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Juha Korpela

Member since October 25, 2018
Juha's expertise is in the quantitative economic management of complex financial institutions. He's an experienced executive who thrives solving ill-defined and ambiguous problems in the intersection of CFO, CDO, CRO, CTO utilizing multiple disciplines. As an expert ... Click to continue

Konstantin Medvedev

Member since November 28, 2015
Konstantin is a software engineer with more than eighteen years of financial sector database work. He has long term experience in the development and performance optimization of large databases with diverse data structures. His SQL and DB creation skills are top-not... Click to continue

Douglas Spencer

Member since November 6, 2018
Douglas is an experienced consultant focused on DevOps, site reliability engineering, Kubernetes, Istio, Jenkins CI/CD, Linux, cloud, and automation. He has a range of skills gained from decades as a consultant that enable him to bring successful outcomes to difficul... Click to continue

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