Geza Molnar

Geza Molnar

Budapest, Hungary
Member since August 2, 2018
Designing and supporting projects is a challenge that Geza takes every day—incubation of an Industry 4.0 startup, business development of a geophysicist company, or product development of a mailbox producer. His experience ranges from business process management to organizational development, from application specification to risk management and financial planning. Hard data and human intuition are equally important in his workflow.
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Project Highlights
  • Budgeting
  • Business Analysis
  • CRM Systems
  • Contracts
  • IT
  • Needs Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Requirements & Specifications
Select Certifications
  • Project Manager | Consultant
    1998 - PRESENT
    Expert Solutions
    • Created development schedules and supervised developers.
    • Prepared project proposals; presented and led negotiations.
    • Handled contract negotiations.
    • Evaluated risks and proposed mitigation measures.
    • Evaluated project delivery efficiency and proposed improvement actions.
  • Founder
    2009 - 2012
    Newsbreakers Communications
    • Provided support for the company's startup.
    • Handled the business planning, budgeting, and supervision.
    • Supervised strategical measures.
    • Established internal and Customer project administration.
    • Setup a CRM.
  • Chief Operations Officer
    1995 - 1996
    OSB Direct Marketing
    • Oversaw the overall operations of production, warehouse, IT, back-office.
    • Planned the business and budget.
    • Prepared proposals and plans for Customer projects.
    • Managed projects.
    • Supervised daily operations.
  • IT Administrator | Programmer
    1993 - 1995
    OSB Direct Marketing
    • Planned and coded the CRM and billing and shipping applications and the respective reports.
    • Maintained a client-order-shipment-billing-return database.
    • Reported to marketing, operation and management.
    • Ran the IT infrastructure.
    • Managed projects.
Project History
  • Haris Digital OEE Mobile Industry 4.0 App | Startup Incubation
    The project was funded by an investor within two years.

    As a founder of the startup, I collaborated on the application specification and design, prepared business plan, and pitched for investors.

  • Analyses of a Laser-welding Robot's Product Quality by Machine Learning Methods
    Coordinated the collaboration of the team and client; also handled the sales and account management during implementation.

    The automotive supplier produces several complex metal parts; one of them is the suspension of the steering wheel. The robot welds the 26 seams in 4.5 seconds—the feedback data is collected from a photodiode. Three years worth of data was used to engineer features and feed them to various machine learning (ML) models. As a result, several functions and two models were selected to build an operational level system that will be integrated into the production process.

  • Development of a Data-gathering Platform | Glencore
    Developed and deployed a data gathering and visualization platform and connection of more than 1,000 data sources.

    Glencore's oil mill plant is a modern facility—now prepared for the Industry 4.0 journey.

    The data platform was architected and developed according to the unique requirements of the plant and the production process. The high amount of data sources required a robust and scalable data pipeline that would gather, stream, store, and analyze. The various business and engineer scenarios—where data is consumed for daily operation or decision making—were served by flexible and user-controlled visualization and analysis features.

  • Preparation of the RFP for the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Project | Budapest Bank (GE Money)
    Led the team and coordinated the collaboration with the customer; prepared also the report.

    The financial institute decided to collect their relevant data in a data warehouse (DW) and serve the business units' information needs by providing a business-intelligence (BI) service above it. The task included gathering the technological and functional requirements, creating a catalog, and listing the evaluation criteria.

  • Entreprise Architecture Mapping in CIB Bank (Intesa Sanpaolo)
    Developed the methodology and led the mapping of the bank's IT architecture in ARIS Toolset.

    During the project, the IT assets were listed and documented in ARIS Toolset. That provided the option to navigate visually among the assets, read their attributes, and access the repository by queries. The repository served as a CMDB for ITIL.

    The Map:
    • Application systems along with the apps and modules
    • Data connections between them
    • Functionality and main users (business units and processes)
    • VMs and hardware

  • Integration of a Workflow System with the eLearning Platform | Generali Insurance
    Led the project and created the specifications.

    I ensured that the corresponding eLearning content was linked to the activities of the workflow system.

  • Deployment of the CRM and Workflow System | Prevention Insurance Broker
    Led the project and created the user specification and test cases.

    Praeventio decided to support its field staff with a flexible CRM system that was extended with workflow and document management.

  • Deployment of a Workflow System and CRM | Árindex
    Led the project and created the user specification and test cases.

    Árindex, an application support company, decided to support their field staff and back office with a flexible CRM system that was extended with workflow and document management.

  • Business Process Mapping and Optimization | Hungarian Development Bank
    Led the project, developed the process documentation methodology, and discovered and documented processes.

    The Hungarian Development Bank needed a process map of the controlling directorate extended. The methodology developed supported mapping enhanced with risk factors
    concerning the business processes in ARIS Toolset.

  • MATÁV (now T-Com) | Preparation of the Continuity and Contingency Plan (BCP) for the Critical Processes of Y2K
    Took part in interviews with managers and experts and in design of te BCP processes.

    MATÁV, as well as all of the major players in the world, evaluated the risk of Y2K and made decisions on what to cover with BCP and DRP measures. Our team was responsible for the delivery of BCP solutions in all areas of core business and support activities.

