Geza Molnar, Project Manager in Berlin, Germany
Geza Molnar

Project Manager in Berlin, Germany

Member since July 19, 2019
Designing products and supporting projects are challenges that Geza takes on every day—the incubation of an industry 4.0 startup, business development of a geophysicist company, or product development of a mailbox manufacturer. Geza's experience ranges from business process management to organizational development, from application specification to risk management and financial planning. Hard data and human intuition are equally important in Geza's workflow.
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  • Project Manager | Consultant

    1998 - PRESENT
    Expert Solutions
    • Gathered user requirements and drafted user specifications, created software development plans, and led software development teams for startups and enterprises, including Fortune 100s in dozens of projects.
    • Created tailor-made methodologies for process discovery-mapping-documentation and optimization, and led discovery, re-engineering, and workflow automation projects. Created ISO9000 documentation.
    • Mapped, assessed, and restructured organizations, defined roles and relationships,and drafted communication channels and business processes, documented in standard operational procedures (SOP).
    • Provided audit, evaluation, and consultancy of projects and implementations on both customer and delivery side. Evaluated project delivery efficiency and proposed improvement actions.
    • Prepared project proposals, presented technology solutions and business cases for customers, and led contract negotiations.
    • Assessed IT security and safety, drafted the corresponding policies following BS7799/ISO27000. Modeled and evaluated risks and proposed mitigation measures as business continuity plans (BCP) and disaster recovery plans (DRP).
    • Created Industry 4.0 development plans for manufacturing plants: a door-to-door value stream map of production, logistics, order, shipment administration, current technology assessment, and financial analyses.
    • Worked on a 3-to-5 year development plan that includes strategical goals and operative objectives, project plan, timeline and budget, technology, organizational structure, HR capacity development, training, and change management.
    • Held different roles: project manager, scrum master, business analyst, product owner, product manager, software developer, architect, organizational development, and business process re-engineering consultant.
  • Founder

    2016 - 2018
    Haris Digital
    • Created business and financial plans, drafted various scenarios, and evaluated them.
    • Conceptualized and conducted user interviews, designed rollout, analyzed an online survey, and visited manufacturing plants.
    • Participated in product development, rolled out the problem and solution validations, and documented and evaluated the results; analyzed target groups and created personas; drafted and assessed alternative product development directions.
    • Took part in the software development, mapped user journey, designed features, wrote user stories and application specifications, and created mockups; contributed to mobile and web application development.
    • Pitched ideas to investors, created brochures, one-pagers, and pitch decks; having bootstrapped for two years, the project received two investment offers.
  • Founder

    2009 - 2012
    Newsbreakers Communications
    • Provided support to set up and kick off the company and the operations.
    • Supervised the entire process and handled business planning and budgeting.
    • Helped define and monitor strategic directions and measures.
    • Drafted the roles, communication, processes, and the company structure; established internal and customer project administration.
    • Set up CRM, an internal and customer communication platform, a project management tool, and a budgeting tool.
  • Chief Operations Officer

    1995 - 1996
    OSB Direct Marketing
    • Oversaw the overall operations, including order processing, packaging, warehouse, shipping, IT, and back office.
    • Created and presented the yearly business plan, including operations, organizational and IT development projects—goal setting, scheduling, staffing, and budget planning.
    • Prepared proposals and project plans for customer projects.
    • Managed projects for the customers and internal warehouse, logistics, and IT development projects.
    • Supervised daily operations and reported to the management.
    • Set up and developed the organizational structure, roles, and processes.
  • Head of IT Team

    1993 - 1995
    OSB Direct Marketing
    • Designed and coded the CRM, order processing, operations, billing and shipping application, and the respective reports.
    • Maintained the client-order-shipment-logistics-billing-return database.
    • Reported to marketing, operations, and top management.
    • Ran and maintained the IT infrastructure along with managing IT purchases.
    • Managed software development and infrastructure projects.
    • Served as a software developer, IT system administrator, and DevOps.

Project History

  • Haris Digital OEE Mobile Industry 4.0 App | Startup Incubation [Manufacturing]
    Led a project that was funded by an investor for two years. As a founder of the startup, I collaborated on the application specification and design, took part in software development, prepared the business plan, and pitched the idea to investors.

    The product is aimed at lean practitioners in manufacturing plants. Managers and engineers are focused on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) when it comes to measuring, evaluating, and improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Up to date, professionals use paper, a pen, and a stopwatch to record the needed time data.

