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Luciano Vizza

Fort Collins, United States
Luciano is a UX designer that has worked with over a dozen startups and small teams helping them take a more user-centered approach to their digital products. As an entrepreneur with a background in business, he understands that to design a great product it requires taking into consideration of business goals just as much as it does fulfilling user goals. Luciano is a generalist in the UX field with a focus in interaction design. Click to continue

Rory Reiff

Medellin, Colombia
Rory believes that products succeed when they do fewer things better. He has designed dozens of iOS, Android, and web apps since 2013 with clients from San Francisco to Kuwait. Additionally, he has co-founded and designed an iOS app named Fleck. Fleck has achieved over 180k users worldwide and recognition from Apple, Wired, and FastCo Design with investments from PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment), Wieden + Kennedy, and Startup Chile.Click to continue

Indre Lobinaite

Vilnius, Lithuania
Indre is a passionate web and app designer (UI/UX specialist) with over 6 years of professional experience. She focuses on the end-user to design products that are usable, engaging, and functional. She is capable of creating traditional and new creative graphic solutions for any communication issue. Indre always prefers to design clean, smart, and effective products.Click to continue

Evan Ames

Grand Rapids, United States
Evan has been a UX designer for 4+ years. His enthusiasm for his work grows when he see clients embrace the unknown and correctly define their problems through their users' perspectives. If given the chance, he'll take clients out to eat because there is no better way to establish a relationship than with food. Click to continue

Kristijan Binski

Subotica, Serbia
Kris is a senior UI/UX designer with a passion for creating simple yet powerful user-centered interfaces for digital products. He has over eight years of experience working with creative agencies, startups, entrepreneurs, and well-established enterprise companies. Along the way, he's had a chance to design solutions for industry leaders such as IT Central Station, Johnson & Johnson, Rogers, Oracle, HP, CA Technologies, and many others.Click to continue

Nicole Tay

Singapore, Singapore
Nicole started out in visual design at the age of 15, and her enthusiasm for UI/UX stemmed out of her frustrations as an end user when encountering poorly designed mobile and web applications. She has around 4 years of experience with a focus on UI/UX design for mobile applications for both iOS and Android; she is also excellent at translating apps from iOS to Android and visa versa. Nicole has been freelancing for the past 4 years.Click to continue

Jozef Matas

Prague, Czech Republic
Jozef is a digital product designer crafting digital products for startups, bigger companies, or his own projects. His main focus is mostly on designing and prototyping mobile and web products that comes from great collaboration, iteration, and a user/business centered approach.Click to continue

Leslie Chioine

Denver, United States
Leslie is an experienced UX Designer and Product Manager focused on launching new products, drawing from a background in research, and game development. She is a four-time product-founder, with 2 successful exits. Leslie is passionate about product discovery & ideation, finding product/market fit, beautiful design, great teams, challenging assumptions, and understanding user needs.Click to continue

Evgeniy Ron

Kiev, Ukraine
For more than 8 years of his design career, Evgeniy has been fortunate to work with hundreds of clients from all over the world like such brands like Huawei, Samsung, Envato, and more. He works to make client ideas into ready viable projects that will change the world and be profitable. His core value is to “get to the bottom” of any problem or issue and to exquisitely solve them with an elegant solution.Click to continue

Jon Burke

Brooklyn, United States
Jon has 7+ years of experience as a product designer where he has worked with industry leaders in branding and UI/UX. His client list includes, but is not limited to: Bud Light, Tropicana, Beachbody on Demand, and Citibank. He enjoys working on both small and large teams where he combines speed and efficiency to complete projects. In addition to product, web, and app design—Jon also enjoys creating custom lettering and illustrations.Click to continue

An Overview of Application Design

In the space of a single decade, smartphones and tablets have managed to radically change the way we communicate, consume content, and do business. The mobile revolution also turned design on its head. Due to the popularity of mobile platforms, many designers and developers adopted the mobile first mantra and revamped their traditional approach to design accordingly.

The pace of smartphone evolution makes mobile design a fairly dynamic and competitive space. With so many software and hardware platforms launching each year, mobile design is constantly changing to take full advantage of new technologies, ranging from bigger, higher resolution displays, to higher bandwidth mobile networks.

This means mobile designers always have to be on top of their game and keep track of the latest design trends and upcoming hardware. In this fast-paced and highly competitive niche, expert designers have no choice but to pick up new skills and adopt the latest technologies on the fly. On Toptal, you can easily find skilled, pre-vetted designers capable of meeting all your mobile design needs.

At Toptal, you’ll connect with top hand-picked freelance mobile designers from our network, trusted by top companies on their most mission critical mobile design projects.

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