  • Prime Minister’s Office, Directorate for Central Public Procurement and Logistic Management | SAP Deployment
    Led the business process reengineering subproject and defined the BPR methodology.

    The Directorate choose SAP as their ERP system. Before setting up the system the "as-is" business processes were mapped and then optimized with the new IT features in mind.

  • MVM (Hungarian Power Company) | Review of ISO 9000 Compliance of Business Processes
    Developed an app that created the written standard operational procedures (SOP) from ARIS Toolset diagrams.

    The Hungarian Power Company redesigned its business processes and had an ISO 9000 compliance review. To make the creation of SOPs more streamlined, we developed an app to transform the process flows to written procedures.

  • Preparation of Web Developer Course Material | Job Market Intervention Center of Budapest
    Delivered the project on time with the desired results.

    As a project manager, I was responsible for capturing the project goals, planning and scheduling the activities and resources, and communicating with the stakeholders. I also compiled part of the web-developer course material.

  • Development of a Manufacturing System and Investment Workflow | Hydro Aluminium Foundry
    Led the work on the new investment and project management workflow.

    The manufacturer decided to extend its SAP ERP with a custom-made manufacturing management system and a tailor-made application at a work cell on the shop floor.

    Besides that, the new investment and project management process was enhanced with a workflow and document management solutions. These solutions covered the conceptualization, planning, approval, and follow-up features.

    I led the sub-project and interviewed the stakeholders to collect requirements, specified the features of the application, put together test cases.

  • Development of the Market Price Information System | Agricultural Economics Research and Information Institute
    Wrote the user manuals.

    The Institute collects market prices of agricultural products from all corners of the country—from village open-air markets to product exchange. That's párt of the EU data collection workflow. The developed software supported the collection of data, storage, visualization, analyses, and reporting.

  • SAP Deployment | MAVIR Rt.
    Implemented quality assurance for business process analysis and integration of the new SAP functions to new processes.

    The electrical distributor-selected SAP ERP needed to be prepared for the opening of the electrical energy market. Business processes were analyzed, optimized, and extended with SAP functions before the configuration of the new system. Working as the QA (quality assurance) engineer on the customer side, I checked the deliverables and advised the BPR team.

  • Business Process Reengineering | Central Clearing House and Depository KELER
    Defined the methodology and led the business process reengineering as part of the development of the new back-office system.

    KELER decided to step up its services by deploying a back-office system that covers all its activities. The BPR work mapped the "as-is" processes and delivered optimized "to-be" flows which were extended with IT functions. Besides leading the activities, I also ran the discovery survey and documented the flows in ARIS toolset.

  • Prepare the Group’s IT Policies and IT Strategy of Quaestor Financial Group
    Led the project and took part in the assessment and the drafting of the new policies and procedures.

    Quaestor as a financial service needed compliance assessment and delivery of documents that bridge the gap.

  • Define the Business Processes of State Subsidiary Programs | Regional Development Group
    Defined the methodology and took part in the survey and interview process.

    After the legal foundation was established, the state agency decided to define the handling of applications, customer relationship management, evaluation, contracting, and follow-up processes. The workflow and document management discovery and mapping were based on an adapted version of the ARIS Toolset methodology.

  • OSB Direct Marketing | Development and Operation of the IT System
    Designed and developed the IT system; also ran system administration and maintenance tasks.

    The company offered direct marketing, statistical analyses, and marketing planning services to its customers. Besides that, it also provided outsourced mail order fulfillment. The IT system covered the core operation of receiving address lists and purchase orders, creating target groups, preparing personalized emails and delivery notes, warehouse and asset management, payments, and customer claims.

  • Mentoring of NGO Leaders in Albania
    Worked together and mentored several NGOs and their leaders in Albania.

    I worked with Tirana Ekspres Art Space, Shëngjergj Regional Development, ADRA Albania, Central, Pana Design and others in Albania. Mainly on the topics of capacity development, management mentorship, project management, application writing, survey, strategy development, fundraising, administration, and networking.

  • Mentoring of NGO Leaders and Other Projects in Tajikistan
    Raising awareness of managerial approaches.

    Association of Parents of Disabled Children Tajikistan
    • Consulted on mentoring and survey approaches.

    Caritas Switzerland in Tajikistan
    • Provided entrepreneurial skills training.

    Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan
    • Fostered the capacity development of the national staff.
    • Mentored the national director and the managers.
    • Provided on-the-job training on management, project management, and IT skills.

  • Startup Management
    Budapest University of Technology
  • Data Science
    JUNE 2018 - PRESENT
    Budapest University of Technology
  • Executive and Life Coach
  • Jira Administrator
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Mediator
    Lege Artis
  • Alfresco System Administration (Document Management System)
    MAY 2011 - PRESENT
  • Communication Skills
    MAY 2008 - PRESENT
    NLP Akadémia
  • BS 7799 (ISO 17799 – ISO 2700x) Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • EU Tender Consultant
    MARCH 2004 - PRESENT
  • PMI Project Management Institute Methodology
    PMI Hungarian Chapter & HP

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