    The project provided a mobile application and IoT gadget that automatically measured, analyzed, and reported OEE from the first moment of its installation on the machine, in both the on-premise and SaaS models. After bootstrapping for two years, the project received two investment offers.

  • Analysis of a Laser-welding Robot's Product Quality by Machine Learning | Rejlek [Manufacturing]
    Coordinated the collaboration of the team and client; also handled the sales process and the account management during implementation.

    The automotive supplier produces several complex metal parts and one of them is the suspension of the steering wheel. The robot welds the 26 seams in 4.5 seconds—the feedback data is collected from a photodiode. Three years' worth of data was used to engineer features and feed them to various machine learning (ML) models.

    As a result, several functions and two models were selected to build an operational grade system that will be integrated into the production process.

  • Development and Deployment of a Data Gathering and Visualization Platform—1,000+ Nodes | Glencore
    Served as a project manager and scrum master—establishing a daily routine and internal communication that increased productivity; put the team back on track and facilitated internal communication.

    Glencore's oil mill plant is a modern facility—now prepared for the Industry 4.0 journey.

    The data platform was architected and developed according to the plant's unique requirements and the production process. The high amount of data sources required a robust and scalable data pipeline to gather, stream, store, and analyze incoming data in real-time. The various business and engineering scenarios—where data is consumed for daily operation or decision making—were served by flexible and user-controlled visualization and analysis features.

    The back end was developed in Python and front end was built over Django and Highcharts with the WebGUI coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Implementation of the First Step of the Industry 4.0 Solution | Nordikal [Manufacturing]
    Managed the project after the successful sales process, analyzed the business case, gathered requirements, and wrote specifications of the Industry 4.0/IIoT system, drafted mockups of the UX/UI design, and provided quality assurance.

    The custom aluminum-doors-and-windows manufacturer needed to optimize its operations and decided to implement the first step of an Industry 4.0 solution. The system gathers and stores the measured electrical consumption and other attributes of the manufacturing machines—CNC workstations. The system calculates production-specific indicators (uptime-standby-downtime, OEE) that are used for scheduling and production planning. Specific dashboards are configured for the shop floor and to meet the needs of engineers and managers.

  • Innovation of Safety Work Shoes with IoT Functionality | Tiszacipő Shoe Factory
    Contributed to the UX/UI and complied with the user specification along with overseeing the sales procedure and project.

    I supported the innovation of safety work shoes with IoT functionality.

    Besides the sales procedure and project management, I contributed to the business case analyses, UX/UI, and compliance to user specification; I also mapped use cases and drafted production and service processes.

  • Preparation of the RFP for the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse | Budapest Bank (GE Money)
    Led the team, coordinated the collaboration with the customer, and prepared the report.

    The financial institute decided to collect their relevant data in a data warehouse (DWH) and serve the business units' information needs by providing business intelligence (BI) service above it. The task included gathering the technological and functional requirements, including the draft of data flows and ETLs, creating the data catalog, and listing the evaluation criteria.

  • Enterprise Architecture Mapping in CIB Bank | Intesa Sanpaolo
    Developed the methodology and led the mapping of the bank's IT architecture in the ARIS toolset.

    During the project, the IT assets were listed and documented in the ARIS toolset, making it possible to navigate the assets visually, read their attributes, and access the repository by queries. The repository served as a CMDB for ITIL.

    The Map:
    • Application systems along with the apps and modules.
    • Data connections between them.
    • Functionality and main users (business units and processes).
    • VMs and hardware.

  • Integration of a Workflow System with the E-learning Platform | Generali Insurance
    Led the project and created the specifications.

    I ensured that the corresponding e-learning content was linked to the activities of the workflow system.

  • Deployment of the CRM and Workflow System | Prevention Insurance Broker
    Led the project and created the user specification and test cases.

    Praeventio decided to support its field staff with a flexible CRM system that was extended with workflow and document management.

  • Deployment of a Workflow System and CRM | Árindex
    Led the project and created the user specification and test cases.

    Árindex, an application support company, decided to support its field staff and back office with a flexible CRM system that was extended with workflow and document management.

  • Business Process Mapping and Optimization | Hungarian Development Bank
    Led the project, developed the process documentation methodology, discovered processes, and documented them.

    The Hungarian Development Bank needed a process map of the controlling directorate extended. The methodology developed supported mapping enhanced with risk factors concerning the business processes in the ARIS toolset.

