptal.

Working with Toptal is an amazing experience for a freelance software developer. Don’t believe me? With Toptal, you can choose the client you like, work literally from everywhere, no red tape, no payments problems, and prompt support from the Toptal team. Need I say more?

In my brief time working with Toptal, my life has completely changed. The opportunity to pick a project you want to work on, flexible hours, meeting new people and learning a lot of new stuff in short time is great. Now it’s even possible to plan a trip and just go – I can work from wherever I want! Joining Toptal was the best decision of my life!

What I really like about Toptal is the level of professionalism, starting from the first contact through the whole interview process to landing my first job. Toptal did not care about my CV or years of experience, instead they tested my skills thoroughly. Not only did they grade my programming skills, but also my ability to communicate clearly and deliver my work. Shortly after I was accepted I found my first job which I really loved. I would be not able to find similar job where I live, but with Toptal that doesn’t matter. Join us!


I’ve been freelancing off and on for the last decade. An an independent I often find myself struggling with clients in three areas: finding interesting work, client management and getting paid on time. This of course comes with the territory, but as an engineer I only really care about one of those things (well, getting paid on time helps too). Toptal let’s me focus on my craft, and they bring me new and interesting projects based on my skills and experience - clients where I can excel and deliver quality software and Toptal takes care of the other things. I get paid on time too!

If you are a software developer looking for freelance work, Toptal is THE resource you need. It’s not just a job marketplace, Toptal is your recruiter. Once you are in their roster you don’t need to worry: Toptal staff will quickly match you up with their large database of clients and make sure you get the job fitting your area of expertise. From then on all you have to do is deliver good work, and you can be rest assured you are always getting paid and never run out of engagements.

A year has passed since I’ve started working at Toptal, and I couldn’t be happier. Always working with top clients, always working with the latest tools and technologies, and always getting paid on time - what else do you need? Toptal’s story is that of an endless quest for knowledge and success through continual improvement.

Toptal is the elite standard for the IT freelancing world. Having worked with other freelancing portals before joining Toptal, I immediately felt the difference in the quality of jobs, clients, and budgets at Toptal. Toptal interviews its clients to ensure that the project and client meet their quality criteria. You will not find “can you fix my site for yesterday” types of clients with Toptal.

Toptal introduced me to a new way of understanding freelancing. The high level of professionalism and the security that Toptal gives to both its developers and clients lets me focus on my work and motivates me to achieve better results every time. Every Toptal project that I’ve worked on so far has been exciting and challenging.

The recruiters really know how to find projects that are appropriate for my technical skills, experience, and interests. Thanks to them, I have been able to communicate with noteworthy clients and join their international developer teams. I love being a part of the Toptal community.


Top developers attract top clients. Top clients have top projects. In order to stay on top, it’s crucial that developers work on top projects with top clients. Toptal. It’s that simple.


Working at Toptal is not just about developing software, it’s about a new lifestyle. Instead of seeking projects for myself, I can choose which projects interest me most and never have to worry about getting paid for my work. If you are an independent software developer like me, you know that these things can make all the difference. I have never been idle for more than two weeks, as Toptal always provides me with a list of top-notch positions to choose from. I work remotely with clients all over the world without spending hours stuck in traffic, giving me more time to spend with my family. After discovering Toptal, I will never go back to working at a fixed position in a company.

Before Toptal, freelancing never seemed like a viable career option to me. Working in a highly academic environment, I used to long for freedom in my work hours and locations, but was always concerned about risking my professional development and long-term stability. With Toptal, I found that there is no such tradeoff. Toptal pairs me with projects in which I am continuously challenged to improve my skills and thrive as a developer. I have the opportunity to work on quality projects that are at the forefront of technology, with clients that are dedicated and highly professional, all while enjoying the freedom to pursue my ideas, travel the world, and expand my horizons. The easy transition to Toptal wasn’t just a professional change, but also a lifestyle turning point for me.

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