Adi Behlulovic, Project Manager in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Adi Behlulovic

Project Manager in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since July 14, 2018
Driven by the passion to build awesome products, Adi uses his great experience and knowledge in the IT industry to make sure that projects are executed properly by also guiding the client and offering business advice. Through his career, Adi managed numerous products ranging from turning initial concept ideas into real products up to leading startup products through investment rounds to being estimated at 100 million EUR.
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Project Highlights




  • Product Manager

    2017 - 2019
    Ministry of Programming
    • Worked as a product manager for a gaming industry product that is estimated to nearly 100 million EUR.
    • Worked as a product manager for a healthcare industry product that went through round A investment of over 3 million EUR.
    • Assisted in managing the creation of the custom cryptocurrency for FinTech industry scaleup product.
    • Prioritized tasks and features with the objective of increasing business growth.
    • Created product roadmaps according to the feedback obtained from partners and customers.
    • Managed teams of various sizes from 2 to 20 people.
    • Set up metrics to measure product success and decision-making system based on the results.
    • Set up JIRA, Trello, and Asana boards with the intention of task tracking for development teams.
    • Advised numerous startups on the ways to ensure growth and stability, also been part of judge on number of startup competitions.
    • Oversaw millions of dollars worth of startups in Europe.
  • Project Manager

    2015 - 2017
    Authority Partners
    • Worked as scrum master for more than nine teams and project manager for more than 11 projects in total with 60 developers across three continents.
    • Created a project roadmap and supervised more than 11 teams.
    • Developed budget and project scope for fixed-budget projects.
    • Compiled daily and weekly reports with success metrics for teams and for projects.
    • Managed projects using Scrum, Kanban and XP, depending on the project requirements.
  • Software Developer

    2012 - 2015
    BS Telecom Solutions
    • Developed web and mobile applications in Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
    • Prioritized tasks according to requirements.
    • Wrote accurate and detailed acceptance tests.
    • Created mockup designs.
    • Developed couple of backend payment systems.

Project History

  • WarOnCancer - Mobile Cross Platform Social Network
    Successfully led the product through A round of investment from a product and a project manager role.

    WarOnCancer mobile application is the social network created for cancer patients, caregivers, and those who want to support those affected by cancer by reaching out and sharing experiences.

  • Fleisher's - Fully Responsive eCommerce WordPress Site
    Lead a team that designed and developed fully responsive WordPress site.

    Managed a team of two developers, one designer, and a QA that eventually created this fantastic site for our clients. We had many change requests during the development and many changes in the project organization, but the end product still looks fantastic.

  • Taystr - iOS Social Media App for Food tasting
    Launched and managed the team from the discovery phase to the App Store publishing

    Led the team of two developers, one designer, and one QA engineer through the discovery phase where together with the client, we decided on the MVP requirements and defined its scope. After the project was continued, I've managed the team through the MVP implementation phase, which ended with the officially releasing the iOS app to the App Store.

  • NAGA Virtual - In-game Items Trading with Crypto
    Led the creation of an in-game item trading with a cryptocurrency web app, whose worth eventually estimated to €100 million.

    Defined the ROI and other important analytical goals for the product.

    Defined features that are going to be built for the product based on the key prioritization factors such as business growth, user experience, user base growth, etc.

    Led a team that created a fully functional web application that enabled users to trade their in-game items with other players of that and other games by using cryptocurrency and/or fiat.

  • Search by WarOnCancer
    Project and product management of the Search by WarOnCancer search engine.

    Search by WarOnCancer is the search engine whose goal is to enable users that, by regular everyday searching, they donate money and support cancer research. It is built in React Native with GoLang on the back end.

  • GoSelfMade
    Led a team with the goal of the development of the product.

    The idea behind the GoSelfMade is to be the place where artists in the making are going to be able to showcase their skills with the intention of making it to the "big scene." Through the voting system, the winner would be chosen who would in return, get the contract and the prize.

  • Location-Based Service BIH
    Led the team of developers that developed software for a location-based service in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The project involved creating a product to track the mobile phone of an individual and send SMS or MMS offers based on the location. For example, a nearby store would be able to offer great promotions and send via SMS.

    The application was developed in Java programming language,

  • BH Mobile Phonebook
    Led a team of four developers that worked on creating the BH mobile phonebook.

    I worked as the software development lead developer for this project. I had four developers in my team. The goal of the project was to develop an application to display all contact details of BHMobile carrier users in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    We developed the application in Cordova/PhoneGap and the application was available for iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

  • Online Mortgage Software
    Led a team of over 60 software developers that were responsible for creating software for a USA mortgage industry client.

    The client wanted to move from manual, real paper documentation to digital and chose our company to create this software. I was the project manager that managed over 60 people on this project that came from three different time zones - Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States of America, and India.

    The project lasted for over two years. Teams were managed using SAF - Scaled Scrum Agile Framework.

  • MojCV
    Defined the requirements, created product roadmap, assembled a development team, defined priorities, and scheduled releases.

    I had a startup idea in 2016, and I assembled a team of developers, designers, and analysts that worked on this project.

    I used my free time to orchestrate all of the activities and made sure that everything was done on time and within scope and budget.

    Our project is still active but we are in the final stages of development.

    Led a product development of SHIFF application.

    SHIFF is an influencer social network whose goal is to connect the influencers with the marketing brands with the purpose of the brand promotion.

  • Car Appraisal Application
    Managed a project with the goal of creating a mobile application for buying a new car.

    I was the project manager of a fixed-budget project that involved creating a mobile application for a client from the USA. The purpose of the application was to have the functionality to offer a car at the best deal for the customer in exchange for an old car and an additional paid amount.

    The project lasted for three months. I had two developers and one designer. We completed the project within scope and budget.

    Created the mission and vision for this product from the initial idea that I had. Assembled a team to develop a website.

    I had an idea to show all the discounts from my city in one place online so if someone wanted to buy something on sale, they can access the website and have all the information required.

    This idea emerged in 2015, and we went live in 2016.

    However, due to the high load of work on my other work at that time, I have to abandon this project and turned to work activities.

    I can send videos or pictures upon request.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems and Management
    2008 - 2012
    Sarajevo School of Science and Technology - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Professional Product Owner I (PSPO I)
  • Professional Scrum Master Level I (PSM I)
    JULY 2015 - PRESENT

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