  • MATÁV (now T-Com) | Preparation of Continuity and Contingency Plan for Critical Processes of Y2K
    Took part in interviews with managers and experts and in the design of the BCP processes.

    MATÁV, like other major businesses in the world, evaluated the risk of Y2K and made decisions on what to cover with BCP and DRP measures. Our team was responsible for the delivery of BCP solutions in all areas of core business and support activities.

  • PM’s Office, Directorate for Central Public Procurement and Logistic Management | SAP Deployment
    Led the business process reengineering subproject and defined the BPR methodology.

    The Directorate of the Prime Minister's Office chose SAP as their ERP system. Before setting up the system, the "as-is" business processes were mapped and optimized with the new IT features.

  • MVM (Hungarian Power Company) | Review of ISO 9000 Compliance of Business Processes
    Developed an app that created the written standard operational procedures (SOP) from ARIS Toolset diagrams.

    The Hungarian Power Company redesigned its business processes and carried out an ISO 9000 compliance review. In order to make SOPs creation more streamlined, we developed an app that would transform the process flows to written procedures.

  • Preparation of Web Developer Course | Job Market Intervention Center of Budapest [Education]
    Led the project, communicated with the customer and stakeholders, and took part in research and creation of a web developer course materials.

    The Job Market Intervention Center decided to offer contemporary vocational training classes for job seekers, as a new direction in its intervention and education strategy. One of the first courses was the web developer course.

  • Development of a Manufacturing System and Investment Workflow (SAP) | Hydro Aluminium Foundry
    Led the work on the new investment and project management workflow.

    The manufacturer decided to extend its SAP ERP with a custom-made manufacturing management system and a tailor-made application at a work cell on the shop floor.

    Besides that, the new investment and project management process was enhanced with workflow and document management solutions. These solutions covered the conceptualization, planning, approval, and follow-up features.

    I led the sub-project and interviewed the stakeholders to collect requirements, specified the features of the application, and put together test cases.

  • Development of the Market Price Information System | Agricultural Economics Research and Information Institute
    Wrote the user manuals.

    The Institute collects market prices of agricultural products from all corners of the country—from village open-air markets to product exchange. That's párt of the EU data collection workflow. The developed software supported the collection of data, storage, visualization, analyses, and reporting.

  • SAP Upgrade and Hardware Migration | Hungarian National Energy Company
    Provided third-party quality assurance of the project management activities.

    MVM decided to upgrade its SAP system and, at the same time, roll out the time hardware migration underneath it. It was a significant undertaking that involved several child companies.

    The customer decided that it needed quality assurance to help project management organize and coordinate activities and, most importantly, to assess risk and decide on mitigation measures continually.

  • SAP Deployment | MAVIR Rt. [Energy]
    Implemented quality assurance for business process analysis, the integration of the new SAP functions to new processes, and the change management of organizational development.

    The electrical distributor company needed to prepare itself for the opening of the electrical energy market, so they selected SAP as its ERP. Business processes were analyzed and optimized before the configuration and deployment of the new system. Working as the QA consultant on the customer side, I checked the deliverables and advised the BPR team.

  • Business Process Reengineering | Central Clearing House and Depository KELER
    Defined the methodology and led the business process reengineering as part of the development of the new back-office system.

    KELER decided to step up its services by deploying a back-office system that covers all its activities. The BPR work mapped the "as-is" processes and delivered optimized "to-be" flows which were extended with IT functions. Besides leading the activities, I also ran the discovery survey and documented the flows in ARIS toolset.

  • Preparation of the Group’s IT Policies and IT Strategy | Quaestor Financial Group
    Led the project, defined the methodology, took part in interviews, mapped the existing processes and policies (as-is), and defined the target processes (to-be); drafted new roles and organizational structure and wrote compliant policies and SOPs.

    Quaestor as a financial service needed compliance assessment and delivery of documents that bridge the gap. At the same time, the assessment and restructuring of the IT department's operation and organization were rolled out.

  • Defining the Business Processes of State Subsidiary Programs | Regional Development Group
    Defined the methodology and took part in the survey and interview process, mapping existing processes (as-is), and defining and optimizing the target processes (to-be), drafting new roles and organizational structure.

    After the legal foundation was established, the state agency decided to define the handling of applications, customer relationship management, evaluation, contracting, and follow-up processes. The workflow and document management discovery and mapping were based on an adapted version of the ARIS Toolset methodology.

  • Business Development | Sunstone RTLS
    Introduced the company to freelancer consultants and wholesalers with a wide network in the target group.

    Sunstone (OMTLab) is the original developer and producer of a real-time location system (RTLS), which is an "indoor GPS and data communication platform."

    The company is an IoT startup and wanted to succeed in bootstrapping its R&D and business development by continuous revenue inflow. The founders wanted and needed to grow their customer base.

    I supported them in networking and business development, CRM, market research, promotion, and partner management.

  • OSB Direct Marketing | Development and Operation of the IT System
    Designed and developed the IT system; also ran system administration and maintenance tasks.

    The company offered direct marketing, statistical analyses, and marketing planning services to its customers. Besides that, it also provided outsourced mail order fulfillment. The IT system covered the core operation of receiving address lists and purchase orders, creating target groups, preparing personalized emails and delivery notes, warehouse and asset management, payments, and customer claims.

  • Mentoring of NGO Leaders in Albania
    Worked together and mentored several NGOs and their leaders in Albania.

    I worked with Tirana Ekspres Art Space, Shëngjergj Regional Development, ADRA Albania, Central, Pana Design, and others in Albania. I mainly handled capacity development, management mentorship, project management, application writing, survey, strategy development, fundraising, administration, and networking.

  • Mentoring of NGO Leaders and Other Projects in Tajikistan
    Raised awareness of managerial approaches.

    Association of Parents of Disabled Children Tajikistan
    • Consulted on mentoring and survey approaches.

    Caritas Switzerland in Tajikistan
    • Provided entrepreneurial skills training.

    Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan
    • Fostered the capacity development of the national staff.
    • Mentored the national director and the managers.
    • Provided on-the-job training on management, project management, and IT skills.

  • Go-to-market and Feature Development Roadmap | Combit
    Consulted on the UX and market research along with organizing and overseeing the pilot of event video streaming.

    Combit developed a unique technology for the video streaming market and need to help to deliver it to the market.
    • Parallel live video streaming of two or more streams.
    • Flexible real-time selection, positioning and resizing of videos in the viewer web GUI by the user.
    • Automatic indexing and synchronization of the presenter's slides with the video stream.
    • Automatic indexing of slides and video by the text of slides (OCR).
    • Search and discover the video using slide-index or text-index.
    • Content management system to manage and share videos, slides, and digital documents.
    • Learning management system.
    • Compact hardware package that supported live streaming (for example, Facebook, YouTube) and automatic recording of slides and video at events.
    Reference users are the Hungarian Academy of Science and the Óbuda University, European R Users Meeting, and several meetups.

  • ERP Implementation | Ministry of Cultural Heritage And Its Institutions
    Provided third-party quality assurance of the project management activities.

    The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and its more than 20 institutions chose to implement a common ERP (Sun System)—a project with many stakeholders, a wide scope, and a complex schedule. The client decided that it needed quality assurance to help project management organize and coordinate activities and, most importantly, to assess risk and decide on mitigation measures continually.

  • Crisis Communication and Image Design | Budapest-based Law Firm
    Managed the project and facilitated client communication.

    A Budapest-based law firm was suffering from serious media attacks. They had to handle an unfamiliar situation and communicate in a way they had not imagined before.

    In this crisis, we provided day-to-day management, defined the strategy, created the protocol and Q&A for the official employee communication, facilitated the writing, and straightened out the actual communication.

    Part of the project was the overall redesign of the brand and image of the law firm, which included the name, logo, website, all the brochures, and branded stationery.

  • ARIS Toolset Localization | Procont - IDS Scheer
    Handled the localization and translation of ARIS toolset—the leading organizational mapping software—and reviewed manuals and the application's user interface (GUI).

    ARIS toolset software was introduced to the Hungarian market and sales gained momentum. Enterprise customers required the localized and translated user interface and documentation. That was the moment to establish the Hungarian professional jargon for organizational development and business process re-engineering, too.

  • Preparation for the ERP implementation | The Treasury's Property Directorate
    Modeled the property management processes with ARIS Toolset, surveyed data property, and wrote the IT strategy and concept.

    The property directorate decided to support the up-to-date record keeping and their general operations by an ERP deployment.

    The project delivered the business process definitions, the user specification, and requirements as annexes of the RFP.
    As part of the project, the IT strategy and concept were compiled.

    Key Words: Public Administration, Legal, Finance, Real Estate

  • IT Strategy and Development Plan | The Office of the President of the Republic of Hungary
    Surveyed the current situation and requirements, made assessments, and composed the IT strategy and development plan.

    The President's Office decided to support the general operation and their legislation related processes by IT solutions. I delivered the IT strategy and development plan.

    Key Words: Public Administration, Legal

  • BPR and Project Management Methodologies | PMG Rendszerház
    Developed BPR and project management methodologies, created the training materials, and trained colleagues.

    The company wanted to obtain certifications that its consultancy branch complies with ISO 9000 Quality Management System.
    This project delivered the tailored BPR and project management methodologies considering ISO 9000 requirements. This included consultancy and compliance guidance.

  • IT Strategy and Development Plan | Ministry of Justice
    Surveyed and assessed the current situation and requirements along with creating the IT strategy and development plan.

    The Ministry of Justice decided to support its general operations and the legislation-related processes using IT solutions. The project delivered the IT strategy and the development plan.

    Key Words: Public Administration, Legal

  • Product Strategy, Business Model, and Operations Concept
    Facilitated the product strategy workshop, supported the business model creation, and consulted and helped to draft the operations concept.

    A motivated theatrical costume designer decided to grow a new product group to diversify, thus stabilize her business. She had developed a product/service besides working in the theater, which included building a community and a personal brand. The daily operations were running but required optimization and digital support. The new direction needed to be comfortable and cheap to start with, put together from the existing skills and experience, but needed to target a new target group and bring immediate profit.

  • Document and Workflow Management System Implementation | Richter Gedeon [Pharma]
    Led project management, requirements gathering, process mapping, and optimization which included gathering document types, collecting relevant records, gap analyses, and application specifications.

    The pharmaceutical company decided to streamline the International Drug Registration Department's labor-heavy procedures and take advantage of digital version control and workflow management.

    The document system (DMS-CMS) implementation and deployment covered process discovery and optimization, mapping to workflow processes, taxonomy and document type tree definition, and the migration of the existing digital and paper-based document store, as well as process administration.

  • Educational Portal Specification and Road Mapping
    Project management, backlog definition, user story definition, road mapping, and project planning.

    The imagined educational portal is video-based and extended with comments and references to other publicly available resources. The service was planned to be flexible to various subscription options.

    I served as a lead designer, lead software developer, and project manager, leading the customer through the discovery and planning phase. The deliverables were a clickable low fidelity UI design, a backlog with drafted user stories, three years high-level roadmap, three tech stacks options for implementation, and draft project plan recommendations for the simple dynamic UI prototype (for market research) for the prototype (limited-service used by selected early adaptors for concept and design testing), and for the later MVP (published for the public).

  • Marketing Strategy and Website Building for a Law Firm
    Organized and supported the work of marketing and design professionals, and the rolling-out of the first phase of the marketing activities, including website implementation.

    The regulation banning the advertisement of legal services changed and the law firm decided to take advantage of that.

    The work started with interviewing the management and colleagues to find out the core values, running rounds to present the matching design elements, drafting the roadmap and the main pillars of the strategy.

    The project delivered a strategy, a style book, all the visual and copy elements of communication, and the website. Also, part of the project was to support the first marketing activities.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Teacher of Mathematics and Statistics
    1996 - 2000
    Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences - Budapest, Hungary
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, IT Management
    1994 - 1997
    Gábor Dénes College - Budapest
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Machine Engineering
    1991 - 1994
    Budapest University of Technology - Budapest, Hungary


  • Agile Coach
  • Startup Management
    Budapest University of Technology
  • Data Science (Rapid Miner, Python)
    JUNE 2018 - PRESENT
    Budapest University of Technology
  • Executive and Life Coach
  • Jira Administrator
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Mediator
    Lege Artis
  • Alfresco System Administration (Document Management System)
    MAY 2011 - PRESENT
  • Professional Insurance Broker
    APRIL 2009 - PRESENT
  • Communication Skills
    MAY 2008 - PRESENT
    NLP Akadémia
  • BS 7799 (ISO 17799 – ISO 2700x) Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • EU Tender Consultant
    MARCH 2004 - PRESENT
  • PMI Project Management Institute PMBOK Methodology
    PMI Hungarian Chapter & HP
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System (QSM) - Internal Auditor
    MAY 2002 - PRESENT
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
    BCP-DRP Institut
  • Business Contingency/Continuity Plan (BCP)
    BCP-DRP Institut

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